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The is yet another series that was adapted from YA fiction. With the craze for watching some of the many ways we can expect a future dystopian society, the show fit right in with viewers who wanted to see their favorite characters come to life. Plus, there are so many strong characters to pay attention to. The show has also scored points for doing its best to have a diverse cast during a time when people are demanding more of this on TV and film. To top it off, the show treats men and women as equals in ways we haven't seen in many TV shows.

It takes a tough person to ask for forgiveness when needed. Clarke was always a bit of a softie when she arrived down to Earth. Sure, life inside the Ark wasn't much of a reason to have a ton of hope, but it was what she and the knew. We could see why being down on Earth and breathing fresh air could have a softening effect on everyone's hearts.

Well, at least until they realized that it was full of natural and man-made disasters. Lexa's advice about being objective and leaving emotions out of leadership came in handy.

But this advice couldn't always apply to Arkadia. Emori was tough and beautiful. She also turned John into a much better man and encouraged him to stay independent. Given the choice they had between A. But Emori was rightfully afraid of being used as an experiment.

Sure, Clarke turned her into a nightblood, and since Clarke survived it's wise to assume Emori would've been okay, but it's still not okay for Clarke to suddenly make Emori feel that she'd be a test subject. In the end, Clarke would up experimenting on herself. We're glad she had a spine when it was needed.

Abby and Clarke try to get along as best as possible. Of course, their relationship was tainted when Clarke found out that it was Abby's fault her father was floated. That would make it tough for any kid to get along with their mom. Then there's the fact that The were making great headway in figuring out how to get along with the Grounders. When everyone else from the Ark arrived, they treated the as if they were children.

To be fair, they were teenagers, but no adult bothered to ask them for some of the expertise they gathered. This put Abby and Clarke at odds sometimes. Everyone at the Ark arrived with weapons that were more advanced than anything on Earth. Guns hadn't existed for a while once the Skaikru arrived again, and this gave everyone advantages. Their weapons were a good substitute when they didn't want to get close to a person that was attacking them.

We did see Clarke hold her own in several fights though. There was that time when she was able to hold her own against Anya, but Clarke is also able to get by because she's just not a quitter. This makes up for some of her lack of skills during a fight. Clarke and Bellamy seriously butt heads when they arrive at Earth. Their leadership style is quite different, but they become friends when they realize the need them both.

Bellamy's occasional ruthlessness and military know-how are necessary to ward off attacks. Clarke was able to do a lot to save lives and delegate tasks. The thing is, there were later times when Bellamy had to help Clarke take a more compassionate approach. Clarke eventually saw that Bellamy changed, and they both became best friends. Later on, they became co-leaders and each other's most trusted confidantes.

They both helped each other grow. Life on Earth during Clarke's time is not pretty. Everyone who is your friend could turn their back on you at one point, and you need to know when it's time to make allies with your enemy. Nothing personal. There are times when Clarke gets angry over this. Lexa betrays her, and Roan doesn't always see her as an equal. She's also very mature about Finn when Raven comes back.

Not taking things personally helps her work with people she doesn't always like.

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This is a strength when you live in a time and place where apocalyptic things happen almost every week. Many of the didn't like Clarke at first, and neither did many viewers.

It was obvious that Clarke was one of the privileged children in the Ark, and being on Earth forced her to become more like everyone else. Clarke consistently had to prove herself a leader. What was refreshing was that she did this because she truly wanted to do good. It was never about being popular or well-liked, and it shows.

Isn't the show a dystopian fantasy about the future? Despite this, Clarke often makes decisions based on hope for a better future. This explains why she fell in love with Lexa, and how she became best friends with Bellamy. Clarke knew it was better to hang on to hope no matter the situation.

It helped her get through personal struggles and find solutions to the impossible. There were times when her optimism blinded her to better alternatives, but at least we know every decision she made came from a good heart. Clarke shows a lot of conviction when she feels she's right about something. This sometimes influences the wrong choices she makes. She didn't believe in Eve Harlow, who was trying to help Jr out of love even though it came at great cost to her.

She also didn't believe in Lincoln. Though there were many who had a hand in his demise, a good word from Clarke could've helped him. She also doesn't always trust Kane's intentions at first. Thankfully there were moments when she was able to wake up and see past her own wrong intuitions about some people. Clarke took on the burden of making decisions for the entire human race.

No one asked her to do this, but she was the only person willing to do this when no one else was. Whether we agree with her or not, many of Clarke's decisions were made to keep humanity going. Even her decisions about releasing radiation into the Mount Weather were about ensuring the 47 would be able to survive. Her motivation to keep humanity alive led her to create nightblood. This worldview even helped her find a way to get some people back up to the Ark when there was no room for them at the shelter.

Eventually, Clarke had to learn how to back stab too. She betrayed the Grounders during season 4, but we could choose to look at it as retribution for Lexa's betrayal in season 2, which was personal. She also betrays everyone during season 5 doing whatever it took to save Madi, putting her friends in danger. If you live in Polis or Arkadia, you're bound to betray your friends, get in trouble, and need their help. Either Clarke is being smart by showing she's adaptable, or everyone on the show could seriously improve their communication skills.

Wells tries to talk Murphy down but is interrupted by Bellamy. Wells explains that they need to find Mount Weather. Octavia mocks Clarke and Wells because they are considered privileged.

Clarke informs the Delinquents that she doesn't care who is in charge. She warns them they need to go because the longer they wait, the hungrier they will get.

Bellamy proclaims Clarke and Wells should go, while the rest wait for them to return with food and supplies. Wells tries to make Bellamy understand that they all need to go. Before the two can fight, however, Finn intervenes and tells John Murphy to wait until it is a fair fight. Octavia approaches and suggestively hints for Finn to save her next. He flashes Octavia a smile before walking away. Clarke tells Finn they are not on Mount Weather.

