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It can be difficult to tell what makes a person act the way they do. Why there are sudden changes in behavior without a clearly identifiable cause. This is especially hard when it comes from your boyfriend. Before you immediately imagine the worst possible scenario, here are some of the most common reasons your guy could be giving you the cold shoulder. Everyone needs a little breathing room sometimes. Do you and your man spend every waking moment together?

I don't think it's that hard to read people.

I get too busy to hang out with my friends, to ate my Facebook, to reply to my editor life just sort of happens and I can't respond to things. Now, if I don't hear from him by Tuesday, I'd say he's ignoring me for other reasons, but for now, I'm guessing he's juts busy (it is the weekend after a holiday, you know). When a guy ignores me, I get so frustrated. Is he busy or is he actually ignoring me? And if so, why? All I want to do is vent to a friend or give him a piece of my mind. But, unfortunately, that is what puts you in the crazy girl zone. So instead, release your confusion and frustration in a healthy manner. Go for a run, paint, draw, write, sing. He showers love on me and pampers me to bits. I reminded of my dead dad and grandpa. I miss them so much. I never thought that after them someone else can shower love on me this way. My son makes me laugh. He is awesome company. Suddenly after he saying so, I seem to have lost most of my fears. I feel, now I can give 0 fucks very easily.

This is really the heart of my problem with that view. Somehow giving a good blowjob on devalues her?

Apr 03,   Feeling ignored is just as hurtful as it is frustrating. There is so little you can do to make someone respond to you. And it's a common situation while dating: You really like someone and it seems like it's going well until all of a sudden, their responses come less and less until you feel like they're purposely ignoring you.

It's not what you're saying directly, but it's what implied in your tone as far as I can tell. Also, are these things mutually exclusive? Yeah, if all we did was having sex it's not really a reason to consider a relationship, but that's clearly not what happened in OP's case. First, no my tone doesn't imply that.

Also, no they are not mutually exclusive, but being good at blowjobs doesn't make you interesting as a person and that is what that girl did to stand out the most.

I am going to remember one girl for her personality, and one for her body. If I am actively interested in finding somebody to date exclusively I am going to pick the girl I remember as being fun to hang out with.

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Then I'm confused about what your point is. If I go out and have a great time with a girl I'll call her regardless of whether we have sex. I don't think anyone is arguing that point of view.

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No one is saying you should date someone because you had sex. My confusion is why people are saying you shouldn't date someone because you had sex. That is the entirety of my point. After a day or two passes, what you remember most about the girl is going to determine if you call her back. Are less likely to. Reasons previously stated, but I will try again. What stands out in your mind after a single date with somebody? It could be anything right? Not if you have sex, then that is the thing that stands out in your mind.

If that is what stands out in your mind, then SHE doesn't stand out in your mind You're setting up a choice I'm not interested in and wasn't part of the discussion. No one ever suggested you were choosing between someone who's funny and someone who gives good blowjobs. If you want an answer, yeah, I'd go with the interesting girl over the blowjob girl. But that's not the point.

We are not talking about someone who is either or. If someone doesn't have the mental capacity to both remember someone who was funny and gave a good blowjob I hope they don't call any girl I know back. If that is what stands out in your mind, then SHE doesn't stand out in your mind.

Again, I fundamentally disagree with you on this. I have no problem remembering the jokes, an interesting conversation and the sex.

If we didn't have sex, that's perfectly fine. But if we did it doesn't overshadow the rest.

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It's another thing we did during a great night. As a bit of a side note, you represent sex as this generic thing. Nothing could be further from the truth if it's good.

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It's personal. It's intimate. You learn a lot about a person during sex. You don't just "have sex".

Apologise, my hookup is ignoring me speaking, obvious. suggest

You have sex with another person. To me it's like saying that SHE doesn't stand up in your mind, but the conversation does. It's nonsensical. I think you know the answer- if you're interested in a relationship, don't sleep with him on the first date. If drinking and losing self control in the moment is an issue, do daytime coffee dates or something similar.

Because he's a really sweet guy that would never sleep with a woman and then refuse her calls. Except that he did. So he isn't who you thought he was.

