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Advice on what to look out for among these overlooked and frequently gorgeous treasures - from dancing devils to rogue air bubbles - according to our specialist Carleigh Queenth. Marvels of artistic skill and also affordable, paperweights soon became the ultimate desk accessory, bringing flowers and other natural subjects that perished in the winter into the home - there may not have been flowers in the garden, but they could still surround you as you wrote your letters. A Baccarat dated close millefiori weight, date initialed and dated on a single cane 'b '. Incredibly, everything inside the weight is also glass: the flowers, the salamanders, the insects - everything. When the rod is sliced, the pattern can be seen in the cross section. Millefiori weights consist of many patterned canes, either packed closely together or in various other arrangements. Lampwork weights are made by melting small coloured glass rods over a torch or flame and using tools to manipulate the softened glass.

Lampwork weights are made by melting small coloured glass rods over a torch or flame and using tools to manipulate the softened glass. Examples of lampwork include butterfly and flower weights and snake weights.

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A Baccarat dated carpet ground weight, date initialed and dated on a single cane 'b '. Nineteenth-century paperweights were made in Venice, England, Bohemia and the United States, but the real epicentre was in France.

Some weights have tiny canes included that help identify the maker and date. For example, the lot shown above has a small cane with the initial B and the date, Clichy has an easily identifiable rose cane that they use over and over in their millefiori compositions.

For a novice to begin learning to identify the further subtle distinctions between makers, examining a variety of pieces in books and in person is recommended.

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When buying a weight, the condition and the size of the glass dome play a big factor for most collectors. Obviously perfect condition is preferable, but often a few scratches, minor bruises or nicks can be forgiven if there is enough glass in the dome to polish them out.

Large, unintentional air-bubbles or distracting bits of kiln debris often put collectors off. Do you have any information on this? I own one Strathearn paperwight, received as a gift in It is in its original lined blue hinged-box. Is it worth anything? Regards, Richard Dufour Canada. If yes - your weight will have been made by Max Miller of Redkey, Indiana.

Can you lead me to something to give me history of Max Miller paperweight? Thank You Lisa Spencer.

Max Miller was a friend of my parents. I believe the last time he fired up was in he was around 83 at that time.

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He sent small clear glass birds and cobalt ones in egg cartons to souvenier shops all over the U. In his private collection he had larger birds, including a bright red cardinal.

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He was a great recycler of glass, especially cobalt and brown beer bottles. Not all glass is compatible or recyclable but Max knew his stuff. But Max told me he hated unions and would only work for 30 days, because on the 31st day one had to join the union in order to continue at the glass factories. He made his living as an organ tuner, travelling all over the U.

His lovely bride of more than 50 years, Kitty, told me he married her because he needed someone to hold down the keys. Kitty rotated her favorites on the mantlepiece, lighted from beneath by small Christmas tree lights inside wooden bases, which I think Max may have designed.

Though not tall in stature, he and Kitty seemed able to make anything that they took a notion to design and build. I feel lucky that I got to visit them with my folks. They harkened back to a time when people were self-sufficient, tough in a quiet way, with Hoosier humor and a kind of pride that is neither egoism nor selfishness. Some of the glass inside was remelted from the slag heap at the edge of Dunkidk, where we used to play as children.

A lot of kids from that area fell in love with glass after first standing at the edge of acreage where the glitter in the sunlight on rainbows of color made you think you were at the gates of heaven. Inside of this outer section is an inner circle of 7 white millefiori canes which encircle a larger white center millefiori cane. I have bought several colors, however I cannot find anything online of when this collection was created by Baccarat. I wonder if it is real or not.

Dating glass paperweights

Can you somehow guide me. Thank you. Just like the picture above Strathearn canes- and in one of the tiny flowers is the letter P in dark blue. Can you tell me who is responsible for this marking? Thank you! Hi, just picked up a nice collection of weights, from scrabble to flowers, and bubbles, latticano,there is one that looks like a egg, and all the canes smooth, but doesnt look like they are in glass.

It is all dark, Murano. BUT, the one I am asking about is a little 2 inch egg shape, it is of the sea. With the smallest little canes inside that come to the outside to form sea creatures, and little star fish, then it becomes iridecent.

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You can see little colored canes that are even open inside. It has a bubble in the middle. It is really amazing. True work of art, Here is the problem. It is signed on the bottom edge, with a date, cant make anything out.

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I think the last intinal is a H. Any idea? Thank You Pam Bennett. Great article and interesting post on Max Miller. Thanks to all involved. I also would love to see the responses to the questions posted here to learn more.

I was cleaning out a house and found a paperwight and was wondering if it has any value. It has white harts. It is difficult to read the signature. It appears to read: richarosm 85 with an intial.

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Any information you can give me will be appreciated. I have a paperweight,the only marking on it is engraved Edinburgh on the bottom center. Whilst I cannot be sure without an image, my first guess would be Perthshire - which was set up by Strathearn people.

As a consequence some late Strathearn and early Perthshire look rather similar. If you send me an image I might be able to tell you more. Edinburgh better Edinburgh Crystal never made millefiori weights themselves - but commissioned some.

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Is yours one of these? I have a paperweight that was advertised as a Strathearn, but the bottom has been ground completely flat, which makes me think it is more likely to be a cheap knock-off. On the other hand, we have a Murano that has a ground bottom.

Does the flat bottom indeed mean it is not Strathearn? Is there any other way to determine its provenance? Your paperweight may well be a Strathearn weight. Strathearn workers often finsihed off to a flat base many of their paperweights and these flat base weights were not limited to a particular catagory of weights made. A very interesting article indeed. We have been collecting paperweights for a number of years and have recently reached It probably all kicked off when my father in law gave us a paperweight many years ago.