Clarke goes to check on Wells' injured leg and Finn approaches them and asks when they leave. Clarke tells him "now" before turning to Wells and stating that they will be back tomorrow with food and supplies. Wells questions how two people are going to carry enough food for people. Finn turns, pulling Monty and Jr into the group and mentions there are four now. Octavia invites herself along for the journey even as Bellamy tries to stop her. When Clarke spots a scuff mark on the side of Finn's wristband she scolds him and tells him that the wristbands transmit vital signs to the Ark.

If they take them off the Ark will think they are dead, unknowingly giving Bellamy an idea. OctaviaJrFinnClarke and Monty gaze at a two-headed deer.

Walking through a lush forest, the group takes their time admiring Earth. Clarke asks them to hurry up and Finn asks how she can block it all out.

Clarke wonders why they have not seen any animals and that maybe there are none because they might have been exposed to enough radiation to kill them. They continue walking and Finn asks Monty and Jr how they got busted. They tell him they were arrested for stealing from the Ark's garden and forgetting to replace what they took.

Jr asks Octavia what she was arrested for. She replies for being born and rushes off to join Clarke, who motions for everyone to join her. In front of them is a deer grazing in the field. Finn snaps a twig and the deer turns to them, shocking the group with its two heads. As they continue on their journey to Mount Weather, Finn asks why all of a sudden they were sent down to Earth after 97 years.

Clarke tells them it is because the Ark is dying and only has three to four months of life support left and that is the reason she was locked up in solitary and her father was floated for it. Monty asks if they are going to kill more people and Octavia says they should all float after what they did to her. Octavia then takes off to the edge of a stream and strips off her pants as everyone ogles her. Clarke asks Octavia what she is doing just before Octavia leaps into the water below.

Monty reminds Octavia they don't know how to swim and Octavia laughingly stands up, showing them it is shallow water. Clarke is confused because a river is not supposed to be right there but they all start taking off their clothes to join Octavia.

Jr spots something in the water and shouts at Octavia to get out of the water. Octavia is suddenly pulled under by a river snake. She comes up a bit farther downriver, screaming. Clarke, Monty, and Finn toss a boulder into the water to distract the river monster but Octavia is left in too deep water and is unable to swim to shore.

Jr jumps in and grabs her just as the creature comes back and he is able to pull Octavia to shore in time. Clarke awakens while it is still dark out.

Jr, Monty, and Octavia are asleep behind her as she sits up and witnesses the trees and plant life aglow with bioluminescence. Finn approaches her with a leaf filled with water for her to drink from. He then shows her some tracks in the dirt and says he thinks there might be monkeys. The next morning, down by the river, Finn is holding onto a vine, about ready to swing across the river to the other side. Jr tells him to let go at the apogee. As Finn is about to take off, Jr asks if he can go first so he can impress Octavia.

Finn agrees and Jr goes soaring across the river, letting go as he screams, "Apogee!

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They all begin cheering and Clarke is up next. Jr picks up a sign reading, "Mount Weather," and holds it above his head, telling them they had reached Mount Weather. He is suddenly knocked off his feet and propelled back, pinned against a tree with a giant spear protruding from his chest.

Clarke, Finn, Monty, and Octavia all duck down in fear as they realize they are not alone. Monty trips and falls and they see a misshapen human skull on the ground. They hear Jr screaming and race back to the river bed to find Jr gone.

When they return to The CampWells and Murphy are in the middle of a fight. Wells holds a knife against Murphy's throat when Clarke arrives and stops the fight. Bellamy rushes over to Octavia when he sees she was injured and asks where the food is and what happened. They tell him about the Grounders and all the Delinquents gather around to listen as Clarke explains how the Grounders took Jr.

Clarke then sees Wells' wristband is missing and tells them they are idiots because life support on The Ark is failing and taking off their wristbands is killing everyone on the Ark as well as all the Delinquents because they need the people from the Ark to come down and help them. Bellamy then tells them that they do not need the people on the Ark because they are not criminals but fighters and survivors. Clarke tells Monty it is time to go after Jr. Later, Wells finds Clarke in the drop ship gathering supplies and wants to go with her to find Jr.

She tells him she does not want him around. Monty tells her that they also need him to search because no one else has volunteered. Clarke tells Monty he is not going either because he has to figure out how to communicate with the Ark. Finn arrives and she asks if he is ready. He tells her he is not going because the spear was thrown with "pinpoint accuracy.

Outside the drop ship, Clarke approaches Bellamy who is tending to Octavia's injury. Octavia tells Clarke she is coming but Clarke tells Octavia her leg will just slow them down. She wants Bellamy to join them because he has a gun. She tells him he will go because he wants the rest of the Delinquents to follow him and they will think he is scared if he does not go.

Bellamy tells Murphy to come with him and orders Atom to watch Octavia. Wells warns Clarke about Bellamy and Murphy being dangerous criminals and Clarke tells him she is counting on it.

Bellamy tells Murphy that he is getting Clarke's wristband so the people on the Ark won't come down if they think both Clarke and Wells are dead.

Bellamy grabs Clarke's wrist and says she needs to take her wristband off. Clarke tells him the only way that is happening is if she is dead. Finn arrives just then and says they should split up to cover more ground and he walks off with Clarke. As they walk, Finn asks Clarke why the Grounders did not attack Jr until after they crossed the river. Clarke tells him the river is a boundary, meaning Mount Weather is off-limits.

They discover a trickling waterfall spilling into a pond and Clarke is relieved they do not have to worry about fresh water. Finn pulls her into the water and they splash around for a moment and discuss her father before Clarke sees Jr's blood on some rocks on the other side of the pond and tells Finn they need to get the others.

Murphy asks if they are going in the right direction and Finn spots some more blood before they hear someone moaning in the distance. They head toward the sounds and they find Jr strung up to a tree. Clarke hurries up to him but falls into a covered pit with Bellamy grabbing her arm just in time. He seems to contemplate letting her go for a brief moment before they all manage to pull Clarke up.

