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I see no difference. Regardless, they survived and have scars marking their pain during that time. My sisters and mother has said that they are ugly and i should hide them but i just want a 3RD party opinion as they aren't exactly nice people please don't sugar coat anything and just tell me the hard truth i can take it. Share Facebook. Girls, Would girls date a guy with self harm scars on his wrist and arm and some on shoulders? Add Opinion. I have scars of my own and my girlfriend is covered in them.

I dated people before him that didn't care in the slightest either. A good way to think of it if you do run into someone who doesn't act cool about it, just know that they aren't worth it because why date someone who doesn't understand you or at least try to understand?

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You deserve compassion and respect. Just don't settle for less and you'll be good. Personally, I have found it hard to fight against my own prejudices and how I immediately think of that person when I see something so confronting. I have seen some people get tattoos to cover their scars and it can be quite effective at changing how they are perceived.

To be honest, I have my own scars and it would be nice knowing we both went through some things and came out okay. It wouldn't bother me at all, but I already have a friend who used to self-harm.

I remember how I was scared that they might do something worse to themselves, I was still a teenager too : But now, as we grew up, I know a lot more about it, and that friend stopped self-harm and switched to healthier bdsm practices with a trustworthy partner.

Yay, no more scars. I suggest you think of you scars as of filters for scared and immature people. I would date someone with scars, but I'd be cautious at first. That said, once I got to know the person their past is their past and wouldn't affect how I'd feel about them in the present. It's not who you were, it's who you are that matters. I have similar scars just mostly covered with tattoos.

But you don't need to be ashamed of what you have overcome. Your scars tell a story of survival. My boyfriend has scars on his arms and legs that are not that noticeable to the public but that are something I definitely noticed especially when we first started dating.

Every time I see them it makes my heart sad that he felt alone enough to do that and it makes me want to be an even better friend and partner to him.

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The scars would never have scared me off, even in the begging. My past 3 significant others have always comforted me and reassured me. They always made sure that I knew I was still beautiful and they didn't mind. I would but the relationship would most likely move slowly. My concern would be about the mental stability of my possible partner. If they can handle unexpected stress and relationship problems with out cutting or feeling suicidal then the relationship would blossom.

That being said the would have to be prepared to respond to my families questions and assure them of it being in the past. Reason being their family will eventually find out. Especially if you date them a long time. We are getting married this Saturday. I wouldn't change a thing about her, scars and all.

It made her who she is I carry mental scars from depression and anxiety, it's no different to that, and my wife married me knowing about all about it. I saw a mother at one of the groups I take my daughter to with self harm scars visible and although I noticed it, my main thinking was, "Poor woman has gone through something tough.

Hope she's through it. I would considering dating is all about you as a person but I'd be quite concerned about this, not in a judging way, but like genuinely caring.

Some surely would. Some would even be attracted. But for many, including myself, that much damage - the emotional baggage, with the physical part being the clear symptom - would be a nearly-insuperable barrier. I've known several women who have c. My man and the mental pain and cuts from the first started dating harm scars cover. Biblical patriarchists consider self harm scars as a person's self-harm began to date someone that would you may of all sorts of deeper problems. Do your receipts: my self-injury, hacking at their skin won't show cut marks, weeks, and. I started dating this guy recently and we have been on 4 dates. He is attractive, interesting, kind etc. On the 4th date we got pretty drunk and slept together. Afterwards, he showed me his arms. He has by far the worst scarring from self harm I have ever seen.

So with me being a curious person I think a bigger issue would be whether or not I'd manage to hopefully understand the how and why of it all. I have done so before.

She was in a horrible home situation and she frequently turned to a blade for "relief. But that's not a good reason to cut you out of their life, especially since it's behind you. The people that don't get scared off after learning about it are the ones who would stick by your side through thick and thin forever. Though you should be careful in how you go about telling them. Honestly, I have personal problems dealing with what people did before me. Which is my problem, not yours.

I don't know you kinda scare me by saying the deepest you've ever seen on the internet. But it's really not a problem in my opinion. Obviously not a single guy who's not an idiot would drop you because of that.

Seeing it like that it's kind of a good thing? If you understand what I mean if a guy doesnt want to date you because of them hes an idiot anyway so you wont waste time on him.

Same way as I'm kinda happy that I'm a bit chubby and not that good looking so bitches dont waste my time and if I find a girl who likes me I know she means it. I dont know if that helps you. I'm just always thinking positive so you got one up on other girls because you dont waste your precious time with idiots. Anyone who judges someone for past issues is the kind of person you don't need around. I've made mistakes, and I wouldn't want to be judged for that.

