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She is a former resident of the Alexandria Safe-Zone , who took her in from life on the road after her parents were devoured by walkers while trying to jump-start a car. At first, Enid was distrustful and somewhat fearful of Carl Grimes , another youth who arrived at Alexandria with his group some eight months after her own arrival, but eventually she developed a relationship with him. Following the end of the war against Negan and the Saviors , Enid still resides in Hilltop and becomes Siddiq 's medical trainee. In the years following Rick Grimes ' assumed death , she became Hilltop's doctor and entered a relationship with Alden. Not much is known about Enid's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that she was living with her parents. She also used to cut her father's hair. Enid and her parents had been surviving on their own for an extended amount of time.

On the road, Enid and the others are informed by Daryl and Rosita that the main bridge is out due to a storm. Being forced to continue their journey through an alternate route, Enid witnesses as Kenneth is bitten in the arm by a walker and then kicked in the ribs by the horse. She then assists Siddiq while he tries to save Ken but is unsuccessful as he dies from his injuries and then is put down by a sobbing Maggie. That night in Hilltop, a saddened Enid attends Ken's funeral.

When Maggie is attacked by a drunken Earl later that night, Enid intervenes but gets pushed to the ground hard and is knocked out. The next day, a wheelchair bounded Enid watches from the crowd as Maggie gives a speech to the residents about the punishment in the community and then orders for Gregory to be executed by hanging to the shock of everyone. Having healed from her injuries in the following weeks, Enid moved from the Hilltop to the work camp to help in the infirmary under Siddiq's guidance.

One morning, she is stitching Cyndie's hand when Rick orders Siddiq to return home with the next escort crew. Feeling confident in his assistant, Enid is left in charge of the patients. Later that day, Enid is shocked and horrified when Daryl rushes an injured Aaron to the infirmary after a log fell on his arm while dealing with walkers at the construction site.

She examinates his injury and quickly decides they need to amputate. Aaron reluctantly agrees as Daryl ties the tourniquet. Enid gains confidence and amputates his arm. That night, Rick visits Aaron to check on him, and thanks Enid for her help.

In the years following Rick's presumed death, Enid became the Hilltop doctor and eventually entered a relationship with Alden. Six years later, Enid checks on her patients in the community infirmary and gives a message to Tara for Jesus where she asks for more space on the fields for natural remedies.

When an injured Rosita is found in the woods and is brought to the community, Enid helps her and then looks after her while she rests. When Michonne and Siddiq arrive at Hilltop with a group of newcomers, Enid informs Siddiq of Rosita's condition and assures him she would recover soon. Later that day, she goes to the blacksmith tent to check on Henry and, after noticing he is learning fast from Alden, jokes that they should swap places from their communities.

Aug 13,   Mit dieser App konnen registrierte Fahrer Transporte von Menschen mit einer Behinderung im Kanton Zurich erfassen und verwalten. Die Transporte, mit oder ohne Rollstuhl, werden mit der App erfasst und uber ein integriertes Verwaltungssystem automatisch abgerechnet. Fur Fahrten, welche im Zusammenhang mit der ProMobil durchgefuhrt werden, ist diese App zwingend. Rollstuhl Frauen Devotees Ein Forum fur Frauen im Rollstuhl und Devotees. A forum for women in wheelchair and devotees. Treffpunkt fur Behinderte&Nichtbehinderte Forum, chat und links. Uber die Lust am gehandicapten Korper Ein ausfurlicher Artikel uber Amelotatismus der schon in in der Druckausgabe von "Handicap" erschien. Oct 02,   Photo by Johann Louw. Andrew Morrison-Gurza is the Founder/Co-Director of Deliciously Disabled Consulting, where he strives to make disability accessible to everyone within pop culture and.

Enid then takes Alden aside to talk with him for a moment and leaves after kissing him goodbye. Enid talks with Tara, Alden, D. Before Alden leaves with Luke, she kisses him and wishes him good luck.

When the original search group arrives back later that day, a devastated Enid looks at Jesus' body in sadness and is comforted by Aaron. She then assists the funeral and is among the residents to hammer nails in his coffin. When the ceremony ends, Enid awaits for Alden at the guard post and is assured by Magna that he's in good company.