Finn offers to climb up and cut Jr down. Finn and Murphy are cutting Jr down from the tree when they hear a low growling coming from a black jaguar. Clarke calls for Bellamy to use his gun but when Bellamy reaches for it, he finds Wells had stolen it.

Wells uses the gun and fires multiple times at the jaguar, grazing it once. The jaguar pounces toward Bellamy and Wells fires the last bullet, killing the jaguar. Bellamy tells Wells that now Clarke sees him. Clarke and Finn watch the Delinquents remove their wristbands. Later, while Clarke is tending to Jr in the drop ship, Finn presents her with a metal two-headed deer trinket. Clarke and Finn leave the drop ship and find the Delinquents are removing their wristbands for food.

Finn walks up and grabs some jaguar meat with Murphy stopping him and asking if he plays by different rules. Finn tells him he thought there were no rules before walking off. Clarke also grabs some food and walks off. As they eat their dinner, in the trees up above the Delinquents, a Grounder watches the Camp silently.

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In Earth Killsin the drop shipClarke is checking Jr 's pulse after he was speared by Grounders. She tells Monty to keep an eye on Jr while she goes to get him some water. Once outside the drop ship, she hears a year-old-girl, Charlottecrying out in her sleep and goes to wake her from her nightmares. Charlotte tells Clarke that she sees her floated parents in her dreams. Clarke tells her that her dad was floated, too and she asks Charlotte what got her locked up.

Charlotte tells her that she assaulted an Ark Guard who took her parents' things to the redistribution center. Clarke points out a bright star in the night sky and tells Charlotte that the Ark up there is something they can move past and the ground is their second chance. Later, in the drop ship, Clarke is inspecting Jr's wound and realizes the Grounders saved his life by cauterizing the wound.

She notices that the wound is infected and worries that he might be septic and tells Wells to hold Jr down. Just then, Jr's cries turn to screams as Clarke tries to cut away Jr's infected flesh.

Bellamy arrives and tells Clarke she cannot save Jr's life and his screams are making people uncomfortable.

Clarke tells Bellamy that this is not the Ark and down here every life matters. Bellamy calls Jr a "lost cause" and tells Clarke if Jr is not better by tomorrow, he will kill Jr. Bellamy tells Octavia to leave with him but she refuses. Finn tells Clarke that Bellamy happens to be right.

Clarke tells Finn that he and Bellamy are wrong and that Jr is not a lost cause. She takes apart the poultice the Grounders had used on Jr and Wells recognizes the red plant as seaweed.

Clarke, Finn, and Wells then leave to go find the seaweed. On their hike, Wells tries to discuss their relationship but Clarke refuses. They stumble across an old vehicle buried in the dirt and Clarke tells them they can look at it later because Jr can't wait. Clarke gets the seaweed for medicine right before they spot the Acid Fog. Once Clarke, Wells, and Finn reach the riverbank, Wells points out the red seaweed floating in the water.

Finn starts discussing a way to retrieve the seaweed while Clarke wades in and grabs it. A flock of birds suddenly swarms overhead as a foghorn is heard. They look up into the sky and see a massive, yellow storm cell bearing down on them. Clarke tells them to run.

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They flee the Acid Fog and take shelter in the abandoned vehicle. In the vehicle's glovebox, Finn finds some whiskey and he and Clarke begin drinking from it. Clarke gets tipsy from the whiskey and grumpily complains how she can be fun.

Wells tells her she is fun and then tries to reminisce with her before Clarke interrupts him, saying, "remember that time you betrayed me and got my father executed?

Clarke tells him she wants an explanation and Wells says he can't give her one beyond trusting his father. Wells grabs the whiskey from Finn and takes a swig. Once the fog has cleared, they head back to the camp with Clarke walking ahead. Finn tells Wells that he knows Wells is covering something up.

Finn later tells Clarke that Wells isn't giving her a straight answer about Clarke's dad and he wants to know how sure Clarke is that Wells is the one who told about Clarke's dad.

Clarke eventually comes upon Bellamy. His is holding a knife, trying to work up the courage to mercy-kill Atom who had gotten trapped in the Acid Fog when he notices Clarke arrive.

Clarke kneels on the other side of Atom and shakes her head at Bellamy that she will not be able to save him. She tells Atom she is going to help him and begins humming to him as she takes the knife from Bellamy's hand. She gently pushes the knife into Atom's carotid artery and continues to hum to him as he expires. Meanwhile, Charlotte observes, hidden from view. Later that night, they return to camp with Atom's body. Bellamy orders them to get Clarke whatever she needs as Wells tells Bellamy he will go dig Atom's grave.

Back in the drop ship, Clarke has made a tea from the seaweed and is forcing Jr to drink it. She tells Octavia that she is sorry about Atom and Octavia says they will have to get used to people dying, but not Jr. Clarke then finds Wells digging Atom's grave and asks him if it was her mother who told his dad about Jake's plan to go public with the life-support failure on the Ark. She did not want to believe her father's death was her mother's fault and this whole time Wells had let her believe it was him to protect her from that.

Clarke asks if he can forgive her and he tells her it is already done and they hug. Finn approaches and tells her she should not be out all alone because that is how the Grounders got Wells. He then produces a colored pencil and tells her he got it at the Art Supply Store. Clarke begins to reminisce how Wells was always getting her drawing materials by trading in his own stuff on The Ark.

She tells Finn how Wells let her hate him so she wouldn't hate her own mother for killing her father and decides to make her mother feel what she is feeling.

She heads to the drop ship and has Monty remove her wristband so her mother will think she is dead. Monty tells Clarke that he did it and was able to keep Clarke's wristband fully operational. Now all he needs to do is patch it into the drop ship mainframe and they will be talking to the Ark by nightfall. Later, Clarke and Bellamy are approached by Octavia and Jr who bring them Wells' fingers and the murder weapon: a knife.

