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As we wait not so patiently for the third season of Stranger Things Season 3 to premiere, we can't help but predict all the romances that might go down in the upcoming episodes. After all, star Finn Wolfhard has dubbed the season the "summer of love," and as we all know, the Hawkins gang is growing up. Mike and Eleven have been confirmed to be in a full-blown relationship in the third season, and Max and Lucas seem to be an item as well. Plus, we can't forget how much we're always shipping Hopper and Joyce. Well, despite who we want our favorite characters to end up with in Stranger Things , let's look at who the actors behind them are dating in real life as we prepare for the new season on July 4. This seems to be a common question. While many of the characters are dating each other in the series, only one real-life couple has come out of Stranger Things.

Three months later, Eleven was getting ready to move out of Hawkins with Will's family, although she was still unable to use her powers, Mike is optimistic that they will come back. They make plans to see each other at Thanksgiving, while Mike also wishes her to come by during Christmas.

They share long tearful hugs outside of the Byers house. In the moving truck, Eleven already missed Mike showing she really didn't want to leave him. Lucas was initially suspicious of Eleven, dismissing her as a "psycho".

Although Dustin and Mike made efforts to become friendlier, Lucas kept some distance from her, viewing her as a distraction from the search for Will. Eleven, lacking social skills and confidence, was unable to convince him that she was truly on their side. When Eleven was discovered to be manipulating the compass to keep the boys from finding the GateLucas grew angry, accusing her of being traitorous.

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After Eleven ran away, Lucas had little interest in finding her. However, after Lucas realized that she was justified to keep the boys away from the dangerous forces at Hawkins Labhis opinion of her changed. Following the kids' reunion, Eleven and Lucas apologized to one another and remained friendly.

Inwhen Eleven revealed herself to be alive, she embraced Lucas and Dustin. Lucas said they've missed her, with Eleven saying she missed them too. InLucas and Eleven were shown to still be good friends with each other. The two would work together, along with their friends, in trying to stop the Mind Flayer who had returned to Hawkins. When Eleven was choked by Billy, Lucas was shocked and worried for her, showing he does care for her.

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During the fight at Hopper's Cabinwhen the Mind Flayer grabbed Eleven by her leg, Lucas managed to save her by chopping off the Mind Flayer's tentacle with an axe. After retreating to Bradley's Big Buywhile taking care of Eleven, Lucas decided to steal some fireworks to help Eleven fight against the Mind Flayer's proxy. Lucas's decision proves to be good when he again manages to save Eleven by throwing the exploding fireworks at the Mind Flayer. After the Mind Flayer's defeat, three months later, Eleven said goodbye to Lucas as she left Hawkins with the Byers family.

Dustin 's initial attitude toward Eleven lay somewhere between Mike's open-mindedness and Lucas's skepticism. After Eleven saved him and Mike from bullies, he proudly declared that she was their friend and thoroughly cared about her from that point on.

Inwhen Eleven revealed herself to be alive, she embraced Dustin and Lucas. Dustin revealed to her that they've reminisced her and talked about her almost everyday. Eleven was even surprised that Dustin had teeth which Dustin proudly showed them off to her. InEleven used her powers to make Dustin's toys move to lure Dustin to a spot where she and the others welcome him back from Camp Know Where.

When Dustin revealed he got a girlfriend, El was shocked and went with him to help build Cerebro so he can contact his girlfriend Suzie. However, Eleven decided to leave on the journey to the top of Weathertop so she can spend romantic time with Mike, leaving Dustin upset. Later, after Dustin managed to get a short transmission to Mike, El used her powers to locate him at Starcourt Mall and comes to his rescue by stopping some Russians from killing him.

After she saved Dustin, she happily shared a hug with him. When Eleven's leg wound began pulsating, El was helped by Dustin.

Joyce became very protective of Eleven in the short time they knew each other. Unlike Brenner, who largely treated the girl as if she were a soldier, Joyce respected that she was only a child, treating her in a somewhat motherly fashion; as she taken from her birth mother Terry Ives when she was a baby. This was likely the first relationship of that kind that Eleven had experienced.

Joyce reminded her that she was very brave, thanking her for all her help in the search for her son Will and assures her that she'll be with her the whole as she tries to locate Will in the homemade sensory deprivation tanks.

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This is later proved to be true as Joyce comforts Eleven when she finds Barbara Holland's corpse, giving Eleven the courage to find Will. A year later, when Eleven revealed herself to be alive, Joyce embraces her and asks for help in saving Will from the Mind Flayer by closing the gate which Eleven accepts.

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A year later, Joyce continues to have a good relationship with Eleven. She even supports her relationship with Mike Wheelerunlike Hopper. When Joyce learns that Eleven and her friends are in danger, Joyce immediately goes out to rescue and protect them.

After successfully closing the gate and killing the Mind Flayer, Joyce sadly tells Eleven that Hopper died in the process.

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Three months later, Joyce takes Eleven in and allows her to live with her family as they move out of Hawkins. Though Eleven and Will Byers were never formally introduced to one another when he was taken to the Upside Down, they could definitely have been considered allies.

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Eleven was more than willing to help Will's friends and family find him, which they were all deeply thankful for, especially Joyce. Eleven's only direct interaction with Will took place while she was immersed in her mental void ; she found him in Castle Byerscomforting him and telling him to "hold on a little longer" while Joyce and Hopper searched for him.