My hookup is ignoring me

The sooner you learn to recognize "Jack" the sooner you'll get the relationship, because he is not going to be in a relationship.

I have a problem with this. She stated that she wasn't going to have sex with him, but proceeded to consent to having sex with him later. If anything, that could have easily made him questionable about her character. He's not responsible for reminding her of her previous statement to be considered a good guy. If someone said they weren't going to have sex on the first date, and changed their mind as the night goes on, I'm just going to assume that they said it to not seem slutty so they don't feel bad for having casual sex, which is unfortunate that they would do that, but it shows a lack of self awareness and confidence.

I'm not going to pursue a relationship with someone if they did that because I'm going to think that they've done it before and aren't actually looking for a serious relationship, or they aren't fit for one. I don't think it has anything to do with whether or not she had sex the first night.

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It's the fact that she couldn't stick to her guns. It makes her seem inconsistent because making a premeditated decision to not have sex and vocalize it makes it seem like she thinks sex is a big deal.

It's almost a false front when you change your mind so easily. That's not to say you can't change your mind, but come on, read the previous sentence again. This type of thinking is mighty convenient, but I'm not sure how useful it is. At some point one should reexamine their actions if the outcomes aren't to their liking. Pulling a no-true-scotsman my perfect guy wouldn't not return my calls to absolve yourself of responsibility misses an opportunity for growth.

A word of advice- if you want a guy to stick around, make it clear to him that you will not be having sex with him. In my single days, it worked like a charm- if they just wanted sex, they'd clear off once they realized they wouldn't be getting it easily.

If they wanted more, they stuck around. Casual sex is fine if it's practiced safely, but your post makes it seem like you want something more.

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Do you do anything unique before or after or during the act that could be considered scary by a guy? I have been guilty of this. Usually it was with a random multicoingames.com date or two, personality wise I was becoming less interested in the girl the more we went out and she was more interested in me. Even sex wouldn't improve my interest and make it so I wanted to stay, got to have a personality that meshes.

I have been on the receiving end of this as well and it is very frustrating. I've learned to not get invested too much until there are mutual feelings and growth in conversation from both parties. Firstly, let Jack go. He is not the guy you want. The guy you want would not treat anyone like that. Secondly, don't be mad at yourself for having sex "too soon".

You're not a cow and sex is not milk. I think you're just having trouble reading guys. I'd try online dating making your intentions very clear. It's really disappointing to see all the people here telling you to "keep your legs shut. With my current boyfriend of 2 years, I basically made the first move to hook up with him our first time getting drinks and he was extremely persistent after that.

It might be the kind of guys you're meeting up with that's causing a bit of an issue.

You shouldn't have to "stumble into" someone if you already have their number; clearly there was enough interest to meet up the first time. If he's flaky enough not to return courtesy calls even a distant sounding text to a sexual partner then any amount of time holding out probably wouldn't have helped.

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Are you meeting these guys online? It's possible they're just in it for sex. Perhaps try other avenues of interacting with people, or like someone said, avoid night time dates. Like why do men leave me when I sleep with them on the first date Men are animals out for the hunt. You want long term relationship. Make him work for it. Give in first night. His job is done so he finds a new pray to hunt. Also would you say that the other guys kind of looked the same and acted the same as jack?

If so maybe your choice in men is a bit broken. I don't think you should follow the logic of taking things slower will make the other fall in love with you. But I do agree you should take things slow, and definitely have more self control. I know when you're in the moment, things just happen. But try to keep in mind the experience of the past and how you've been burned. If it does happen again even after taking things slow, maybe consider it might not be the the sex that's the problem, maybe it's the kind of guys you're attracting.

Try different social circles, anything other than a bar to meet guys, friends of friends, etc. And yet maybe it's the sex itself.

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I'd be helpful if you could talk to one of the people you've slept with for a breakdown, but that'd be kinda weird Sex is great, but it can also throw off cause and effect. Simply, you are probably saying or doing something before sex that has scared these guys off. Based on your post, you probably come off too strong, i. Thinking this way will alienate men who really are looking for a partner, and it blind you to the faults of men who stick around.

