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Wyatt is known for jumping head first into relationships without thinking and falling hard and fast. Soap Opera Digest spoilers reveal a new relationship blossoming between sally and Wyatt. Bold and the Beautiful fans have seen Wyatt go through three other major relationships, each one has ended pretty badly and he has been hurt, but which one do fans think would be best for him at this stage in his life? Hope spotted him skinny dipping and while running away from him Hope fell and bumped her head. Wyatt rescued Hope and the two became friends, but Hope was engaged to Liam Spencer Scott Clifton , whom Wyatt would later learn was his older brother. Wyatt and Hope eventually got married in Paris. The two have managed to put aside their history and have developed a great friendship.

However, when Wyatt and his mom Quinn have to go to San Francisco for the night for business, Ivy decides to spend the night at the Forrester mansion. During the evening, a thunderstorm rolls into Los Angeles and Ivy is left alone in the mansion with Thomas. Thomas continues his flirtation towards Ivy who continues to tell him that she is committed to Wyatt. While in her bedroom, Thomas comes in and continues to hit on Ivy; Ivy succumbs to Thomas' charms and makes out wit him in her bed.

Ivy feels complete guilt over what happened and is unable to tell Wyatt when he returns home the next morning, fearing she would lose him. However, Steffy overhears Thomas and Ivy talking about what happened that night. After telling Liam about what she had heard, Liam demands that Steffy stay out of it and not say anything, but after seeing her later that day, Steffy reveals to Ivy that she knows everything that happened and gives Ivy an ultimatum: either Ivy tells Wyatt what happened or Steffy will.

Ivy agrees to tell Wyatt right away, but instead agrees to tell him later that evening when they're alone. Once again, Steffy is unable to keep her mouth shut and tells Wyatt about Ivy's infidelity.

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Wyatt is crushed and hurt and later confronts Ivy, but allows her to talk first about it. Wyatt is upset that Ivy made out with Thomas after only being gone for one night and telling everyone, including Thomas, that Ivy is not the kind of person that would be unfaithful.

Wyatt leaves, angry and Ivy goes after Steffy. Ivy finds Steffy backstage at Forrester while Steffy is watching over an old electric panel that begins shooting out sparks. Ivy and Steffy soon come to war of words and as Steffy tries to walk away, Ivy follows her.

The two are standing extremely close to the exposed electric panel and when Steffy tries to retrieve her cell phone that Ivy threw, Steffy pushes Ivy into the panel Ivy is electrocuted. Steffy immediately calls and begins administering CPR. The paramedics soon arrive and take Ivy to the hospital.

At first, things weren't looking good for Ivy but she eventually makes a full recovery. She and Wyatt make up, but Ivy admits to him that she is now afraid of Steffy. Steffy enters the room thankful she's okay but Ivy warns her to stay away. Steffy asks if Ivy's afraid of her. Lieutenant Baker enters the room with a restraining order for Steffy which makes her upset. The restraining order didn't permit Steffy and Ivy to work in the same building.

Since the restraining order was filed against Steffy, she had to pack up her things and work from home. Wyatt explains to Steffy that the restraining order's only temporary. Liam goes to Wyatt's beach house while Wyatt is at Forrester, to reason with Ivy. Ivy agrees to drop the restraining order under one condition.

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Ivy claims her near-death experience provoked some feelings she still has for Liam. Liam sticks up for his brother that he's been good to her which Ivy agrees and she claims she's very happy with. But Ivy asks if he ever thinks about what could've happened and Liam says he does. Ivy thinks they should explore their relationship and give each other another chance.

Ivy kisses Liam. Steffy is very thankful to Ivy for dropping the restraining order and wants them to move on and become friends. Ivy keeps insisting on Liam that she's in love with him. Wyatt tells Quinn he is going to propose to Ivy which she isn't thrilled about.

Quinn eavesdrops on Ivy telling Liam she's still in love with him at Forrester. Steffy and Liam are invited to Wyatt's while he proposes to Ivy in front of them. Quinn barges in and stops the proposal. Quinn calls Ivy out by saying "Tell him you you're really in love with".

