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Batgirl is the love interest of Dick Grayson , the first Robin, later Nightwing and at one point the second Batman in the Batman comics. They did get engaged but Barbara ended it. In the New 52 it has been confirmed that Dick and Barbara have feelings for each other. In the much maligned movie adaptation of the Killing Joke, there is a non-canon scene in which they did have sex. In this universe they have also dated. Her real name is Barbara Gordon, the daughter of Commission Gordon.

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By Meg Downey Oct 06, Share Share Tweet Email 0. DCeased: Dead Planet 4.

Starfire is a Tamaranean, an alien from the planet Tamaran and the younger princess of the planet and became its official ruler after she defeated her evil older sister, Blackfire.

She then gave up her throne to her caretaker and guide, and called Earth her real home.

Another top-cited Nightwing lover is his fellow Teen Titans teammate Starfire. During George Perez and Marv Wolfman's run on The New Teen Titans, Koriand'r and Dick Grayson became arguably the best sex-positive couple in all of multicoingames.com the two considered marriage, they broke it off when Grayson knew deep down that he didn't completely love Kori. After years of flirting, they finally started dating, but the relationship fell apart. Before the events in Infinite Crisis, Grayson and Barbara reconcile and become engaged; however, Barbara breaks off the engagement because she doesn't feel they're ready for marriage. She also wants Nightwing . Nightwing is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC multicoingames.com character has appeared in various incarnations; the identity was adopted by Dick Grayson when he reinvented himself after his role as Batman's vigilante partner Robin. Although Nightwing is commonly associated with Batman, the title and concept have origins in classic Superman multicoingames.com ego: Superman (Pre Crisis Era), Richard .

Starfire Teen Titans Animated. Starfire and Dick had a passionate romance during their time in the Teen Titans.

The two were almost married, but after having their wedding day ruined, they realised that they weren't meant for each other. In the comic book series called Titans, Dick and Starfire were Investigating in an old woman's house. Dick told Kory if they should get back together.

Jul 22,   Nightwing was also in a relationship with Helena Bertinelli aka Huntress. In The New 52 FUTURES END, it is revealed that the two have been cohabiting as a couple for many years. In the main continuity, however, Nightwing and Huntress have had a one-night stand. Both of them are young, working alone, so it's obvious Dick finds solace in her company. Female Characters, Love Interests, Dick Grayson, Nightwing. Dick Grayson's Love Interests. Category page. Edit. History Talk (0) This is a category for the many women who have been love interests of Dick Grayson, otherwise known as the vigilante Nightwing. Trending pages. Koriand'r (New Earth). But while dating is never simple for superheroes, it's always somehow even more complex for Nightwing. Nightwing and Huntress Reborn. The Dick and Helena couple has recently pulled ahead as a definitive outlier in the world of Nightwing shipping.

Over the decades as Robin or Nightwing, Dick Grayson has put his skills to the test in the bedroom with a number of different lovers. Heroes, villains, regular people, there have been a great number of Nightwing hookups. Some of Grayson's romantic partners were brief affairs and others lasted for years.

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Some of them were innocent infatuations with kissing while others were passionate sex romps. There are even a couple disturbing sexual encounters, too.

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Just take a look at this list of the various Nightwing romantic relationships and sexual encounters. Wait, does that count?

Nightwing, Batwoman and Batman!

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