Stop having sex on the first date. A man won't stay around for more than a few dates if he really just wants sex. A man who stays, takes you out and treats you right is worth having sex with. Until that time comes, entertain yourself with a vibrator.

There are two things a guy wants. All the loose women to pick and choose from they can conquer and brag about, take or leave as they see fit. A loyal girl who will never put out for just anyone, whom they have to woo, and will always say "no" until they have married her and she legitimately "belongs" to him. If you give in, you fall in the first category.

And you will always be considered loose by him and any buddies that he brags to. Just another conquest. It's a hard lesson to learn, and every guy will deny it's true - until after the fact and they got what they wanted for the night.

In the future? Keep your body off limits. If he really wants to learn who you are, make him spend time with you. Don't be unavailable, just unavailable for sex. I know it's frustrating, but if you ever want more than one night stands, you have to take a stand. This is from a lot of experience, and is not necessarily true for every single male human on the planet. There are good men out there, but you won't find the good ones wenching in bars.

He'd help me out. Just in general he's been within my space and view. And my close friends would tell me that he'd come closer to me and one of us would pull away from each other. But all of a sudden, he was ignoring me in lab the other day by talking to one of my close friends and to . Jun 23,   If you and your partner have mutually decided to enter a committed relationship, as opposed to a FWB, casual dating, or hookup situation, then it . Sep 23,   If he's ignoring you; go with it. My daughter works with a bunch of percussionists-she's a percussionist and the stories have been unreal. Basically, percussionists at the school get lots of attention-so there's more than one girl interested all the time. THey know this and it becomes like a game-it's all flirting and none of it serious.

After a while of sneaking out to see each other, he just stops and acts different, I get no attention. How do I know if he is shy or scared?

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How do I know if he likes me? I know I like him and I feel this is right but he is confusedwhat does this mean? He keeps a necklace of mine and wears and sometimes keeps it with him also. Please help me.

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A confused girl. I know what you are saying. What should i do? To all those girls who are older than their man. Talk to your man if you think he is acting strange or ignoring you. Do not assume things if you do not know. Else it will be a formula for break up. Men by nature are mostly not talkative. And they love to be pampered too.

So naturally they will expect you to initiate a conversation. Most of us think it is un-manly to open up and talk to our women about a problem we can not solve.

She Ignored Me On Purpose!

It hurts our ego. There is no reason for him to find another girl unless you have become complacent and beginning to take things for granted.

The fire of love needs to be fed regularly to keep it burning. Age is just a number.

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Look at Prince Harry he is marrying a woman older than him. There are so many other examples. Do not give up on him. This is all too simple. That particular guy who ignored you is not the only male in the world.

Anyway, the next morning, she wished me a happy birthday and told me she could not come along with me in the city so I went alone 2 hours later she sent me a message saying I have RE-booked my flight for tonight in the same time she told me that my birthday gift was a cabaret starting at and it was the best show in town. Apr 29,   After all of my above advice, you might still be tempted to reply when you get a text from your ex. Remember, unless the texts lead to an actual hook-up or date, it's nothing to do with reconciliation. It's about mind games and manipulation. So get that in your mind and don't forget, it's not the message on the text that's important. Because he's most likely an immature douchebag. 1. The sex was bad? These guys want Virgin Mary porn star goddesses which doesn't make ANY logical sense. How can you get good at sex if you don't have a lot of it and since they want to leave after.

Stop getting attached too quickly, or your whole you will be nursing a heartbreak. Trust me if you beg people to stay, they will suck up even the little love you have for yourself and leave you love bankrupt.

Sometimes what you see is what you get, there is nothing hidden. Good Luck ladies. He is just not into you never sell yourself short and never loose yourself into a relationship that was never for you in the first place. Been there, done that. Haha if you look back, there was always red flags we just chose to ignore them, benefit of the doubt, trust yourself, we know more then we think.

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Hair Makeup Skin Care. Accessories Celebs Clothes Shoes. Fitness Health Personal Development. Why is he ignoring me and why has he changed? Does this question sound familiar? Are you puzzled by his distant behavior? Tags guys explained understanding men. You may also like. Relationships Boyfriend Mad At You?

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