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It has been acclaimed as one of the most important Red Pill books. The definitive dictionary of power defines oneitis as:. In short, oneitis refers to men who obsess over a single, specific woman. Oneitis relates more to chemical reactions and lacks of options than to beliefs. Tomassi says that power in a relationship goes to the individual who needs the other the least. My Note: Power in a relationship also does deeper There are many elements that determine power in a relationship, and who needs whom the most is indeed a key component.

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This applies equally to your wife of 10 years. Get the kids to soccer practice, go get groceries, fuck her husband and fold the laundry. Add a fulltime job to that list and sleep becomes the new sex. Remember, a woman will fuck; she might not fuck you, she might not fuck me, but she will fuck somebody.

She just needs to be properly motivated. All of those preconditions she had for you to accept YOUR offer of marriage - a good job, be a good provider, a good listener, be funny, have status, being reliable, a good physique; all of that does nothing to increase her desire to have sex with you.

The single, bachelor is concerned with Interest Levels, the married man should be concerned with Desire Levels. So how do you prompt this Desire? How do you get a woman who knows every intimate detail about you for the past 10 years properly motivated to fuck you like she did when you were something? Would your wife fuck you in the car like she did when you were dating?

Would she be up for fucking in the great outdoors if you were hiking together somewhere? Make her uncomfortable. As counterintuitive as it sounds, this is the single most important advantage you can take.

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Begin to incrementally take the power that her intimacy has had sway over you for the past 10 years back from her. When you were unmarried even the slightest bit of anxiety that she may be put off for another, better, prospect than herself prompted that desire to fuck you better than the others.

Your attention is your best tool in this regard. One thing I tell AFCs is not to give away the farm on the first date and that women are by nature attention craving. When you give away your attention without her having to seek it devalues your attention. And again you must do this covertly as she will respond to it covertly. Sex then becomes a reinforcer for her in this attention seeking which you can then use to modify her behavior - in this case being genuine desire.

One of these is a regular kiss.

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I used this to a great effect with my own wife. I would regularly come home from work and go kiss my wife as soon as I saw her, she became accustomed to this and after a few years I came to realize that I was like a puppy dog in this regard, immediately seeking affection as soon as I got home so I began to take this away.

Eventually she covertly recognized this and began to greet me at the door with a kiss.

Seeking Arrangements is Dating Now

She was prompted to desire that connection by a takeaway. Stay in shape Nothing kills married sex faster than one or both partners letting themselves go physically.

Most married Mothers who do so love to use their pregnancies as justification for their lack of motivation and obesity. Arousal is the important component to desire.

The same applies to you. Actually their sex-lives depend on it. Before the divorce, they never had the time or motivation, but now it seems they have plenty of both.

Thus you not only create genuine desire by physical arousal, but you simultaneously create a psychology of desire by prompting her natural competitive impulses i. Alcohol is NOT an aphrodisiac. Alcohol does lower inhibitions and perhaps disposes your wife to lovemaking. Understand the dynamics of her sexuality too. You simply cannot inspire her to a standard of desire if one or both of you have a depressant in your bloodstream.

If anything you want to accelerate blood flow not impede it.

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Suggest it when she least expects it. Tell her to flash you her boobs or some other cheap thrill when the opportunity presents itself at the beach or somewhere semi-public.

Ask her for a hummer in the parking lot before you go to dinner one night. Even the asking is arousing. And even if she turns you down you can still use her rejection to your advantage since it implies that, perhaps at some point in time, she or some other girlfriend you had used to do this because she wanted to assume the sale. When you do proposition your wife make it seem as if it just popped into your head at that very moment.

Again, think covert, not overt. Covert implies spontaneity. This may sound Machievielan, but it holds true, especially in marriage.

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If you are wondering who has the great degree of control in your relationship the answer is always her. Just like a good DJ knows, she must come to you. So many married guys I know have walked their entire married lives on eggshells because they put their wives in a position of being the gatekeeper of his own sexuality. This then flows over into other cts of their lives and places a woman often unwantedly so into becoming the authority in the marriage.

When you can prove to her that her pussy is no longer a rewarding reinforcer for her desired behavior of you, you remove this agency and reset yourself on at least a partial footing of your prior bachelorhood.

In becoming accommodating for her by allowing her sexuality to dictate their behavior, men often see identifying with a woman as the best course of getting laid in marriage. From a soon-to-be-unplugged 30Darren from the SoSuave forum :.

I made a big mistake and got involved with a coworker. We dated for a little about a year ago but it never went far. Never slept with her. We became close friends though. We would hang out, Go to movie, Get dinner go for drinks and just hang out.

Building on the core works of The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine presents a poignant outline of the phases of maturity and the most commonly predictable experiences men can expect from women as they progress through various stages of life. Rational and pragmatic, the book explores the inter-gender and social dynamics of each stage of women's maturity and provides a practical understanding. Aug 29,   The prey does not teach the hunter how better to catch it. Why women give bad dating advice. This one is always a controversial topic on SoSuave. I find it ironic that the same guys who whole-heartedly agree with the idiom "believe what she does, not what she says", are often the same men . Rollo Tomassi is one of the most prominent voices in the globally growing, male-focused online consortium known as the "Manosphere" as well as one of the 'Godfathers' of intersexual Red Pill awareness. Rollo is the author of The Rational Male blog, a foundational fixture in /5(K).