Clarke realizes the knife belongs to a Delinquent and that the Grounders did not murder Wells; it was one of them. Bellamy tells Clarke she needs to keep this quiet because fear of the Grounders is building the wall that is keeping them safe. Clarke points out the knife belongs to John Murphy and the Delinquents have a right to know that he murdered Wells. Clarke storms out of the tent and confronts Murphy about the knife.

She tells Murphy he is going to pay for it and Octavia pipes up that Murphy also tried to kill Jr. Murphy says he does not have to answer to anyone when Bellamy steps in. Murphy tells Bellamy he did not do it. Clarke asks the crowd if they want a society with no rules.

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Connor shouts out that they should float Murphy and the crowd agrees. Connor says it is justice but Clarke calls it revenge. Connor then begins a chant to float Murphy and the crowd attacks Murphy and beats him as he is bound and gagged. They string up a noose and wrap it around his neck as Clarke begs them to stop. They pull Murphy up on the rope, hanging him from a branch and Connor gets the crowd to chant for Bellamy to kick the crate out from under Murphy.

Clarke pleads with Bellamy, telling him she saw him with Atom and knows he is not a killer. Bellamy shoves her away and kicks the crate out from under Murphy, yelling at Clarke that it is her fault for letting everyone know that the Grounders did not kill Wells.

As Murphy twists and wriggles at the end of the rope, Finn comes running up and tries to put a stop to it but Connor holds him off. Charlotte pushes forward and admits that she was the one who killed Wells. Clarke grabs the ax from Bellamy's waist and cuts the rope holding Murphy as Finn unties him. Clarke and Finn in the bunker. Bellamy, Clarke, and Finn then take Charlotte inside a tent to protect her from the angry Delinquents. Charlotte tells them she was trying to slay her demons.

Outside, Murphy is calling for Charlotte and to let him punish her like they wanted to punish Murphy. Bellamy tells Clarke and Finn to stay inside the tent with Charlotte while he goes outside to deal with Murphy. Clarke and Finn then escape with Charlotte. They are trekking through the woods when Charlotte reaches for Clarke's hand. Clarke jerks her hand away and calls Charlotte a killer and tells her she cannot just kill someone to make herself feel better.

They hear Murphy and his followers calling out for Charlotte. Finn gestures to a hatch in the ground, revealing his Art Supply Storeor rather a pre-war bunker that the inhabitants never made it to.

They tuck Charlotte into bed and Clarke tells Finn they should share all of the supplies with the group but he thinks they should keep it secret. Clarke thinks the original owners might have been better off dying before making it to the shelter.

She tells Finn she doesn't know what to do about Charlotte and that it is all her fault as she should have listened to Bellamy about confronting Murphy. Charlotte listens to their conversation quietly from her bed. Clarke awakens in the bunker to discover Charlotte missing and wakes Finn up. Meanwhile, Charlotte is running in the woods when Bellamy grabs her and tells her to keep quiet. Clarke and Finn hear Charlotte screaming for Murphy and think that Murphy might have her.

Clarke arrives at the cliff-side where Murphy has Charlotte and Bellamy trapped. She tells Murphy it has gone too far. Murphy takes Clarke hostage and Charlotte begs him not to hurt Clarke. Murphy tells Charlotte if she comes with him he will let Clarke go. Bellamy stops Charlotte from going to Murphy and Charlotte says she can't let anyone get hurt anymore because of her before she turns around and jumps off the cliff to Bellamy's and Clarke's screams of protest. Bellamy turns and tackles Murphy, punching him over and over in the face until Finn pulls Bellamy off Murphy.

Bellamy tells Clarke that Murphy deserves to die. Clarke tells him they do not get to decide that and she was wrong before and they need rules. She tells him they will make the rules and they should banish Murphy.

Dating Clarke Griffin would include. Being Abby's girlfriend and Clarke bestfriend would include: Clarke being worried when you're hurt would include. Being Clarke's sister and really close friends with Lexa would include. Jealous Clarke Griffin Would Include. MASTERLIST. -being shy when you first land. -quietly coming along to get water. -the guys looking at you quizzically as you prance around feeling the different plants and flowers. -Clarke looking back and secretly smiling at you. -scraping your leg while building the wall. -being sent to Clarke so she can take a look at it. -blushing on your part. Read Dating Clarke Griffin would include from the story The imagines by Hyperventilatingkid (Space Bitch) with 2, reads. octaviablake, richardharmon, b.

Bellamy picks Murphy up and holds him near the cliff's edge, telling him that if Murphy ever comes back to The CampBellamy will kill him. He then tells Murphy's four followers that they can either go back to camp or they can go with Murphy and die. The four followers head back to camp with Clarke and Bellamy while Finn tosses Murphy a knife before leaving. Later at the drop ship, Monty has the wristbands ready to hook up to the drop ship Jr the honor of making the final connection.

As Jr makes the connection, it fries everyone's wristbands and Eric Jackson in Earth Monitoring Station witnesses all of the remaining wristbands terminating at once. Finn takes off in frustration and Clarke follows after him. She catches up to Finn at the bunker where he is throwing things around in anger because he thinks everyone is now going to die on the Ark and they are now all alone on Earth.

Clarke tells him he is not alone and they have sex as Raven Reyes descends toward Earth, her raven necklace from Finn floating weightless in the escape pod. In Twilight's Last GleamingClarke and Finn are still in the bunker discussing the night before when they had sex and Clarke tells Finn she needed him and wanted it to be him. Finn jokes he just wanted to have his first Earth sex and Clarke was around and "passably cute.

Later, Clarke and Finn sit outside the bunker and Clarke tells Finn they should share the supplies with the other Delinquents but Finn tells her they should keep it a secret so they have someplace to hide if they need to.

