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British schools are a foul swamp of thought and speech crimes. From nursery school on, the pupils commit the heinous hate crimes of racist, sexist and homophobic name calling. Thanks to New Labour the government and local authorities have taken up the virtuous war on discrimination terror. Since every offensive word heard on the playground or in the classroom is taken down by the teachers and a report with the names of the perpetrator and the victim together with a description of the circumstances and details of the offense and the punishment given is filed and delivered to the local authorities. There is a keen eye on the staffs who show a slacking attitude, and the schools which underreport are admonished to act up to their surveillance duties.

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They will letara on October 9. Vint ef an ta their memory ap- delegation eT the peared the great Odyssey of the ment tO the quarter brave captain of gt. Malo, and they picturetl him one of fhfxv proiid conqulAadores of old on his gal- lant caravel centenary II. The water gods of the underworld appear to be very angry. Reptile m sese n g eri to the under- world gods of melelaie were released as the! Purified In elaborate rituals and sprinkled wl'ii. Trred meal, the slithered away into the carrying the Hopi prayers and pledges of fealty to the kate gods who hold in their haiids the rain-giving thunderbolts.

Tliunder rolled across the far horizon, but the rain- drops it loosed passed the Hopi mesas hf. Withered orchards, parched fields and thirsty goats remained withered, parched and thirsty.

Fail, Oovemmnet clrclea stated tonight U Dodo's plans for Ids talk with the NasMom, although several small hflmaa were in danger during the peak of the lake district blaze yesterday. These, however, were. Othgrs were driven out by smoke, which hung over the settlement, scattering fine ash over adles of ter- ritory. Soviet employes of uie Chinese Saatem Railway on Friday and Saturday brought the total since authorities began mak iiiR Arrests, on August 13, to sev- -i.

The body wss recovered one and a half hours afterwards by divers. Dragan could not swim and ap- parently got beyond his depth, the pool being ten feet deep at one end. A n t i-St! Ontario will be divided Into tones for various industrlss, Mr.

Hethtagean shake our behef hi God. Bcarr and Smith were located and an in their Winnipeg homes. Sguafle had delayed thsir Journeys on Lake v. If weather turns fav- orable. Others aere forbidden to munlcate with their in any way. Aug 7. Nature I'lates. Two s. Oryrtal WlsoUti Attusf. The PraJrif Pruume. May EMrtne provldenre. People from all civic leaders, high dlfnltarlcs of church, the wires aad Children of the hardy Oa.

H Bennett a message expressing his psasure as well a. VBlsss mm winds pnmA to- ;! Ttune sections are somewhat Iso- lated. Ths woods asa taesptfonany dry and fires, onee started, spread quirkiy. A tine buUding, designed for ths aeooouaodatlon of a largs niunber of gussts.

Plans are being prspared in a loeal arehltsefs ofBos for ths son- stnictlon of a fine new hotel build- ing in the Oak Bay district. An- nouiiri intiiL of the details of this project is expected to be made within tbo next fsw days, as final arrangsoMBlB are now bslag dis- cussed.

Plans have been prepared and construc- tion will start shortly, it is stated. Srlindl, In Saanlch. At Port Albcmi, dredging of the booming grounds and filling In of the. Surveys were recently com- pleted for this work by the Oovern- ment boat Sampwn, and plans and specifications are nearlng comple Uon.

Work Will bs undsr way within the next few weeks. The wharf will be located at the sooth end of the harbor, adjacent to thj dock. A great day dawned in the annals of history when Cartlsr reaehsd ths shores of O with his two small i vessels, and I rejoice to learn that representatives of Orcat :;'.

Hitler, it was seml-oOelally re- last week, was con. A factor lending substance to these reports was the designation of Von Papen, loyal CathoUc, to speak at Odblsaa. Aug :j API. However IMlnccs-s Juliana and two ix'rsoiial iiiiudv lontiinied in coii.

That has bssa wrseksd. Pines totsUng millions of sehill- ings have been levisd en Influential Naais and their supporters, " In the Oovernment's determination to make the rebels pay the cost of suppressing their short-lived insur- rection. DoUfuss' suc- osssor as GbanoeUor.

