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The Box mate is one of the four basic checkmates along with the Queen mate, the king and two bishops checkmate, and the bishop and knight checkmate. It occurs when the side with the king and rook box in the bare king to the corner or edge of the board. The mate is delivered by the rook along the edge rank or file, and escape towards the centre of the board is blocked by the king.

The Corner mate is a common method of checkmating.

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It works by confining the king to the corner using a rook or queen with a pawn blocking the final escape square and using a minor piece to engage the checkmate.

Cozio's mate is a common method of checkmating.

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It was named after a study by Carlo Coziopublished in Another name for this mate is Dovetail mate. It involves trapping the black king in the pattern shown.

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It does not matter how the queen is supported and it does not matter which type Black's other two pieces are so long as neither is an unpinned knight. See also Swallow's tail mate. Damiano's bishop mate is a classic method of checkmating.

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The checkmate utilizes a queen and bishop, where the bishop is used to support the queen and the queen is used to engage the checkmate.

The checkmate is named after Pedro Damiano. Damiano's mate is a classic method of checkmating and one of the oldest. It works by confining the king with a pawn and using a queen to initiate the final blow.

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Damiano's mate is often arrived at by first sacrificing a rook on the h-file, then checking the king with the queen on the a-file or h-file, and then moving in for the mate. The checkmate was first published by Pedro Damiano in The David and Goliath mate is a common method of checkmating. Although the David and Goliath mate can take many forms, it is characterized generally as a mate in which a pawn is the final attacking piece and where enemy pawns are nearby.

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Its name is taken from the biblical account of David and Goliath. The Double bishop mate is a classic method of checkmating. It is similar to Boden's matebut a bit simpler. The checkmate involves attacking the king using two bishops, resulting in the king being trapped behind a pawn that has not been moved.

Epaulette or Epaulet mate is, in its broadest definition, a checkmate where two parallel retreat squares for a checked king are occupied by its own pieces, preventing its escape.


It is the quickest checkmate in chess. Greco's mate is a common method of checkmating. The checkmate is named after the famous Italian checkmate cataloguer Gioachino Greco. It works by using the bishop to contain the black king by use of the black g-pawn and subsequently using the queen or a rook to checkmate the king by moving it to the edge of the board. The Hook mate involves the use of a rook, knight, and pawn along with one enemy pawn to limit the enemy king's escape.

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The rook is protected by the knight, and the knight is protected by the pawn, while the pawn also attacks one of the enemy king's escape squares.

The Kill Box mate is a box-shaped checkmate.

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The checkmate is delivered by a rook with the queen's assistance. The rook is adjacent to the king, while the queen supports the rook, being separated from it by one empty square on the same diagonal as the rook.

This forms a 3 by 3 box shape, inside which the enemy king is trapped. The king could be anywhere on the board, but must have no escape squares available to him due either to being on the edge of the board or to being blocked off by friendly or enemy pieces.

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The king and two bishops checkmate is one of the four basic checkmates along with the Queen mate, the Rook mate, and the bishop and knight checkmate. It occurs when the king with two bishops force the bare king to the corner of the board to force a possible mate.

Blackburne's mate is named for Joseph Henry Blackburne and is a rare method of checkmating. The checkmate utilizes enemy pieces (typically a rook) and/or the edge of the board, together with a friendly knight, to confine the enemy king's sideways escape, while a friendly bishop pair takes the remaining two diagonals off from the enemy king. Instant Checkmate is a public records search service that gives you the power to perform online background checks instantly. Search anyone in America, and you could get immediate access to their criminal records, arrest records, related court documents, addresses, real age, and known aliases. Perform A Criminal Background Check Instantly. We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow more.

In a two knights endgamethe side with the king and two knights cannot checkmate a bare king by force. This endgame should be a draw if the bare king plays correctly. A mate only occurs if the player with the bare king blunders.

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In some circumstances, if the side with the king also has a pawn, it is possible to set up this type of checkmate.

In the ladder checkmate[14] [15] also known as the Lawnmower Matetwo major pieces which can be two queens, two rooks or one rook and one queen work together to push the enemy king to one side of the board. Alternatively, the mate may be delivered by a bishop on g5. Lolli's mate is a common method of checkmating. The checkmate involves infiltrating Black's fianchetto position using both a pawn and queen.

The queen often gets to the h6-square by means of sacrifices on the h-file.

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It is named after Giambattista Lolli. Max Lange's mate is a less common method of checkmating.

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The checkmate is named after Max Lange. It works by using the bishop and queen to checkmate the king. Mayet's mate involves the use of a rook attacking the black king supported by a bishop.

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It often comes about after the black king castles on its kingside in a fianchetto position. White usually arrives at this position after a series of sacrifices on the a-file h-file. It is a type of Anderssen's mate and closely resembles the Opera mate.

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See variation description in Anderssen's mate given above. Reference Chapter 10, p. Morphy's mate is a common method of checkmating.

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It was named after Paul Morphy. It works by using the bishop to attack the black king and a rook and Black's own pawn to confine it.

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