Enid treats Earl for a hand injury and suggests he retire to avoid future injuries, but he refuses. Tammy thanks Enid for helping and assures her Alden will turn up. When Alpha arrives outside the gates with a group of Whisperers to offer trading Alden and Luke for her captive daughter, Enid helps to look around the community for the missing Lydia.

Upon being informed that Henry has taken Lydia to a nearby cabin for safety, Enid goes along with Addy into the woods and tries to convince him to give up Lydia so they can save Alden and Luke. She explains she had to watch her parents die and how Carl told her she has to live for more than survival. Henry's torn so Lydia offers to give herself up to save their friends. Enid then watches as Lydia kisses Henry goodbye and the group heads back to Hilltop. She then embraces Alden and says she will never let him go.

At night, the couple makes love inside their room. Enid is among the Hilltop residents that assist the fair in the Kingdom. She watches from the crowd as Ezekiel declares they've finally accomplished Rick, Carl, and Jesus' dreams of reuniting the communities. At some point later that day, Enid is somehow among the residents kidnapped by Alpha and taken away to a barn in the woods where they are about to be attacked by the Whisperers but are found by OzzyAlekand D.

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During the fight, Enid manages to take down a Whisperer. In the middle of the chaos, Alpha arrives and the group is subdued. She then decapitates everyone as Siddiq is forced to watch, only leaving him alive as a witness. Enid's decapitated head is later put by Alpha on one of the several pikes used for the Whisperers' border. The next day, Daryl, Michonne, Carol, Siddiq, and Yumiko find the border and watch in horror at the victims, a reanimated Enid being among them. They then put down their zombified heads to properly rest.

When the group returns to the Kingdom, Siddiq delivers the tragic news and narrates how Enid and the others fought together as a family in their last moments. He finishes the story by encouraging everyone to remember the fallen as brave heroes and to honor them. Enid is remembered in a post-traumatic flashback Siddiq has to the prisoners' last stand.

In order to mark a border between the land belonging to the Whisperers and the communities, Alpha disguises herself and infiltrates the fair to kidnap several residents. Afterward, she decapitates them and then places their heads on wooden pikes to mark the border, with Enid being among them. After finding the border, her zombified head is put down by either Daryl, Carol, Michonne, or Yumiko. Enid and Carl are shown to have a very animated and ambiguous relationship, as neither is truly able to decide which way they want to go with their kinship, but keep changing their thoughts on each other dramatically.

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The two initially showed an interest in each other's lifestyle. This is shown when Carl follows Enid when he sees her sneaking out of Alexandria and when Enid was moderately shocked at Carl's reaction to being offered video games. When Carl follows Enid out of Alexandria, he loses her and is forced to give up his chase.

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When she returns to the community later, he asks her if she liked him at all, to which she remains silent. Carl later follows Enid out of Alexandria again, though he loses her a second time. He follows her in the direction he believed she had gone in.

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Enid, without showing herself to him, calls him out for being terrible at staying quiet and being a bad tracker. She quickly gets bored of playing with him, and reveals herself after he failed to find her.

Carl asks her why she sneaks out of the community, and she tells him that she is outside of the walls for the same reason he is; to experience the thrill of danger. Enid invites Carl to run through the forest with her, and they both take off at a dash. The two find a walker standing around in their designated path. Enid lures it in one direction with a kitchen timer and continues leading Carl through the forest.

Eventually, the two run out of breath and stop next to a fallen tree. Carl compliments her survival skills and her knife. Enid shares a rare moment from her past, saying that the knife belonged to her mother. Carl asks what happened to her, but Enid brushes off the question, not seeing how it was important what had happened to her. Carl disagrees, saying how it's always important.

Before Enid can say anything more, a bunch of walkers, chasing them from their run, appear and force them into hiding.

Before I started dating my boyfriend with C5C6 complete quad, I had been dreaming about taking his spare manual wheelchair for a turn on our outings. I simply thought it would be a fun way to connect, but having heard that many wheelchair users find that idea offensive, I never made that request. - Erkunde Alex Schukows Pinnwand „Rollstuhl" auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Rollstuhl, Rollstuhlfahrer, Amputiert pins. Dating im rollstuhl - Men looking for a man - Women looking for a man. Find a man in my area! Free to join to find a man and meet a man online who is single and seek you. How to get a good woman. It is not easy for women to find a good man, and to be honest it is not easy for a man to find a good woman.

