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Yesterday, the ONS released the most popular baby names of the last year, with Oliver coming up top for boys and Olivia top of the list for girls. On the flipside of this is the fact that are names that fall sharply out of favour as time goes on. Flowercard delved into the latest ONS data to reveal the baby names falling out of fashion, with Kirsty, Jordan for a girl and Shauna experiencing the biggest drops in popularity between and However, in , that had dropped to just six, a huge decrease in popularity of Lauren experienced a drop of These were names which many of us will have or have called our own children, so to see their popularity drop so sharply in just a few years makes us wonder whether this will be the case for young Arlo and Willow in future.

Lauren experienced a drop of These were names which many of us will have or have called our own children, so to see their popularity drop so sharply in just a few years makes us wonder whether this will be the case for young Arlo and Willow in future.

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Get in touch at MetroLifestyleTeam metro. MORE: Dentist warns against the TikTok teeth whitening trend that sees people rub bleach directly on their pearly whites. Follow Metro. The Fix The daily lifestyle email from Metro. Sign up. The three women bury Den in The Queen Vic cellar and concrete it over. Arguments between the women occur, and Sam and Chrissie become embroiled in a feud to regain ownership of The Queen Vic, with Sam blackmailing Chrissie and digging up Den's body in the hope that Chrissie will be imprisoned, and Chrissie subsequently framing Sam for Den's murder, which leads to Sam's imprisonment.

Sharon eventually learns the truth when Phil and his brother Grant Ross Kemp - who had previously been married to Sharon during Den's year absence - return to help their mother Peggy Barbara Windsor bring down Chrissie and prove Sam innocent.

On Kristy McNichol was born in Los Angeles, California. She made her 7 million dollar fortune with Little Darlings, Two Moon Junction & Family. The actress is dating, her starsign is Virgo and she is now 58 years of age. Kristy McNichol started her career as a child actress by appearing first in the commercials and later in TV shows. Who is she dating right now? Kirsty Mitchell is currently single. Relationships. Kirsty Mitchell has been in a relationship with Joe McFadden. About. Kirsty Mitchell is a 46 year old British Actress. Born Kirsty Loretta Mitchell on 28th June, in Glasgow, Scotland, UK, she is famous for Nominated for a Johnnie Walker Blue Label Great Scot Award for Outstanding Contribution to Birth place: Glasgow. Kirsty Mitchell is known as one of the hard-working Scottish actresses of Hollywood has equally put struggle to preserve her career. Her notable roles are in Holby City as Dr. Anita Forbes, The Pilot's Wife as Christine Lahti and in the American mini-series, Attila as Princess Honoria.

It is then that both the Mitchell and Watts families have found themselves entangled in a conflict with Den's old friend, Johnny Allen Billy Murray - a local mob boss who recently usurped Andy from his position as Walford's reigning crime kingpin; on the night of Den's murder, Johnny killed Andy by throwing him off a motorway flyover. After working together to extract CCTV footage of Chrissie confessing Den's murder to her boyfriend Jake Moon Joel Beckett in Johnny's nightclub, Dennis and Sharon help the Mitchells prove Sam's innocence; the police are called and Chrissie is arrested after Sharon intercepts her attempt to flee the country via the airport, and avenges Den's death by punching her whilst blurting out the last words she told Den before his murder.

Dennis "Den" Watts is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by actor Leslie multicoingames.com became well known for his tabloid nickname, "Dirty Den". Den was the original landlord of The Queen Victoria public house from Albert Square - the local community of Walford, a fictionalized borough in East London - who first appeared back when the show debuted on 19 February. Kristy Mitchell. Source: Mubi. Sadly, they didn't last long. The breakup between the couple was so low-key that people barely knew about their split. Kirsty Mitchell is single but not ready to mingle. As of , Kristy is all single and her former boyfriend Joe is also not active in the dating game. Aug 27,   Kirsty, Jordan, Mitchell, and Kieran are among the baby names that could be about to become extinct. Jessica Lindsay Thursday 27 Aug pm. Is maskfishing the latest dating .

