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I've seen them together several times, and it seems like they're often together. But Connie's referred to as Steven's best friend. Will she ever be viewed as his girlfriend in the future? But I don't think it's mutally acknowledged that they're dating or in a romantic relationship. In other words, they want to, but they are afraid to bring it up to each other. Cue, mutual pining.

She sometimes uses his jacket on missions.

Are Steven and Connie dating? Discussion. spoiler. Okay so I'm on like episode 13 together forever, haven't finished it yet but I really really want them to be together cuz I ship them and I think it'll be good for Steven. Do you think they're dating or that they'll get married in the future? It sucks not knowing what to do and I know they. Connie Stevens has had an encounter with John Ashley . Connie Stevens is rumoured to have hooked up with Bo Belinsky. About. Connie Stevens is a 82 year old American Actress. Born Concetta Rosalie Ann Ingoglia on 8th August, in Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA, she is famous for Sixteen Reasons (song), Cricket on Hawaiian Eye TV show/ Vegas appearances in a career that Birth place: Brooklyn,New York City. Connie Maheswaran is the girlfriend of Steven Universe. Steven first saw Connie before the events in the series during a parade. He saw her drop her bracelet. He decided to keep it in the freezer so he could return it. She also mentioned that he had soap bubbles in his hair while seeing him on.

Connie is on good terms with the Crystal Gems, who were excited to meet her in "Bubble Buddies". In the podcast, Rebecca Sugar and Ian Jones-Quartey say the Gems give Connie special treatment due to her relationship with Steven as his best friend, fusion partner, and dedicated combatant. Steven first saw Connie about a year before the start of the series during a parade.

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He saw her drop her bracelet and decided to keep it in his freezer so he could return it the next time he saw her. She also recalls seeing him on his father's float, mentioning the soap bubbles in his hair. He becomes her first friend.

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Although Connie sometimes feels like her life is rather mundane compared to Steven's, they are currently good friends, and share a mutual crush on each other as seen in " An Indirect Kiss " and " Alone Together " in the latter of which Steven and Connie accidentally fuse, forming Stevonnie.

Connie is frequently shown to be affectionate to Steven, occasionally in a romantic way. Connie has demonstrated that she cares deeply for Steven, such as in " Full Disclosure " when she repeatedly called and visited him to make sure he was okay, even going as far as to say she wanted to "be a part of his universe".

Since "Sworn to the Sword", Connie has shown interest in joining Steven in his adventures with the Gems, training with Pearl to defend him and become his knight. To further prove this statement, in "Steven's Birthday", Connie mentions not caring what height or age it seemed like Steven is, and that she would want to hang out with him no matter what. She also panicked when she thought Steven reverted into a zygote or that he shrunk out of existence to simplify. Their personalities complement each other well - with Steven counting on Connie for her good sense, intelligence and down to earth mannerisms; while Connie relies on Steven's bravery, emotional support, and unique insight which has helped them both grow stronger as a pairing, and helped shape Connie into the person that she is today.

Her speech towards Lapis and Peridot is a result of her exposure with Steven and is proof of how a figure like Steven can inspire someone like Connie to express what they could not have done before. The episode also shows the new level of comfort in her relationship with him.

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In " Ocean Gem " she said that she felt weird being in his house when he wasn't there while in the latest episode she felt comfortable not only staying at the beach house by herself but also wearing his clothes while pretending to be him. The episode also gave her a slight insight into what Steven goes through with the Gems on a daily basis via her interactions with Lapis and Peridot.

This scene also shows that Connie is terrified and angry at his decision as she shouts "don't you dare" to him as he makes to leave. After Steven returned home in " Lars' Head ", she becomes glad that Steven has returned as she, the Gems, and Greg run up to hug him.

However, in " Dewey Wins ", Connie expresses that she feels betrayed that Steven gave himself up to Aquamarine in "I Am My Mom", instead of continuing to fight alongside Connie as he promised.

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Steven obliviously attempts to get her to look at the bright side of the situation, arguing that everything is fine since no one got permanently hurt, frustrating Connie to the point where she resignedly leaves on an equally angry Lion.

When Steven finally realizes how much his surrender hurt Connie, and calls and texts her repeatedly to try and make amends, she considers responding, but can't figure out what to say, and eventually decides it best to settle their problem in person, but is too late to visit Steven before he leaves for a vacation home with no cell service in " Gemcation ", and for unknown reasons, seemingly doesn't attempt to visit or get in touch with him again for the remainder of their estrangement even after Steven stops attempting to reach out to her on his father's advice to give her space.