Enid leads Carl to a thin, hollow tree which they both get inside of. Carl is immediately uncomfortable at being in there with her because he is unsure whether or not this would upset her. She explains to him that she believes life should always be the way it was for them in the forest.

Carl then rubs her hand hesitantly but affectionately. He leans in, but pulls back, which makes Enid smile. She tells him that he's afraid of her too. Enid claimed that she was afraid of Carl to some extent, saying she didn't know why.

During the Wolves attack, Enid goes to Carl's house, not wanting to leave without saying goodbye. He convinces her to stay and help him protect Judith, and repeatedly tries to convince her to stay. After the attack ends, Enid sneaks out, leaving only a note behind for him: "Just Survive Somehow". After everything is settled in Alexandria, Carl and Enid travel out to the woods again.

She wonders why they still come out here, as Carl replies 'Because we're kids, that's what we do'. Carl cares deeply for Enid, going to the point of literally locking her inside a closet to protect her from traveling with Rick and the group. In "Go Getters," Carl and Enid have their first romantic interaction with a kiss, starting a romantic relationship.

Carl smiles at Enid again in "Rock in the Road," after Enid leads the group to the Hilltop residents who are willing to fight. They hold hands as they walk to Hilltop's gate. When Enid is informed of Carl's death in " Dead or Alive Or ", she is visibly devastated at the revelation. Enid and Alden have a romantic relationship, and when she came to check on Henry during his first day blacksmithing, Alden and her kiss. He was noticeably worried about her when he couldn't find her in the crowd at the fair, and is saddened by her death.

Ron and Enid have a strained relationship. It is unknown how their relationship started, but it can be seen that Ron cared for Enid, and vice versa. However, it can be safely assumed their relationship was one way and Enid didn't have the same feelings Ron had for her evidence of this is how Enid never opened up to Ron about her past and how she kept going outside the walls without him.

After the death of his fatherRon becomes noticeably distant from everybody. Enid is seen comforting him when he is upset in the episode " JSS ". However, after this, Enid goes to Carl's house. During the Wolve's attack, Ron is nearly killed, but is saved by Carl.

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Carl tells him to go inside to his house, but when Ron sees Enid on the porch, he is visibly annoyed and feels betrayed. He declines and walks off, angry at both Carl and Enid. The two aren't seen interacting following this, as Enid goes outside the walls without him. He is, however, determined to get revenge on Carl for "stealing" his girlfriend. It was unknown how she responded to his death by Michonne or by the walker herd, but it was assumed that she was saddened by the death.

Enid at first does not respect Glenn, and shows this by pointing a gun at him.

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She also calls him swear words. However, after the two month time skip, Enid is on good terms with him, and is friendly to Glenn, revealing that she trusts and admires him. Although her reaction to Glenn's death wasn't seen, it can be assumed that she was heartbroken when he was killed, and even says she wants to kill Negan for him also saying that she loved him.

She kept the green balloons that they both used as a token of remembrance.

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When a savior took the balloons from her, she begged for them back and luckily for her, the Savior abided her request. A while after the Saviors' visit, she fled the Safe-Zone to go to the Hilltop, in order to check on Maggie and visit Glenn's grave, showing the deep bond she formed with them.

When she arrives to Hilltop, the first thing she does is visit Glenn's grave, where she sits in silence and mistakenly ties ballons in Abraham's grave thinking it was Glenn's, as a sign of respect for him.

Maggie and Enid are on good terms. She tells Enid that she's around if she wants to talk. In "East", Maggie stops by the pantry to eat lunch before starting another shift. Enid insists on taking Maggie's shift so that she can rest.

Enid cuts her hair as Maggie explains she doesn't want anything getting in her way. Enid is shown to be concerned for Maggie when she collapses to the floor, screaming in pain.

In Last Day on Earth, Enid is insistent on going with the others to escort Maggie to the Hilltop so she can receive medical care. She is only stopped when Carl locks her in the closet, showing she cares deeply about Maggie's welfare. In Go Getters, Enid goes to the Hilltop, to know if Maggie is okay, when she makes it, they have a heart-to-heart reunion.

