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From the moment they came into the world, all eyes were on them. People called them the most beautiful triplets. In an interview with Playboy , they said they looked so much alike when they were born that their parents had to mark special dot tattoos on their bottoms so they could tell them apart. Nicole has one tattoo since she was the first out of the womb. Erica has two and Jaclyn have none. The girls had a lot more than looks in common, which proved to be confusing for friends and family.

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In order for their triplets to find out more about their backgrounds, they have to give a sample of their saliva to one of the companies. Once the company receives the saliva, the triplets DNA is analyzed against many other genetic markers.

Just a few couple weeks after the triplets give their DNA to the company, they can find out the results of the DNA tests. The triplets offered a perfect way to test the validity of the saliva test. Lisa Guerrero had many suspicions about the reliability of the DNA tests. They were just three young girls from a small town in Minnesota. They thought they would become nurses one day.

The Dahm triplets were happy to take part in this DNA experiment.

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Since the three women had wanted to be nurses in the past, they were still fascinated by genetic testing and wanted to help improve the system. Still, they did not expect to be surprised by the results of the saliva tests. Nicole, Erica, and Jaclyn submitted their saliva tests to 23andme.

The first of the genetic tests from 23andme was meant to show if Nicole, Erica, and Jaclyn were, in fact, identical triplets. And guess what?

Identical triplets dating identical triplets

The Dahm triplets are identical! This was not news to anyone, especially not Erica, Nicole, and Jaclyn.

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It is pretty obvious that these sisters have more in common than most do. The doctors made sure to request a second test that would show more than if the triplets were identical.

Jul 28,   Triplets are three babies carried in the womb during a single pregnancy. Like twins, triplets and other higher-order multiples can be categorized by their many people are familiar with the terms "identical" and "fraternal" in describing multiples, and use these terms to define whether twins or triplets look similar, what they are really referring to is how the multiples form. Jul 17,   The triplets were inseparable and identical. Even their parents couldn't tell them apart. Identical. In an interview with Playboy, they said they looked so much alike when they were born that their parents had to mark special dot tattoos on their bottoms so they could tell them has one tattoo since she was the first out of the womb. Dec 20,   Identical triplets take a DNA test just to discover the worrying truth. Born in , these tall, blonde-haired, blue-eyed triplets named Nicole, Erica, and Jaclyn came to shock the people of a small town in southern Minnesota.

Again, Erica, Nicole, and Jaclyn expected everything to be the same. After all, the Dahm triplets were identical. The results of the genetic breakdown were a bit strange, considering the Dahm triplets are identical. While the test did show that 99 percent of their DNA showed European descent, a more detailed break up of their DNA showed very different results, which proved to be confusing to the triplets and the world.

As the doctors on the show looked further into the results of the 23andme genetic test, there seemed to be even bigger discrepancies. The results were shocking even more than confusing!

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Again, the results did not match up at all! For some reason, Erica and Jaclyn, the youngest sisters, both came back with the exact same results. Something was not right! While the sisters sat on the live set of The Doctorsthey could not control their reactions to the shocking results. Travis Stork suggested that the saliva tests for DNA ancestry are still not advanced enough to be percent correct.

Journalist Lisa Guerrero and Dr. Travis Stork both acknowledged why these tests are so popular and fascinating to consumers.

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We all want to know where we come from and what we are made of. The Dahm triplets never expected to be surprised by the results on The Doctors.

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Nicole, Erica, and Jaclyn were just three identical triplets from Jordan, Minnesota. They never expected to help spread awareness about DNA ancestry testing. These three gorgeous young women have obviously come a long way from their days of modeling for Playboy.

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Since their time on the show, things have changed quite a bit for the identical sisters. Not only did they each give birth to daughters within weeks of each other, a few years later, they each gave birth to sons too!

Now all three sisters are married and each new mom has one daughter and one son! The Dahm triplets proved they are much more alike than the DNA test revealed. Since the triplets lives have become much more public, there have been many more rumors about them and their relationships in the news. Just as Dr.

Jan 25,   Three famous identical triplets took a DNA test to check their parentage. And the results are surprising to say the least. Because the Dahm family might look identical. But they're not as similar as they appear. Identical Triplets? The Dahm sisters - Nicole, Erica, and Jaclyn - have built an illustrious career out of their [ ]. Sep 30,   Three triplets, identical baby girls, have made headlines in Argentina for being what doctors have said one-inmillion occurrence. They are now safe and sound at home with their parents. Victoria, Julieta and Delfina Chainski originated from one egg cell and one spermatozoid.

So, how are Jay and Erica, and are they headed for divorce? Every marriage has its ups and downs, especially for a couple that is often in the public eye.

I Let My (Identical Triplet) Sisters Pick My Bae: Ani - Bestie Picks Bae

The wedding was very elegant and the ceremony was intimate. Jay and Erica wrote personal vows to each other and read them in front of all guests. So, yeah I cried then. When Dr. Most brides do not have models that look identical to them as their bridesmaids, but the Dahm sisters are used to standing out in the crowd. Erica, Nicole, and Jaclyn were dressed beautifully and totally stole the show.

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While Erica, the bride wore a very sophisticated floor-length gown created for her by the designer, Chado Ralph Rucci. Nicole and Jaclyn wore beautiful bridesmaid gowns made by the designer, Bradley Bayou. Both children seem very happy despite divorce rumors in the media.

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Phil has been involved with Erica and Jay since the beginning. I think that they love her almost as much as I do. Phil about his engagement plans, Phil was ecstatic that his son was going to marry the girl of his dreams. Erica was not the only triplet to marry a very handsome man. Jaclyn Dahm, the youngest triplet, also married a special guy. Billy Dolan is the lucky guy who stole the heart of Jaclyn Dahm.

Together they have one daughter and one son, just like Nicole and Erica Dahm. Sometimes the foursome likes to travel to the beach together or go to fun concerts with each other.

Still, Nicole, Erica, and Jaclyn can not believe how far their lives have come since they were three teenagers from a small town in Minnesota. The three identical sisters have been on more television shows and in more films since their Playboy debut.

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Nicole, Erica, and Jaclyn are absolutely beautiful and they know how to work a kitchen! They are commonly described as "fraternal" multiples and share the same genetic similarities as any siblings. However, it is not uncommon for triplets to be dizygoticwhich occurs when two eggs are fertilized by sperm, and one of the fertilized eggs splits into two. It is rare for triplets to be completely monozygotic, meaning that all three children formed from a single egg that split three ways or splits into two and then one of the two splits again, ultimately resulting in three embryos with the same general DNA characteristics.

Monozygotic triplets are always of the same gender, either all boys or all girls. Some monozygotic triplets are actually quadruplets where one embryo has vanished or been reabsorbed. Because of the rarity, identical triplets often make headlines, for example when a monozygotic triplet pregnancy resulted after a single embryo was implanted in an in-vitro procedure.

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Her doctors identified the situation as the only known case of a single embryo transfer resulting in triplets. Research varies on the instances of monozygotic triplets. A paper notes the rate of incidence of identical triplets is times more frequent with assisted reproductive techniques than spontaneous conception but is still extremely rare. Get diet and wellness tips to help your kids stay healthy and happy.

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Gandham S, Ogueh O. Spontaneous monochorionic triplet pregnancy with no fetal anomaly or feto-fetal transfusion. BMJ Case Rep. Published Nov Monochorionic triamniotic triplets following conventional in vitro fertilization and blastocyst transfer.

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J Hum Reprod Sci. More in Ages and Stages. What Are Super Twins?

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