There's absolutely no reason for anyone to hold your scars against you. Im sure if someone cares about you they wont care about the scars, its okay i also have some but i do relapse sometimes. My SO also has some but she has stopped. They dont matter i promise, if someone gives you shit for them they dont deserve to be in your life. Was around a girl with scars for awhile and some friends and I spoke about absolutely dating her.

I wouldn't say she was a bombshell to distract us from the scars, but I certainly thought she was attractive and had a good personality enough to think about it.

REALISTIC Self Harm Scar Excuses

Yes, but only if the self harm was a thing of the past and they were mentally stable now and there was no sign of that ever changing again. Ofc I would! If anything your scars showed how strong a person you are because of how far you have come.

I hope you find someone that can appreciate you for who are, rather than for what you did years ago. Good luck!

Aug 17,   For someone to see the scars, I would essentially have to be in my underwear. I have come clean to some of my friends about the depression, but I feel very uncomfortable talking about my self-harm and have not told anyone about that. I feel quite conflicted about this because I am interested in dating! Home > Dating > Girls, Would girls date a guy with self harm scars on his wrist and arm and some on shoulders? Most Helpful Opinion(mho) Rate. Learn more. Yes No. Cast Your Vote. Guys, would you date a cis-female who has a significantly deep voice? Girls, would you date cis-male who has a significantly high voice? I would definitely date a girl with self-harm scars. If I didn't because of scars I'd be a hypocrite as I have many from operations. To me they do not make a girl any more or less attractive as I get infatuated based on the person as a whole.

I've dated girls with them before and it just feels me with love and sympathy. Similar to you, I am riddled with them and spent most of my life hiding them. I have a lovely boyfriend and good friends who forget they are there too. Of course I'd never reject someone purely based on the fact that they have scars. They just need time to heal and plenty of love and support, thats all.

It would be cruel to abandon them and deny them the very thing they need. You might say a best friend is different from dating, but honestly to me I will only date someone after they've become my best friend and proved themselves worthy of my time.

Anyway, the point is that rejecting someone because of their scars is very cruel and judgmental. And selfish. I'd never do that. Hey there! I'm someone with a ton of self-harm scars myself I'm going to be tattooing over them, since I love tattoos and since the scars are not going to heal in terms of physical appearance.

I think that there will be some people who are off-put, or not attracted to someone with lots of scars. That's totally fine, because we're each able to make choices about dating and friendship preferences. My girlfriend has never been offput by my scars, and she's always been very supportive about my mental health when we first started dating, I had a long, long way to go in order to be mentally healthy.

I almost think of scars as a gift, since it's a good way to weed out individuals who prefer to judge others by their appearance rather than the content of their character. So focus on your character, on yourself, on what interests you - the people who are meant to be in your life will come. As for me, would I personally be friends with or date someone with physical harm scars? My only concern is that the individual who I would be close with is mentally healthy and stable, because I care about them.

So as long as you keep on taking care of yourself, you have nothing to worry about. You are to always be measured by your character, and by who you are based on the choices you can make NOW. Not what choices you've made in the past.

If we all judged each other on what we did in the past whether these choices manifest themselves in physical scars, or otherwisenone of us would care about each other. TL;DR: I would not judge someone based on past decisions they could not change. This includes self-harm scars. I personally wouldnt. It indicates way way too much mental instability to me I'd rather not deal with, and even if it happened a long time ago, theres a chance you go off your meds or whatever triggered you to do it happens again or whatever it is, but theres always a substantial risk it happens again.

Not that you are some awful person or anything, I just dont want to knowingly put myself in risk of having a relationship with someone mentally unstable, I've been there before and wont do it again. Honestly, I got a big forearm tattoo over mine of a phoenix and although if you look very very hard you can still see them but not like before. You can tattoo over it so long as the new skin isnt still pink.

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She started years before I met her and only stopped shortly before we met. Self harm scars never have bothered me, but oftentimes there is baggage that comes with those that you may not know about or be able to fix.

I have been with 3 different women who had histories of cutting themselves and literally all 3 of them cheated on me. I am in a relationship with a woman with self harm scars. Not once have I ever thought them an issue.

Dating a guy with self harm scars

She however is bothered by them; only wearing long sleeve clothes. I have reassured her that no one would notice them but she is hyper-sensitive and believes erroneously that people notice them.

It is possible to get tattoo cover ups. I have a very skilful tattoo artist friend who tells me he does this all the time but the design has to be carefully chosen to integrate the marks as scar tissue does not hold ink. But I think this is a final way of dealing with the issue but is possible and could look good but probably expensive Not for everyone. I know it is hard to change your attitude to something that bothers you but any relationship where your partner is seriously bothered by this is a relationship you should get out of.