The two, seperatrly. Stats PoUoe Patrolman C. This mill embodle. This mill waste is finding ready sale in Vancouver. Sp;c -tive logging Ls bring can icd out by this concern In limits that. It u sstbnatsd. Captain Lslthelser. Forty state policen. Hub- bard. Now, what do you think I sbooM do about "Well.

Plans are tmder way for further hoti. At Courtenay. An office building is under con- struction, as wsU ss ssvaral nsat dwematB. Jwvg MR iMh a flha reception. FVe,' ri. C GEO. In his slxty- aeventii year. July 8, Tn IfilO, Br. K uller-Oeneral Dodd. Curry ie Son Funeral Home. Weaver will of'. From Aug. S frcM:. To recall the oonaummation of the treaty and the resulting era of peace, now In Its second century. One of the major events of the four-day programme will be tlie unveiling of an Im- posing.

George A. September Intent onsaiTy- Ing the Cross to the Attawanda- ronks, the Neuter nation, who held the north shore of Lake Brls and the eaat diore of the Magara lltto. Talk which preceded them from the Huron country stamped tlieni as "magicians cap- at e of all manner of evil.

BMftnn began his duties in, Vletorte on Septaosber 4. UM, ao! This cosmopolitanism has been strengthened by varied experience in the United Statea consular serv- 1 lee, for, in addition to appointments In Mexico, wlierr he w;i. In the service in JKurope. He wa.! Including the entirs period jof the war; Paris for eighteen months, and Coblenz.

Germany, for two years He rame to Victoria from Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, where he was temporarily assigned pending the appoint m ent of a permanent sflsloL A singular honor is in his posses- sion.

This is honorary membership tn the American A.

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Tlis dsosra- Uon. Knowing the retir- ing consul's tactful and charming manner as Victoria doee, everyone wUl aMireeiate the real reason for the award of this honor. While Victoria says au revolr re- luctantly, it is with the hope that Mr and Mr.

Bucklln iiiny tventii- ally return here to live when Mr. Bucklln's time for retiring comes. Before they aall from San Francisco about the end of August. Edwin BuOklln, will accompany Mr. Bucklln to Msw Zsalaad. Ihey were. In February,they started liaek for Huronla. Cold, half-starved, waist-deep In now, they trudged through the woods tmtll shelter was found in an abandoned bark lodge. Father Chaumonot took rsco ut se In sleep while Father Brebeuf re- turned outslds to commune with God.

It is reoorded' ths good priest suddenly beheld a vlskm. Par to the northeast, high In the air, a huge cross was boldly outlined. It tnoM! Ig- naee. Tlie martyrdom of Father Bre- beuf waa first reoognlaed by the Holy Sss. JOBS S. Bia five years latsr. Charles Richards i has decided that omens carry no danger for him. Although a man with whom he swapiied jobs went to sea, was torpedoed, taken to a German prison camp and re- turned home to die shortly after the war, Captain Richardson Bvsd to become a real sea captain.

He re- ceived his first command on Friday, which happened to he ii. Then he was on the Hesperian when she was torpedoed and simk ninety miles ofl Fsitnsss with a loss of twenty- seven Hves. Blr John, who.

Sir John Abbott dlsd to un. In- tently watchlnK m. France, Aug. We cordiolly invito you to inipoct those new ond smort meden aow on disploy.

Port Kells, owned by M. Wade, was deetroyed by fire early today. Four box cars of the Cana- dian National Railways and all lum- ber In ths fsrdp burned. The interior of this house is in good condition and the exterior reqnires paintinjij. This property rf st t! The plain evidence of facts has taught her, contrary to the viewpoint entertained by the pa- fllflsta, that unilateral disarmament is not the way to peace. As well as this, Ifr.

Baldwin says that sea communications, on which the life of Britain deprtuts caimot be de- fended from the air, but by a fleet In being. Henea there la to be reconditioning of the Navy. It is to be strengthened to the limits allowed by the London Treaty, and Uie prubabUity la that nlMD the time cornea thai treaty will be de- nounced and Britain will remain In future the arbiter of her own inviolability.

She has gone thfoogh a ipell of paclflam. ThtA li tha principle of redampttaa. That Is the an. He who follows that quest has eternity in lii. The victory of religion is a victory of conduct it is not enough to love in word or In tongue, but in deed and In truth Here Is the dictum of the greatest Authority on faith and morals: "Not every one that saith unto Me 'Lord.