Following Chrissie's arrest, she is sentenced to life imprisonment after pleading guilty, and Den is finally given a proper burial in his "original" grave next to Angie. It soon transpires that Gavin is actually Sharon's biological father, and that Den had apparently done a deal with Gavin: he would adopt Sharon in exchange for Gavin partaking one of Den's criminal jobs.

The character of Den was originally going to be named Jack [3] and he, his wife and adopted daughter were to be the occupants of the soap's local pub, now famously known as The Queen Vic. Holland, who had worked as a barman in his youth, called upon his own personal experiences to invent the Watts family and the pub they lived in. Den's original character outline as written by Smith and Holland appeared in an abridged form in their book, EastEnders: The Inside Story.

In this passage, Den will be referred to as Jack, his wife as Pearl, his daughter as Tracey and his dog as Prince known now as Angie, Sharon and Roly respectively. Grantham had previously appeared on the London Fringe in a stage play Robinson had written and had played a small part, Kiston, in the Doctor Who serial Resurrection of the Dalekswhich had been directed by Robinson.

Julia Smith remembered that she had taught Grantham at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art and regarded him as a "mature student", although she had never seen him "in action". They were initially uncertain about casting Grantham, but they both felt that the actor had "something", which they went on to describe as a "tensed up internal emotion of some sort, that was being held in.

There was something behind the eyes, too.

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Barely contained violence almost After a successful reading with the actress Jean Fennell who was originally cast as Angiehe was offered the part. However, shortly afterwards Grantham contacted Smith and asked to speak to her urgently. He revealed that he had been found guilty of killing a German taxi driver while on army service inand spent 10 years in prison.

Although there were fears that if this story got out the resultant publicity would do enormous damage to the programme and the BBC, Smith decided not to withdraw Grantham from the role. In her opinion, he had paid the full penalty that society requires for a mistake committed in his past and it was a "Christian duty to forgive". The story found its way into the British press much faster than expected.

In conjunction, soaps could help to sell newspapers, and from then on stories about EastEnders and the cast began to fill their pages. To keep the press at bay, Grantham was smuggled out of the studios by the back route and decoy cars were used to lure the press away from his home, all of which put an increasing strain on the actor.

Eastenders--Johnny Carter scenes/aftermath of Johnny coming out//6th January 2014(part 2)

Eventually the furore quietened down, but it never went away entirely and nearly every article written about the actor during his first stint in the show referenced his past. The press began to blur the characters in the show with the actors and it was at this point that Julia Smith - in an attempt to dispel confusion about reality and fiction - introduced the rule that no actor was ever to appear in public "in character".

Despite the controversy surrounding Grantham, the Watts, with Anita Dobson as the newly appointed Angie, were the surprise hit characters of the show. Den's clashes with Angie brought EastEnders to a peak of popularity and toppled rival soap Coronation Street from the top of the ratings chart.

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InDen was the first person to speak on the first episode of EastEnders : "Stinks in here dunnit? Early on in the series, the character of Den became central to the programme and was the focus of a controversial storyline involving the teenage pregnancy of Michelle Fowler Susan Tully.

Press interest in the show escalated as journalists continuously tried to predict who had fathered Michelle's baby. In true whodunnit fashion, the audience had been kept in the dark as to the real identity of the father and were given teasers implicating several residents on the Square.

The audience finally discovered the culprit in episode 66 of the programme, October As Michelle waited by their rendezvous point a car pulled up and finally the fluffy white legs of Roly the poodle bounded out of the car, and gave it all away: Den Watts was the man meeting Michelle and it was he who had fathered her baby. It was when Den was revealed as the father that his famous nickname "Dirty Den" was created by the British press.

The rest of the episode consisted of just one long scene, where Den and Michelle discussed whether or not to keep the baby. Up to that time it was the longest scene ever done in a soap-opera, lasting fifteen minutes. For a series that in its first eight months of existence had established a reputation for being fast-moving and rapidly cut, this was a bold experiment.

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Tony Holland's handling of the awkward scene between a teenage girl and the father of her best friend is deemed as one of the highlights of EastEnders first year. After this storyline the programme started to appear in newspaper cartoons as it moved more and more into the public mainstream. One such cartoon showed the British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatchertelling her cabinet that the best way to alert the country to the dangers of AIDS was to give the disease to Den.