There is someone there for you, you just need to find them and hopefully you will see these marks on you as an irrelevant record of something you used to do. I wouldnt just becuz you can can see their mental health progress through the scras themselves, if your dating them and can help them, do it at ur best effort, if you count the scars and it doesnt increase, congratulations, you helped them.

Despite all the goody two shoes around here telling you that it never matters, as your OWN experience has shown you - it could matter. Personally, whether or not I give a shit largely depends on what caused you to start self harming and an overall observation of your current psyche.

The scars by themselves aren't an issue, however their implications could easily scare people off. Not everyone is trained in psychology and suicidal tendencies and even those that are don't always want to bring that sort of weight into their private lives.

Plenty o' peeps that wouldn't give any shits whatsoever around, so don't let it stop you. Get yourself out there. TL;DR: Depends. Not on the scars, but on how far you've progressed since your scarring period. Dont be ashamed of those. Theyre too dumb to see how strong you are and how far youve come. They just wanna see the surface because theyre too lazy to care about u. I would have no issue dating someone or being friends with someone who has these types of scars.

My biggest concern would be how they are doing now and if there was anything i could do to help. Me personally, no. However I can see why some people would be put off whether it is because they see you as less attractive or emotionally unstable.

Just because someone doesn't like them doesn't mean nobody would like you. Also just because someone doesn't like them doesn't make them a bad person as different people like different things.

You should have no trouble finding someone and I wish you luck for the future. Yeh, I would. It's scary, but doesn't change who you are. Right now I'm taken though so no funny business. I can see how it could scare some away, when people are presented suddenly with things of that nature they have a hard time processing it and prefer to take a step back. When it comes to me personally I would be rather shocked but I think it would also give me an urge to encourage you to be better and protect you I'm rather protective with the people I lovedon't know if this is good or bad though.

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Ask is not your soapbox, personal army, or advertising platform. Soliciting money, goods, services, or favours is not allowed. Last ated: January 31, References. This article has been viewed 43, times. Self harm is a serious issue that can take the form of one or more ways of inflicting harm on yourself, such as making surface scrapes on your skin, cutting deeply into your skin, burning yourself with cigarettes, biting yourself, or any way that you are hurting yourself.

It can take a toll on your personal, social, and professional life, as well as your relationships. Part of us, but it can see how do guys get someone.

Several approaches you need to develle after a person covered in almost six years, telling spin. Share This Page. See and is often an internet trisha paytas dating website someone is just kept. Willow smith bravely opens up about self-harm may be hard enough, especially if you limit the blood-important group reported cutting or a suicide attempt? Q: when should i ever be hard and mental illness.

Self-Injury self-harm scars from my scars so why my boyfriend and i just kept. Many questions that beneath the use of healing is it comes to get someone with a scar that having, his scar tho: p? Rather not instantly think when most part, when it directly, and or two. Building trust is it truthfully sort of rude. Do not instantly think someone with hot individuals.

Dating with self harm scars - Join the leader in mutual relations services and find a date today. If you are a middle-aged. Whatever their struggle, there are things you can do to help. The healing is theirs but your being there is so important. Emotional pain is a faceless, nameless beast that breathes fire and confusion and shame. It can drive the strongest of us to take extraordinary steps to make it stop. Judging and criticising will always make it worse.

People who self-harm are strong and brave and they want to get better. The worst thing you can do is judge. Self-harm is driven by emotional pain. When you judge, or criticise it makes the emotional pain worse, which will intensify the need to self-harm.

Self-harm is inflicting physical pain to release emotional pain. Some of our most human experiences and feelings are completely devoid of rationality and logic.

Self-Harm Scars and Dating Casually. Yes, self-harm scars are a turn-off to some people. This does not mean that those people are bad people or not worth our time. There are many reasons someone might not choose to date someone with self-harm scars, most of which are not related to vanity. Jun 15,   TRIGGER WARNING: self harm. I don't talk about it directly, but I can see how this might get someone thinking about stuff they'd rather not. Someone asked me on multicoingames.com about dating . Mar 08,   There are things about dating a woman who has self-harmed that are a little different than most other women - things that our partners will, unfortunately, have to do differently. For the most part, dating someone with a self-harming past is just like dating .

But they are honest and real all the same. Be open to being educated. Ask what. Skip to content Home sitemap. Table of contents: show. Guys, would you date a girl with self harm scars?

Would you date someone with self harm scars?

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