When she and Steven finally do talk to each other, she apologizes for leaving him in the dark for so long, explaining that she wanted to respond to him, but an inability to decide on how-to, along with other circumstances, got in the way.

Steven, in turn, apologizes for giving himself up and not taking Connie's feelings into account, and the two of them reaffirm that they are still "jam buds.

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In " Lars of the Stars ", Steven and Connie travel through Lion's mane to take a care package to Lars, and find that he and the Gems are known as the Off Colors are now a space crew trying to return to Earth. Steven reunites with Lars, introduces Connie to the Off Colors, and the two deliver the package to Lars. When Lars later has a breakdown after learning that Sadie is now in a band with Steven and the Cool Kidsand assumes that she is having such a good time to spite him for all the times he mistreated her and let her down, Steven and Connie set him straight; they tell him that Sadie does still care for him and is very worried for him, but has to keep going in her life, just like Lars has to keep going in his as he tries to get back to Earth.

They finish by reminding Lars that he and Sadie are best friends and would never do anything to hurt each other, fusing into Stevonnie in the process. They remain fused for the rest of the episode and all throughout the following episode, " Jungle Moon ", the latter of which goes over the course of at least several days as they work to survive until Lars can find them; this indicates that since the events of "Kevin Party", their bond has not only recovered but is now stronger than ever.

In " Reunited ", Connie attends the Ruby-Sapphire wedding with her parents and later participates in the battle against the Diamonds even when the gems are incapacitated for a while, in which her sword is broken by Blue Diamond.

After Steven is knocked out cold, Connie tries to wake him, but he manages to communicate with her via spiritual means and convinces her to guard his body as he tries to talk down Blue and Yellow Diamond from the spiritual plane he is in.

In " Legs From Here to Homeworl" following the battle, Connie sticks with Steven and the Crystal Gems, mostly observing as the Diamonds rejoice in finding Pink Diamond aka Steven and learn more about the consequences of their final attack, but still goes along with them to Homeworld to try to convince White Diamond to help cure the Earth Gems' corruption.

She is last seen with the Crystal Gems after Steven is taken to see White Diamond, much to her dismay. She and the Gems later reunite with Steven in the following episode " Familiar ", and learn of his intentions to throw a ball to help bring White Diamond around to help them.

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In " Together Alone ", Connie helps Steven, the Crystal Gems, and Blue and Yellow's Pearls plan the ball and is begrudgingly allowed to attend as his "pet" due to her status as an organic being. In " Escapism ", Connie comforts Steven as he mopes over how their mission has gone wrong, and when Steven gets the idea to use his psychic powers to travel to Earth to find help, she remains with him to watch over his body, staying with him to the point where she falls asleep with him in her lap prior to his return.

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In " Change Your Mind ", Connie helps Steven free the other Crystal Gems and convince Blue and Yellow to ease up on their stifling rules and traditions and try to convince White Diamond to do the same.

She fights White Diamond alongside the other Crystal Gems, receiving a new sword in the process. Later, she fights to defend Steven inside the Diamond Mecha when all the other Crystal Gems are either incapacitated or mind-controlled and helps Steven reunite with his gem after White Diamond removes it. In Steven Universe: The Moviewhich takes place two years after the events of Change Your Mind, Connie, now fifteen, begins to openly express her growing feelings for Steven; she waits for him to return from Homeworld and kisses him on the cheek before leaving for space camp.

Later, when Lion, sent by Steven, notifies her of the danger posed by SpinelConnie quickly returns with him to help fight the renegade Gem, and help save Beach City's citizens from the poison from Spinel's Gem Injector.

Is steven dating connie

During this time, she expresses concern for Steven during his final clash with Spinel, especially after the battle causes the Injector to explode, and is relieved to find him alive and safe in the aftermath. In " Together Forever ", Steven, facing the possibility of him and Connie drifting apart when she leaves for college, arranges a special date for her in order to propose marriage to her, figuring they can go to college together as Stevonnie. After her study break alarm goes off, she then reluctantly returns home on Lion at Steven's insistance.

