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This article is about the channel. For information relating to the Roblox hat, see Flamingo hat. As of January 1st, , Flamingo has over 5 million subscribers. When the last video on the AlbertsStuff channel was uploaded on October 15th, , Flamingo became Albert's main channel. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Since then, Albert has uploaded twice a day on the channel, except on a few occasions.

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Albert is known for his memes. A Spanish phrase which translates to "I have". Used as a reference to the large Spanish and Mexican majority of Roblox.

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In many of his recent videos, he will briefly say that life sucks, making some fans concerned. An old joke from his channel AlbertsStuff, he would say this if he saw someone wear a type of pants called "Chainsaw man pants v. Just like the chill face which is below.

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Info about SCP can be found here: www. Frequently used by Albert in his videos to convey a sense of relaxation in difficult and or stressful times. A humanoid sized earthworm that reportedly carries various forms of diseases from the east coast to the west coast of The United States, In the theme song, it is made known that her diseases have a sphere of influence from as far as Florida and Cali California.

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It is important to note however Felipe does not seem to have a requiring gender in Alberts videos since Albert refers to it both as a he and she in multiple videos.

It is also shown to be "abused" in multiple videos by Albert.


Some of these actions include: being thrown into a ceiling fan, being thrown across a room, being hit with a hammer multiple times and being ripped in two pieces by Albert. It has also been "killed" because of these acts a subsequently poorly repaired by Albert multiple time by Albert using both tape and a form of clay.

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Though in his newer videos it is now canonically deceased. There are many Roblox groups based around Felipe, and many dress their avatars as Felipe. Also has its own Roblox hat.

An experiment by Albert to see how the majorly younger Roblox player base would react to seeing elderly people in Roblox.

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There are also many other misspellings of Flamingo's Roblox name, such as "Mr. Flip Flop.

Meanwhile, he had amassed It was in the year - July, specifically - Flamingo first stepped into the media field as he created his YouTube channel. With time, as he commenced uploading videos with the flow, he also began attracting a decent number of followers. Flamingo also advertises his merch on different websites such as represent.

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This was no doubt a piece of sad news for the ladies who might be avid followers of Flamingo. Albert and his girlfriend FoxKirsten first began dating in the year Following that, the couple often posted pictures together on their social media account respectively.

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Moving on, Albert was surrounded by the gay rumor. However, the rumor was proved to be wrong as he flaunted his relationship with girls.

How well do you know Flamingo (on YouTube) N0 0NE. 1. Hello you fellow quiz takers today I'mma see if you actually Know who Flamingo is mk?!.

Skip to content by B10 Posted on. He hit 7 million subscribers on August 12th, It was revealed in a collab with CaptainSparklez that when he started Flamingo, the channel's name was going to be either that or "Ribbit.

Well, let's peek inside this article to know more about the Youtuber. Meanwhile, also get familiar with his dating life, net worth, and girlfriends! Flamingo Bio - Age, Birthday, Address. Albert Artez "Flamingo" was born on 11th June He turned year-old as he celebrated his birthday in mid of Flamingo is Albert's current and most popular YouTube channel. As of January 1st, , Flamingo has over 5 million subscribers History. Flamingo was created on July 9th, as Albert's second YouTube channel for AlbertsStuff. When the last video on the AlbertsStuff channel was uploaded on October 15th, , Flamingo became Albert's main channel. Your meme was successfully uploaded and it is now in moderation. flamingo memes. Albert. By dudemanman 82 Flamingo flamingos Albertstuff. This duck thinks he's a flamingo. By KnightOfCydonia 88 Duck Flamingo. Human, dog, horse, flamingo.

In a separate video, Albert has stated that he chose the name because he thought the word "Flamingo" sounded cool. He is one of two people in the Albert franchise to get a Youtooz figure.

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However, it has sold out so you cannot get it anymore. Categories :.

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