Since then, Maggie has become a mother figure for Enid, caring for her and vice verse. Though they don't have much interaction, it is shown that Olivia cares deeply for Enid as she let her stay with her when she arrived in Alexandria.

When Negan arrives in Alexandria with Carl, Olivia immediately has concerns about Enid's whereabouts and Carl reassures her she's fine. However, Enid does not seem to care much for Olivia as she leaves more than once without her knowledge. During the war, they make their way to the Oceansideto ask them for help in fighting and defeating the Saviors.

During the night, Natania attempts to ambush Aaron, only to be killed a moment later by Enid. After the war Enid saves Aaron's life by cutting off his arm.

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She also is seen comforting him after Jesus' death. Siddiq and Enid are on good terms.

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In "The Bridge", it is seen that Siddiq is teaching Enid about the medical field. Siddiq goes back to Alexandria, while Enid takes care of the medical tent. Enid amputates Aaron's arm, as it is badly damaged due a falling log, conveying Siddiq's training. After the 6 year time jump there seems to be some tension between the two. Enid and Rick have a good relationship. When Rick finds out she is training with Siddiq he knows she will be alright.

He later thanks her for saving Aaron's life. Henry and Enid have a positive relationship. They met at some point following the events of the war with the Saviors. While riding into Hilltop with Carol, Henry wonders aloud if Enid remembers him, along with some other chatter that shows he's developed a crush on her.

She acts friendly towards him on his first day of being a blacksmith, complimenting his skill, and even jokingly suggesting that he replace Alden; though she does not reciprocate his romantic feelings, as evidenced by her kiss with Alden.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? I saw my par ents die. It changed me. Became all about surviving somehow. And then, someone else close to me died. Someone special, with a big heart. He left me a letter, reminding me that just surviving It isn't living.

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And it took me way too long to get what he really meant. You live with it by staying who you are. By not letting the bad things change you.

Contents [ show ]. Carl Grimes " Don't tell me goodbye. Or, I mean, 'cause she was anyway, right? They're still part of you. If you stop being you, that last bit of them that's still around inside, who you are Come talk to me. Categories :. Alden Enid and Alden have a romantic relationship, and when she came to check on Henry during his first day blacksmithing, Alden and her kiss. Ron Anderson " My girlfriend. Glenn Rhee " People you love Maggie Rhee " I'm around. Olivia " I lived in Olivia's place, but I was on my own.

Aaron Aaron and Enid have a good relationship. Later, Aaron is seen comforting Enid, as Natania was her first human kill. Siddiq Siddiq and Enid are on good terms. Rick Grimes Enid and Rick have a good relationship. Henry Henry and Enid have a positive relationship. Magna Enid and Magna have a good relationship. Enid tells Magna about her relationship with Alden. Grimes Family. King County. Jones Family.

Atlanta Camp. Nursing Home. Jenner Family. Greene Farm. Military Personnel. The Living. Michonne's Group. The Prison. Blake Family. Tyreese's Group. Prison Newcomers. Chambler Family. Martinez's Group.

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Ford Family. Post-Prison Survivors.

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The Claimers. Sarah's Church. Grady Memorial Hospital.

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Alexandria Safe-Zone. The Wolves. The Saviors. Hilltop Colony. The Kingdom. The Scavengers. Georgie's Group. Magna's Group.

The Whisperers. It was a blast for me and meaningful for him. They were calling me a poser with they eyes. So really, how insulting is it to wheelchair users and non-users that an able-bodied person is in a wheelchair for any reason? I know thousands of wheelchair users.

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Most say they have no problem with able-bodied friends trying their wheelchair out to get an understanding of what we face everyday.

Then saw him throw his cane and gasses in the back seat as he speeds out of a handicap parking bay. How would you feel? Yet they will stand and defend us. Pretenders can only detract from that. Hence outside of your own home the animosity. I deeply respect and am moved. I am here to do some research for my book. Kindly understand and email me at [removed] It matters a lot. Thank you :. I also believe it is wonderful that people are interested in dating poeople in wheelchairs,after all,we are just people we just move around differently.

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Mobility comes in many fashions and as we can see from this site beauty takes many forms. AMEN to that Amanda,there is beauty all over this wonderful world we live in,people just have to look past what they always see on the outside,and start to look inside of poeople,maybe they would learn something,and look even farther they just might see just how beautiful the rest of the worls really is.

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