Inthey appear to have officially become friends, as shown by how they both have had the opportunity to spend time with the Party during the summer. But when Mike's enthusiasm to talk to Eleven still stays, Will snaps and lashes out at Mike for wanting to spend time with some "stupid" girl, causing Mike to angrily lash out and defend Eleven.

When Will realized that Mind Flayer's back, he didn't hesitate to work with Eleven to stop the Mind Flayer, even suggesting she might know a way to stop him. After Eleven was bitten and injured by the Mind Flayer, Will did everything he could to treat and help her. Eleven was even saved by Will from the Mind Flayer as he threw fireworks at him.

Three months after the battle at Starcourt Mall and the closure of Starcourt Key that possibly killed HopperEleven moved in with the Byers.

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Although Max seemed to admire Eleven and was willing to become her friend, Eleven was cold towards her and appeared to be jealous of her after mistaking her hanging out with Mike as something romantic.

However, inMax and Eleven start to bond over the fact that their boyfriends are constantly lying to them, and the become instant best friends, as they shopped and have fun at the Starcourt Mallwith Max giving Eleven good advice.

Eleven was allowed by Max to make her own decisions which was something she never done before as she most of her life in Hawkins Lab and being in the company of Mike or Hopper.

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Eleven was also introduced by Max to powerful female figures such as Wonder Woman. When Eleven suspected something was wrong with Max's stepbrother Billyafter spying on him, Eleven was helped by Max in investigating Billy. After discovering that the Mind Flayer returned and Billy was flayed, the two girls worked together, along with their friends to stop the Mind Flayer.

After Eleven was injured by the Mind Flayer, she was treated by Max. Three months later, Eleven said goodbye to Max as she left with the Byers family, moving out of Hawkins. Benny was the first person Eleven encountered after escaping the lab.

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During their short time together, Benny treated her kindly and cared about her well being, a stark contrast to her treatment at the lab.

Fearing that she was a victim of abuse, he called Social Services hoping to help her. Eleven later killed Connie and other agents in order to defend herself and her friends; whether intentional or not, she avenged Benny with this action. When Eleven saw Troy and James bullying her friends, she instantly disliked them.

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After Mike stood up to Troy for insulting Will, she used her powers to make Troy urinate in front of his classmates, humiliating him. When Troy sought revenge and threatened to hurt Mike and Dustin, she used her abilities once again to push James to the ground and breaks Troy's right arm. The two boys fled in terror. Although they clearly did not like Eleven, they had gained a newfound respect for - and fear of - her and her friends.

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The initial basis for Eleven's character was formed when the Duffers imagined an escaped MKUltra test subject heavily influenced by E. She has umulticoingames.comedictable supernatural powers that will most definitely put our boys in jeopardy. In a featurette later released by Netflix, the Duffer brothers revealed that Eleven was basically a blank slate of a character during production of the premiere season.

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Out of all the roles, Eleven was the most difficult to cast due to her having to convey various emotions with little dialogue. The role also required staying in character even while not talking.

The Duffers feared they would not be able to find someone who could stay focused throughout an entire scene. The younger version of Eleven shown in "Dig Dug" and "The Lost Sister" was portrayed by a set of twin toddlers [7] Charlotte and Clara Ward, however, they were never credited for the role.

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Stranger Things Cast Real Life Partners REVEALED!

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Becky Ives. Jim Hopper. Martin Brenner. Mike Wheeler. Very rarely do you end up going on an actual date. Not to mention the fact that there is still the Upside Down looming over Hawkins, even with the portal closed.

Ross Duffer told Rotten Tomatoes that the shot of the Mind Flayer at the end of the Season 2 finale was intentional and meant to set things up for Season 3.

Mar 26,   If you do, you're in luck - because it's just been confirmed that they will be canon in season three of Stranger Things! "Mike and Eleven are going strong, so that's a . Nov 02,   Sadie Sink (who plays Max) explained to Vanity Fairthat Stranger Thingscreators Matt and Ross Duffer made it clear that the relationships between Max and . Oct 04,   THOSE two from Stranger Things are dating in real life! The Image Direct Yes, those two. The Image Direct Yep, these two! Netflix You can tell by the finger-holding. The Image Direct.

Winona Ryder. Winona Ryder started dating fashion designer Scott Mackinlay Hahn back inbut according to PopSugarit doesn't seem marriage is in the cards for the couple, despite still being together. The actress told Net-a-Porter in"I'm a serial monogamist. I'd rather never have been married than been divorced a few times.

Not that there's anything wrong with divorce, but I don't think I could do it if that was a possibility.

T. +34 Are eleven and mike from stranger things dating in real life. Evil particles being expelled into the love. Grady, stranger things' reveals new season's story. Shawn levy, eleven got a few attempts to be surprised if the season, ryder leads the lab's staff is going to in the. Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers Dating in Real Life. Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers. Mar 18,   STRANGER Things star Millie Bobby Brown is dating Romeo Beckham, The Sun can reveal. Mum Victoria adores the year-old Brit actress, made famous by the smash hit Netflix series, and approves of t.

Joe Keery. The pair also often posts photos of one another on their social media accounts. Gaten Matarazzo. I like this first pic better. Junior prom with my best friends and the most beautiful girlfriend ever lizz.

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