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My personal philosophy is that Mile High boys love one of four things - weed, craft beer, the mountains , themselves, or a combination of all of above. DO find a fabulous rooftop or patio. Just sitting outside Little Man with a glorious scoop of salted Oreo listening to their live music makes for a pretty great date. Same goes for the Ginn Mill. DO get competitive. Designed for the ADD crow almost every bar in Denver has some type of game, from the volleyball at View House to bowling at Punch Bowl to giant Jenga, just about everywhere. DO explore the inventive food scene.

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Learn more. Share review. Embed review. Hi, To anyone out there who is truly serious about finding the person of your dreams, Mile High Singles is the place. I had been single for 5 yrs when I reluctantly went to Mile High Singles.

I didn't want to meet someone in a bar, grocery store, etc and was very skeptical about an online service. But after meeting with the girlsdoing my profile and video, I felt I would at least meet some nice, normal, sweet women that were my age and were looking to have some fun.

Mile high dating

I got more than I bargained for when I met the Love of my life, Judy. We have been dating for 19 months and I am happy and proud to say we will be married on February 25th of this yr. We owe it to Mile High for meeting each other. You cannot put a price tag on true Love and we would have never met without Mile High Singles. We would like to thank all the girls in the Office and especially Sheryl who signed both of us up.

Thank you so much for everything. Sincerely, Rick and Judy. I signed up and a month later my mom passed away. I was swindled in by Sheryl. I have filed a small claims case and would like to talk to previous employees and victim customers. These people should not be in business. After my experience, I completely agree with the other negative reviews and warnings. Although they will say that there's a new director and they're working on improving, their tactics of aggressive, manipulative selling haven't changed.

Their database is completely in a shambles. Although they say they're a real matchmaking service, they only want your money and are unable to deliver on the services they promise.

Be aware that the contract has a no refund clause. And in Colorado, you don't have a 3-day grace period in which you can change your mind. They will flatter you and will do everything they can to get your money and get you to sign. Don't go anywhere near this business! Don't go anywhere near this business.

It's a fraud. Numerous complaints have been filled with Colorado District attorneys office.

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Their tacktics for selling membership is rude and agessive. They get your ss telling you they run a background check for all there clients.

They use it to run a credit check on you while your sitting there. That way they know what to charge you for your membership. Not everyone pays the same amount. Believe the reviews. Don't do it. The promise is great, the reality is awful. I like the fact that there is a background check.

That's about it. I can do my own background check on guys for a TON cheaper. When I first signed up they "matched" me with three guys. Awful choices. How is that a match? Never had any other "matches" sent to me. Pictures are horrible.

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You will never hear from them. Oh, and no refunds. Poor selections. Poor service. Since I have joined there has been one new man over 60 years of age added to matches.

Once you hand over your money. DON'T do it!! I really want my money back. There should be some way to put this scam operation out of business. Comment from April S. Business Customer Service.

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The feedback allows us to continue to improve our service so that we can assist our members with getting the most from their membership. Our database continuously changes with new members joining, current members going back active, as well as current members going inactive for a variety of reasons. We are glad that you decided to come in on September 1st to get your photos redone. This is a great first step so that we can work together to amend this situation.

Our main priority at Mile High Singles is to make dating as effortless and pleasant as possible while watching our members succeed.

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We look forward to seeing you on Friday! Read more. This is truly a ripoff. They tell you they will take a video, photos, and about their large database. First - They have a beautiful reception area. Someone takes a video of you in a room the size of a broom closet. Second - They take you into a small room and take pictures, First time they cancelled.

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I mean, these pictures were really bad. I wouldn't want to date me!! Third - They have I think maybe 10 men in their "database" over And, "The Love Doctor" not to be heard from again.

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They are full of you know what. Their database is so small. Of course you don't get to see this until after you have handed over your money. The web site is terrible. Every public dating site's web site is so much better than what theirs is.

mile high man Dating Consultant & Personal Stylist mile high man Dating Consultant & Personal Stylist mile high man Dating Consultant & Personal Stylist. Let's bring out the alpha in you! Book Now our founder. Ginger Wolfe "So many doors can open by cultivating your inner alpha male. Not in a toxic masculinity kind of way, but. Mile High Club (Zaftig Dating Agency Book 27) - Kindle edition by Fox, Jane. Contemporary Romance Kindle eBooks @ multicoingames.coms: 5. Mile High Singles is an experienced and professional dating service that has been specializing in helping local singles find true love and have a little fun along with the way. If you are living in the Denver area and are looking to meet the man or woman of /5(21).

The public dating sites also have so many more people and options huge database of people. DO NOT give these people your money! They talk a good game but it's all false. They are truly a scam. I occasionally go to their web site to check it out. Still sucks, not many additional people in their database glad about that in that maybe we have saved some people from being ripped off and a ton of people inactive.

We need an attorney to file a class action.

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This place needs to be put out of business. Liars and scam artists.

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This is the old Great Expectations. They had to change their name as their reputation was so bad.

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Don't do it!! Royal rip off. Their database sucks.

Mile High Club in a Private Jet!?! Feat. Evan Era and Tom Mabe

Tons more matches and higher quality on the free web sites available. The ones that they do have in their database are far from spectacular. Nothing like I was told when I was stupid enough to join this rip off of a business. I can't believe they haven't been shut down.

Shame on our state attorney for letting this business continue to rip off people!!! This was the absolute worst investment that I have ever made. I thought this was going to be an investment into my well being, thinking that I would finally meet someone local.