We always talked even late with text and everything. I liked her a lot and she seemed comfortable with me. I guess i felt i always had a chance with her because when we hung out she always flirted with me and having sex with each other seemed to be the topic we most talked about.

She even mentioned shooting a porno with me. But i really felt for her so i grd on anything that made me feel like she was interested in me. This went on for about 8 months. We had up and downs. I would leave her alone when she would have her little flings but eventually she would gravitate towards me again. This week was a crazy week though. We went out had she took something i said completely the wrong way.

We decided to give each other space which i did but then she was all over again when i gave her no attention. She started telling everyone i was her best-friend and then when we went out for drinks with co-workers she started calling me her Man.

Two days later she is completely ready to end it with me. Said she was blocking my number from her phone and to not expect to hear from her again. Ill admit. That really hurt. So abrupt and harsh. And remember i work with her. But a high-status woman gains from monogamy because a high-status male will be under pressure to commit to her. And a lower status male gains with monogamy because the cultural expectation helps him get a woman see Kanazawa, Because, Rollo says, it allows women to keep having sex with the alpha males they are attracted to while still being able to rely on the resources of their less attractive partners.

But I disagree. See more on games that women play here:. Many red pill authors reference evolutionary psychology.

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Rollo says that women fall in love with the new alpha male because they had to adapt to invading tribes. Culture and society are shaped by a multitude of forces.

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Forces which, even within genders, often push towards opposing directions. And they do so on thousands of different topics, and all at once. Believing there can be a single overarching theme that governs the world is to underestimate the complexities of said world.

That is sometimes the case in all realms of socialization. And defection strategy is a rather poor strategy for long term relationships Ridley, However, there is also the possibility and opportunity to make that pie larger through cooperation.

But they did. A focus on nesting up with a woman and providing for that nest is akin to choosing a quality reproductive strategy VS a quantity one.

Also, there are some benefits of securing a wife early and sticking with her, including more time to focus on other life endeavors and emotional stability think of Warren Buffet, John Paulson, Jeff Bezos, etc. Again, I am NOT saying monogamy is good and you should go for it: I am happily single and not considering marriage at all.

But I do am saying that not all men who decide to enter relationship are stupid or irrational. Which is funny, in a way, since Rollo, married and still married tells men not to get married. Because it only looks at the male side. For example, Rollo focuses on the games women playand men falling for them.

Aug 14,   Necessitous men, and men recovering from being so, will often adopt the same mentality women will when they hear about situations like this, and call it callous, or selfish, maybe even vindictive of past hurtful experiences. Apr 16,   The Best of Rational Male - Year One The Basics There is No ONE The Cardinal Rule of Relationships The Desire Dynamic Schedules of Mating Buffers Imagination Social Matching Theory Alpha Plate Theory Plate Theory Plate Theory II Plate Theory III Plate Theory IV Plate Theory V Plate Theory VI Plugged-In Enter White Knight Average.

And there certainly women who dupe men. And women, in general, are better and very effective at controlling relationships. But the view of men played by women is simplistic.

Men play their own games. Both genders, at times, seek to take advantage of one another. For example, Rollo Tomassi describes the dualistic female dating strategy of seeking genes from strong men and resources from weak men AKA: alpha fucks, beta bucks. But he fails to see -or mention- that men use the exact same dual strategy see Wright, This dual strategy, when taken to an extreme, results in the Madonna-whore complex.

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Women are utterly incapable of loving a man in the way that a man expects to be loved by a woman. Women love opportunistically. I have been in love, some women fell in love with me and, at times, we both were in love at the same time. Sure, men are more romantic indeed and more idealistic and women are more practical.

Like unconditional love, no matter how naughty -or useless- he is? But it can be equally good. And you know what? She was damn right. Seek to carry your own weight in life. All driven by their biology the exact same way. All playing games and all looking for an alpha to inseminate them and a beta to take care of them. I agree with developing options and being the leader of the relationship.

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My recommendation is to be the leader of your relationship, but a benevolent leader who cares for the team. How Leadership Gets You Girls. This is one of the main reasons why I maintain a certain distance from extremist manosphere corners.

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Psychology research shows that there is a certain overlap between men who buy into male superiority, men who seek power, and abusive men. Men who buy into the idea of male superiority feel less of a man when they are not in control or when their wives outclass them in some meaningful way ie.

The Rational Male would have gained hugely from better organization, structure, and better editing. In The Rational Male hypergamy ends up being a bit too many different things, leading to a whole lot of stuff that seemed a bit far-fetched.

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Then never contact her again and be too busy to hangout if she contacts you. Or check out here how to handle it via text.

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Tomassi makes the case that men must be masculine to attract women because women want manly men. And seems to exhort the readers to be their most masculine selves. Can Be Eye-Opening Rollo Tomassi can be eye-opening for men who settled down too early, look at monogamy as the only option or never realize how much they might be giving for little in return.

Good Analysis of SMV Good analysis of the sexual market value and how it changes depending on gender and age. The characteristics that define masculinity. In expecting women to be just as masculine as men, while simultaneously expecting them to still embody a feminine ideal, not only does this put undue, unrealistic ideals upon them, but also devalues the merits of their own femininity.

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Very Good to Understand Games The Rational Male is a very good text to understand a bit more on what are the games that women and, to a lesser extent, men play when it comes to dating. A couple of them are:. Overall, much of what Rollo Tomassi is true, to a certain extent. But I also recommend you do so with a critical mind. Power University. Power University is at a steal price. But the offer is ending soon.

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