They kiss again just as Clarke sees Raven's drop ship falling to Earth. Finn tells her it is a shooting star and she should make a wish. As the drop ship continues to fall, Clarke realizes it is not a shooting star. Clarke and Finn get ready to leave the bunker to find out what might have been sent down from the Ark. Clarke is hopeful there is a radio. Clarke and Finn arrive back at the camp and Fox approaches them, saying that Bellamy told everyone to wait until sunrise before looking for the drop ship.

Clarke goes to look for Bellamy in his tent and finds Roma who tells her Bellamy already left a while ago. Clarke realizes Bellamy went after the radio in the drop ship and takes off after him with Finn following. Clarke blames herself for getting distracted by Finn. Later, at the crash site, Raven awakens in the pod and removes her space helmet, discovering she has a head injury just as Clarke opens the pod door and sees Raven.

Raven then steps onto the ground for the first time, twirling in amazement and asking if it is raining. Clarke nods with a smile on her face and welcomes Raven to Earth.

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Finn arrives and calls out to her. Raven runs up to him and they reunite and kiss passionately, much to Clarke's surprise. Finn asks Raven how she got to Earth and she tells him how she rebuilt the pod. Raven starts to feel light-headed and Clarke comes over to assist with her head injury. She then tells them about the planned culling and how they need to alert the Ark that the Delinquents are alive. They discover the missing radio and Clarke tells Finn and Raven they need to find Bellamy.

Clarke catches up to Bellamy in the woods and orders him to tell her where the radio is. She tells him about the Culling and how they are getting ready to kill people for oxygen. Finn and Raven arrive and Raven tells him that they have been looking everywhere on the Ark for him. Bellamy tells her to shut up as Clarke asks why.

Raven tells them how Bellamy shot Jaha and Clarke realizes that is the reason why he took the wristbands. Raven demands to know where her radio is and Bellamy tells her he should have killed her when he had the chance. Raven challenges him to do it and he shoves her up against a tree as she pulls a knife on him and asks again where her radio is. Bellamy lets her go and tells them Jaha deserved to die.

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Raven tells Bellamy he was a lousy shot and that Jaha is not dead. Clarke tells Bellamy this means he is not a murderer; he was just protecting his sister. Now it is time to protect people and give them back the radio. Bellamy tells her it is too late. Bellamy then has several Delinquents searching for the missing radio in the river where he tossed it. Finn tells Clarke he should have told her about Raven. Clarke tells him she gets it: she was around and "passably cute.

Raven tells them it will take at least a half day to dry it out to see what is broken. Clarke yells at Bellamy for what he did and that people will die because of him. Raven interrupts and tells them they don't actually have to talk to the Ark; they just have to let them know they are alive. Raven begins organizing the Delinquents on stripping her pod for spare parts to create rocket launchers.

Clarke asks if they will be able to see the rockets from the Ark and Raven tells her that Abby will be watching for them.

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The Delinquents set up the launchers for the flares. They start lighting off the rockets and watch as they go soaring into the evening sky.

Bellamy asks Clarke if she thinks the Ark will be able to see the rockets. She tells him she does not know and wonders if they can wish on the flares as a shooting star. Bellamy tells her he would not know what to wish for. Clarke offers to help search. Bellamy gathers a search party of Delinquents to help look for Octavia and asks for Finn specifically because they need a tracker.

Clarke and Finn talk as a meteor shower appears overhead. It is actually the bodies of the Ark citizens who were culled being returned to Earth. Raven tells Bellamy it's all his fault for taking the radio. Bellamy brushes her off, saying he needs to find his sister and the search party leaves. Clarke and Raven stay behind to go to the bunker to see if they can find a transmitter for the radio.

Clarke and Raven head to the bunker as they discuss their mothers. Raven tells her that it was because of Finn that she survived on the Ark. Once inside the bunker, Clarke and Raven start digging through the supplies and they find part of a remote control car that will work for their radio transmitter.

Raven also finds the metal two-headed deer trinket that Finn had made for Clarke. Once back at the Camp, Raven confronts Clarke about the two-headed deer. Clarke tells Raven that she did not even know Raven existed. Raven asks Clarke if she loves Finn and Clarke replies that she hardly knows him.

Later, as Bellamy carries an injured Finn back to camp and calls out for Clarke to save his life, Clarke tells Raven to fix the radio because she needs her mother's help to save Finn's life. Clarke and Raven make contact with the Ark.

In Contents Under PressureThe Camp is battening down the hatches in preparation for a hurricane while Raven tries to get through on the radio to The Ark and Clarke is tending to a severely injured Finn.

Up on the Ark, Abigail Griffin is before the Council and is told that even though she had broken laws and should be floated, they need her medical expertise too badly so she's received a stay of execution.

They suddenly hear Raven calling over the Ark-wide channel, asking for help from the ground. Jacapo Sinclair boosts the signal and Abby is able to talk to Clarke for the first time.

Clarke asks for help with Finn and tells Jaha that Wells didn't make it. The storm, however, temporarily disrupts the communications. Octavia returns to the drop ship with Monty 's moonshine to help disinfect Finn's injury. BellamyMillerand Drew return, carrying the unconscious Grounder who had saved Octavia's life and stabbed Finn into the drop ship. Bellamy tells them to tie him up on the third floor while they send the rest of the Delinquents to the second floor to give Clarke room to work on Finn.

Abby gets back on the radio and Clarke describes Finn's injury to her. Abby guides Clarke through removing the blade from Finn's side. As Clarke is doing so, the storm gets worse and debris hits the drop ship, knocking everyone down, including Clarke and Finn. Luckily, the blade was removed without doing further damage. Clarke finishes stitching up Finn's wound and realizes he is feverish.

Abby wants to talk with Clarke but Clarke leaves to the third level. Bellamy asks how Finn is doing and shows Clarke the Grounder's journal where he has a drawing of the drop ship and tally marks counting the Delinquents.

