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Somehow you have ended up going on a date with the infamous killer Eyeless Jack. The two of you will be going to a fancy restaurant and he's supposed to try and not murder you during the date, what about afterwards then? Well, that depends on how well the date goes. Based on an interactive RP quiz on Quotev. Hello, dear player!

Fnafgirlygirl Hobbyist General Artist.

Find games tagged creepypasta like Please, Wake Up, WrongKynd, Squidward's Fate, Date Night With Eyeless Jack, Campfire Spooky Stories on, the indie game hosting marketplace. I have played more creepypasta dating game's than i care to admit, i tease quite abit in this video, but its honestly the most polised game in this niche that i have played. Reply. girlwithluv17 1 year ago. I absolutely loved playing this game. I couldnt bring myself to be mean to him, I 5/5(23).

Nice music btw. Wait does it end on 'you fainted'?

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If it does, I don't care it's awesome and must've takes a while. Cynder0 Hobbyist General Artist. SakuraNekoBlaze Student Artist.

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This is pretty nice! It's short and sweet!

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Good Job! I like that you didn't have Slender be out of character so that he could fall for the player and shit- I don't know but I feel like it's a really well done game. Dylxnn Student Interface Designer.

Dating Game. View source. History Comments Share. I had been single for a while, and I was sick and tired of it. Being 32 and single is no laughing matter; the traumatic experiences of watching your friends get married, have children, and attain the American dream are akin to the hopeless depression of the schizophrenic mental patient. Apr 18,   Finished: A creepypasta dating sim, Slenderman. By MistaFabulous Watch. 50 Favourites. 43 Comments. It drives me crazy to find awesome games and such and suddenly I figure out that its not a full game and it was created for a couple of years ago with no other mentions afterwards so its very clear its not going to become a full game. Jul 19,   Creepypasta dating game. Makiyla. 1. 8. Ok so we're going to roleplay. But first simple questions. Me: jeff! Come out here!.

StrangersFedora Hobbyist General Artist. So the music randomly started playing on my computer at the end of a 4 hour drive even though my computer was off.

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It was more than a little horrifying. JeffeyWoods Hobbyist General Artist. Its a good start, if you did some more content I can see this going far, like Instead of waking up in the bed at the characters house you can make them wake up at like the creepy pasta mansion and have like hoodie or maskie watching them, I would like to see this game go farther, if you want anymore ideas from me then contact me.

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I actually had an unfinished project like that. Hello MistaFabulous I just wanted to say that this is a lovely game and its a shame you had to get bored with it, but here is my review: Music: the music choice for this is beautiful, it is lovely that you have just got the piano version for the game; very suiting Art: the art style in this is quite basic, but I guess creating digital art that looks like its straight from a museum can be difficult Story line: I understand that you became bored with this so it is OK, but if you were to have had made this longer, it would of been nice to have had multiple choices that would actually EFFECT the ending.

Ending: going on endings the way you ended this is very lovely, unlike many other Dating Sims that I have played were the creator has become bored of their work normally screw up the whole ending by doing something stupid, I understand these are meant to be funny but I find it un-amusing and lazy.

I like that you added Everything is Alright, I let my cousin play the game on my computer, but when I heard that song I could not help but sing lol. Come Little Children.

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If you're interested in more of her content, or her in general as she is a very sweet and kind creative person, you can follow her on Quotev! I'd also like to give a huge thanks to my beta testers who were also with me along the whole process!

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They make great content, too! Go stan them!

Aug 31,   The Creepypasta Dating Game! elsierocks. 1. 6. Announcer: Hello! And welcome to the Creepypasta Dating Game! Now, before we get started, let me introduce the contestants! First, we have Jeff the, um Killer? Jeff: Yeah, that's my name, don't wear it out *cleans finger nails with knife*. Jun 21,   Haha this was funny as fuck The hand at the end was pretty well drawn, but the brush was to big. Ticci Toby Dating Sim a by Nyctobooks. Player Rating?/8 "Too few ratings to be ranked" based on ratings since played times (finished) Story Difficulty?/8 "Unknown / Not Set" Play Length?/8 "Unknown / Not Set" Maturity Level?/8 "Unknown / Not Set" N/A. Tags. Date a killer. Player Comments Show All Comments. Home; Storygames. Random; Search;.

No copyright infrigement intented towards the original creator of the Eyeless Jack Creepypasta. Log in with itch.

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I kind of want a sequel. I don't particularly like games in this genre but I really enjoyed this. Thumbs up from me. Aww, this game was really cute as long as you choose the cutsie actions, i couldn't be mean to him thoughit was I have played more creepypasta dating game's than i care to admit, i tease quite abit in this video, but its honestly the most polised game in this niche that i have played.

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I absolutely loved playing this game. I couldnt bring myself to be mean to him, I also loved all the different choices! It was I was questioning myself as I was playing this game, and it wasn't really bad. The writing was good and also the music wasn't some crappy stock song in my opinion.

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If you want to check out my reaction! It's in the 2nd part of the video I made here.

Creepypasta dating games

Are you looking to download and play this marvelous game? Oh you're not. Okay then but still, you need something to watch while you wait in the waiting room of your doctor appointment well here you go! Date Night With Eyeless Jack.

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A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux. More information. Comments Log in with itch.

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