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Sponge Filtration Overview. Sponge filtration is an often overlooked type of filtration for both large and small freshwater tanks and bowls, and even ponds or marine aquariums. Many aquarists look past these filters because of their simplicity, but therein lies their quality. I have used these filters for my aquarium maintenance business for 40 plus years with excellent results in freshwater, saltwater and ponds. It is also noteworthy that the concept is not new, dating back at least to the early s with the Lustar or Hamburger Mattenfilter Sponges.

All of the sponge filters we sell are hollow inside and tall enough so that you can install an air stone inside for more efficient filtration and quieter bubbles. Also, if you remove the lift tube, you can connect another sponge filter on top without its base to increase filtration capacity.

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These sponges can be customized in multiple configurations, since three of the sponge sizes all except for the nano sponge can be mix and matched together. The advantage of stacking multiple sponges versus running them separately is that they can run off a single air pump line. We recommend cleaning your sponge filter once a month or whenever you see a decrease in bubbles which is caused by the foam getting clogged up with detritus.

How to set up an air pump, air stone and sponge filter in your fish tank or aquarium

Sponge filters are easy to use, budget-friendly, and very reliable compared to other filter types. Continue Shopping. Beginner Advice Product Reviews. Sponge filter setup diagram What is a Sponge Filter?

How to Set Up a Sponge Filter Take apart the sponge filter and remove the plastic strainer from the inside of the foam.

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Remove the bullseye from the top of the strainer, and put the air stone at the bottom of the strainer. Connect the air stone to the nipple or center of the bullseye using a small length of airline tubing.

If the sponge filter is very small, you can simply connect the air stone directly to the bullseye. Snap the bullseye onto the top of the strainer, put the strainer back inside the foam, and then connect the strainer to the weighted base of the sponge filter. Slip the lift tube over one end of the airline tubing roll and connect the airline tubing to the nipple on the top of the bullseye.

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Then snap the lift tube onto the bullseye. Connect the newly cut air tubing from the sponge filter to the air pump. If the air pump is located below the top of the aquarium, you need to add a check valve to prevent water from flowing into the airline tubing whenever the air pump is turned off or the power is out.

Cut the airline tubing between the sponge filter and air pump a few inches outside of the aquarium, and then attach the check valve in between so that the end of the check valve with the flapper looks like a colored or horizontal bar usually is facing the air pump.

Cons: The sponge filter takes up physical space in the fish tank, so you may want to hide it behind a rock, plants, or other aquarium decor. Also, there's no way to add chemical filtration if needed. I personally don't like the bubbling sound from a sponge filter, but that's easily remedied with a . Aug 23,   I use these corner sponge filters and I love them! It has several layers of sponge and floss and has several compartments for customized media. It comes with the gravel and bio rings to start but you can put whatever you want in there. The only downfall is that they do take up surface area in the tank instead of suctioning to the wall. Oct 16,   Reassemble the sponge filter and put it back in the tank. If there are lots of particles floating in the water, just wait an hour or so for the sponge filter to clean it up. Sponge filters are easy to use, budget-friendly, and very reliable compared to other filter types.

If you install it backwards, no air will flow when you turn on the air pump, so just flip it around. Create a drip loop with the power cable of the air pump to ensure moisture will not make contact with the plugand then plug in the air pump.

Within a few seconds, you should see bubbles coming from your sponge filter. There are several reasons why this could be happening, so try checking the following: Did you shorten or remove the lift tube?

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A shorter lift tube does not have as much suction pulling bubbles up the center column, so some air may escape. Is the air stone crooked inside the sponge filter? To make it hang straighter, you may need to shorten the tubing attaching the air stone to the bullseye. Is the air pressure from the air pump too strong? If a bunch of air is forced into the sponge filter, excess bubbles may leak out the sides.

When taking the sponge filter apart, disconnect the bullseye from the strainer i. Squeeze and wring out the foam several times in old tank water.

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Reassemble the sponge filter and put it back in the tank. If there are lots of particles floating in the water, just wait an hour or so for the sponge filter to clean it up.

Featured Products. Trusted by fish farms and wholesalers, sponge filters are a great choice for reliability and to set and forget. The coarse foam with the weighted base means it'll stack on the bottom of your aquarium.

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No more floating up after a water change or initial installation. Green Plastic helps hide algae and blend in with your live aquarium plants. Nano: 5 Gallons and upSmall: 10 gallons and upMedium: 20 gallons and upLarge: 40 gallons and up Pore Size: 25ppi different manufacturers rate porosity slightly different as it's an approximation If you want coarse bubbles, use without an air stone.

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We also find pairing a single sponge filter with our USB air pump works well. Lift the water and sponge out to catch the majority of debris that will come off while removing.

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Hook up sponge filter

Search forums. Log in. Contact us. Close Menu. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. How to set up a Sponge filter? Thread starter mg13 Start date Aug 15, Messages 2, HI, I need a step by step guide on setting up a sponge filterWhat exactly do I need, considering I don't have anything?

Is it hard to cycleor is it almost the same as any other filter?

These two pictures show sponge filters set up with basic power head pumps such as the AAP JT, Maxi-Jet, Rio , or SunSun JP pictured here. The nipple simply slides into the tube or strainer. Pressure from the water current will hold the power head pump in place (although when using the lift tubes, the use suction cups supplied with. Oct 02,   1. Foam sponge - It wouldn't be a sponge filter without it. 2. Weighted base - Stops the sponge filter from floating around your tank. The sponge sits on top of this base. 3. Strainer and bulls eye - Slides inside the sponge and allows you to connect airline tubing directly to the filter. 4. Lift tube - Water flows up this and back into your tank. AQUANEAT Sponge Filter, up to 60 Gal, for Aquarium Fish Tank, Betta, Nano, Shrimp, Fry, Biochemical Filter with Airline Tubing, Air Pump Valves, Suction Cups out of 5 stars $ $

Is it hard to maintain? Can I have two sponges connected to one air pump?

14 Trilogy accessory guide Adult passive circuit with water trap Components Standard 90? degree elbow adapter Passive Gxed exhalation port Temperature probe port Patient tube, 2' length, 22 mm diameter with 22 mm cuff Water trap HumidiGer connection tube, 2' length, 22 mm diameter with 22 mm cuff. Another use for sponge filters is to jump-start a new aquarium. A sponge filter can be run on a well-established aquarium for several weeks or months to establish biological colonies. Once the new aquarium is set up, the matured sponge can be placed in a bag of water and transferred directly to the new tank, thus maintaining the biologicals.

Thank you guys, hopefully I can get some answers. I've been trying to figure these answers out for like ever. Aster Well Known Member. Messages 1, Is it hard to cycle, or is it almost the same as any other filter? It's not customizable like other filters though, and it only offers biological filtration, no chemical filtration and not really mechanical.

Don't do this too often though, or you may lose too much BB. I think they're called gang valves? Messages 4, Also, the bigger air pumps will often have 2 outlets.

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Aster said:. What filter are you getting? It should come with the sponge and the filter itself. I think they're all about the same, although I have one in my 10 gallon that was super cheap and works very well.

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What size tank is this for? There's 2 different kinds. There's on that is just a pod, on one that actually has a pipe on it.

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Everything including a weight should come in the box though. I want this type.

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XD I don't know enough to know what it is, Aster said:. Yeah you just connect the airline to it and it's done basically. That one may work. What are the dimensions of it?

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