He tells her they are fighting a war just as Raven calls up to Clarke that Finn has started seizing so Clarke rushes back down to him. Clarke is able to stop Finn from seizing and quickly realizes that the blade Finn was stabbed with had been poisoned. She heads back up to the third floor with Octavia following her. Bellamy remembers the vials they had found in the Grounder's bag and brings them to her. They ask the Grounder to tell them which one has the antidote but he refuses to speak.

Bellamy tells Clarke she does not have to be there while he tortures the Grounder to find the antidote but Clarke stays. Octavia begs Bellamy to stop, telling him the Grounder had saved their lives even though Finn was dying downstairs. Bellamy brutally tortures the Grounder, whipping him with a seatbelt, yet the Grounder still will not speak.

Clarke and Bellamy escalate the torture of the Grounder with Bellamy putting a spike through his hand. Raven comes into the room after Finn almost dies again and begins to electrocute the Grounder, causing him to scream in agony. Octavia puts a stop to it by slicing herself with the knife that the Grounder used on Finn, saying that the Grounder wouldn't let her die.

The Grounder finally helps Octavia find the correct antidote to save her and Finn. Clarke goes downstairs and gives the antidote to Finn while she sends Raven out for water. Abby comes on the radio and Clarke tells her she knows about her mother's involvement in her father's death before turning off the radio and sobbing in sorrow.

Later, Clarke tries to clean the Grounder's wounds but he sees Octavia enter the room and refuses to let Clarke do so. Octavia walks over to help and he allows her to clean up his wounds. Clarke tells Octavia that they tortured him to save Finn. Octavia replies that Clarke didn't even save Finn; Octavia did. Clarke leaves to check on Finn again. Clarke leaves the drop ship and sees the Delinquents cleaning up the camp after the storm. Bellamy approaches her, taking the spike that had been in the Grounder's hand and tells her, "who we are and who we need to be to survive are very different things," and that it is hard being in charge.

Chancellor Jaha wants to know more about the Grounder in hopes he can provide insight on how to survive the winter.

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Clarke deflects the question by saying they are doing everything they can to prepare for the winter and admits that they will freeze before they starve. Marcus Kane believes he can help prevent that and shows Clarke coordinates to an old Emergency Aid Depot that is not far from their landing site.

Kane and Jaha explain that it should have supplies and that it can be used as a shelter for the Delinquents and the citizens of the Ark during the winter. Jaha then asks for a moment alone with Clarke before telling her everyone is proud of what the Delinquents have accomplished on Earth; especially Clarke's mother, Abigail Griffin. Jaha tries to get Clarke to forgive her mother, however, Clarke does not believe she will ever forgive her mother or Jaha for betraying and killing her father.

Clarke changes the subject to the kids who actually want to talk to their parents and leaves to find Dax. Clarke then returns to the drop ship and calls out for Bellamy. Bellamy snaps at Clarke and tells her no, he still will not talk to Jaha.

Clarke tells him about the Emergency Aid Depot and invites him along because she does not want to be around anyone she actually likes at the moment. Bellamy smiles at her honesty and agrees to go with her and Clarke leaves to check in on Finn who is still recovering from a stab wound. Raven is also there and things are awkward while Clarke cleans Finn's wound.

She asks Raven to change his bandages in a few hours to make sure Finn stays in bed before she leaves with Bellamy. She notices Bellamy packing more rations than necessary for a day trip and comments, but he brushes her off by saying a lot can happen in a day. Clarke and Bellamy look for the Depot. As they are walking through the woods, Clarke mentions that the first drop ship will be coming down soon and that Bellamy cannot avoid Jaha forever.

They reach the coordinates and see ruins amidst a swamp. Bellamy says there has to be a door and they split up but stay within shouting distance. Clarke soon shouts out that she found a door. As the two explore the depot they quickly realize that the place is ruined and disgusting. They realize that the Delinquents and Sky People will not be able to live down there. Bellamy finds a box of glow sticks and begins lighting them.

Meanwhile, Clarke finds a box full of blankets. While Clarke is happy they found something Bellamy is not when he opens up a metal barrel only to find it full of grease. Angry, Bellamy kicks the barrel over. After the barrel topples over, Bellamy discovers a bunch of assault rifles and ammunition that were stored inside. Bellamy asks Clarke if she's ready to be a badass and insists on teaching Clarke how to shoot as he eats the Jobi Nuts.

When he fixes Clarke's stance, Bellamy notices how close he is to her and gets flustered.

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Taking one of the rifles Bellamy decides to demonstrate instead. Bellamy pulls the trigger and the bullet is a dud. Bellamy tells Clarke to try hers. After she shoots for the first time, she is amazed by the feeling and questions if she should feel horrible for feeling that way.

They then discuss the Delinquents and Bellamy tells Clarke to keep Miller close. Clarke realizes Bellamy is planning on running away and tries to convince Bellamy to stay, saying Octavia needs him. Bellamy tells her Octavia hates him and she'll be fine. Flustered, Bellamy tells Clarke to keep shooting and leaves to go get some air.

Clarke tries to shoot her weapon again, only she starts hallucinating and envisions that she is back in her cell on the Ark along with her father, Jake Griffin. Clarke starts hugging her father but pulls away when she realizes her father is not real.

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Jake tries to get her to forgive her mother. Clarke breaks down over the growing pressure of everyone counting on her and over her torturing the Grounder. Clarke says her mother doesn't deserve her forgiveness and her father tells her that forgiveness is not about what people deserve. Clarke is still reluctant, and then the hallucination changes as Jake calls her a crazy bitch.

Clarke is confused as Dax stands behind her, calling her a crazy bitch just before he hits her on the head with one of the rifles and knocks her out.

