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In Pilot , Barney introduces Ted to Robin. His first description of her is "You know she likes it dirty". One of the first signs of their growing friendship is Robin agreeing to Barney's increasingly scandalous dares to say certain things on her news show, knowing no one is actually watching. During this night out, Robin is better at being a wingman than Ted ever was. At the end of the evening, Barney disrobes assuming he will be hooking up with Robin. Robin is shocked and refuses, then asks why he would think that. After presenting his view on their similarities and chemistry, Robin agrees.

With Barney, Robin had that attraction earlier on, such as when she sought him out in Season 3 with no intention of starting a relationship. The most amped up scene between them was in Season 7, where their dance sequence highlighted how attracted she was to him.

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Finally, Robin threw herself at Barney in Season 8, when she very badly pursued him for a simple fling. Barney was too set in his ways to change his style up for Robin.

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The reason why most of the fanbase loved Barney and Robin together was because they gelled, with their personalities syncing beautifully. Barney and Robin favored fun over drama, and even if that meant they overlooked any problems, at least they still loved each other.

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On an emotional level, Ted was simply there for Robin more than Barney. While Barney would be the first choice for Robin when needing a good and breezy time, it was Ted who would the one to initiate an emotional connection.

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No one would be okay with their ex boasting about their sex life after their breakup, especially today when millennials and Gen-Z are often more open to discussions with their exes and want to grow from each relationship.

It should have been obvious to Barney that Robin would be uncomfortable hearing about his sex life post their breakup, since he cared a lot about her. Something like this today would earn Barney a very angry Twitter thread, but then again, so would most of his actions.

When Robin had just begun to move on from her breakup from Barney and was in a happy relationship with Don, Barney pulled all strings to break them up, just because he realized he still had feelings for her. It was selfish and very toxic and also baffling that Barney would be so immature. When Barney is in a relationship with Barney and Robin is dating Kevin, they both realize that they are not over each other.

Instead of coming clean to their respective partners, they secretly hook up and promise to ends things with Nora and Kevin.

But Robin ditches that plan and keeps Kevin in the dark, and Barney does the same with Nora. There is a complete lack of accountability between them, and this is something the show never really fully acknowledged.

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There have been so many times that Barney and Robin have been purely selfish, just because they were being insecure or had personal hang-ups.

Like when Robin tried to break up Barney and Nora in season 7 just because she sees Barney showering Nora with attention and gifts, and actually hires someone to disrupt their date.

Aug 12, Barney and Robin divorce after three years, with the former going on to father a child accidentally and the latter still living the single life. Marshall becomes a judge and has one more child. Jul 19, Robin and Barney often put their own interests above anyone else's and aren't exactly the ideal partners. When Barney is in a relationship with Barney and Robin is dating Kevin, they both realize that they are not over each other. Instead of coming clean to their respective partners, they secretly hook up and promise to ends things with. Sep 27, Barney and Robin favored fun over drama, and even if that meant they overlooked any problems, at least they still loved each other. There are only a few couples who can pull off being romantic and friendly, and Barney and Robin were the kind of friends who had the most fun-filled moments; their mischievousness complemented one another greatly.

The two showed an interest in each other from the start, but Ted blew it by saying her loved her on their first date. After that, Robin and Ted stay friends for awhile, but Ted soon falls for her all over again. In Season 2, Ted and Robin get together, but the relationship doesn't last as Ted wants to settles down while Robin just wants a boyfriend.

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The two break up. After Ted and Robin begin dating other people, tension begins to surface, but is put to rest after fighting it out and sleeping together.

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Ted and Robin would later on start living together, but Robin's bad habits were too much for the both of them and they started working out their differences by sleeping together.

This ended after they realised that they were slipping back into boyfriend-girlfriend territory. Ted and Robin are able to stay friends for awhile, but after Robin's latest breakup in Season 7, Ted realises that he still has feelings for Robin.


He confesses his love to her, only to be met with rejection. Things become more tense than ever and the two can't even be friends after this.

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When Marshall and Lily have their baby, Robin and Ted decide to start over as friends. The rest of the gang still believes that some small part of Ted still loves Robin, but he seemingly gives up for good when he finds out about Barney's plans to marry her. While Barney and Robin make plans for their wedding, Ted's lingering feelings for Robin endure and grow. He tells Lily that he suspect Barney will only break Robin's heart.

This leads Ted to suspect that he still has a chance with her. Ted ultimately admits to Robin that for the past 8 years she's been the only woman he's thought about.

This confession allows him to let go of Robin long enough to be happy for her getting married to Barney. Barney and Robin's wedding would ultimately lead to Ted meeting his own true love.

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After getting divorced from Barney, Robin would lament not making more of an effort to stay with Ted. Ted does so and it's implied that they'll finally have the relationship they'd originally wanted with each other.

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Barney and Robin have had several moments of chemistry stemming from their similar personalities. After Robin's high-school crush rejected her a second time, she cried on Barney's shoulder.

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This led to them sleeping together. Barney would soon realise he had feelings for Robin afterwards and tries to woo her. Barney and Robin started dating during the first part of Season 5.

In other words, Barney/Robin was the better pairing by a country mile but there were better episodes that aired during Ted/Robin. But then again, I liked Ted/Robin in a way of them as that couple that never really worked it out and still managed to remain friends. Because Robin is part of their group,they hangout every's not like Robin moved away after their break up and then Barney nailed her. Also Barney shown no regret,his only problem was that he broken the the fact Robin was drunk and depressed at that time,Barney taken advantage of her instead of helping her. May 14, The seventh season features Marshall and Lily preparing for a new child, Barney and Robin dating other people and Ted still waiting for true love. Read on for the How I Met Your Mother Season 7 episode guide.

Even though they enjoy being together, neither one is ready for commitment and the relationship begins to eat away at them.

They break up when they realise just how bad going steady is going for them.


In Season 6 there are hints that the two still have feelings for each other but are too scared to make any moves. In Season 7, Robin admits to Lily that she still has feelings for Barney, and the two dance, and bond more. When Barney and Robin are both dating other people, the two have an affair.

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