There are aertaln rules and principles that guide organized apciety. There Is a sacredness in truth thai la too often neglaeted by accredited teachers aad preachers of religion. There are forms of religion which decree indi- vidual practice.


They, too, demand an outward and vlalble Mfn, aad yat, aa Fopa moto la hla Essay on Man: "For modes of faith let graceless zealots fight. He can't be wrong whose life is In the right. Oreeds are valuable: they are oases In the desert of life, it is not a creed, how- ever, that is the goal of Christian endeavor: It la the faith and morals of which the life of Ohrlst was the prototype.

What we believe does not matter so much as the manner In dally liv- ing in which that belief is expressed. Conduct may, to an extent, be guided by the Influence of the family, the school, the social or the profes- sional circle. Character is also affected by these environments.

There are laws. Ideals and an appohited service. These things, however, only totMh the aonl Incidentally. Thay do ool aaeaa- aarlly mean or expre. There la an exercise of freedom tm the soul that Is demanded whatever the human limitations lmpo. The aummons in the individual life is the inner voice of conscience, a law Which, when not vltlatod, calls for nnthinp; le. Thai vMoa te tha reaUn of the highest Chrl. Conscience can be made to. The CbVRhl appeal la to the individuality of.

This Ls the dictum of an expert m vaso motor -rhhiitia. There Is a priea to ba paid for the concealment of ravages of OOmirtexlon by face powder. And no faea wKh a ahhiy noaa ean feel composed. Moreover, If one possesses a beautifully-powdered nose, it Is only natural that one should oeraslotialty widk to emit dladalnful snlfTs at those who have neglected this elemen- tary exercise In modem aaannersi The only altemalhra to tha pow der e d noaa la the sun- burnt nose - and, of cour.

So perhaps British women will gradually release themselves from the dangers of catarrh by going In for dye instead. Provided, they do not revert to the use of the woad, their menfolk will not raise any cbjeetkm. I But human nature is peculiar, and we fear It may be h year or two.

There are ao nmny disturbing elements in Uu world that strife, and not Kt-ina to be the destiny of kind. There ie not ealy strife be- '. Ihat Messed nation, of course, is orsat MtaA. Middlesex, Ennland. In spite of iiniess, it was only at the Ia. Ukorgr J.

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McLaxmI, Toronlo. Instead of poiUtely 'rttltH'ng the and vices ot this am Haok on wriung. In for Um above shows. Vtsterla, BjO. August M, My yourself a copy of this dl. Ui of jour Uinuiurc to Uie an Uuii salt', spired love In all who knew her.

But, without iv. His Majesty and the Queen are to be present, and ceremonies at the launch will be broadcast in- ternationally. The great steel launching trlggtes are now in position. There are four on each side of the hull of the vessel, with a hydraulic load of tons. They will be operated by an electric button. The rudder of the vessel containing tons of streamlined steel, already constructed and attached, is so delicately poised with such a perfect balance that it will absorb to the highest degree the stresses of steering.

The vessel has eleven decks, and construction is now under way on the cabins on the lower deck. The S34 will be the world's most complete vessel, with first class accommodation prepared from new designs and plans.

The late Prtndpal Grant, of Queen's University, returning from a trip around the world, sa. Frosts have oc- ourrsd m daskatehewan and MamtOba.

Ram lOn. Spokane Portland Seattle San Franclsoo Ijoa Angeles Pen tic ton Swift Current. Winnipeg Mooae Jaw Prince Albert Sunshine, lihrs. If mine. Is at the bottom ef most discords, and therefore the root of most of the evil which seems to be our taherttanoe. When men become politically ambitious. It seems as if there were nothing of a truly repre- henalble natuie they will not resort to in order to attabi the summit of thslr vaulting amblUons.

But the naUon Is divided against itself. A former candidate for President has Joined the forces of the Republican oppo- sition for the purpose of thwarting the eccmomic policies of the eleeted President.