I was talked into paying way too much for a service that was never provided. There are rarely any new members that I am able to choose from, VERY rarely does any fall within my age group with similar desires.

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This "company" also stated that they would have a concierge service that is included in the ridiculous amount of money I paid. In 14 months, I have received 2 emails suggesting members which were not matches due to significant preferences such as no inter racial dating on their part and have not once spoken with any since my initial meeting.

This "business" is terrible. I wish I had read these Yelp reviews before I paid any money! Do not give them your money. There are NO locals that are worth dating. WAY too expensive, they pretend that they have a whole bunch of put together single men.

They pray on your broken heart I have tried looking into your member profile to see what we can do to help remedy the situation, but I was unable to locate your account with just the initials V. If you would so kindly contact me at info milehighsingles. We hope you will allow us the opportunity to assist you and work together to resolve any issues. Do not, I repeat, do not go there without doing your research. Sheryl, the manager, is like a wolf in lambs clothing.

She will badger you until you fold.

You do not need to be a member of the Mile Hi Church to join this group. This is not a dating site. Past events See all. Game Night * Pot Luck. Sat, Mar 14, PM MDT. Game Night * Pot Luck. Members home. Robin; Barb E. Debra V. 5 attendees; Sunday Brunch. Sun, Mar 8, . Dec 16,   My personal philosophy is that Mile High boys love one of four things - weed, craft beer, the mountains, themselves, or a combination of all of above. I hope to be proven wrong, but in the meantime, here's to the laughs and stories that come from the weirdness of dating in Denver. #theStruggleisReal. The Rules for Dating in Denver. Jul 20,   Directed by Brian Pelletier. With Lucas Calzada, Kelsey Coughlin, Matty Frazier, Jay Malsky. After breaking up with his cheating boyfriend. Flight attendant Charlie, is back in the jumpseat and looking for love.

Pleeeeeese save your money as this women is a con-artist! I agree with every negative review posted. This company is fraud and is out there for the one purpose of stealing your money. They try to make you feel special and like you are part of an elite group but it's a bunch of crap.

They charge everyone a different amount based on the data they collect from you including salary and social security number. I regretted signing up shortly after I did and they refused to refund my money. I did hear from others that they refunded them so clearly this business is unethical in multiple different ways.

I will be reporting it to the better business bureau and getting my personal attorneys involved as well. I am happy to spend money on attorneys as long as we take this business down eventually. They do not deserve to exist. They are a complete scam and don't let them fool you. They will try but if you read these reviews please trust that they are the actual truth. The con artists that work there will try to lie and cheat you into this membership.

Just say no! I was manipulated into a 1 yr contract. I really just wanting more information about this dating company. I thought that I wanted to date, but started getting triggers so I realized I am not ready to date. I am a victim of rape and realize it is going to take me much longer to feel comfortable dating men again. I never used their service, but paid my monthly fee. I thought that this would be considered a special circumstance and they would dissolve my contract, but they insisted that I would date again.

I think this a greedy manipulative business and I don't recommend using their service. I would like to assist you, but am unable to locate your account based on the name on your review. Could you please provide me with your full name, email address, and phone number so that we can discuss this and ensure you are a member with our company? We will make every effort to help find a solution. I can be reached at denver milehighsingles. They are females and males from all over metro area.

Not one has had an experience dating as promised, and even worse, as specified in their contracts. All have different "membership fees," and have been shut out of computer listings at various times. They have left messages and texted me repeatedly, wanting to meet and "fix" my "issues. Calling local news channels is my next step The Lord will hold MHS accountable, but action on the local level is simply imperative! I wish you all well out there! Just read reviews YELP has not posted.

Very truthful, accurate and well-said. This is a true scam aimed at the lonely and vulnerable. No new male entries on computer during the past 12 months. There are grossly varying fees amongst customers. An acquaintance was sent on dates with alcoholic druggies who were extremely unhealthy, and had some very questionable legal issues.

They just want your money!!! They have violated their contract with me and many others! Will not stop these truthful postings until they STOP charging me monthly fees!! How about you?!! One too many exactly the same complaints in these reviews. Will give you a try in good faith, but if I find that I've been swindled, I believe that God has his justice.

So let's proceed in good faith for now. I went in today for an "interview.

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She started with lots of compliments about what I was wearing and proceeded to tell me that she could spot a person with a good heart immediately and she knew that I had all the qualities they were looking for. After an hour of small talk and very esoteric questions, to which she appeared to be diligently taking notes and responding very favorably to all of my answers, I finally asked her what the service cost.

This actually goes for dating in any city. DO take advantage of your backyard. People really move to Colorado for access to the mountains. You could have an adventure in a different city virtually every weekend. Get creative - there are so many unique date ideas from day hikes to scooter and mural hopping. DO get outside. You know how to really get to know someone?

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Seeing how they fare in the outdoors is a major indicator of compatibility. Not everyone grew up shredding pow and hitting black diamonds. Denver has seasonal events year-round from Christmas lights at the Botanic Gardens and Zoo during the holidays to beer fests in fall. DO join teams, clubs, and classes.

Not only is it a great way to make new friends but you never know who you may cross paths with. Tell me about your experience in the Denver dating scene! When my third grade teacher told me I should be a writer, I laughed because that was so basic.

After all, my best friend was aspiring to be a princess. Lo and behold, 20 years later, here I am, biting my tongue.

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