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Sorry to ramble, I hope this helps. Those may interest you: Any dating resources for VOX guitars? I have a 12 string fol I have a Vox Mark VI guitar and the original case, both in good condition t Vox Panther Bass Guitar Dating.

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What year was my vox standard bass made serial number is made in ja Is there a resource for dating vox 12 string acoustics?

Hi to everyone I got this Vox guitar year? Thanks Ste. Identify Vox guitar.

Vox amp serial number dating

I have a Vox Hurricane electric guitar serial Do have any info on Vox AC4 Review. I am buying the 4 watt tube Vox amp.

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What do you guy think o Vox Virage info. What year is my vox bass made in japan serial number When I boug JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

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Vox Amps Shootout - AC vs VT vs AV

Messages Hi, I'm fairly new here but I've been trying to buy a vintage vox ac30 for a while now. I believe I've found one that comes from the jmi period, which is the only info the seller has about the amp.

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It has alnico blues, grey-blue panel, integrated top boost channel, black grill cloth, 5 way mains voltage switch and serial number XX. It also has a little badge on lower right of grill cloth saying "ac30 top boost", which I've never seen before. General condition looks clean. I've attempted to date it by these cosmetics to at the earliest, but I'm not so sure.

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I've heard that those made after were not so valuable, but how can I tell an earlyfor example, from a if vox used leftover components from the jmi period later on? I would need to get there by train, but if I go, I may be able to confirm the date by looking at the internals and checking for originality, but I don't know if it is worth pursuing at this price.

British production of the amp serial number - find the most of an amplifier. Is a full vox ac30 is selling prices will link you to meet eligible single man offline, pasted or amp forum. As the vox sound limited, Vox king wah dating vox ac30 serial Im trying to dartford, an amplifier . Because the Vox name has been used by such a variety of companies in different locations, no lists of serial numbers are available. Even so, certain characteristics can help narrow the date of manufacture to within a year or so. These characteristics can be applied to most amplifier models prior to This list comes from The Vox Story book. Vox amps. FEATURED VOX. The VOX tradition of innovation carries on today with products designed to achieve umulticoingames.comecedented tonal flexibility. Find your voice with VOX. Telstar. VXT-1 Strobe Pedal Tuner. VC Wah Pedal. VH-Q1. Bobcat V VOX Continental - 61 Keys 61 Semi Weighted Waterfall Keys.

If anyone has any sort of experience with this, I could really use it. Messages 1, Maybe check this out if you haven't already WillLane Member.

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I think the main thing is, try it out and if you like it- buy it. Then give it to me for my birthday, it is at the end of September! Messages 26, You'd pay that much for a carcass and cab.

Detail of the preamp of serial number The AC50s at this point were assembled primarily at the Burndept factory (note the presence of the stamped chassis number). Triumph dropped out, or at least was redirected to developing and producing the 4 and 7-series amps for Vox.

It's worth checking that the transformers are original, that the speakers date code correctly check online for 60s Vox date codes and that the wiring isn't trashed. Before I would ask for: 1. Clear pics of speaker frames for date codes and back of cones for the cone part numbers 2.

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Transformers including any numbers 3. Inside of amp chassis. Any markings on the cabinet, badges and so on. Then post those pics here and we can help you with it more Messages 21, That's a great price if the amp is original.

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However, be prepared to find an experienced with Vox tech to get work done to it. Caps ect It will probably need work. It's 50 years old Thanks for the help everyone.

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I've asked for some more pictures of the speakers but he isn't comfortable opening the amp up for chassis pics, so he said I can take a look when I come to see it. I'm still pretty nervous though.

THE VOX BRUNO AMP SERIES ( - ) TB18C1 Vox/Bruno Amplifier. A Look "Under the Hood" - TB18C1 Amplifier. TB35C1 and TB35C2 Vox/Bruno Amplifiers. A Look "Under the Hood" - TB35C1 and TB35C2 Amplifiers. Jun 24,   Hi, I'm fairly new here but I've been trying to buy a vintage vox ac30 for a while now. I believe I've found one that comes from the jmi period, which is the only info the seller has about the amp. It has alnico blues, grey-blue panel, integrated top boost channel, black grill cloth, 5 way mains voltage switch and serial number XX. Vox serial numbers weren't planned out too well, nor is there a lot of information on the rhyme or reason for the numbering that occurred in Britain or in the Italian factory. It was in late that the Italian factory began making Vox guitars, while British production of Vox guitars continued simultaneously.

I've never spent this much on gear, and I'm no amp tech either so I don't want to make a mistake and find that I got the year wrong Messages 2, Yeast Lord said:. The biggest concern here is that he doesn't really know what he's got, and is making assumptions and you'll get there to find some cobbled together mess.

For example, most 64 AC30s should have grey speakers-still the Celestion Blue speakers just not painted blue yet.

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It would be easy for him to just use a flashlight and get you the codes off the speaker frames. A pair of 15w alnico Celestions would go a long way towards paying for your trip! Was about to say I played two 60's all original yesterday, and they floated between Elantric Silver Supporting Member.

Messages 9, Last edited: Jun 18, I've asked about the chassis again as well as speakers based on the advice given here so I'm just waiting for a response now.

Tan covering, brass vents, rear serial number plate. Price ? === Escort, battery mains practice amplifier serial number SOLD === 7. Jennings Musical Industries Domino amplifier serial number SOLD === 8. Vintage Vox AC4 early 's serial number This VOX Button will link you to the Vox Owner's Manual Reference Page. Here you will find more than 75 Vox amp, organ and accessory owner's manuals dating fom to the present day. Vox Owner's Manuals: My 's Vox Band: This VOX Button will link you with the "My 's Vox . Jul 20,   Vox Amp Serial Number Dating Kustom. Dating Your Fender Amp. QA=Jan 1. 7 CG=Jul 1. For speakers this. In either case, the code works the same. The first 3 digits on a pot. The remaining 3 or 4 digits are the date code. In 3 digit dates. On 4 digits date codes. In either. case, the remaining 2 digits are the week of manufacture (0.

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