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Let me start by clearing some things up. There is nothing wrong with being unemployed these days. Things happen. But it is another thing to be unemployed and broke, content with your situation, and pursuing a woman. This is where we have a problem.

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In the first couple of seasons of Seinfel before George became known for bouncing from job to job and being unable to hold down a regular source of income, he had quite an affluent career as a real estate agent. He had a sharp eye for the marketplace and was up-to-date and how the industry was doing.

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When he quit, he tried to go back in the following Monday like it never happened. When George was out of work, Elaine managed to get him an interview at Pendant Publishing, the publishing house where she used to work. He somehow managed to get the job, despite never reading a book in his life beyond the ones he was forced to read in high school.

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Still, he aced the interview and got the job. Despite having no idea and no experience, they managed to get the pilot picked up by the network.

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George passed on the offer in an attempt to negotiate for a higher salary, but he barely managed to scrape the deal back with a lot of groveling and a lower salary. With no job prospects, he ran into a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity when a talent scout spotted his hands and promised to get him work as a hand model. Then, he made fun of the puffy shirt and the designer pushed his hands onto a burning iron. It landed him a date with a woman whose uncle worked for the New York Yankees and could set him up for a job interview.

Aug 08,   Balding, unemployed, "I live with my parents" George Costanza. Now, if you have no clue who George Costanza is, you're missing out on one of the greatest shows in television history, Seinfeld. Here's a quick recap in case it's new to you: Jerry Seinfeld is a successful, well-to-do comedian living in New York City. Directed by Tom Cherones. With Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michael Richards, Jason Alexander. Elaine and Keith are hitting it off until he pulls out a cigarette; Keith wants Jerry to help him move, leading Jerry along with Elaine to breakup with Keith. There was an episode where Costanza, a serious loser, decides to do the opposite of whatever his instincts tell him to do. I think this quote I am going to paraphrase comes from that episode. I think it sums up how most men feel about trying to date while unemployed: I'm fat, bald, unemployed and I live with my parents. Reply.

He was up for the role of Assistant to the Traveling Secretary, working under then-team owner George Steinbrenner. Ben Sherlock is a writer, comedian, and independent filmmaker, and he's good at at least two of those things.

In addition to writing for Screen Rant and Comic Book Resources, covering everything from Scorsese to Spider-Man, Ben directs independent films and does standup comedy.

Kramer and Newman despise Hernandez for having spit on them after a game, though Jerry suspects the involvement of a second Spitter. Jerry gets jealous when Keith begins dating Elaine.

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George schemes for an unemployment extension by lying about his job interview with the fictitious Vandelay industries and dating his counselor's daughter. The Boyfriend is an absolute favorite of mine, and a classic Seinfeld episode, as the story in it is one of my favorites!.

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It was really funny when the cab driver got sick of George's demands and threw him out of the cab, and this is very well written by Larry Levin and directed by Tom Cherones, plus this was the 1st ever episode two have 2 parts in it and be an hour long.

The opening segment was hilarious as George claimed Keith wouldn't know he was, but he did after all, and I loved the ending too as George finally got his wish about having sex with a tall woman, plus Keith Hernandez is excellent in this episode and was very funny. Jerry's stand up's were very funny,and I can see why this is one of Jerry's favorite episodes, because it's one of mine too, plus this is one of Seinfeld's most clever episodes in my opinion.

Seinfeld The Fix Up

Jerry's explanation about the spitting segment was very funny, and This might just be the best episode on Season 3, plus Julia and Keith made a cool couple. The Boyfriend is an absolute favorite of mine, and a classic Seinfeld episode, as the story in it is one of my favorites, and I say go see it immediately if you Haven't Seinfeld fans!.

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Kramer: Wide open! George: Me? Jerry: I have to dribble, If I give it to you, you just shoot, your a Chucker!. George: Oh I'm a Chucker?.

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Jerry: That's right every time you get the ball you shoot. George: I can't believe you called me a Chucker, no way I'm a Chucker, I don't chuck, never chuck, never have chucked, never will chuck, no chuck!.

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Jerry: You chuck!. George: Kramer am I a Chucker?.

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Kramer: Oh your a Chucker!. Kramer: Hey you know this is the 1st time we ever saw each other naked?.

Jan 19,   At that moment, George Constanza's line popped into my head. If it worked for him, and he was fat and bald, why couldn't it work for me. After the girl passed I shouted "I live with my parents in a pink bedroom." My friends laughed. I guess they didn't realize I was serious, so I played off the joke. Fortunately, the girl didn't hear Mike Smolarek. Mar 05,   This is a nuanced piece of advice if there ever was one. I'm not saying you should lead with "I'm unemployed and live with my parents," although it worked for George Costanza. You should. Looking for work (Feb ) Season 3 - the Boyfriend Boss: Mrs. Sokol. While back out of work, George files for unemployment benefits from the New York State Department of Labor. He tells the unemployment office that he has been on interviews with several companies, including Vandaley Industries where he interviewed for the position of Latex.

Jerry: Believe me I didn't see anything. Kramer: Oh you didn't sneak a peek?. Jerry: No did you?. Kramer: Yeah I Snuck a peek. Kramer: Why not?

Costanza unemployed dating it worked

George: Yeah I Snuck a peek, but it was so fast, I didn't see anything, it was just a blur. George: You know Keith what Iv'e always wondered is with all the ball clubs flying around all season, wouldn't you think There'd be a plane crash?.

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Jerry: Vandelay industries Kell Varnsen speaking, how may we help you?. Keith: You know I hate to brag about it but I did win 11 straight gold gloves, I wouldn't have brought it up but since you mentioned it. Elaine: I didn't mention it. Keith: Well I won them anyway.

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Elaine: Well so what? Keith: Elaine You don't know the 1st thing about 1st base. Elaine: Oh well I know something about getting to 1st base,and I know You'll never be there.

Focusing on the minutiae of daily life, Seinfeld took on various cts of mundane human existence. It tackled friendship, dating, marriage, parents - but arguably, above all, being a show about four single thirtysomethings living in New York, its strongest focus was on the characters' work lives. While Jerry retained his standup career for all nine seasons and Kramer's source of. The dating lives of the characters on Seinfeld are usually pretty disastrous, but no one has a harder time finding love than George Costanza. Though some of it could be blamed on bad luck, George is also terrible at communicating with women and knows just what to say to turn them off the idea of dating Colin Mccormick. Jun 12,   Companies downsize and you get laid off, a work mistake leaves you at the unemployment office filing a claim-I get it. But it is another thing to be unemployed .

Keith: The way I see it Iv'e already been there, and I plan on rounding second tonight at around Did You Know? Trivia This originally aired as an hour-long episode including commercials. Quotes Jerry Seinfeld : See, to me, you go to the health club, you see all these people, and they're working out, and they're training, and they're getting in shape, but the strange thing is, nobody's really getting in shape for anything.

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