During the series became dominated by Den and Angie's storylines and the focus of the programme was very much concentrated on their combustible relationship.

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Jan had been a powerful off-screen presence for the first year, a menacing voice at the end of the telephone, which severely affected the mood of both Den and Angie and kept the audience on edge every time the phone rang. Jan's physical arrival at the Vic in January was one of the show's dramatic highlights. Den and Angie's traumatic two-hander episode in October was another risky experiment for EastEnders - A thirty-minute episode with only two people in it had never been attempted in a soap before.

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The episode was structured like a "tennis match" between Angie and Den, with a non-speaking window-cleaner forever strolling innocently into the action. It began with Den trying to tell Angie that he wanted a divorce.

Angie was shocked and for a moment defeated, but she then dropped her bombshell and told Den that she only had six months to live.

At first Den didn't believe her, but eventually Angie's hysterical performance convinced him. He crumbled and promised to stay with her and only after he left did Angie smile in triumph, letting the audience in on her secret that it was all a big lie. Written by Jane Hollowood and directed by Antonia Bird, this episode is considered to be one of the finest episodes in EastEnders' catalogue. The climax was a trip to Venice when Angie - convinced that Den had finished with his mistress - was taken there for a second honeymoon, returning to London on the Orient Express.

This gave the writers and producers an opportunity to open the show up from the confines of Albert Square. Their photographs appeared in British newspapers, thus ruining the shock surprise that Tony Holland had created, by including Den's mistress in the episode.

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This storyline saw the separation of Den and Angie. Holland and Smith had anticipated that Den and Angie would be popular, but they had not guessed how hysterical the reaction to them would be. It was decided that Den and Angie would have to be played down for a while so that other characters would have the opportunity to shine through. However, at the beginning of Anita Dobson decided that she wanted to move on after three years of playing Angie. She made her final appearance in May that year.

Leslie Grantham had also decided that he wanted to move on, but Julia Smith didn't want the programme to suffer the double blow of losing both Den and Angie so close together.

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The solution to the problem was one of the soap's most complicated and creative exercises, that required intricate planning. The programme didn't want to make Den into a criminal, however, so he had to be put in prison for doing something that could be justified to the viewing public - otherwise there would be no sympathy for him. After simultaneously getting in way over his head with a criminal organisation The FirmDen torched Kathy's rapist's winebar in retaliation, and was then made to take the blame for the deed by the firm.

After he refused, went on the run, and was nearly killed by the firm's heavies, Den turned himself into the police and was put on remand at Dickens Hill prison in September For the next five months he was seen, in the company of a small group of new but ultimately short-lived characters also confined in the prison, on a regular basis in EastEnders.

This material was shot in less than a month at Dartmoor PrisonDevon. When these segments were written and recorded, they were done so entirely in isolation and in advance - the production team had no real idea of other material that would have to fit around it. The character was eventually to bow out on 23 February in one of the programme's most famous episodes which attracted well over 20 million viewers.

After being abducted by a group of gangsters who ambushed the taxi taking him to court, Den escaped from his captors and returned to the famous canal in Alperton for one last rendezvous with Michelle.

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The episode ended with Den being shot by a member of the firm who was carrying a gun concealed in a bunch of daffodils and then falling into the canal. When the episode was finished, however, Jonathan Powell, controller of BBC1, requested that the final shot be removed to allow for the possibility of Den returning in the future. In protest, Tony Holland and Julia Smith had their names taken off the episode's credits.

Den's exit ended up being the creators' final contribution to the show. However, after 14 years presumed dead, executive-producer Louise Berridge made the highly controversial decision to reintroduce the character to the series and reunite him with his daughter Sharon, played by Letitia Dean.

Grantham has alleged that the producers of EastEnders asked him to reprise the role many times sincebut he turned each offer down as he was unhappy with the returning storylines. Subsequent offers between and were also rejected because Den's screen family were no longer in the show and Grantham felt that a return at this time would have been little more than a publicity stunt. However, he accepted Berridge's offer to return in as he approved of the storyline and because Den had family ties within the cast - his adoptive daughter Sharon had returned after six years away, his other daughter Vicki was due to return, and Dennis Rickman Nigel Harman - the son Den hadn't known existed - was also due to join.

