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Kik is an instant texting service, which is gaining popularity largely because of its ease of communication. It offers an easy way of sending and receiving messages via data. It boasts of over million users with a larger percentage of users from the US. Either you are looking to share images, sketches, emojis or GIFs, or just a casual chats with friends, Kik got you covered. Are you looking for an alternative free dating site to Tinder, then this is your perfect start. This has become a chatting hub for teens and young adults alike over the years.

All you need to get started is to sign up and start connecting with friends and people from around the world. Kik offers exceptional features designed to give its users maximum satisfaction when chatting. The site is continuously ated to meet the demands of our ever-evolving technological age. This has even improved its popularity among teens and young folks alike who are having a great time connecting with friends.

This is seen from the positive Kik reviews by its satisfied users. This has left no room for its competitor, as similar sites created during the same period have folded up. Thanks to the uniqueness of the chatting experience brought by the chatting software. With your username and email, you are ready to start connecting with your friends from around the world. Either you are new to Kik, or you are an existing member, these fantastic features will give you reasons to keep enjoying the platform!

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This feature allows you to chat in a group with up to 49 other members. What better way to connect with a group of friends than a platform where you can all share your experiences.

You can also decide to chat with a member of the group privately if you feel like it. So, it all depends on your settings. You can start a group chat by clicking on the magnifying glass search icon.

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Then you click on start a group and add members to join your group chat. Groups can either be private or public.

Mar 02,   As you might have heard, KIK is a popular messaging app that connects individuals regardless of their geographical locations. But did you know that you can use KIK app for dating purposes as well? If you are curious about such feature, here's a comprehensive KIK dating or Kik Hookup guide for you. Know more about another Kikfriendfinder app. Kik Messenger app is a social chat app with countless features and customized chat experience paving you the best way to meet girls online. Unlike other dating apps, it doesn't require you to reveal your email address, phone number or signup to send messages. That's the spirit in Kik dating. Kik is way more than just messaging. It's the easiest way to connect with your friends, stay in the loop, and explore - all through chat. No phone numbers, just pick a username. Choose who to 4/5(M).

You cannot search for a private group on the Kik app. People can only join a private group by scanning the group Kik code or added by a contact in the group. Public groups are searchable via the app, and it is identifiable by a hashtag. Kik users have a unique code that looks like QR. This code can be assessed via their settings, which allows users to find or invite members to the chatting app.

To search and add a user via the Kik code, click on the search icon and tap on Find People. Then click on Scan code by allowing Kik to access your camera. This will enable you to scan other Kik code, which will be used to add your friends to your timeline.

When this is done, a chat opens immediately, and you can start chatting with the person right away.

Kik application dating

You can also find Kik codes online via different platforms! Interesting right? Bot shop on Kik is another amazing feature specially designed for teens to enjoy. A Bot shop is an app store for bots that operates on the platform.

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These chat bots are socially oriented in that you can have a chat with them and other exciting stuff. You can take quizzes, read the news, check fashion tips, meet new friends, play games and a lot more.

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All to give you an exciting experience! Kik offers much more than just the chatting platform alone. It provides an integrated web browser which you can use to browse another site while on the app.


This has encouraged continued use of the website. Another feature to look out for is the Kik web history. This feature will allow you to access all the complete list of the websites you have visited on your online messenger. Its users well appreciated this feature as it gives them a better chatting experience. This feature allows people to text generally as though they are speaking with friends and family.

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Kik users chatting via this platform are safe, knowing they can discuss their problems with some trained counselors and still retain their anonymity. Since teens love to communicate through text messages, it makes the app even more successful with this feature. Just like other social platforms are now using video chats, Kik also makes use of this great feature similar to the video chat site.

You can decide to have a one on one video chat with your friends or engage in group video chat. Kik is specially designed for people to connect through a user-friendly interface. The goal is to make chatting with friends as easy and exciting as possible. This has played out with more than million users today. Kik is a major chatting hub for teens and young adults alike.

Before you register, you will be required to input your birthday. You will not be able to use the chatting app if you are younger than 13 years of age. Children under the age of 13 are exempted from registering, as stated in the terms and conditions. Parents can deactivate the account of their child if the child is not up to Kik also deactivates an account automatically if they find out the owner is not up to 13 years of age.

Kik has put up a lot of resources aimed at keeping its users safe online. As a kikster, it is advisable to take necessary precautions, especially when chatting with strangers. Some folks join the platform to exploit people. This is why you can block someone either in a group or privately. You can also report someone you think is a scammer to Kik to take proper measures. You can chat on Kik using your mobile app and website.

This has made getting in touch with friends even more comfortable. Either you are using your mobile app or desktop to surf the internet, Kik has a way for any option. The Kik app offers all its available features, and it is suitable to use on Android phones, iOS, and Windows phones.

You can register an account or sign in into an existing account by entering the required fields. After signing in, you can search for your friends through your phone contact to know which of your friends are using the app.

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The app is user-friendly, and you can easily browse your way through to learn how it works. Kik browser provides an option for you to register your account.

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You will be directed to where you will download the app. Kik also offers a built-in browser that you can use to surf the internet. Though there is no special app designed for Windows or macOS, you can still use it on your computer. To use the Kik app on your computer, install an Android emulator like BlueStacks on your computer. Open the app and type Kik on the search bar and install the app.

