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Just let the other person believe what they want. Give it a try. I mean at least you're not a Fascist or something that makes political disagreements much harder hahaha.

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The long and short of political divides is; ignore her politics, your relationship is not about politics. Be the guy she wants to be with and your politics won't matter so much anymore.

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What's the difference between libertarian and liberal? Mind giving some key differences in philosophy or some arguments you disagree on? Liberal in the modern sense is usually emotionally driven restrictions on gun rights and foods one can consume although this opinion varies but liberal today has even split into two the one I just described is more of the pre liberal.

Jeez that's all so stupid and convoluted. So it basically comes down to what one person sees the other as? One person could have an emotional grounding in a belief but if they themselves deem it logical and another completely different person doesn't agree they're being logical Ok let me put this simply Modern liberals are usually pro government economically and socially liberal except when it comes to health consumption ie food and smoking and such while a libertarian is socially liberal and economically conservative as in the government should not involve itself in the matters in the economy or even foreign affairs.

In short libertarians are very laissez faire. Got it, though to be honest I'm not even sure where I fall on the spectrum at this point. Half emotional, half logical.

And pineapple on pizza is FINE btw. Politics have been donking with my and everyone else's brains so much lately. Thanks for taking the time to explain this to someone like me.

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As long as you guys support each other, why would her political beliefs matter? I have a more liberal outlook on life, and my boyfriend is more conservative. However, we both found a happy medium with each other. Neither of us have to sacrifice our beliefs or practices, but we don't shove them down each other's throats.

We also have differing views on religion.

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He does his thing, and I do mine. At the end of the day, the relationship is what matters. If you can agree on major things how to raise your children, for examplethe rest of it falls into place.

Obviously it doesn't work for everyone, but I think it's worth exploring a relationship despite your differences.

Apologise, dating a girl with different political views question interesting, too

If you're close minded and believe your views to be above those of others, then that could be a problem, but not because of her political views per se. If you think you're more open minded, then you should take it as an opportunity to understand her views, and talking about politics could be a bonding experience if you do it respectfully.

One should have an open mind, but not so much that your brain falls out. I vote no, not going to work. I am agreeing with you on this, our political views are shaped by our personalities and beliefs. It's usually a sign of incompatibility.

Most young people are very leftist nowadays sadly. But honestly so was I, until I started using my own brain to think about things a bit more and open my mind to more opinions. Leftist beliefs often arise from a combination of ignorance, emotional thinking as opposed to rational thinking, or a simple lack of thought given to the subject matter.

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So it wouldn't bother me that much, because she probably has not thought about it too much. It will probably inevitably come up in conversations. Honestly, for me it would only be a problem if, after I've argued for a while and dismantled the basic fallacies, she would still say something very naive or something that would just reveal a lack of intellect. If she's smart, but just hard to convince and stubborn, I would not care too much about.

If either of you are someone who looks down on others who have differing political beliefs, obviously stay away. If you guys can respect each others opinions without it getting heated, or without some MASSIVE difference in opinion that is a core tenant of your being, then it should be fine. Not political but I went on a date with a guy that brought how into horoscopes he was, no way that was ever going to work, night as well have said he believes in ghosts and Jesus. How can I get him to stop before it starts.

The comments from conservatives are very disheartening, especially those written by Bill Cooper. I am dating a man who is polar opposite of me politically speaking. We avoid politics for the most part and when discussed try to find some common ground, although there is very little. In spite of this, he loves, adores, and respects me and I him.

He is always a gentleman, listens, and above all loves me for my interest in politics, and my empathetic and positive nature. I, in return listen and learn from him as well.

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I guess we are both mature and confident enough to realize you get a lot more with honey than you do vinegar and this includes respect.

This was a great article, hopeful, pragmatic, and positive.

What is it like dating someone with opposite political views? Close. 7. Posted by. Male. 3 years ago. I want to be happy with the girl I'm with, not be lectured on why I'm wrong and/or a bad person. Different political ideology could mean different views on . I think I would be fine with different religious views but probably not different political views, mainly because I've seen this with friendships. In modern countries, people of different religions seem to get along better than people of different political beliefs. Yes political differences are one of the biggest differences people can have. Same as religion. Not to say it can't happen (it sometimes does), but often the differences are too great to overcome. I'd never seriously date someone who had radically different political beliefs than me. Why? When I can find someone whose views align with mine?

Not all liberals are softy bleeding hearts especially with all this recent rioting and not all conservatives are cold hearted manikins. Majority of these conservatives are a bit too sensitive and dormant because unless they are really not happy will not go out and vote. Bill, why are you even on this site? Are you here to understand and learn? Or are you just another troll, calling names and pointing fingers. And Andrew, why do you assume it was written by a liberal and why does it matter?

