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Men and women with melancholic personality share many traits - they tend to be loyal to their family and friends and extremely careful. They are respectful to authority, follow the rules, and feel comfortable in hierarchies where structure, regulations, and order are implemented. Melancholic personality traits are associated with serotonin, which suppresses aggressive tendencies. That explains why melancholic people are calm and self-confident , deeply attached to their family and community, and loyal. They love routines, which they find relaxing, and this should not come as a big surprise - any repetitive motion increases serotonin levels. That is why the melancholic is not likely to be somebody who would marry a foreigner or leave to another country for permanent residence. If you interrupt them or ask them a question, they will think you are not interested in what they are talking about.

One of their strongest needs is the need to belong, and this is why they want to be reliable, respectable, and charitable.

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Melancholics are proud of their accomplishments - they will display their trophies, medals, diplomas, certificates, and photos with influential people. Generally, they want to do the things in an accepted way; they prefer to plan things in advance and to know ahead of the time what they are going to do. On the negative side, people with a melancholic personality may become close-minded, dogmatic, and stubborn.

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They also tend to turn to pessimism which may turn into fatalism, believing that nothing will ever change for better.

Sometimes they get overly critical and judgmental because they often believe in their own moral superiority.

Melancholy dating

Some melancholics can become fixated on the past. They can ruminate for hours how their life would be if they did or chose something else in the past. Also, they may have difficulty with stopping what they are doing, so hoarding is often a very common problem.

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They enjoy community events and outings with the group of friends. As a result, the intimacy with this kind of people develops slowly.

Choleric people approach dating in the same manner they approach other areas of their lives - they analyze their hopes and needs, as well as the potential partner. This potential partner must share their goals and interests because choleric people need someone to exchange ideas with and talk about what interests them, such as science and politics. Melancholic couples have a tendency to be very protective, cautious, and critical, and to make mountains out of molehills. If you have non-melancholic children, this can be dispiriting or even frustrating. Focus on relationship-building and reduce the number of lectures or sermons. Make ten positive comments before you make a critical one. Jul 17,   The article brings you sixteen different personality temperament types and marriage compatibility before you say 'yes' to your suitor. Read on to understand the different personality types and check your compatibility with them, before you decide to marry.

This is convenient to the Melancholics - by dating and courting in this way they can think carefully about their plans with you. They can plan things in advance and it is important to them that romance goes as planned.

The secondary temperament plays a powerful role in how Melancholics love. They are also very ambitious and are likely to take you to places that are considered to be hard to get to.

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They love to bring people together and are likely to introduce you to their friends. They are confusing people who say and do different things at any given time.

The Phlegmatic lover is the most sensitive of the four temperaments. When they are with their potential partners, phlegmatic people seek for common intellectual and emotional ground, which will serve as a bridge from heart to heart. Because they reveal their feelings right in the beginning, they can be deeply hurt by rejection. Men and women with melancholic personality share many traits - they tend to be loyal to their family and friends and extremely careful. Respectability and moral issues are particularly important to them; they prefer to follow typical "norms" of society and family traditions. They are respectful to authority, follow the rules, and feel comfortable in hierarchies where structure, regulations, and order are implemented. A melancholic longs for a deep soul mate, yet when he is around people, he often finds himself mistrustful and disappointed. Sensing this criticism, others will keep their distance-thus further entrenching the melancholic in his solitary life.

But it works. They are the type who would go beyond boundaries to achieve their goal, they probably coined the phrase. The end justifies the means.

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You can take a test here to find out what kind of personality type you have according to the Myers-Briggs test. Also, you can find out through the test what is your personality temperament type and your marriage compatibility with your partner. In an ideal world, regardless of who we are and what we are, we are accepted and loved.

The Relationship between Choleric and Melancholic ??

Which is why the world is so messed up. So take everything with a grain of salt. A road map can help get you where you want to go, or you can trust your instinct and enjoy the ride.

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It depends on your personality type None of these personalities, including yours, are particularly bad or good. So our personality temperament type and marriage compatibility is just a guide, how we act in the physical world matters the most.

Choosing a marriage partner depends on many different factors. You only get to choose one and hope it lasts forever. So choose your partner carefully and make sure your partner is a perfect fit for you.

Nov 13,   Your melancholic date is sensitive, introspective, and self-analytical. Her thoughts are far-reaching, she is never satisfied with the superficial, she analyses the past and meditates on the future. She loves order, beauty, quality, and quiet. The way that a Melancholy demonstrates or says that they love someone is by being dependable and responsible not in physical or verbal terms necessarily. Because of their intellectual and analytical energies they can see the end results of a project before moving forward. Melancholics take dating seriously: They keep the good manners. They will never be late. Melancholic men will open doors for women. Melancholic women will cook for men. Moreover, they will always make concrete plans for what you will do in advance. They will be protective of you and, if they are.

The kicker here is you better hope that you are the best choice for the person you love too. Take Course. Marriage Advice.

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