She also calls Steven's dad as well and urges him to come back from his tour with Sadie and Shep. When Steven's power start growing out of control due to him still being hurt by her declining his proposal, she quickly realizes the problem and convinces her mom that he should have his space, promising she'll be there for Steven whenever he's ready to talk to her. In " Everything's Fine ", Connie calls Steven just after he returns from Homeworld, but he dodges her questions about his condition and ends the call, much to her concern.

Teaming up with Lion once more, the two are first sent by Garnet to evacuate the town. In the final episode " The Future ", which takes place a few months later, Connie visits Steven via Lion, and it's revealed that Steven has opted to leave Beach City to travel and possibly eventually settle down at his own place, with the two planning to meet each other during his travels with Lion's help.

Because they both care about Steven, Connie and Lion have a friendly connection to each other. Though originally hesitantshe quickly warmed up to and was fascinated by Lion. He seems to return the feeling, as shown when Steven was falling from the sky in "Ocean Gem", where Connie and Lion quickly teamed up in order to rescue him.

Connie is also the fastest one to be accepted by Lion, trusting and allowing her to ride him. Steven and Connie often take Lion with them to travel to places in Beach City, and Lion has grown used to having Connie around.

In " Buddy's Book ", Connie compliments Lion's parking, showing how friendly they have grown from Connie's perspective.

In " Dewey Wins ", after Connie frustratingly gives up trying to make Steven understand how much he hurt her by surrendering to Homeworld and asks Lion to take her home, Lion shoots Steven a disapproving glare before leaving with her, showing that he shares her anger at Steven over his surrender, as well as him treating the situation as nothing, and ignoring her feelings about it. Over the next few weeks afterward, Lion stays with Connie, presumably to give her comfort and companionship during her and Steven's estrangement, as well as teach Steven a hard lesson over him taking her and his other loved ones for granted; at some point during this time, Connie rides him to Steven's house in an attempt to reconcile in person after failing to do so over the phone, only to find that he'd gone on vacation.

In " Kevin Party ", Lion returns along with Connie, bringing her to Kevin's party and, following her and Steven's reconciliation, forgives him as well, and by " Lars of the Stars ", he shown to once again be under Steven's care and on good terms with him. In " Reunited ", Connie rides Lion into battle against the Diamonds and sticks with him after her sword is destroyed.

After the proposal fails, Connie rides Lion back home. Teaming up once more with Connie, the two help evacuate the town, and then, after everyone embraces Steven with love, Lion warps her to the top of his head to give the final piece of love he needs. Thank you so much for letting me come on this mission, Pearl! It's such an honor to work alongside you.

Steven and Connie Best Moments - Steven Universe / SU Future

It is shown that Connie and Pearl have many traits in common such as intelligence, attention to detail, and a tendency to be overly hard on themselves in the face of perceived failure. However, Pearl says in "Full Disclosure" that she doesn't understand human relationships when Connie is looking for Steven, though it was likely social ignorance to avoid answering where Steven was. The two share a mutually respectful mentor-student relationship since "Sworn to the Sword", in which she starts to call the latter "Ma'am".

This was where she convinced Pearl to teach her sword fighting by appearing very passionate about staying by Steven's side to fight with him.

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This clearly struck a chord with Pearl and moved her to the point of tears, considering her own dedication to Rose Quartz. Even when she didn't defeat the monster on that mission, Pearl commends Connie for following her instructions during their subsequent encounter with Jr. In "Crack the Whip", Connie tells Pearl and Garnet to take care while she continues training, causing the former to smile as it reminded her of herself.

As implied and seen in "Gem Hunt" and "Legs From Here to Homeworld", respectively, Pearl talks to Connie's parents about her role on missions and apparently takes certain responsibility towards her.

Steven, I'm ready to train!

I definately agree that in the future Steven and Connie may pursue a relationship. Not to disregard anyones opinion but I do not think they are currently dating. Connie has social anxiety as seen in "Alone Together" meaning, though she may have a crush on Steven I doubt she'd be ready to pursue a relationship with him indefinetely. May 29,   steven said "when connie grows up and become president, what will that make me, FIRST BOY" in steven's birthday, so yes, steven is in love with connie, but we don't know if connie feels the same way (seems like it tho) Loading editor. , May 29, Quote. More.

I'm so glad we talked to Garnet. I really figured out what I needed to do! Connie has shown to get along and have a friendly relationship with Peridot as members of the New Crystal Gems. She went along with Peridot's idea to pretend to be Steven and Lapis' and Peridot's antics until they became too childish and arguing got to be too much for her.

