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The dating culture in Norway reflects, in many ways, the culture of other developed European countries and the United States. However, Norwegian culture is also reflective of its own small, homogeneous population. Norwegian men and women have among the highest life expectancies in the world and fertility rates among European countries second only to Iceland and Ireland. Although Norway has an aging population, it has no shortage of young adults starting families. As with other Scandinavian countries, Norwegian men and women have developed dating practices that are outwardly progressive while remaining humble in spirit. With a recent influx of asylum seeking immigrants that has altered the homogeneity somewhat, Norwegian men and women are open to outsiders in the dating world, as long as they are not subject to archaic traditions and values. Class stratification is rare in Norwegian social interaction and the culture instills the notion that mates should be chosen based on compatibility and with goals of equal partnership.

At least 30 or more percent of board level professionals are women. Girls in Norway are encouraged to pursue a career and become independent and financially stable. They are not used to relying on a guy or any relationship for that matter to support them financially. In fact, she will even find it weird and slightly unfair that you would pay for dinner at your first date.

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Splitting the bill all the way! If you guys decide to settle down together, she will be an equal partner in providing for the family. There are no expectations of you, being the guy, to have to take more financial responsibility.

In that sense, you can forgive some Norwegian girls for their feminazi tendencies. Which is a great thing in my opinion - not just because it saves you some money early on, but because you actually get a girl with a solid, impressive mentality. Yes, that is another ct of equality. Just as she will be paying for her part of the bill, you will have to do some chores around the house.

That is not so bad, though, because you can use it to your advantage. You say you are not that great with chores but you do love to cook.

Jan 03,   Online dating; Clubs and bars; Virtually no Norwegian girl would respond well to day game. It's a cold country where: a) Women aren't thrilled about spending time on the street to chat with a stranger. b) People are cold. This is why I prefer to approach them online. Easier for all parties involved. The dating culture in Norway reflects, in many ways, the culture of other developed European countries and the United States. However, Norwegian culture is also reflective of its own small, homogeneous population. Nov 12,   Norwegian women dating are not fanatic about makeup because they don't need it as much as many women from other places. The trick is that since the beginning of the makeup and fashion industries, the biggest players in these fields had that stereotypical Nordic beauty in mind.

But it works like charm if you mean it. Cooking along with dancing is one of the most attractive skills you could have as a male on this planet.

Norwegian women and girls prefer to be contacted via some form of social media - messaging through emails, Facebook, text messages, or by using a dating network, such as Love International or EHarmony. If you are single today and had difficult ways to find a woman from Norway. Online dating at Loveawake is the best for you. You can find love everywhere around the web and make sure it is really for free without asking your credit card or any transactions relating about money. Online dating apps have shaped and changed the dating scene immensly, all over the world, and Norway is no different. There are a few dating sites and apps used by Norwegian girls. One of those sites is International Cupid, a well-marketed site in scandinavian countrier, specifically made for .

Which by the way. This one kind of ties in with the straightforwardness part. Dating Norwegian girls is purposeful. Enjoy the perspective of ending up with a model-like girl for the long run!

Norwegian girls end up as very loving partners that treasure equality, but know how to offer a good time - both physically and emotionally.

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They are a special breed and you should treat them accordingly. Do you have any personal experiences of dating Norwegian girls that you want to share?

Or maybe some hot tips to hack the dating game in Norway? Either way, let us know in the comments. Iam Geofrey from Uganda East Africa and iam looking for a Norwegian girl friend for serious relationship that will lead us to marriage.

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Like everywhere, there are bad people here as well, but most of them are great human beings. These traits are unattractive to men of value. We want them to be warm, as in warm hearted. We want women to be coy, docile, feminine. We want women to be like women.

We do enough of that at work. But when we are with women, we want to be dodging MORE bullets! I randomly came across this website out of curiosity, and as a Norwegian girl I must say some of the things mentioned above could be true but not all.

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Norwegian women do like independence, we do like doing things on our own because of our strong belief in equality. When it comes to high standards, for myself I think the standards we have are more related to how mature the man is rather than anything else. Norwegian women do prefer mature men. Like you can have a fun and playful side, as long as you are still mature and know when to be serious.

But all in all Norwegian women think very differently. For myself I feel like I am pretty different from the general Norwegian girl, but that is pretty normal as well.

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Most Norwegians are super warm, friendly and sweet when you get to know them. We just like to keep our distance in public, but with people we are close with we are super warm and sweet. And when you are properly dating a Norwegian girl, you have found someone who is loyal and wants to be in a relationship for a long time.

How wonderful and blessed we are to hear from a Norwegian girl, which is after all the subject of the article! One point was missed, and one which actually makes me very warm to them - their thoughtfulness and honest naturalness.

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For an Englishman, along with imagination and humour, comfort is everything, and there is something very familiar and cosy about the Norwegians, like a much-loved favourite pullover, but one of real quality fate rarely delivers, perhaps once in a lifetime if you are lucky. Because of my blond hair and beard, Norway is one of the few places abroad I am sometimes mistaken for a local.