We had no idea what it was, until recently we discovered it was a scrambled Clichy. Nothng is of any enormous value; we just like the amazing designs and colours.

Can anyone help. I was given a paperweight that is shaped like a modern Xmas tree. A round ball on top followed by four flat plates small to larger with a large ball base. It is signed I cannot descifer the signature. It is a beautiful emerald green. How can I recognize that it is not an imitation?

I received a lovely paperweight signed Bennett Can you help me find some information on this artist. Thank you Yvonne. Thank you very much for all the info.

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I just love paper weights! Maude and bob st Clair and Joe Rice, Joe StClair Baccarat, Moranno from the first one I purchased and I also still keep a keen eye out for some of these beautiful pieces of fantastic works of art. Thank you so much for the pain staking work you have done here! Your collecting friend. It was there until or so when the artisans left and traveled to Scotland.

They setup shop there and began producing decorative art glass in Scotland soon after. I was present when the artisans were preparing to move and was required to witness the actually building being moved with my wife Tina.

My grandfather was busily helping the artisans get savings with the Savings and Loan. Your name required.

In this interview, Richard More talks about collecting art glass paperweights, including the history of the Ysart family, other popular Scottish paperweight producers, and the different paperweight designs multicoingames.comd in Kansas, Richard can be contacted via his website, Richard Mores Paperweight Photo Albums, which is a member of our Hall of Fame. Oct 01,   Glass paperweights first gained popularity in the midth century after being displayed at various expositions, most notably the Great Exhibition of at London's Crystal Palace. Marvels of artistic skill and also affordable, paperweights soon became the ultimate desk accessory, bringing flowers and other natural subjects that perished in. Zoogamo 2" / 60 mm Diamond Shaped Glass Crystal Paperweight - Home Office Decor & Wedding Favors Decoration with Gift Box (Black) out of 5 stars $ $ 7. Get it as soon as Thu, Oct 8. FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon. Only 17 left in stock - order soon.

You will need to move on to the next method to find whether the signature is in the correct place. Catalogs will tell you about signature and label placement. Try to find evidence of real gold or silver used in the production of the glass.

Identify evidence of a hand-made piece. Murano glass is hand-blown, meaning there should be bubbles and asymmetrical qualities. Look for misshapen fish, clouded glass or bleeding colors. While hand-blown glass is not completely uniform, these mistakes are rarely made. Method 2 Quiz What kind of imperfections might a real piece of Murano glass have? Misshapen fish Not quite! Bubbles Right!

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Bleeding colors Try again! Cloudy glass Nope! Actually, Murano glass never has any imperfections. Method 3 of It is a good primer for the techniques and styles of Murano glass. You may want to refer back to it when you are looking at factory catalogs. Request a catalog from the factory itself. Factories have catalogs of at least their current offerings, but possibly also their vintage glass. Look on 20thcenturyglass. Hire a glass expert to help you identify the glass.

If the authenticity is still in question, you should contact a local glass antique expert and show them all the information you have. Although experts are not percent accurate, they will have an easier time identifying it than almost anyone else. You may be able to discover more creative ways of identifying the glass. A good indicator that a Murano piece is genuine is the cross-hatched pattern sometimes found on bases and the pinch pliers artists use often have their own identifiable patterns.

Method 3 Quiz Real Murano glass will often have what pattern on its base? Parallel lines Close!

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Cross-hatching Exactly! Swirls Nope! Murano Glass may have any number of colors of any depth throughout the piece, or a Murano Glass piece may be completely transparent. Coloring alone does not provide any indication of the origin of a Murano Glass piece. Not Helpful 4 Helpful I got a folded Murano piece at a second-hand store.

Glass Encyclopaedia - Antique & Collectable Vintage Glass Guide. Welcome to our Glass Encyclopaedia, our very own identification guide to Antique & Vintage Collectable the years, as dealers in glassware, we have taken thousands of pictures of glass vases, bowls, paperweights, sculptures and other glassware. May 24,   Look for a sticker or stamp. If it says "Made in Italy" or "Made in Venice," it is not likely to be Murano glass. These are two ways outside glass makers try to convince tourists that the item was likely made in Murano without stating it is. An item that is labeled "Made in Murano" may be counterfeit%. Art Glass Paperweights, Signed Gibson Perfume Bottle w/Stopper, Green/White. $ Vintage Blown Art Glass Cylindrical Paperweight Blue White Swirl Anthony DePalma. $ ??Must Go????Vintage Signed Grant Randolph Shiny Red Apple Paperweight??.

There are three lines on the bottom that say 'Yalas', then 'Casa' and, lastly, 'Murano'. How old is it, and is it worth anything? Because it has the print, it could have been made anytime from the mid-to-late s up to the 90s. Yalas Casa Murano makes beautiful pieces, and if you go to Italy, real murano gass can be worth thousands of dollars.

The value really depends on the piece's legitimacy, condition, and size. Not Helpful 10 Helpful Yes, unless it is an original sketch in which the painter never thought of publishing, such as a doodle, in which case there would be no proof.

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To find a signature, look at the bottom-right or -left corner. Not Helpful 41 Helpful Murano glass is hand-blown, so it should not have seams.

Pressed glass has seams, as it is molded, not blown. Not Helpful 1 Helpful Do NOT put your Murano glass in the microwave or in the dishwasher! It will break and that'll be it. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 8. Yes, it is possible that authentic Murano glass piece does not have any signatures or stickers.

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There is no law in Italy that dictates how authentic Murano glass should be marked or stamped. Therefore, it is up to every master and workshop or factory how they would like to mark or sign their pieces, if at all. Typically, smaller inexpensive Murano glass pieces are rarely signed or have stickers, while larger art glass vases, sculptures, or tableware would be marked or signed in some way.

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