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While you might not be able to see someone before pledging to spend the rest of your life with them, it should be noted that all of the contestants are relatively good looking. And weddings are set four weeks later. At the altar, the couples either follow through with the nuptials or reveal to their partners that they don't wish to wed. In the first episode, connections are quickly made and strong feelings develop. Admittedly, my shock could be explained by my lack of interest in dating shows. It's hard for me to invest time and emotion into something like "The Bachelor" when the splits far outnumber the success stories. That's crazy.

But what if no one from the 30 singles fell in love across a wall? This is not really a spoiler since the rest of the series would become rather boring, but couples do go on through the whole process.

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The 30 singles are separated by sex and placed in two different dorm-like holding areas basically a lavish living area with a kitchen and sleeping quarters. In the middle are the pods, a set of intimate small rooms that hold a couch and a frosted glass divider.

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On the other side of the glass is a person in their own pod, and all they have to communicate with each other is their voices. Some carry notebooks to the dates and take notes, while others just play it by ear.

The new Netflix series follows the success of the streaming service's other dating show Dating Around. Unlike Love is Blind, the stakes were much lower on Dating Around. The goal for contestants Author: Ineye Komonibo. Feb 29,   The new Netflix show "Love Is Blind" has brought a 21st century twist to a reality dating format that has been around since the beginning of television. And in doing so, it . Bravo dives back into the dating pool with its reboot of the iconic series "Blind Date.".

Now for some numbers. A person can propose whenever, but the dating in the pods ends after 10 days. After couples begin to get to know each other, the way they get out of their living quarters is by proposing.

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If the other person says yes, then they are allowed to see each other for the first time. From there, they are shipped off to Mexico for a short vacation in order to get to know each other physically, as well as build on what they have emotionally.

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Similar to shows like The Bachelorthese vacations provide bonding experiences for the couples to get to know each other. This whole time the couples have been isolated with no social media or contact with the outside world, but now they must all go to Atlanta and start living with each other. First, the couples get to see how their significant others lived before the show as they grab their bags.

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But "Love Is Blind" ups the stakes with the notion that these couples are entering into a weekslong engagement that culminates in the finale's weddings. It's got everything," Thompson said.

It's fun watching somebody else - besides ourselves - go through it. The show's popularity among younger people and on social media is thanks, in part, to Netflix's decision to release the show in three batches, Thompson said.

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It's not old school. So I think the way they did it was just about perfect.

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Ultimately, Thompson said, the release schedule, content and accessible streaming was a perfect combination in making "Love Is Blind" social media's reality show darling in Social media is influencing the nature of these programs, and these programs are influencing what people say on social media.

There's a real synergy between the two. These programs are perfect for social media," Thompson said.

Although "Love Is Blind" sought to remove the cts of technology that polarize people, Coelen said seeing the show embraced online on such an enormous scale has been "incredibly gratifying.

Story from TV Shows. Now, after a successful foray into reality television, streaming giant Netflix wants in on the dating game, and its newest offering promises to throw a wrench in the already-complicated pursuit of love.

First Dates - The FUNNIEST \u0026 CUTEST Dates from Series 13

Love is Blind is an upcoming Netflix series that will examine the role of looks in romance. Hosted by real-life married couple Nick and Vanessa Lacheythe reality series invites hopefuls to find the proverbial one, but with a major twist: they have to commit to each other for life! The singles will chat amongst themselves, with just a wall separating themand if they establish what they feel is a romantic connection, they'll pop the big question.

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