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Where are you from? Do you have any siblings? Is there a fast forward button anywhere? Is the third date too soon to let him hear my insanely awkward laugh? How long until I can burp in front of him [accidentally? The key is to be yourself, everyone knows that.

For real! Our hearts beat because of energy, our brains function because of energetic impulses," zen psychotherapist and neuromarketing strategist Michele Paiva tells Bustle.

When we don't feel well, we feel tired. When we feel alive, we feel energized. But just because you feel under the weather when you're with someone a lot does not mean you need to break up with them. Though it's easy to point fingers, the call may be coming from inside the house, as it were.

You are in charge of your own energy," she says. Regardless of who is responsible, the answer is to go inward and take some time to figure out what you need. If it is you, pull back.

If it is them, pull back. Your energy is yours, and can't be given or stolen unless you hand over the power to someone else. It may sound anticlimactic, but the fastest way to tell whether you're getting sapped by your partner is to just tune into the way you feel when you're together.

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She continues: "Over time, Friday night date night may become routine, and no longer elicit the same butterflies of excitement - but does it make you feel tired and disinterested? Do you put off responding to their texts and phone calls, or avoid doing activities alone with them?

The small responses to your partner's bids for attention are indicative of how they are impacting your emotional well-being. It is in these easily overlooked reactions that you will find the most accurate clues to whether or not your partner is boosting or draining your emotional life. Jennifer Rhodes tells Bustle. Rather, it's all about how you feel about the needs of your boo.

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If you are constantly hitting your breaking point, you're being emotionally drained. This is a place where people come to share some of their darkest secrets, things that might already put them into a volatile mental state.

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Dating is exhausting

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Dating is just so fucking exhausting and pointless self. First, you have to go through the gauntlet of rejections. It's the guy's job to initiate but they get publicly shamed for it severely if they get rejected.

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People will make a social media spectacle out of you just because you asked for directions. If you do go on dates with someone, they might be a giant douchebag but they are careful to hide it until you've dated them a while.

That's if they don't quickly lose interest because they were desperate and wanted someone to pay attention to them for a little bit, or they found someone hotter. Then you have to start the entire painstaking process all over again.

And the worst part is when you point out all this bullshit, you're never allowed to feel any disappointment let alone voice it to anyone ever, because if you do you're a "whiny nice guy" and people yell at you that you're not entitled to their attention etc.

You become a jaded asshole where you can't develop feelings for anyone anymore because you're so used to being used, heartbroken, and disappointed. Then you become absolutely fucking exhausted because you're constantly trying to filter out all the shitty people and you end up like me, broken and alone.

You're not even allowed to feel bad when people treat you like shit. And if other people treat you poorly, it must be your fault somehow because of "your vibe" or how "you didn't smile".

For the record, you don't sound like a Nice Guy to me. I miss the human interaction I had while dating but I honestly prefer hanging out with my dog rather than most people.

Your source of happiness shouldn't be someone else. But I'm also not a believer in waiting around for 'the one' to bump into you on the street. Right on, man. Dating can suck. So why bother with it? Live your life. Eventually you'll stumble into something, and if you focus on simply loving yourself, you'll have some real awesome shit to bring to the table, when you do.

It's often said that opportunity knocks when you least expect it, or when you're not seeking it out. There's real wisdom in that. I don't even go on dates and I relate to this. I don't think I'm missing out on anything.

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All my friends are on Tinder and I don't get it; it sounds like more hassle than what it's worth. I'll just sit over here and wait for my guy friend to break up with his bitch of a girlfriend. It used to be you just had to beat the other guys in the bar to get a girl.

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Now you have to beat every guy within a 30 mile radius of you on Tinder. I was a bit of an asshole when I met my wife. I was okay with being single.

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I was messaging women a week, and kept up conversations when I got responses. I knew I'd find someone, but I approached it all as very detached, in a Law of Averages kind of way - Interested, but well aware that things would likely go South.

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Things became obvious when I met my wife, and I stopped a FWB arrangement with someone to pursue the relationship. Being single sucks a lot most of the time, but when it doesn't, it's amazing. Find those amazing bits if you can.

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Well, hey, if you're feeling that sick of it just do your own thing and don't worry about it. I find people tend to come easier when you do fun group stuff like hiking, sports, or online gaming.

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This is what I'm doing now and I enjoy it a lot. I develop crushes sometimes on people in my classes and I talk myself out of it for the reasons I mentioned. From my experience though if you don't actively pursue a relationship, people just leave you alone.

All of my past relationships occurred because I took the initiative and kept trying despite failure and being told I'm ugly about 12 times. I just don't bother taking the initiative anymore because there's a chance that I'll just be insulted and have my feelings hurt.

You've dodged a bullet.

Online Dating Exhaustion: What to do when you're tired of dating

You may never know how deeply unhappy so many couples are, and that's after the dating shit show. If you continue to date or seek a partner just promise yourself this: you should always judge them by behaviour, not words. Even when you go on dates, just have fun.

Sometimes you make friends and the woman might introduce you to the girl of your dreams. Like the person above, just go do the stuff you like to do and be open and sometimes someone falls into your lap when you don't have a guard up.

Jul 05,   Online dating is exhausting. Online dating requires a lot of effort. We have to weed through those who are not serious, or getting over their ex, or worse yet, already taken. Oct 21,   Dating is just so fucking exhausting and pointless. I quit dating because there's simply no point. Then you become absolutely fucking exhausted because you're constantly trying to filter out all the shitty people and you end up like me, broken and alone. You're not even allowed to feel bad when people treat you like shit. Putting yourself out there is exhausting. Even for people that like socializing more than me, dating is a particular brand of meet up that only a real extrovert could enjoy. Meeting someone new is like going to a job interview, only infinitely more personal, and the result is completely exhausting.

Unfortunately me and the woman broke up so I'm back to online dating! So hopefully that abates the humblebrag. I'm a bot, beep boop Downvote to remove Contact me Info Opt-out.

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This is the experience shared by many dude. You're not alone and I can totally empathize with you.

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When someone rejects you, it feels like they're telling you, you're not good enough. It sucks even more when the other person doesn't even have their own shit together. I've dated girls who posted fake pics, acted entitled, didn't seem interesting at all, or even straight up said vile things. I didn't want to be a shallow douche myself so I gave them the benefit of the doubt. As you can imagine, I didn't get those same benefits.

Stay single because modern dating is flat out EXHAUSTING. It's time consuming and aggravating and infuriating. And it's probably (most definitely) not worth your time or my time. Modern dating is like trying to swim in the Atlantic Ocean just waiting for sharks to attack you. Apr 26,   Sue Mandel, a Marriage and Family Therapist, dating coach, and founder of Dr. Sue's Connections, has this to say on the topic of online dating and rejection. Online dating is . Jun 13,   Dating is exhausting, being single isn't. 1. Every first date you ask the same questions. Am I having deja vu, or have I asked these questions far too many times? Where are you from? Where'd you go to school? Do you have any siblings? Is there a fast forward button anywhere?

It could just be the online be dating scene.

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