Then the peace-loving people "of the Old Land will be divided against them- selvea peUMsally, and polttleaily the hands of members of families will be raised against one another. The fathar will be inoUtically agahist the son and the son politically against the father. In many cases com- mon sense and sound reason will be arrayed against prejudice, for when political passions are aroused un- reason is stronger Uian reason. Tlie Black Shirts did not obtam even a foothold In Britain, btit there Is an element tlierc as far as peace is ooneemed SMre to be feared than the scattersd aohorla ef Sk Oiwsld Mosley.

Whsn r seso n tumMes from her throne, there l. Next to Ghrsat Britam the Dominion Is the most proeperous nation in the world today. The polleles of the Canadian fovenunent have been tested and have been In a great, if not in a full, measure suoeemf uL We are on the way and we know where we ore Rolng. This state of affairs has had what is called reactions and repercus- sions. Ilie poUdes of govern- ments nay have had something to do with the reactlon. Drew daily near, and nearer, to the gatf Which leads to thnslsw Day.

Victoria, BX Elizabeth Butt, aged eighty-five xi. She was a native of Stapleford. Leicestershire, Eng land, and a resident of Saanich for the past twenty-two years. She leavea one. Clarke, of Viuin-u ver; Ifins. Tlie remains are resting at the Tlioni. Self- stylsd eritles lie await for the "sucker" and thoae who do not get caught In Uve clutches of a sdiool uf wniuiK get caught by a racketeer of the flrst-menttened type.

Who sees, through colored gla. HiKh music breathes a To cheer your jxartlng While there be those benlton feet. OflOB OtolOt laughed aloud. MUne's Laadlac B.

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If he masters the few. The mala dlfUnwUlss of writing are outlined and reasons given Cultivation of a writer's tempera- ment is discussed and also a con- ilderatlon of dlssodaWon of per sonaltty.

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Treosss of story formation m Its relatloMhlp to the conscious and unconscious mind and to dual personality is explained. The har nesslng ef the unconscious mind with the object cf writing in an efTortless manner, is one of the most Important ideas given in the book. Ihose who reed will wonder at the simplicity of the formula, and while gra-splng its value, will order an extra supply of bond paper and sit down and dMMa ttMhr output.

Miii aha, at Uie Oval. He says tiwi:. Almost unii nc win admit that the first innings pracUcally settled the Issue for Australia, and the runs were obtained when the English bowlers were freafl and at their best nv.

That Was bad Juck. The Australians opened well cn the Saturday, but. Then, agahi. A deluge on the concluding day saved the Home Country fNm practically certain defeat. MTN Co. VWtorto, ae. To put the matter briefly, Eng- land has easily enjoyed fully three- fourths of the luck that was going. And there is always the element of luck in cricket- the greatest and noblest of all games.

In eo noh iston. I must eongrata- lata Um Oolonlst on the splendid rqwrtS of the test match series. They were splendid, and must have been richly enjoyod by present erloketora A.

PaelOa sUaSard Umt. U, Pt! Sl3S'0S 7 4B 7 8[I 7 6l It it counted from 0 to 34 iMuri. Cleaving the darkness by a golden threed Spent in mld-alr. The lake has girded on Her cloth of sliver, and swaying. Mr head Is wr a pped In moonlight, and my feet. Straying from earth, now walk on shadow. All substance has departed- Oh, long centuries agol Hollow forms and vapors windless float: long billowy shapes Of purple shadow wlBd ttl MVer- endlng chain To meet and mingle with the sky.

The world Is thsln tonight. Nothing exists Save silence - mfttWlMgtll s hadP ir ecstacy. Six 6 ft. Hunting Coats School Bags. Do not start o fire without a permit. Idaho to- night awaited the repon. The wind, kted to the flghtars In other battles today, had glvwi them this setback The south flank of the tlr'' ua.

About 8MII tarn been burned over. A almUar oondl- tioa pffveJlad en tha dopa tomrd the aaate rtver, under ifelaon Peak. Hie Avery fire was held on other flanks, however, and more men were ordered to the front from Coeur d'Alene. Idaho, jnaklog about battling tha HJSa- au e flra. In the electoral districts Of OaU.

The men were on the back- firing stage. In the same forest, the Martin Creek Maze appeared to be submit- ting to the Importunities at the foresters after the worst spots were rounded up Other fires In the region were con- trolled, said Major Kelley. Johnston, married and father of two children, was battered to death In the view of several passengers.

