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Once the air starts to get that crisp edge to it and the leaves start to turn hello there, fall foliage! Whether you're the sort of person to redecorate your home with seasonal touches like pumpkins, gourds, and scarecrows, or you usher in the new season by putting away your sun dresses and sandals and bringing out the scarves and cute fall sweaters , autumn's arrival can make us all feel like switching things up a little. And whether you have a new romantic interest in your life or want to keep things fresh with a longterm partner, fall brings with it lots of wonderful activities to bring you even closer. This year, our favorite season might look a little different than it has in the past, but that doesn't mean date night has to consist of sitting on the couch and watching the same streaming services you always do. Instead, we've rounded up some creative ideas that you can adapt to suit your comfort level and yours and your loved ones' interests. Add a few of these to your calendar or surprise your sweetie with a sweet adventure you can add to your memory books. Lean into the most "basic" element of fall - the humble Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Perhaps you can capture that same feeling on your next fall date night. Summer may be high time to go camping, but early fall is a perfect time, too. While the weather is at its most beautiful, head into the wilderness for a day or two. Make sure you have a warm sleeping bag when you go camping together-a double sleeping bag is ideal for a romantic camping trip.

Make your own caramel or candy apples together. This is a great stay-at-home date idea, and you can easily combine it with one of the other fall date options, like a movie marathon. You could also make the caramel apples following a visit to the local apple orchard. What says Halloween and autumn mystery better than this?

As you watch a scary movie together, you can scream and hide your eyes under a cozy blanket. Go explore the Halloween costumes, try on some masks, and make each other laugh. Salt and pepper?

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A pair of dice? Bonnie and Clyde? There are soooo many fun options, and a lot of them you can even make on your own. You can use the cozy blankets you bought for cuddle time. Feel free to create an Instagram-worthy fort with hanging fairy lights and beautiful touches of decor. Speaking of being a grownuptackle a fall chore together for a date idea, such as raking the leaves. Then make the most of those piles! This type of accommodation is simply made for couples. During your drive, you can pass the time by asking each other some of these fun questions for couples.

For cute fall dates, look no further! Fall is the season of renaissance faires and festivals. Grab your lord or lady, put on some medieval garb, and toast with a cup of mead. This is one of our favorite romantic date ideas. Hard cider is so popular these days.

And in the fall season, flavors of pumpkin, apple, cinnamon, and other spice are prevalent. After all, fall is the season of pumpkin beer! Try all the varieties in the store. I think not. Horseback riding is one of the best date ideas for couples, especially in autumn! Riding your trusty steed is best when the leaves are at their most colorful.

And what could be more sweet and romantic than to go horseback riding through the woods side-by-side? A lovely fall date idea, indeed.

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Sometimes the greatest date ideas involve doing absolutely nothing at all. Make your weekend bed date even better with your favorite movies, a stash of snacks, and plenty of wine.

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This is a great opportunity to order in for dinner, too. Add this to the top of your list of November date ideas, for when the weather really starts to get chilly and cuddling is a necessity. For this fall date, attend a football game! Cheer on the local high school, or spring for a pro game. You could host one with friends, tossing the football around together and then enjoying yummy seasonal snacks. Fall just lends itself naturally to the cutest photos ever.

Awaken your inner creativity by gluing, painting, building, and crafting together.

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Find ideas on Pinterest! Looking for a fun date idea? Hop on a hayride and enjoy the autumnal scenery. You might even be able to find a haunted hayride, perfect for that Halloween date night. Scarecrows, and pumpkins, and ghosts-oh my! Sometimes a hayride will end up at a corn maze, maybe even a haunted corn maze!

Traveling by train is incredibly romantic, especially if you choose a beautiful destination. Put down your phones and settle in for an intimate conversation as you ride the train.

In the fall season, there are often many options to take shorter, scenic train rides.

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Sometimes you can even find trains with a fancy dinner onboard. Such a great date idea, no? This clever idea may earn you an extra kiss or two goodnight. Honestly, this is a great date in any season.

After your massage, treat your loved one to a relaxing dinner and a chilled-out evening at home. Get out and breathe some fresh air. Take some sandwiches and your dog along. Play Frisbee, croquet, card games, or be a kid again and play tag, or hide and seek.

Enjoy climbing the landscape and finding exotic waterfalls, canyons, secret places in the woods, and wildlife.