You can now open the application and input the necessary details to start using the app on your computer. It depends on what you want to access on Kik. If you are looking to visit the Kik website, then you can access it via any browser of your choice.

But if it is for chatting purposes, then you need to download the app on your mobile phones or your computer using an Android emulator. If you are having a hard time entering the site, it might probably be as a result of poor Network. You might not be able to login to the site, too, if your email has not been verified. You might not be able to login also if Kik finds out that you are not up to Your account will be automatically blocked as a result of this.

Kik offers an easy-to-use interface that you can easily browse through on your own. Either you just want to register, or you are an old member, using the app will not be an issue! You can easily set up your account on Kik. You need to install the app to your device, open the app to start up the process as explained below:. You can block someone on Kik, especially if you suspect an act of fraud. To do this, tap the display name of the person, then go to the more option and tap block.

Tap on the privacy option and block list to see them.

Jun 19,   Kik is not a dating app, but it does lend itself well to meeting new people. Two popular Kik tools for finding a date are "Match & Chat" and "Matcher". They have similar names but are different services. Type 'match' into the Kik web browser and both of these will appear. Either you are looking to share images, sketches, emojis or GIFs, or just a casual chats with friends, Kik got you covered. Are you looking for an alternative free dating site to Tinder, then this is your perfect start. This has become a chatting hub for teens and young adults alike over the years. Do you know what the exciting part is? Kik. Features; Community. Kik. 3 BlogStay fresh on the newest features, tips, and bots in the Kik blog. Never miss a thing. Help Center. Find answers to questions about your account and become a Kik pro. Safety Center. Check out ways to stay safe while messaging on Kik.

Kik clearly states in its terms and conditions that you must be up to 13 to register on the site. This is for parents to monitor their kids.

If your child, who is not up to 13 has registered on the platform, you can report to Kik help center for immediate action to be taken. It is strictly for teens and young adults to connect and have an excellent social experience. This is a simple process!

Anything apart from this is not from Kik. When you register on Kik with your email address, the messenger automatically sends you an email for verification. This will allow the messenger to know if you have entered the correct email address.

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You can still use the messenger without verifying your account, but this will be an issue in the future in case you forget your password.

You cannot register on Kik using your Facebook account. You only need to input your email, birthday, names, password, username, and phone number, which is optional to open your account. You cannot use Kik without first signing up. You can only access the website to check out the features of the chatting app. To start using the app, you will need to install the app on your phone or use an Android emulator to install it on your computer.

Setting up your profile on Kik takes only a few minutes. To achieve this, select sign up and enter all necessary fields. The fields include your first name, last name, username, valid email, password, and birthday. Do well to enter the required fields correctly so that your friends can find you easily. You can also add your phone number to know which of your friends on your contact list are using the app.

You can delete a photo you uploaded on Kik if you wish to. All you need to do is to long-press the picture you wish to delete. This will bring out two options that are paste or delete. Click on delete to remove the picture from your chats.

Kik Usernames has no affiliation to the Kik Trademark or any product of Kik Interactive, Inc. Login to your account. Username. Password. Remember Me. Forgot your password? Dont have an account? Signup for free! Create an account. Mobile phone dating app for free kik. Kiksearch is a really exciting experience if you must have to find kik and learn more than just messaging apps to. Want to search for the download kik pro. Read dating app is assigned to search for dating man. Notes: clicking the service. Want to make every single and friendship, you do it on facebook. Uber Millionen Benutzer nutzen Kik, um sich mit Freunden kurzzuschlie?en, egal, woher sie sie kennen - aus der Schule, aus einer sozialen App oder aus einem Online-Spiel. Du brauchst nur zu 4/5(M).

You cannot change your username once you are registered on Kik, except you delete your account and create a new one. Your username is not publicly displayed, unlike your display name. Your display name is what you give people to identify you as. You can choose to change your display name in the settings section.

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Kik offers an easy way to delete your account if you are willing to. An alternative to deleting your account is deactivating your account. When you deactivate your account, you will not be able to receive Kik messages or send it until you log in back to your account. To permanently delete your account, all you need is to fill a web form using your email and username.

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If you have blocked anyone on Kik, they will not be able to chat you up again. You can only chat with your friends up. You can delete some information provided on Kik. Information like your name, messages can be deleted. Yes, after opening your Kik account, tap on the plus sign to search for your friends. Searching for friends on Kik can be done in many ways. It works a lot like Tinder, swiping left and right to select matches. Matcher does much the same thing.

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Another popular Kik tool is Flirt! You can also find fellow Kik users on. Check out Kikpalsa page specifically for Kik users wanting to meet others. does much the same thing on Kik Single.

Be aware, though, that the average age of the users on these sites is around Some of the sites also include popups and pop-unders, so make sure your device is secure if you interact with any of them. Tap Kik Me, write them a message, and then sit back and wait for a response.

The person you message has to agree to talk to you before you can communicate. Make sure you know what you are looking for. As with any online platform where people want to meet, chat, or whatever, you get the usual lowlifes, scammers, and worse. The usual rules apply to Kik as they do anywhere on the internet:. For example, someone might ask you to record yourself holding a pen on your forehead while saying their username twice.

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It may seem a little bizarre, but bots abound on Kik, and these videos are a common way of establishing your authenticity.

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