The principal industry of Ouste- mala is agrictilture, for which the country la weU. Fanny Maiy Mowtt, Callow, In his :. He was born in Banbury, Xniland. Re Is survived by four daughters. Dodd, of London, England; three sons, John H. Seattle, and one brother, Renry Callow, of tills rltv.

Aaput ST, at a pjon. Bastin offlciatlnK The hymn. A profualflB of beautiful floral offerings were re- ceived. The fo31owlng ected ns pall- bearers: J. Thomson, and w! The rematna were laid a saat In Bt.

Btephan'a Church- yard. Dean Qiialiiton roiul'irtrd Ihe. Chrow, R. Rob- erte, J. Oorto, H. Wat- ers and F. The foUoerInt noted aa pan- bearan- P Manioart.

It is really in the same elaaa aa cknoer - a disea. Krecke, of Mtaitfeh. Krecke does not pin his faith on any one of these theories. For- eign bodies Krape seed.

If discovered and opera- tion performed within the first thirty-six hours, the death rate is very, very low, whereas after thlrty- tlM, forty-eight and seventy-two hom, tha danth into baoonea two, three or rraA four tlmaa aa high. The biggest trouble physicians have is to be called in to see a pa- tient wlio had a "stomach ache," and either took or waa given a doaa of eaalor oU or apaoa aaHatoldaBr out the stomach and Intestine. The Mgh death rate te Phik.

They will ftmctlon in the various electoral districts as defined by. Thf Cabinet approved the list of ofBcers. Charles Edgar. Femle; Kootenay West, Charles B. Dwyer, Dtmiean: New Westmin- ster. Duncan E MrKer,7lc. New Westmln. Mc- Lennan.

Prince Rn. White, Vancou- ver; Vanooovar Oantra.

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AUttd H. Bmitherlngale, Vancou- ver; Vancouver North. Noel E. Vancou- ver; Victoria, anloay Ohlld. The meeting was a result of the reuWatemont of Principal R. Lyons, by the Appeal Doard of the Pnrrlnea. Cox oocupla d the chair and Mrs. Carwlthen spoke for the trustees. Theed Pearoe appeared for Mr. Lyons and stid ttiat no decision that the mcelLog may reach oouM alter the case. The matter had been dlspoaed of by the proper authorities, "nie trustees may not like the art.

Triiiid id. Inland, however. Nature took compensation for her generoalty. The earth sank in serried furrows, preaentlng tha appearance of ploughed fields.

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Ttaea tipped and leaned at odd, drunken angles. Blghtcen, Sastalns In Fair Suffering from a fract u red skull, concussion of the brain, fractured left arm and multiple cuts and bruises, Douglas Parlby.

The accident occiured when the motorcycle driven by young Parlby collided with a motor truck at the Intersection of Douglaa and Pem- broke streets. Both niachlnee were proceeding north. The youth was!! The film star approached her pub- licity man. Beery month during tha Summer Tha Colonlist has a. The Judges, namely A. Associated Screen News, Ltd. Bntrles may be submitted up to Saturday night, the judging to take place the following week.

Everyone, tyro and expert alflH, are urged to send In their ptoturoa and partici- pate in tha oonteat.

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Yet, for this perfect trip, the coat is low. Summer fares are down, sleeper chargee cut, and renowned Groat Harthaw laala an ndhsaad ia piioa. You know.

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In this pic- ture we may find it necessary to throw you down a flight Of Otalrs Into a barrel of waterl AppUeant- Oh, I ean aland that I was collector for an Installment furniture house for three years. Young Mrs. Scott wm attetuilng har fltat bal gaaaa. Um homo team was doing well that day m.! Scott exclaimed: "What on earths the matter, Joimr "Why. Scott, disgustedly. As Boze, who had originally intended to drop his bombs from an airplane, prepared to release the shall from the ground, he told his crowd of spec- tators: "Gentlemen, in ten minutca, there wlU be ram.

