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Nakmor Drack [3] is an aged and grizzled veteran, even by krogan standards. He has spent over 1, years causing a ruckus in the Milky Way , wearing the title of soldier, mercenary, and at times, pirate. When the loyal, but stubborn, veteran was given the chance to join his clan on a voyage to Andromeda , he had no choice but to sign up. Doing so would present him with a whole new galaxy of stuff to shoot. Drack is the grandfather of Nexus Superintendent Nakmor Kesh [4].

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After the salarian -designed genophage ended the Rebellions, various bounties and military bulletins show Drack chose a new path as a pirate and soldier of fortune for whatever conflicts came his way. Over centuries of fighting, multiple injuries required several of his limbs and organs to be replaced with cybernetics. Eventually, Drack says, his search for one last horizon brought him to Andromeda. He originally traveled on the Nexusalong with many other members of Clan Nakmorbut left after the Nexus uprising.

Drack did not travel alone.

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He accompanied most of his clan to Andromeda, including ru'shan granddaughter Nakmor Kesh and clan leader Nakmor Morda. Kesh and Drack maintain a close relationship, exchanging regular messages, no matter where their duties in Heleus take them.

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Drack is acquainted with Vetra Nyx through Kesh. During the construction of the Nexus, Vetra swiped some supplies he has been trying to get for his granddaughter right under his nose. He tried to threaten the turianbut she refused to be intimidated. He saw her again at Kesh's office, where he learned Vetra was working for Kesh all along. The two of them are still laughing at him for this incident.

Drack is awoken with Morda to deal with mutineers threatening the Nexus. With the uprising crushed due to krogan help, he accompanies the clan leader into a meeting with the Nexus leadership to claim their promised seat in the council, and bears witness to Jarun Tann 's refusal to honor the deal.

Male Celebs (A-Z) Welcome to the LeakedMeat celebrity directory. Find your favorite male celeb below: (or request a celeb). For nude female celebs, visit multicoingames.com & multicoingames.com [MEA Spoilers] Uhh. Drack? ANDROMEDA. spoiler. Soo. My Scott Ryder see's a "Dating Drack" with a heart icon when talking to Drack all the sudden. I didnt know Drack went that way. 5 comments. share. save hide report. Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be . Drack broke my heart with how much he hated me when I saved the Salarian Pathfinder so I reloaded and did it over, but I hate that decision. The Salarians literally saved our lives in that mission,if they didn't come up with that seat of the pants solution, the Tempest and Salarian Ark wouldve been toast to the Archon's ship guns.

Kesh attempts to placate Morda, who has been demanding blood. Two of the krogan present, Kaje and Wratch, concur with the clan leader. Drack intimidates both to hold their tempers: he punches Wratch in the chest when the latter suggests wrecking then rebuilding the Nexus, deeming it a wasteful gesture, and he glares at Kaje until the other one looks away.

As for Morda, Drack recommends she listen to his granddaughter as she's more familiar with the two-faced councilors.

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Drack's reputation for hardheadedness is legendary among Clan Nakmor, to the point that Kesh's stubbornness is attributed to his blood.

Nakmor Drack first meets Pathfinder Ryder on Eos at a kett base, just as the Pathfinder team is surprised by Drack throwing a killed wraith through a window.

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Drack is wary of people from the Andromeda Initiative because the Nexus leadership reneged on their deal with the krogan. After Assistant Director William Spender duped the krogan into putting down the Nexus uprising, the Nexus leadership denied responsibility and refused the krogan their unauthorized compensation: to have political representation in Nexus affairs.

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Despite Drack's estrangement with Nexus personnel, he is still fond of Vetra and is courteous to her if she is in Ryder's party. Since the krogan exodus from the Nexus, Drack and the other krogan have started their own colony.

Mass Effect Andromeda: Nakmor Drack All Scenes Complete

Drack has been doing his part to secure the krogan colony by taking out kett bases. After being a member of the squad for a while and having his loyalty mission completed, Ryder receives an email from Kesh asking them to look out for her grandfather. The Pathfinder finds him in the medical bay with Lexiwho is explaining that a lot of his redundant organs are failing and he needs to start being more careful although he is dismissive, insisting that he is fine and that spending time talking about it will not change anything.

When Ryder asks him what's wrong with him, Drack explains that his arm, side, hip and part of his leg have been replaced by prosthetics and that he has a thread balancing across his spine to reduce strain. He shares some of his history, recalling how he fought through the Krogan Rebellions only to watch his culture disintegrate before making a living as a mercenary and later a pirate but despite all of this combat experience, he was still taken out by "one idiot with a pack of frag grenades".