The reintroduction of Den was part of a plan by scriptwriters to fight back against the continued success of ITV 's long-running soap, Coronation Street. The character made his "dramatic return" in an episode that aired on 29 September Despite claims from the British press that the plot was unrealistic and that it questioned the show's credibility, Den's return sparked a huge increase in ratings for the last few months of After a successful Christmas storyline, Grantham took a short break from the show after securing a lengthy contract.

Grantham was subsequently suspended for two months and his character departed on 30 August, before returning on the episode broadcast on 11 November.

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Newly appointed executive-producer Kathleen Hutchison then made the decision to axe the character and he was killed off in a high-profile storyline, which saw his body buried in the cellar of The Queen Vic.

Grantham has denied that he was dismissed from the show as punishment for the internet sex scandal. InEastEnders' scriptwriter Tony Jordan revealed how it was his idea to bring Den back in Jordan had started working at EastEnders inafter Den had already left the series. Jordan had always wanted to write material for Den and Angie and so he campaigned for the return of Den for many years. They never found a body'. Eventually, just to shut me up, they made me write an episode where Den's body was found and identified by his ring.

Commenting on this, Jordan said, "If [the scandal] hadn't come out I think it would have worked and he'd still be in the show. When I saw him on screen after those revelations came out, suddenly I couldn't believe in the character any more.

I was starting to love the character and buying into all of it, but after that I saw him as Leslie Grantham - not Den Watts. He was older, and flawed in all the wrong ways.

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I think a lot of viewers felt the same, and the cast as well, probably. Despite the controversy surrounding Grantham, the character of Den remains one of the most popular and high-profile characters in EastEnders history and was voted the 75th greatest television character of all time in a Channel 4 poll. The episode of Doctor Who entitled " Army of Ghosts " features a scene where Peggy Mitchell tells the "ghost" of Den to "get outta my pub!

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Given that the episode later reveals the "ghosts" to be fully converted CybermenLeslie Grantham is not seen in this episode.

Inthe duo Whisky and Sofa released a single called "Dirty Den", with lyrics making direct references to the character. In an episode of the fifth season of Old Harry's GameSatan the main charactertakes control of the BBC and, in an effort to improve human morality, decides to insert moral messages into EastEndersincluding reintroducing Den as a "force for good", when executives challenge Den's reintroduction, stating that he can no longer feature in the show as he was murdered, Satan replies dismissively "Oh, he's always being murdered", a reference to Den's resurrection.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Daily Telegraph. London, England. Retrieved 2 December EastEnders - The Inside Story. Book Club Associates. The EastEnders Handbook. BBC books. BBC Books. URL last accessed on 21 October URL last accessed on 26 September Daily Mirror.

Retrieved 7 February URL last accessed on 26 October EastEnders characters. Present characters. Past characters. By year: Others: Flaherty family Dickens Hill inmates The Banned band members Characters from spin-offs.

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Kirsty Mitchell and Joe McFadden had a relationship. About. Kirsty Mitchell is a 46 year old British Actress. Born Kirsty Loretta Mitchell on 28th June, in Glasgow, Scotland, UK, she is famous for Nominated for a Johnnie Walker Blue Label Great Scot Award for Outstanding Contribution to . Mar 10,   STUNNING Scots actress Kirsty Mitchell might never have started treading the boards if it hadn't been for a curious twist of fate. The year-old, who has starred in Monarch of the Glen, River. Kirsty also became the onscreen mother of Emilia Clarke in the movie 'Triassic Attack' . Kirsty Mitchell is yet to marry. And currently, she is not dating anyone either. However, she shared a romantic relationship with Joe McFadden earlier.

Download as Printable version. Gaeilge Edit links. Julia Smith Louise Berridge Past; regular. Family Family Watts. Angie Watts until Chrissie Watts until Dennis Rickman Albie Watts adoptive.

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