Ten minutes later tha OlOWd Stood in the middle of a ahower. Boaa aatd that Inunedlately after the return, here, of his pUot. BO hoataas thought t. Ooing up some thne later she lu i i i M ad. Cateu it? Our men aie experts and ttained to meet every problem in moving or packing. Bucklln, who with hlB family la leaving today for California and thence for WrlllnKton. Bueklin is only the eighth Consul, fortuitous cJrcuiiistancfs having Blven several of the aijpolntces'lonK it-iiuie in tlie poAiUon.

SucUln blmaeU has been tam akaosk axaetly tan yaara, hla appototmtnt dating from Sep- tember A. Hebden Qlllesple with a much-prized pic- ture of Mr. Francis which. Francis at 8t. Was Wife of First U.

The baildliW la aattanatad to eoat S3,SO0. It will be ereoted by liiOallMll 4k Harvey aa cootitkcton. John Bart and Bon.

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He retained office untiland waa reappointed for a sec- ond w. Allen Francis, late American Consul at this port, had died at St.

Thomas from the effects of an accident sus- tained Iqr being nm over by a lire apparatiu on tlie occasion of the recent railway accident near that town. Kmrr was conveyed to Mrs. Francis by Mayor Pell After a atay of a few months he aequired p r oper ty and iflid to settle jiTtr.

Francis resigned to engage in bluA- ness. He was one of the first to reoognlae the Importanoe of the Alaaina for trade; but after aoeie years devoted to the prosecution of the Industry, he resigned, and was reapiwinted to the Victoria Con- sulate. The Preeldent Arthur Ad- ministration six years ago trans- ferred.

Mr Fiitncls to St. Francis left here with a feeling of deep regret, as he had come to look on Victoria aa hla home. Although a cltiaaa ot tha republla, ha eflan remarked that he wished to live here until he diivl. Francis was a native of Wetharafiekl. It was during hla JouniaUatlc yeaia that he mot aad beeama fsst friends w ith Abraham Ltm ohi at whose home he met the woman who later baoaoM his wifa. At the end of hl.

Fiaiirijs was iU re' ded by the Hon. Francis aue c ee d ed with hla nap- poiatBMBt la Itn. Btevena vaa the next Coqsul. But thia p n w Mea to not only hmltad to feialta ports, for rlghA here in Montreal thm very. TtMae Indians, ranging In age from eltltt-pMe-olda to middle-aged men.

Our Advance Showing of Radios Tfcof are here See them, hesr them. Tuesday afternoon. Itie service, a bidtf and almple oiir, jn.

Each day's proceedings in the Com- mons la opened with prayers con- bgr Oanon Carnegie, the mltted in Nickels, dimes and or other high days. Abraham Sadth, Haa. A Bucklln. Hon, Theodore Jaeckal who is to succeed Mr.

Wash, Aug. Oiaarlch reoorsrod ket eaaegh to aay he be- heved he had fallen asleep af the whert of the truck, which waa loaded with lumber. All the little meadow and forest people who had come to atenrt Billy Mliik. Ah reckon, an" no one wants to jwy what It is. Everyone agreed that this was the only thing to do and that It must be done, that Is, eve i yeae bet Fster Rabbit agreed. Tm not aftmid. Auit W. Doutan C. MeCurrkch J Rmyth C Lambert. BurrcM 1 7J9 H.

Hunt Mri. AftMtt White Liabany- W. Wytndotta txp ntntion. Kxp Ri. Llfht Ruimex - R. WlUlanu 1. We will prescribe and fit glasses that may help you to get out sir the "flunker's" closs. Hud- Harold S. Timberlake, Opt. MS 18 1. SIS I. S47 S l. U:4S p. Oaal m u jff m sad. Sits a.

Vrtt a. S:M a. S:4S a. VHal oaarttr en Hth MO moon on 34th T:M pjB. S:i8 a. M PJB. Take eare of your taethi take oare of year Hdal de not tot go for one mOOMatl tha hamer t. Fort and Oook wlU reopsa Saturday. Mvm G 5. Tindell 8t. Ernest Tiiulell. Her large hiii had u pink, crown and I blue bnrn uiul wa.

She carried a bouquet of piak camatloM and blue laceflowere. The bride's brother. Leslie Oambrey, was best man and the ushers were her nephew. Janies Cambrey, Jr. Henry Hayes. James Cambrey, Rey- of sweet pea. TladaU wiu noko tbeir hone oo DanHn Road. The bride left In a. James Cambrey. Road and bark bv way of We. Mr nnd Mrs K R.