Wyatt and Steffy are confused while Ivy and Liam don't say a word and stare at each other. Quinn blurts out that Ivy's in love with Liam and Wyatt gets frustrated with his mother. Ivy is speechless and Liam eventually admits Ivy's feelings for him. Wyatt is upset and sends Steffy and Liam away. Wyatt is upset at Ivy and ends things with her for good. Ivy gets ready to pack up for Australia. Steffy tells Liam she doesn't want Ivy contacting him at all.

Liam warns Steffy not to go by Ivy. Steffy follows Ivy up the staircase at the Forrester Mansion. Ivy states she's just packing her things but Steffy warns her to not contact Liam. Steffy and Ivy argue and Ivy tumbles down the stairs.

Liam arrives and is angry at Steffy. Liam dials and Ivy is taken to the hospital. Liam claims he is done with Steffy. Ivy makes a safe recovery at the hospital. Wyatt is happy to see her okay. Steffy tells Liam all he has to do is come home tonight if he still wants to be with her.

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Liam agrees to take Ivy to the airport. Quinn convinces Wyatt to be at Steffy's to support her. Liam buys two seats on the plane for Ivy to lay her feet on. Liam boards the plane and sits with her to make sure she's okay. Liam goes into the bathroom and turns on the sink which splashes water everywhere and Liam slips and falls unconscious.

The flight takes off while Liam's stuck in the bathroom. Liam is forced to fly to Australia and get a flight back to Los Angeles. Wyatt arrives at Steffy's, expecting Liam. Wyatt tells Steffy he knows it wasn't her fault Ivy fell down the stairs. Steffy is upset about Liam and Wyatt comforts her by telling her she deserves better and that they both do. Wyatt hugs Steffy. Steffy and Wyatt share some wine and Steffy vents to Wyatt about Liam and Wyatt understands and agrees. Steffy calls Liam on her cell phone but he does not pick up.

Steffy is upset about Liam and goes to her room in her undergarments. Wyatt tells her he's staying on the couch. Wyatt enters her room and asks her if she wants to go swimming but didn't realize she was sleeping. Wyatt climbs on her bed and tells her he thinks they're meant to be together. Steffy sys she's in love with his brother. Steffy tells Wyatt he is a good friend and she just needs somebody to hold and cuddle. Wyatt states he can do that as a friend.

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Steffy and Wyatt cuddle in bed. Liam returns home and sees two bottles of wine. Liam goes to the bedroom and finds Wyatt and Steffy in bed together and sits in the chair and goes unconscious.

Bold & Beautiful uses spouses for filming kisses. As we previously reported, Bold & Beautiful planned to use actor partners, mannequins, and yes even blow-up dolls in order to film love multicoingames.comng to the Associated Press, executive producer Bradley Bell said of the techniques, "We feel almost like television pioneers all these years later because we're the first ones out, blazing new. Jun 26, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal fans will be getting a heavy dose of love between new lovers Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) and Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks).Wyatt is known for jumping head first into relationships without thinking and falling hard and fast. When the blonde began dating Bill Spencer, Ridge started dating her sister Katie (Heather Tom) but was soon drawn to Caroline Spencer (Linsey Godfrey), the niece of his former lover of the same.

Liam wakes up in Bill's office at Spencer Publications the next morning and Steffy and Wyatt never knew about Liam being in the bedroom. Liam goes to his beach house. Steffy is glad he's okay and was worried. Liam is tells her that they can't be together because of what she did. Steffy doesn't know what she did and Liam tells her to pack her things and move out. Liam quits his job at Forrester and packs up his things.

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Steffy tries to convince him to stay with her and kisses him. Steffy tells Liam that if he wants to be with her, all he has to do is come to the beach house.