Again, why are you here? Wow Bill, a huge amount of understanding and acceptance coming from you! For your information, Liberal is not a dirty word. Did you read this article?

It is this intolerance and absolute arrogance that is driving our country into the gutter!

Oct 20,   Well, it's a tough situation you're in, but plenty of couples have weathered this type of storm in the past. In fact, a lot of very compatible people with opposite political views can have successful marriages. What's important is to agree on a strategy for how to address the reality that one of you is a donkey and the other, an elephant. At the same time, sexually submissive. Oh how I messed with the mind of that girl! She was of average IQ as well, so I was able to cause her such cognitive dissonance. Getting her to beg for my cock, while at the same time believing women are being oppressed by men, created some fantastic conversations. I didn't go hard on her with my views. Knowing how to love someone who has different political views is about accepting that they're different - not bad or wrong. 4. If possible, avoid hot buttons. This is a solid relationship tip for all issues, not just political views! Hot buttons are words or phrases that cause knee-jerk responses.

Twisted view? I can only assume that you are either divorced or married to someone who is deaf and mute or someone who absolutely is in lock step with you and your views. Me and my wife have been married for almost six years. I met her when I was a Marine stationed in Hawaii. She was a college student and a very smart woman.

I was never into politics till I began my college career. Growing up in a very strict Protestant household I naturally held biases of my own that I would later be able to acknowledge. My wife grew up in a liberal household. She was never really vocal about her opinions because I never talked about politics till I began my education. While I attended college the inlaws graciously allowed me to live with them till I graduated and could start a new career.

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During the election I was really vocal about my beliefs about Trump being a better candidate for president. The problem with that is that she constantly asks my opinion on certain issues that I completely honest about how I feel. Hey Jon. I think you and I are in the same boat. My wife of 5 years is on the opposite end of the political spectrum. I tend to identify as more federalist libertarian, so hard right. At all times keep it in your mind that you both want the same things, that on any issue you both want the same result.

Then the disagreement becomes whats the best way to get there. And I hope that helps them. But for me, I will have questions about that. For example, is that really true? Those are very difficult things to ignore. And my spouse may try to say that he support some of the agendas of trump, but not all.

I mean anyone that can think straight can clearly see how they distort facts, use 10 secs from a 2 hour long video, release uncorroborated reports from anonymous sources which gets debunked always.

All the racial issues that came up under Obama admin, was that due to Trump or Obama flaming racial issues even further. You need to respect his opinions as being equally valid, then listen, hear him out and learn why he feels the way he does.

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There is ZERO room in a marriage where one truly believes the other to be immoral. I pray for your marriage, for unity and connection even if you disagree on specific political issues.

I needed to read this and will put these in practice! I would never have even considered marrying someone like this if his views were these when we met 16 years ago. Whereas, he is turning into something nasty, hate filled, and closed minded to even hearing another point of view.

Even now believing in things he has stood firmly against in the past. Honestly, his views are embarrassing to me, hes gone beyond extreme!

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I have been praying that God will unite this division between us, while i wait, i will look for the lessons in it. OK rant over. Thanks for the article. Did you ever think it may be you that is wrong? Of course not. Liberals would never be alive in a world without order. Make sure to vote. And get your friends to vote. Liberals come out in droves and conservatives for some reason always stay home and think others will make up the votes.

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Hi Bill I have to say as someone south of the Mason Dixon it maybe a quick lesson for those who mistake a peaceful nature to mean some do not know how to fight. Relationship Tips for a Liberals and Conservatives. Tags: different ways to love habits of healthy marriage love languages marriage tips resolving conflict in marriage. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Hazel Cornell August 27, at am.

Trampas Clyde Graham March 15, at pm. Susan Womack February 20, at pm. Wds January 7, at pm. Yet I get into heated fights with neocons and liberals.

Liberals are by far the worst though.

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My wife is liberal light and parrots what her liberal friends feed her. No fact finding at all. I hate dealing with illogical, emotional political people. Facts and truth. All i care about. And dealing with a moron is exhausting. Jan December 28, at pm.

Oct 19,   If you've started to feel like politics have taken on a greater significance in your dating choices, Spira says you're onto something. "In Trump's America, singles with Author: Rachel Shatto. Jun 20,   Some couples embrace political differences, some don't care, and others still consider having similar views non-negotiable. Given that we each .

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Dating a girl with different political views

Liz Evenal February 27, at am. Elizabeth October 10, at am. Reading the entire article would be the thing to do before commenting.

Cat January 31, at am. Andrew January 29, at pm. This article was written by a liberal. Ashley October 19, at pm. I noticed that, too. It is their blind spot Reply. Cat December 2, at am.

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