Irvine, Mls. The prises were won by Miss E. Irvine, Mr Ci Butler and Ml. BuxnetU Miss D. Barr and Mr H. Those present were Miss D. Thejr are at preoeni viMi M aad Mn. Ber corsage bouquet blended with the color of her gown. James Burwood proposed the toast to the bride, alter wtaleh a buffet supper was served.

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Victoria, and of the late Mr. Ci Philion. Father J. The bi. Craig, Beechwood looked bowtttful in her wedding gown of wMte ceoriotta and laoe, with a veil of Bnw. William Adam wa. M man. For her golng- av iy costume, the bride '. After a honeyuMwa in Oallforala, the brtdo ftnd groom will live in Vletoria. Among the many pre. The Young Women's Auxiliary to St.

Aldan's lArtif. Tlks r o qulr s Bt ente are nat- urally enormous, and. If every housewife, in making up her stores lor the Wlr. Barnabas' Church on Thursday evening. Sadth oOei- atin? Sydney Petch, Hill. AlbeH Movaas. Avenue, when Rev. The bride entered the room on the arm of Mr.

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Waxd, an old family friSBd, wlM fafo her la narriaga. Warr sang "At Dawning. In a lovely gown of yellow silk, crepe, and a hat to match. Her bouquet was of sweet peas and rosss.

Desmond Hbw- ard, of Kamloops, brother of the groom. Craig welcomed the guests, and wore a smart frock of bucm oraago ervo trtmaisd with laee. Boward are spending their hanayaMOB on the Mainland. Buy your Fun from Victoria's larf- est and nioit Mduiivt f urritft. Oct II.

Takt at maaU anil h. Fiederlck Bu. SOB of Malor aad Mrs. Underwood, Gorge Road.

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The wed- ding will take place at first United Cbsareh, on aeptember M, al S pjn. Cross an- Boonee the engagement of their tfd- ect daughter, Hilda, to Mr. Hugh Clark, youngest son of Mr. Skct-h fhib of liip Island Arts and Crafts has been busily engaged during the past two wesks, in nkftchlng the various phasss of shlpplnsr. Blowers, Oliver Street. The ch irrh'rahel McKim and Ml. Salmon Arm. Mr and Mrn '. She was attended by Miss Maigarot Pant- ing. While the reg- j'rr -J tv! The artistx taking pait In the entertainment wne j,uk Wilson, as mailer of ci'n iiioiuf.

IIIM ami Qfflta. Afterwards she went to. News tlon's Summer School. As Louise 1 she met her husband while he was [Ferguson, a niece of the late Mr. Fbr aev- aad Mm. Ito- torla, Mn. Kidd, man- ager ol the Royal Trust Compejiy at Calgary, and after a shert tovr with him.

Toured I'rpvince Ml 1' iJ. PatersoQ's pamts, Mr. A MdD. The convention be- gins Ota Mday erentag. The delegates elected to represent this league are Christine Schmelz.

Lovlsa Jansen and fted Loeffler. Kathleen Neuman and Luther Jansen. Kccalar S3. I we BitnrMly. All employees disabled soldiers. A Hebden, the occasion being their tenth wedding anniversary. As the bride and groom entered the hall. Ivor Parfitt played the wedding march. During the evening. Thompson presented Mr.

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Sep 29,   British schools are a foul swamp of thought and speech crimes. From nursery school on, the pupils commit the heinous hate crimes of racist, sexist and homophobic name calling. Revenue in the online dating agency market also increased substantially by 22 percent in compared with the previous year to around EUR million Mr. Samland was part of the brand-namings in media, e.g. TAFF, TOGGO and COLONEUM, music, such [ ] as BeFour and over general zahlreiche gluckliche Paare, diverse Testsiege. Beziehungen & dating Wie zu kampfen messe in einer ehe: gute tipps fur paare Wie zu kampfen messe in einer ehe: gute tipps fur paare Es gibt ein altes Sprichwort, dass eine Frau einen Mann zu denken heiratet, dass sie ihn andern konnte - und danach, tut sie nicht.

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