This has its hazards. When I was 24, I visited Oslo. I was in a museum and the most beautiful girl with hip-length flaxen hair smiled at me and said in a soft voice something in Norwegian. I did not understand a word, and the opportunity passed, alas. I still think of her today. Haha, I loved reading this article, and especially the comments. Too bad the men who read and commented the article found your description scary. All I can say, persobalities vary, everywhere.

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Sincerely, Norwegian girl from the north. I am a man and the men who dislike Norwegian women just speak for themselves, not for us all. Some of us love our partner trying to be equal and provide financially to the family, so not just men are having a job. Feminazi as a description for a women who believes in gender equality is disgusting. I guess your old school values prevent you from seeing the world as it is and how gender roles should not be stereotyped. I have not met any Norwegian girls in person yet, but I think the types described in this article may be more stereotype than reality.

Certainly there must be some who exemplify those attitudes, but how could we be sure those are really the norm? Usually, the norm is a much less intense version of the most extreme representatives, and often represents only a certain region, such as girls from a capitol city, or from a major financial center, rather than women from other regions or cities, whose attitudes and personalities would likely differ significantly.

As for the male commenters who felt they could take this article as definitive of Norwegian women, and use it as grounds to judge all their characters, their ignorance, and cultural bias, particularly obvious patriarchy, is clear and unfortunate. Their opinions are easily dismissed. Is female equality in society offensive to you, or just something you feel privileged enough to mock because you think you can?

Maybe it would have been better to tell us readers your one story of your own date who had something to say you felt was inappropriate, instead of type casting?

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Typing is too easy. Oh, you sweet summer child. Norwegian women are setting themselves up for disappointment! It goes on and on. Being masculine is mission impossible for Norwegian guys. They have not been raised this way.

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In all instances, other than specific situations, women expect their guys to be outspoken feminists. This is where you come in. You know there is a niche in the singles market. Whether you can keep this up for a long time is questionable. Instead, pick and choose non-risky masculine behaviours. Opening the doors for her, pulling her chair at the restaurant, walking her to the cab - those are all things you can do to seem more chivalrous and caring.

As for looks, well, it helps if you have facial hair. It also helps if you are tall - for practical reasons, too, because Norwegian women are on the taller side. Norway is one of the few places where people never have their height on their Tinder bio. This is why I prefer to approach them online.

Easier for all parties involved. There is no nice way to say it.

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Norwegian women can be pretty boring and unfriendly if you try to chat them up. By night, things change because they have alcohol in their system. Norwegian people are notoriously reserved.

There is a nice illustration of this fact right here. Seriously, it could not be more comprehensive than that. Norwegians are both super open minded and liberal and seriously socially awkward.

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This leads to one very logical conclusion: first you go intimate, then you get to know each other. What is actually tough is coming back for seconds or, if the stars align, maybe start a relationship. Some people actively avoid talking to their hookups. There is a sort of cult status around being single. Well, you can forget about dating Norwegians, pretty much.

Norway girl dating

The average year-old in Norway is not a pure virgin. Accept that she has had some experience. As long as your Norwegian crush is not in her hoe phase right now, she will actually make a great girlfriend Not to mention how hot they all are.

Scandinavian countries have a vitamin D deficiency. Seriously, you tend to underestimate the importance of sunshine until you go North. The Internet is the escape of choice. Young Norwegians are very connected and social-media conscious. At the same time, their IRL social skills are more than a little bit rusty. Norwegian women are huge on the online dating scene. Depending on what you are looking for, one or the other could be more adequate.

Virtually everything can come across wrong. What do you mean I look beautiful and feminine in this dress? I could be just as feminine in pants!

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Fortunately, there is a trick around this. Literally, just talk about their country and how awesome it is. Norway is a young country. It has existed for a long time but has only been independent for a little bit.

Oct 09,   With Norwegian women dating becomes unforgettable, so men from all over the world desire to be closer with female citizens of North. When you see photos of any foreign belle from this land, be sure that it will be almost impossible to forget her expressive eyes and seductive smile. What other features attract Western men in these Norwegian babies? Jan 08,   Dating Norwegian Girls Is Refreshingly Straightforward Norwegians are not like Russian women, who are often very coy. There are few nations that are as no-BS about dating as Norwegians. If she thinks you are cute, she will come over and flirt in most cases. is the best online dating site in Norway. Sukker, which means "Sugar" in English, is ideal for those in the 25 to 45 age group range. At women per 1 man, it has a good gender balance.

To top that off, they are one of the wealthiest countries in Europe and the world now. Norwegians boast an excellent Human Development index and are considered to have a great quality of life, even compared to other rich Nordic states.

All in all, the average Norwegian girl has had a nice privileged life. She has lived in her little bubble and thinks this is viable for everybody. Sure, you might think universal free healthcare should be available for everybody.

But do you really think countries like Honduras or Pakistan can afford that? Not everybody has your oil money, Norway! Whether you agree with that or not, you can use it to make a safe conversation. Does it kill all spontaneity and honesty? Will it help you get her in bed? Also sure.

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If you want to stroke her ego, compliment her country. Talk about how beautiful their nature is, how you admire their efforts to solve social issues, whatever.

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