Dax then goes after Bellamy who is suffering from his own hallucinations. Dax shoots at Bellamy but the bullet jams so Dax ejects it onto the ground and aims again. Just before Dax can pull the trigger and kill Bellamy, Clarke appears pointing a rifle at him. Dax tells Clarke she should have stayed down in the depot; he tried not to kill her but Commander Shumway said no witnesses. Clarke is confused and Bellamy explains Shumway set it up and gave him the gun to shoot the Chancellor.

Clarke tells Dax to put the rifle down. When Dax refuses, Clarke pulls the trigger but her bullet is a dud so she runs and hides behind a tree as Dax fires at her. Bellamy realizes Dax is going to kill Clarke and tackles him, sending both of them to the ground as the two get into a fist-fight with Dax gaining the upper hand.

Clarke is unable to figure out how to unjam her gun so she charges at Dax. Dax, however, thrusts the end of his rifle into Clarke's stomach, knocking her to the ground.

Clarke's distraction allows enough time for Bellamy to grab the forgotten bullet and lodge it into Dax's neck. Dax dies quickly after. Afterward, Clarke tells Bellamy that he is okay to which Bellamy replies that he is not okay.

Leaning up against a tree, Bellamy breaks down and says he is a monster. Clarke consoles him, telling him that she needs him, that they all need him, and that he is forgiven. He can't run because he has to return with her face it. Bellamy asks if she means like how she faced her mom. Clarke admits that she does not want to talk to her mother or face any of it.

All Clarke thinks about is trying to keep everyone alive but they do not have a choice. Bellamy still thinks Jaha will kill him when he lands on Earth. Clarke responds that they will figure something out.

Bellamy asks her if they can do it another time. Clarke leans back on the tree and tells him whenever he is ready. Bellamy announces that they have been scared of the Grounders for too long because of their knives and spears and he is done being afraid. Together, they show the camp the rifles. Clarke warns them they will have to be prepared to give them up to the Ark Guard when the drop ships come, but until then, they're going to help keep them safe.

Bellamy tells them they will start training in the morning so that if the Grounders attack, they will be ready. Finn is not happy about the rifles in camp. Later, as Bellamy tries to make amends with Octavia, Clarke approaches the two telling Bellamy it is time to talk to Jaha. Back in the communications tent, Bellamy and Clarke face Chancellor Jaha through a video chat. Before Jaha says anything, Clarke defends Bellamy and asks for his crime to be pardoned.

Jaha explains that it is not that easy. Bellamy tells Jaha it is that easy if he wants to know who on the Ark wants to him dead. Jaha then pardons Bellamy Blake for his crimes, much to both of their relief. Later that night as Clarke checks on Finn's wounds, Finn vocally disapproves of bringing guns into camp.

Finn does not want the guns in camp because he does not trust Clarke and Bellamy cannot predict what Bellamy is going to do. Clarke tells Finn she trusts Bellamy, shocking him and he tells her she is wrong to trust Bellamy. He also tells her she and Bellamy are leading the Delinquents down a dangerous road and wishes Clarke would have talked to him first. Clarke, however, replies that she wishes Finn would have talked to her about a lot of things but he didn't.

Just then, Raven enters the tent and Clarke quietly leaves while Raven looks after her. Clarke and Finn discuss Unity Day Events. Clarke walks up to Finn and he tells her how Unity Day is a lie because the Ark only came down after the 13th station was blown up.

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Clarke tells him that peace came out of that violence but Finn questions whether there even needed to be violence. Later, as the Delinquents are drinking and celebrating. Clarke approaches Bellamy and he tells her he has security covered in case Lincoln comes back with other Grounders.

He tells her she could use a drink and reminds her that in two days, her mom is coming down and the party is over. Clarke agrees and tells him he also deserves some fun. She leaves and begins playing drinking games with SterlingFoxand Miller. Finn interrupts and pulls Clarke away.

He tells her he set up a meeting with the Grounders. He tells her he thinks they can do better this time around and Clarke says they need to bring backup.

Finn says the terms were no weapons. Clarke agrees and tells him she will meet him at the gate. She then seeks out Bellamy and tells him about the meeting, asking him to go as her backup without telling Finn.

As Clarke and Finn walk through the woods, Clarke stops to check his stab wound. She tells him she's just trying to keep them alive. As they continue on to the meeting place, Clarke leaves behind a trail that Bellamy, Ravenand Jr are following.

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When they arrive at the meeting place on a bridge, Octavia is there waiting for them. Clarke realizes it was Octavia who set it up and Octavia tells Clarke that she trusts Lincoln. Lincoln comes running up shortly thereafter and catches Octavia in a hug, which Bellamy, Raven, and Jr witness from their hidden location under the bridge.

Bellamy gets Lincoln in his sights just as the Grounders arrive on horses. Finn gets upset when he sees they are carrying weapons. Clarke crosses the bridge and meets Anya in the middle and offers her hand. Anya does not take it. Anya tells Clarke that she started a war she doesn't know how to finish when she burned a village to the ground with the flares they set off trying to alert the Ark they were alive. The Delinquents invaded their land and sent an armed raiding party to capture and torture one of their people.

All acts of war. Anya asks Clarke if it's true that more warriors are coming down and Clarke tells her that yes, there will be the Ark Guar but also farmers, doctors, and engineers. Anya asks if Clarke can promise that they will agree to the terms she and Clarke agree on but Clarke cannot promise that.

Meanwhile, Jr spots Grounders in the trees and shouts at everyone to run as he starts shooting at them. The Grounders shoot arrows back at the Delinquents. Anya takes out her knife and is about to stab Clarke when Bellamy shoots her in her arm.

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Finn runs across the bridge to drag Clarke to safety. Lincoln tells them to keep running till they get back to their camp. After they return to Camp, they start blaming each other for everything. Finn blames Clarke for bringing guns and for not trusting him, blames Raven for being too preoccupied making bullets, and blames Jr for firing the first shot. Clarke blames Finn for trusting the Grounders.