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Drack confesses that after the accident, his body initially continuously rejected the implants designed to keep him functional and that his prosthetics wouldn't sync properly which caused him a huge amount of pain. He fell into a depression and lost all purpose in his life, almost succumbing to it until a shaman handed him the recently-born Kesh.

Telling him she was worthless and bound to die gave Drack a renewed sense of purpose, leading him to seek help which pulled him from his spiraling depression.

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Drack asks Ryder to help him recover a stolen krogan transport containing the krogan seed vault. Krogan babies require the nutrients from the transport's plants in order to avoid health complications, making the transport irreplaceable. Drack and Ryder track the missing transport and fight the outlaw thieves. After discovering that Aroane is involved, the Pathfinder team concludes that the outlaws are conspiring with William Spender.

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On the way, they rescue Vornthe krogan botanist who also happens to be integral to their agricultural development. Aroane, the leader of the outlaws, is eventually apprehended and Ryder can choose to let Drack drop him to his death or incarcerate him in order to use him against Spender.

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Back at the NexusDrack and Ryder use their gathered evidence to bring Spender to justice. With evidence revealing Spender's schemes to dupe the Nexus, krogan, and the exiles, Foster Addison is finally convinced to make things right and advocate for the krogan in their negotiations with Director Jarun Tann.

Spender is ultimately punished, either by exile or jail.

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I've lost a lot of people over the years. Figured you could use some cheering up.

Mass Effect: Andromeda romance options "By my count, if you include squad, crew, and light romances, we have more romances than we've ever had before," says creative director Mac Walters. Drack is a character that, similarly to Peebee, joins the team after completing the first mission on Eos. He is the only character that you can use on the battlefield and at the same time can't romance with - both as Scott and Sara Ryder. This is a character that you can be in a friendly relationship with. I missed that (as in, they did not give me the option). I believe I glitched my game with romance, somehow. I thought you could pursue a casual relationship with the Angaran; however, she turned me down randomly and I got romance scenes for both Cora and Peebee.

Or at least a distraction. This usually helps me: Drack has attached 37 images of various rifles and shotguns. Two are duplicate images.

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Many are low-res or watermarked. Apparently, there's this matriarch who came over on the Nexus. Their relationship did not flourish during their stint treading the board together with Rex threatening to quit the production - that earned him a Tony Award and Julie a nomination - because of Julie. Fuming with anger, the moment is recalled in Gerald Nachman's book Showstoppers!

During rehearsals, director of the production Moss Hart apparently turned to his wife, the actress and singer Kitty Carlisle to vent about Andrews, it is also claimed in Nachman's nook.

Oct 01,   Missing persons Arlene Donnelly, 36, said she left her family home in Twinbrook, Belfast, on Sunday to meet a friend, but she never arrived as her brother Greg said she recently joined a dating. Jul 02,   Drake was spotted in London with Decline singer, Raye following dating rumors earlier in It was reported that the hip-hop star took an interest in the singer's songwriting skills and hung out with her quite a bit whilst working in the U.K. [MEA Spoilers] Drack is a god damn savage. ANDROMEDA. spoiler. He just told Cora her shooting stance was all jacked up and said she "looked like a salarian tied to a ceiling fan." Couple that with literally everything in his loyalty mission and the man is a fucking savage. Not even Wrex threw this much shade at people.

Christopher Plummer, her co-star in film The Sound Of Music, confessed to the media that "working with her was like getting hit over the head with a Valentine card". And Richard Harris, her co-star in the film Hawaii, told his biographer Michael Feeney Callan that he had "rarely, if ever, experienced such hatred for a person" as he had felt towards Andrews.

I'm sure she saw how much I was enjoying myself, and I thought that annoyed her.

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More On Julie Andrews. Celebs all Most Read Most Recent. Britain's Got Talent Speaking on Sunday Brunch, the Heart Breakfast presenter recalled the terrifying moment she got home at 7am and found her toddler had been left unattended.

Kate Garraway Kate Garraway has shared a snap of a touching message penned on a board at husband Derek Draper's hospital ward with her Instagram fans. Khloe Kardashian Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Khloe Kardashian appeared to remain unphased by trolling on her new photos as she defiantly responded to one user with a sassy comment over her 'new face'.

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Amanda Holden Amanda Holden has shared her delight that Diversity's Black Lives Matter inspired performance on Britain's Got Talent touched a nerve with viewers, who complained in their thousands.

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