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Not only is it excruciating to witness, but removing a hook without harming the bird is not always easy. The last thing anyone wants to do is inflict unnecessary harm to an innocent creature. But handling birds is not something most people are familiar with. So here are some helpful tips from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission FWC that will help you the next time you snag a bird with a fish hook. Th next step is to reel in the line.

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Florida wildlife officials also offer the following tips to help prevent bird entanglements. This causes them to congregate in areas where they are more likely to get hooked or tangled in fishing line.

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Feeding pelicans is prohibited by law F. Discard fish carcasses in lidded trash cans. Birds will feed on carcasses tossed in the water, which can lead to injury or death.

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Birds attracted by fish carcasses may gather in areas where they are more likely to become entangled in fishing line. Cast away from birds and shoreline vegetation.

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Collect and store loose monofilament line until it can be discarded properly. Keep bait buckets covered.

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Take unused bait home. While some birds will use these houses, it is still important that the houses be sturdily mounted, preferably on a window of a quiet room so nesting parents are stressed as little as possible. If birds do use the house, observers should avoid tapping on the glass, shining lights into the nesting box, or otherwise disturbing the birds while the nest is being brooded or when the chicks are young.

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Using curtains inside the room can help keep disturbances to a minimum, and curtains are easy to move slightly aside to check the house.

If nesting birds are disturbed too much, the parents may abandon their nest, or the chicks could try to leave the nest prematurely. To make the most of every location you choose for mounting a birdhouse and to make it as attractive as possible to breeding birds:.

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When the feeder is just sitting there getting pulses from the charger, you want there to be no regular path from hot to ground. Hope that helps.


Enjoyed reading the ideas for energizing the feeder pole. I have a metal feeder pole and here is my setup.

I had no animal activity on my feeders for a couple of months and now the squirrels are back at it.

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I have split water pipe insulation around the pole. I have two insulated wires running to base of pole from charger, then two bare wires wrapped around the insulation separated about an inch apart and terminated separately at the top of the pole.

I have to protect against jumping from trees or the roof sine I have a small yard.

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I have a squirrel off solar bird feeder. It stopped working it has two perches one is ground the other is hot.

Hi Wick, just ran across your excellent post on raccoon-proofing a bird feeder. I have a somewhat different setup I'd like to run by you. I have a 16? (3? in-ground) stand-alone 4 X 4 treated post with four bird feeders about 12 feet from my back deck that the coons are wiping out on a nightly basis. Shepherd-Hooks for Bird-Feeder Lantern Plant-Hook Garden-Stake - 35 Inch 2 Pack Plant Stand Hanger for Outdoor Flower Basket, Bird Feeder Hanger Weddings Decor out of . Do not throw the bird up in the air to help it get airborne. Sometimes it needs a second to assess the situation. If the bird has swallowed the hook or looks like it is not doing well, call a local rehabilitation facility. Florida wildlife officials also offer the following tips to help prevent bird entanglements.

With a good ground stake. Can I run the ground back to the ground perch and the hot to the other perch.

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The perches are made of aluminum. Thanks Wick. Hi Brian, sounds like that would work. Hey Wick set up a Patriot PE2 for small animal.

Poles, Hooks & Hangers. The safest place for many bird feeders is mounted on a pole, far from where a predator or squirrel can reach. We have all the materials you need to set up your new bird feeder or repair an existing one. When it is time to put up a birdhouse, whether you are putting up a new house for the first time or repositioning an old house, understanding how to best hang the house will make it more attractive to nesting multicoingames.comly mounted birdhouses are also easier to monitor and care for, ensuring plenty of birding excitement for many nesting seasons to come. In this video, I'll show you how to attach a cuttlebone to your bird's cage. Cuttlebones are inexpensive and important for beak maintenance, beak cleaning, a.

Works great no more squirrels Thanks. S no ground stake needed.

Birdbath Basics

Hi Wick, just ran across your excellent post on raccoon-proofing a bird feeder. I have aluminum flashing wrapped around the bottom 4 feet of the pole and a 2 foot black canister raccoon baffle above it, which has proven ineffective in keeping them off. Using your setup, would it be possible to either energize the flashing so that when the coons touch it from the ground they get zapped OR would it be better to energize the baffle and leave the flashing as a ground so that when the coons reach the baffle they get zapped?

The baffle sounds like it would work well, if you could electrically insulate it from the post. Hope that helps!

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Hi Wick. I have a metal chain link pole in the ground with a plastic bird feeder that slips over the top of the pole.

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I want to electrify the pole.

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