Raven blames Finn for not telling her about it. And Octavia blames Jr for ruining everything before she walks away. There is a sonic boom and Clarke and Bellamy look up to witness the Exodus ship coming down a day early, much too fast, and without a parachute. An explosion is seen in the distance and Clarke crumples in grief when she realizes her mother is dead.

There are no survivors. Raven tells Finn to help her find the black box to explain why the ship crashed. Bellamy warns everyone to keep on the lookout for Grounders in retaliation for the Unity Day bridge battle. Clarke discovers a pink, smelly liquid that Raven tells her to get away from because it is highly explosive hydrazine. She demonstrates by throwing some and creating a small explosion and tells Bellamy to clear the area. When they return to The Campthey discover Murphy has returned after having been banished.

Murphy tells them he was running from the Grounders. Bellamy starts to point a gun at him for returning and Finn intervenes, telling Bellamy that Murphy might be able to tell them things about the Grounders. Bellamy tells Finn to get out of his way but Clarke tells him Finn is right.

She sees that Murphy's fingernails were torn off and that he was tortured. Bellamy wants to know what Murphy told the Grounders and Murphy admits, "everything. Clarke heads to the Communications tent and runs into Raven inside. Raven tells her she still has not been able to get back in contact with The Ark since the Unity Day Celebration and she has a bad feeling.

As she is telling Clarke she is sorry about her momClarke's eyes begin to bleed. Connor then calls out for Clarke because he's coughing up blood. As more Delinquents begin coughing and bleeding, Clarke tells Raven to stay away.

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In the drop ship, Murphy is puking up blood. Clarke asks him how he escaped and he tells her they forgot to lock his cage so he took off. Clarke realizes the Grounders purposefully let him go just as Bellamy enters the drop ship, asking what is happening. Clarke tells him it is biological warfare. Bellamy blames Murphy but Murphy tells them he did not know.

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Derek starts seizing before collapsing and dying. Clarke orders a quarantine. She asks Connor who else was with them when they found Murphy and Connor admits it was Octavia. Bellamy goes to check on Octavia and brings her to Clarke. Clarke tells Bellamy that she needs to quarantine her. Once Bellamy leaves, Clarke tells Octavia that she needs to talk to Lincoln to get the cure. Another Delinquent dies from the sickness and Bellamy orders everyone back to work.

He checks in with Clarke at the drop ship to see if she needs anything and she jokes about needing some medicine. Bellamy then calls into the drop ship after Clarke and Octavia admits that she sent Octavia to Lincoln for a cure.

Bellamy storms off and tells a Delinquent to get out of his way. The Delinquent turns and his eyes are bleeding.

Everyone starts to panic as more kids fall sick. Clarke fires a gun into the air to get everyone to settle down. One Delinquent orders Clarke back in the drop ship and Bellamy knocks him in the face before telling Clarke that her quarantine isn't working. Clarke starts to collapse and Finn rushes over to catch her. Octavia arrives just then with the announcement that there is no cure and the Grounders attack at dawn.

Octavia then helps Finn get Clarke into the drop ship. Murphy stands up and offers his spot because he's already starting to feel better. Octavia offers Clarke some water and Clarke asks her to help with the sick and Murphy volunteers to help as well.

Clarke then tells Finn to flee camp with anyone healthy enough to go with him. Later, Bellamy wakes up after having also fallen sick. He looks for Clarke and Octavia as Murphy approaches him with some water and Bellamy pushes him away. Clarke comes over and gives Bellamy some water. He asks where Octavia is and she tells him Octavia was up all night tending to the sick. Bellamy tells her he thinks they should get everyone inside the drop ship and lock them up because sick is better than dead by the Grounders if Finn and Jr don't pull off their mission to blow up the bridge.

They do pull it off and a massive explosion is seen and heard all the way back at the Camp. Bellamy is impressed they did it and Clarke quotes Oppenheimer. Monty and Jr return to the Camp to cheers and applause while Finn drags in Raven who has now also fallen sick. Clarke gets her set up in the drop ship and leaves Finn with Raven. She nods at Murphy in thanks for his help as she leaves the drop ship. Bellamy finds Clarke outside the wall at the graveyard and Clarke comments how there are 14 graves.

Clarke tells Bellamy that Murphy was right about the bridge and Bellamy warns her about the so-called " Mountain Men. She says no and he tells her that Jr thinks he might be able to make some more gunpowder and Raven can make some landmines. There is still no word from The Ark since the Unity Day blast and they wonder if everyone ran out of air. Clarke does not think anyone is coming down to save them.

Later, after a fire burned down the Camp's smokehouse, Clarke asks what happened and Bellamy explains that Del built the fire up too much because Octavia told him it was a bad idea. Clarke tells him they need to go hunting because they can't defend themselves if they are starving. Bellamy tells the Delinquents to go out in groups with one Gunner in each group and to use the bullets for the Grounders but the spears for their food.

Myles asks Clarke if she would like to go hunting with him and she agrees. Finn then asks if she wants to go hunting and she says no just as Myles walks up and assumes Finn is coming and they all leave to go hunting together. As they are looking for prey to hunt, Myles is chatting when Clarke tells him to be quiet. Finn realizes the tracks they had been following were made by Grounders and they are the ones being hunted just as Myles is struck down by an arrow in his leg and one in his chest.

Finn tells Clarke they have to leave Myles just before he is hit over the head by a Grounder. The last thing Clarke sees is Anya. Clarke and Finn are led into a room and Anya enters. She releases Clarke as another Grounder reveals a mortally injured Tris.

She tells Clarke to help her; otherwise, Finn will die. Clarke asks Anya why she thinks she can save Tris. Anya says that Lincoln had told her about Clarke's medical expertise and since their healer is gone, they need Clarke or Finn dies.

Clarke asks what happened and Anya tells her that Tris was on the bridge when the bomb exploded.

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