Connie spoke up against and convince them to continue their own roles, impressing Peridot. In "Ocean Gem", Connie is initially apprehensive of Lapis and her powers. In their first meeting in person, Lapis didn't recognize Connie from the previous event, replaying "I almost drowned a lot of people" when Connie tries to remind Lapis that she almost drowned her.

She is very aloof towards Connie at the beginning, but they eventually all agree to work together with Peridot and Pumpkin to watch Beach City while the other Crystal Gems are away.

The group later begins to argue with each other on their abilities to play the roles of the Crystal Gems, Connie finding both Peridot and Lapis immature.

They are eventually able to reconcile, however, when Connie delivers a speech to them about how they should handle their predicament, which Lapis is impressed by. Connie was very happy that Bismuth forged and gave her a new sword to replace the sword used by Rose that had been broken in "Reunited". You're gonna have to work it out together. And Connie?

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If you ever need to talk to another human being about this, you can always talk to me. Connie is on good terms with Greg since " Fusion Cuisine " when her parents had given approval of Greg and Steven.

He and Connie offered to accompany Steven on his mission no matter what danger they could face in " Ocean Gem ", showing that they both care for Steven deeply.

In "We Need to Talk", Greg is surprised that they could fuse into Stevonnie but does not seem to be completely shocked. He then says interaction between humans and Gems is still new, and that Steven and Connie will have to work with it. He also tells Connie that if she needs another human to talk to, he is there for her.

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When Connie initially met Lars in " Bubble Buddies ", she was weirded out by how he was acting to Steven. When meeting him again in " Lars of the Stars " however, she is shown to get along with him and helps him to fight against Emerald as Stevonnie, but got mad when he had a mental breakdown after thinking Sadie didn't care he had died and was trapped in space.

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Appearing in " Mindful Education ", Jeff is a student who goes to the same school as Connie. Connie unintentionally attacked and injured him instinctively after he accidentally bumped into her at school.

This caused her to feel guilty about hurting him, burying her feelings instead of confronting them, which later caused her and Steven to have trouble maintaining synchronization as Stevonnie during their fusion training under Pearl and Garnet. With help from Garnet though, Connie eventually decided to deal with the problem head-on instead of trying to ignore it and apologized to Jeff. She was later relieved to discover that he held no hard feelings towards her and was surprised when she learned he wanted her to teach him some of her martial arts moves.

On Connie's phone, it shows that she had taken a picture of them happy together, implying they have become friends. After entering Pink's old room, Connie had a first met with Pebbles and thinks they are cute and friendly and in "Together Alone", she was happy that they built the furniture all night to remind them like the one from Steven's house. In "Change Your Mind", she tells the Pebbles goodbye that she and Steven will save Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl and use the leg ship to head back to their home planet Earth.

Connie continues to support and parrot Steven in her encounter and fight with White Diamond. Connie's opinion was disregarded by Yellow Diamond when the latter confronts Blue Diamond to take Steven and Connie back to the tower. The mentioned disregard is similar to Blue Diamond's expressed prejudice to Connie by seeing her as a "pet".

Since this period, Connie has given insight supporting Steven's goals, which were enough to be considered and agreed with by Yellow and Blue even if they were to combat White Diamond to achieve these goals. Connie first meets Blue Diamond in "Reunited". Connie first encountered Jr on her first mission in the Great North, being left in awe of the Quartz Gem's strength and combat prowess. As of "Crack the Whip", Connie appears to share the Crystal Gems' mutual dislike of Jr and willingly fused with Steven in order to defeat her.

Connie first encounters Kevin as Stevonnie in "Alone Together". Since their first meeting, both Steven and Connie hold a negative opinion of him, an attitude carrying over to " Beach City Drift ". For me, I'd likr to think that their relationship will get to the next level in a subtle manner. Either in the background, off screen, or in any way but they are unaware of it. Steven Universe Wiki.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Aggression25 wrote: Unlikely, as Connie knows more about the human side of the world than Steven does. BigFanofEntertainment wrote: I hope by season 4 or 5, they reveal their true feelings for each other become a couple. Aggression25 wrote: Then, there's the pictures on Steven's phone that shows them in a restaurant. You guys act like you've never taken any pictures together with your friends.

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