Jul 18,   Cozy sweaters, warm cider, and beautiful scenery - this is the season for *falling* even more in love. It's one of the most scenic times of the year, so get outside and soak up the sunshine and. Jul 23,   Deck the halls for Halloween or just get out the fall decor, but turn it into a date instead of a chore. Stringing up lights, hanging wreaths, and swapping out the tablescape is so much more fun. Sep 25,   Fall is as good a time as any to connect with a new partner-in fact, it might even the besttime, as folks are gearing up for cuffing season.

Everyone knows where at least one haunted house is around their area. Fall is the perfect time to enjoy having the wits scared out of you.

Cute Fall Date Ideas for Couples Halloween Date Ideas. We all know that Halloween is one of the major fall events and there are so many crazy, fun Pumpkin Date Ideas. One of our favorite things about fall is the delicious food, especially all things pumpkin. We've Outdoor Fall Date Ideas.

Have a little creative fun with carving knives, paints, and glue! Decorate this fall family with beautiful designs, artistic flair and creative thinking. If your guy really cares about you, he will be willing to help you collect flowers. Enjoy being outside.

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Look at all the little creatures around you as you hunt for the perfect flowers. Roll down some hills like you used to when you were a kid. If you like beer then go for a beer tasting.

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Taste the strong, the light, the aromatic, the spiced and the enjoyable beers the brewery has to offer. Look up the fall festivals and fairs in your area and when they take place. Bring enough money to make it a great experience for you and your date. Cotton candy, chili dogs, funnel cake. Tailgating is always fun to do with friends, and it can be a cute date.

Drink a cold drink, Sway your hips to the music, and get to know everyone. Find an app online and make a cute scrapbook if an actual book of photos is too outdated for you.

Develop your fall date by making a date to develop the pictures you both have taken together. And a blanket to hide under in case it gets to scary! Make sure you take time and eat before you hit the road again. Leon the soft ground under the huge blue sky, watch big puffy clouds float lazily by, and make shapes of them.

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Is it a horse? Is it a turtle?

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A Mountain? Ice cream cone? Enjoy hours of fun cloud watching and possibly napping together. Make a string of them and hang them over a door frame or around a room. Place in the bottom of a vase as an accent to a bouquet of flowers. Paste them on the outside of a glass candle and watch them glow in the evening.

Fall dating ideas

Wine, a fancy meal in a wicker basket, on a nice comfortable blanket in a secluded area. Sunglasses, hat, kids soccer team shirt, and some cute little shorts girls only, please. Find a place that will let you make your own maple syrup. Messy, juicy, Savory, smell good barbecue. Make kabobs, ribs, steak, mashed potatoes, macaroni salad, iced tea tofu or soy substitutes work too. Along with those sweaters, you might want to ate your fall wardrobe. Stylish jeans and long-sleeve shirts for him.

Meditation can help you get calm. Find a quiet environment, settle in with your date, and push play on your smartphone.

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A short drive can make you both feel brand new. And if you have to grab lunch, check out the new city for a new experience. Now you can find an authentic cup. So take a break from pumpkin spice overload, settle into a cozy space, and offer a toast with this classic. Hopefully neither of you have scared each other by this point. If you pass the vibe check, book a trip to a so-called haunted house-together. Try it now. With fewer people traveling, you two might as well see that weird landmark everyone loves.

Are you a dog dad? If your furry friend is generally cool-no biters, please-bring your pup on the date. Or have your date bring theirs. Either way, you all get some exercise. If your date thinks Spiderman is sexy, they might think you are, too.

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If you prefer the outdoors, go to a rocky trail. It can be great to get moving at a higher elevation. Grab some blankets, your drinks of choice, and a few snacks. Then settle into your backyard or a nearby campsite for a bit so you can talk-and cuddle up-under the stars. Check to see if courses near you have reopened, and confirm any safety guidelines. And if your date needs a hand lining up their shot Sign up for a fall event with your date.

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Your participation might even benefit a good cause. If not, there are always lessons on YouTube. The holidays are just around the corner, so learn a festive recipe with your date. You can hold off on the turkey, but new sides are good bets.

Stop into a local market to pick up fresh produce. And if the squash and pumpkins start calling your names, answer. This is perfect for fall, especially if the leaves are changing. Hop into your car, close Google maps, and see where you end up.

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And if your final destination is just an open field? Call it an adventure. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. The 50 Most Unique Gifts for Guys. Get out on the grill. Cavan Images Getty Images.

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