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Not Fooled Again Anonymous. I signed up to flirt. A week later and they now have seemed to disappear. I can't find their profiles and not one replied to my message after they sent me one first. This seems really strange. If you reach out to someone you think they would be interested enough to reply back. I hope this is just a fluke.

I am in my thirties and I was talking to women in the same age bracket. Most were divorced so I am not sure what the issue is.

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Does anyone know how to succeed on this site? Jeremy Anonymous.

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I removed my account a day before my trial ended cause alls the site is is a hub for women to try and get you on skype and from there they either want you to go to their website to cam or they try to get your facebook info so they x an try and blackmail you with whatever info they can get their hands on. Flirt Together Network absolutely has thee worst customer service I have ever came across.

Which isn't as bad as the hoops you literally have to jump through to get your account removed. They have you email the administrator who does not email you back with a confirmation number to email so you have to deal with someone from India to get your email by calling the Then you call back.

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Overall it took 3 days of bs and my account still hasn't been completely removed. Beware the site is just a scam. You will receive numerous messages from different usernames asking to go to the same skype username. Also yahoo IM has been plagued with the same thing from these people. Joined Flirtlocal a week ago had. Can't even log into the site with.

May 24, Several Hookup Sites Who Seal the Deal. Which adult dating sites are good? If you are most interested in finding gorgeous women to hook up with and want to seal the deal at the end of the night with no strings attached, we suggest trying these legit dating sites for hooking up like,,, and multicoingames.com1/5. reviews for FlirtHookUp, stars: 'The only thing I received for my is now I receive 30, to 40, thousand Spam emails per day. This company dietributes your info to all the other scam sites on the internet, I had to jump thru rings of fire to cancel. However even after I cancelled I still get thousands of Spam Emails demanding confirmation for my subscriptions and purchases.

What can I do? Thanks mack. Yes flirt is another scam site. All of the women on there have fake profiles and fake addresses.

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Almost every woman I talked to was in ghana and wanted me to send them money for there visa and a plane ticket. I will save yiu the time.

Rating 5 stars Other Verified purchase. Contains image or video. English only.

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Reviews that mention popular keywords sites 45 spam emails 2 email address 3. They took my Tip for consumers: stay away. Comment Thank you Respond as company Share Helpful 1.

Comment Thank you Respond as company Share Helpful 3. Plenty of nice Pictures but never a response. A Member can watch as they all seem to appear to post commentaries on this 'Wall' on the site, but after a week on there I have yet to receive a single response from the Messages that I have posted.

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Really poor. Comment Thank you Respond as company Share Helpful Only an idiot would fall for this. Totally fake site. Review Is worth it? 6 things to take into consideration!

Give me a break! Comment Thank you Respond as company Share Helpful 2.

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All fake inside Flirtlookup send phishing emails because they are hosted by some kind of Bad persons as ovh. I received several messages for about 6 weeks-all fake. Comment Thank you Respond as company Share Helpful 6. Save your money guys!

Very sophisticated BOT programming. Tons of fake profiles always online.

One in five LIKE you back then never respond to your messages. Worst part is they have sister sites that present ads and you think it is part of this site matching you, but it actually takes you to another site and replicates your profile -which you cannot delete!

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Very clever and sophisticated programmed money machine! Lock these mo' fo's up and drill their asses with their own bots! Total fraud! Wishing upon a star Will not help to reach your goal Not even in a relationship You must have more then sex in common Sex should not be the first thing But not the last. I contacted almost women on this site.

Just By the law of averages, I should have received at least some interest. Nada, nothing zip zilch. For a good looking guy, I should have had at least some responses. You be the judge.

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I am reporting them to any one who will listen. Comment Thank you Respond as company Share Helpful 5. I had created a standard account a year ago just as an experiment, Just for giggles I would go read some of my inbox and exit, So just for fun I paid for a minimal account recently with a gift card and answered most of the inbox requests except I never posted any photos and also tried the messaging part and all I hear is the sound of crickets as there are no responses.

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Also if you post negative ates like "Site is run by bots" which I also did on my profile, They delete the negative information so I am glad this was an experiment that didn't cost me much, Maybe I'll get a response as I am going to still pop in until my subscription is up but I don't expect much. I don't get some of these reviews. Yeah its good but hardly that good. Can think of a few sites that are better tinder, hookuphangout for e. Not sure if its to do with location but not feeling the love fest for FlirtHookUp, above average but theres better available imho.

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Had contacted a person with intent of securing her company. Three weeks later she finally answered my first attempt to communicate with her. She promised me that we would get together soon. Never answering any questions I asked, and when I commented that my time on the site was about to run out.

Aug 15, I got on Flirt and paid their $ for the three day trial. I removed my account a day before my trial ended cause alls the site is is a hub for women to try and get you on skype and from there they either want you to go to their website to cam or they try to get your facebook info so they x an try and blackmail you with whatever info they can get their hands on. May 14, In addition to its mobile-friendly site, Mixxxer recently launched a hookup app designed to facilitate casual sex and offer uncensored fun. Now singles can flirt and chat from anywhere! Mixxxer has over million members, and it's free to join this sex-driven dating pool. Having users pay for a monthly membership is not a scam if they get the services they paid for. This site makes it look like you are meeting beautiful women, chatting with them, and that they like you. But, in fact, they offer no value and shouldn't be even calling themselves a dating site.

She insisted that we stay on site. So, to keep contact with her I subscribed for another month. Since then I haven't heard from her.

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It was all just an scam to get more money from me. I think that I am not alone in this area.

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But if I can keep another from falling into their trap I will be happy. I've been using FlirtHookUp for a few years now with mixed success. I tend to combine it with HookupHangout which is another really good option for chatting and meeting local women.

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Between the 2 sites I usually get lucky a couple of times per month as an average. This site makes it look like you are meeting beautiful women, chatting with them, and that they like you.

Is flirt and hookup app legit

Here is how much you are asked to pay for upgrading to a paid monthly subscription:. However, there is no need for upgrading and letting your precious money go down the drain. Why is it so?

The Review Editor's Summary. Made for the modern dater, is an easy-to-sign-up and easy-to-use platform for meeting singles aged anywhere from "" Accounts only take a few. We've reviewed and tested a number of hook up sites and have a strong hold on the niche. Here are 3 hookup sites that we consider to be not only legitimate but also the very best in the field. SocialSex. Depending on where you're located, this can be either the best experience you've ever had using an adult dating site or a subpar experience. Another interesting hookup application that focuses on your first impression is very important here. The hook up app with a laid-back atmosphere stimulates its users to flirt, keen conversations, organize meetings and exchange phones and addresses. Here you will have the opportunity to discover the romance, passionate macho.

We explain these issues into detail, in the following sections. Getting many emails from women who seem to be very interested in you is not a bad thing either. Here is what we read in the beginning of this document:. If we do it well, you may never be able to tell that we are doing it or know when it happens. So, the emails you get that compel you to upgrade to a paid subscription are fake.

Oh, and did you realize you had already agreed to the terms and conditions of service upon your initial sign up?

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