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Destiny Showstopper Baker [1] is one of the main characters in seasons of Bunk'd. Destiny is a young girl who has spent her childhood on the pageant circuit and is accustomed to getting things her way. She lives in Tallahassee, Florida. Destiny is portrayed by Mallory James Mahoney. She can be very vain and self-centered, although she also displays a more caring and thoughtful side. Destiny is intensely competitive and is a perfectionist.

Jul 21,   From "That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana" to "Austin & Jessie & Ally All Star New Year," Disney Channel always delivers when it comes to crossover events. So when we found out that two of our favorite current series, Raven's Home and Bunk'd, would be coming together for a very special episode, we immediately set our DVRs! And we were so excited to chat with Raven-Symone Author: Ysbnow. Parents need to know that Bunk'd is a spin-off of Disney's popular series Jessie and follows the adventures of three of the Ross kids - Emma, Ravi, and Zuri - at summer camp. The show's content is much like that of its parent series - silly and superfluous

However, Matteo gets overly-confident and completely disregards safety, like trying to go on a zipline without another platform for someone to catch him. In the end, Ravi ends his hypnosis and Ravi goes to the next platform to catch Matteo, who gains courage at the end of the episode.

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In Cav'd In, Matteo and Finn are frustrated with Ravi spying on them so Ravi decides to buy cameras and drones to spy on them. When things get out of hand, Matteo and Finn explain they were just intimidated by Ravi's cameras and Ravi agrees to take them down as long as they are less reckless.

At the end, they admit the reason they were so protective of Finn being their friend was that they both don't have many friends at home.

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The 3 all become friends in the end. In A Whole Lotta Lobsta, Matteo and Destiny have a dream about lobsters cooking humans, which leads them to try and hide the lobsters Ravi was going to cook for the Lobster Festival. In the end, when Ravi finds them, they manage to convince Ravi to spare the lobsters' lives, leading Ravi to make Tofu Lobster.

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In No Bones About It, Finn and Matteo find bones in the shape of a fantasy animal, leading them to believe it is a new species. They set up a trap but somehow trap the Woodchucks because of Destiny forcing them to do a Woodchuck initiation in the woods.

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Zuri later admits that she has been secretly been eating Chinese takeout and she buried the bones in the ground. The campers plan a surprise celebration for Lou's tenth anniversary of being at Camp Kikiwaka.

Destiny, Finn, and Matteo try repairing an old truck in the forest that Lou likes, but they discover it needs a new engine. An old man comes and tells them the story of a thief who got arrested in Moose Rump for robbery.

He admits he was the one arrested and he is convinced that they stole the money under the car's seat he left there.

Finn begins acting abnormally after he receives a letter from his parents, but he declines to tell Matteo and Destiny what was written in the letter.

Gruri is the romantic/friendship pairing between Griff Jones and Zuri Ross. Griff and Zuri's friendship is almost more than friendly. Since Season 2 Episode 2 "Dance In My Pants" and Season 2 Episode 6 "Luke Out Below", it probably has most viewers confused on the status of their relationship. They are dating as of The Great Escape. EATING CANDY TOGETHER (FIRST DATE). Matteo Silva is a main character in seasons of Bunk'd. Matteo is a cautious kid who can find danger in any situation and when he does panic, he speaks Portuguese, and he would rather not be at camp until the end when everything is alright through his friends. Matteo is portrayed by Raphael. Bunk'd is an American comedy television series created by Pamela Eells O'Connell that premiered on Disney Channel on July 31, The series is a spinoff of Jessie and for the first three seasons includes returning stars Peyton List, Karan Brar, and Skai Jackson, as well as Miranda May who has starred over the series' entire February , the series was renewed for a fifth multicoingames.comd by: Pamela Eells O'Connell.

Finn goes to the fortune teller machine for advice and is told that his problem will be solved if he does something "outrageous". Items start disappearing from the camp, including food and the vegetables from the garden, and Destiny and Matteo later learn that Finn has set up a campsite in the forest using the missing items.

Finn reveals that he and his parents will be moving at the end of the summer; as he does not want to lose his hometown friends, he followed the fortune teller machine's advice by stealing items to set up his own campsite.

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Finn returns the items, and Lou, Destiny, and Matteo convince him that he will make new friends once his family moves. The camp holds its annual Kikiwaka Cup game, in which the campers and counselors form two opposing teams and strategize to steal each other's totem. During the game, Matteo is sent to the office after throwing a dodgeball at Ravi. Matteo reveals that he intentionally got himself taken out of the game because he believes he is too small to play, but Ravi later agrees to give him a second chance in the game.

In the end, because of his size, he can quickly dodge attacks and he helps the campers win for the first time.

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Matteo creates a robot named Otis to clean up after Finn, but Otis malfunctions and subsequently becomes jealous when Matteo wants to spend time with Finn. Later, Ravi and Finn try to shut down Otis, who locks them in their cabin bathroom.

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After learning of the situation, Matteo shuts down Otis and rescues Ravi and Finn. Destiny, Finn, and Matteo get transported into a jungle adventure board game. To win the game and escape the jungle, they must find a man named Safari Jim and rescue him from various wild animals.

Destiny wakes up and realizes that the time spent in the jungle was only a dream. Finn, Destiny and Mateo get transported to 17th century Moose Rump, where they are indentured servants forced to work. Finn's job is to hunt animals, but he shows a fondness for them. Destiny's job is to create clothes in a dress shop, but she tries to ate the women's clothing to be more colorful.

Matteo's job is to prepare food, but he goes against the traditional recipe to make the food flavorful. The children's behavior, considered odd and non-traditional for the time period, leads the town constable to suspect that they are witches. The children learn that the Moose Rump flood is coming and they try to warn the town, but they are placed on trial for allegedly being witches.

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The children are found guilty, but they succeed in getting the town to evacuate. In It's A Blast! However, Matteo gets discouraged after Finn's rocket got higher and faster.

In the end, Ravi admits that he helped Finn's rocket get higher and faster.

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Finn and Matteo discover a caged baby Kikiwaka and free it, later learning that a scientist, Dr. Blackburn, had captured it for research. The children name the animal Doug and shave him to blend in with the campers. Blackburn captures Doug again but he escapes his cage, and his mother arrives to scare off Blackburn.

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The Kikiwakas then retreat into the forest. Matteo and Finn are not having as much fun at camp this year, and they suspect that it is because Noah, their new counselor is continuously talking about acting and doing acting exercises.

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They say this out loud and Noah overhears this, causing him to leave camp. When Lou finds out, She organizes a search team and with Gwen's tracking skills, they manage to find him. This leads to a web of lies, and in the end, Lou admits she stages some of it including hiring a girl named Rubyto punish them. Gwen and Destiny fake an apology letter, leading Ava's Mom, Bonnie to come to camp.

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When Ava and Bonnie stop the fight, Ava announces she's going home but Gwen and Destiny manage to stop her. In Hot Spring Friend Machine, Gwen learns she is going to school after summer instead of being homeschooled. She admits it is because she can't read well and is afraid people will laugh at her.

Destiny and Lou help with her reading and in the end, she can read a whole book.

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In Water Under the Dock, the camp is hosting a square dance and Gwen asks Matteo to be her dance partner. However, when Finn convinces Matteo that Gwen wants to be his girlfriend, Matteo feels uncomfortable and starts avoiding her.

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After some advice from Lou, Gwen dumps Matteo. However, at the square dance Lou finds out what happened and she concocts a plan to save their friendship.

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Gwen is kind and smart. She is a little naive about technology because she was born in the woods.

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