Liam leaves the building and Quinn follows after him. Quinn badgers Liam to leave Wyatt and Steffy alone and Liam faints. Quinn picks Liam up and puts him in her car and drives him to her cabin in the woods. Quinn texts Wyatt from the cabin to comfort Steffy. Wyatt arrives at the beach house and comforts Steffy who is losing hope. Wyatt convinces Steffy he knows exactly what she needs to feel better. Wyatt and Steffy leave and go to the beach. Steffy lies in the beach and puts tanning lotion on.

A remote controlled helicopter whirls around her head. She looks around and laughs to see Wyatt controlling the helicopter.

Steffy runs over to him and they play with the helicopter and throw a football around. They then have fun surfing in the ocean. Once they get out of the ocean, Steffy is ecstatic and tells Wyatt how great he's made her feel.

Wyatt and Steffy kiss. Wyatt and Steffy go to Wyatt's beach house where Steffy takes a shower. Steffy notices they use the same orange conditioner. Wyatt states that's Ivy's, he hasn't cleaned her stuff out yet. Steffy states that explains the shower cap. Wyatt states that the flowery shower cap and slippers are his which made Steffy laugh. Wyatt and Steffy share another kiss. Wyatt takes Steffy to the garage for a great surprise. Steffy spots a boogie board and Wyatt talks about how he got it at fifteen.

Wyatt takes a tarp off of a motorcycle he bought for Steffy. Steffy is stunned at first. She explains to Wyatt that she lost her baby on her motorcycle and she hasn't been near one since. Wyatt convinces her that it's time to move on.

Steffy agrees to riding the motorcycle but she has to go by herself. Steffy rode her bike through town feeling like herself again. She was very grateful to Wyatt for making her feel this way. Wyatt decides to take Steffy on another adventure back to the beach. Wyatt sets up a picnic for the two of them and they laugh and eat food. Quinn tells Liam that somebody keeps calling her and bugging her on her cell phone.

He asks if she's told him to stop but she claims he won't listen. Liam asks if it would help coming from a man's voice.

Quinn agrees and tell Liam to tell them "It's over", "Don't call this number again" and "Get a life", which she records on Liam's phone. Quinn enters Steffy's office at Forrester while Wyatt and Steffy are called for a meeting.

Quinn picks up Steffy's phone, her phone, and Liam's phone on the table. She calls Steffy's phone with Liam's and plays the message. Steffy and Wyatt come back in and Quinn informs Steffy that her phone ringed.

Steffy listens to the message and is very upset. Quinn tells Steffy that Wyatt is there for her. Back at Wyatt's beach house, Wyatt comforts Steffy and they make love for the first time. Wyatt asks Steffy to move in with him in which she agrees after she had just moved back into the Forrester Mansion. Wyatt proposes to Steffy who is hesitant at first but Wyatt convinces her to say yes.

Caroline is ecstatic to hear the news and Ridge gives Wyatt his blessing. Quinn texts Wyatt from Liam's phone convincing him to take over his position at Spencer Publications and Wyatt calls Quinn informing her that Bill gave him the position. Charlie shows Wyatt footage of Liam fainting in Forrester's parking lot and Quinn picking him up and putting him in her car.

Wyatt confronts his mother about it and she claims she was driving him to the hospital and while driving, he woke up and adamantly refused to go to the hospital, and she has no idea where he could be.

Wyatt asks Bill to be his best man for the wedding which he agrees. While talking to Bill, Wyatt takes his shirt off to take a shirtless selfie for Steffy because she asked Caroline to be her maid of honor before Wyatt asked Bill to be his best man. Wyatt is disappointed when Quinn shows up to his wedding without "Adam". Quinn states that she thinks that would be inappropriate since the wedding day is about them.

On April 1, Wyatt and Steffy get married in an intimate ceremony at the beach where their romance first blossomed.

Who is wyatt dating on bold and beautiful

Wyatt decides to stop by Quinn's cabin before she left for a vacation with "Adam". Wyatt enters the cabin only to find Quinn and Liam kissing. Wyatt is infuriated and Quinn takes Wyatt outside to argue. Quinn explains what happened and tries to convince Wyatt to keep it a secret to save his marriage. Wyatt busts through the door and realizes Liam has amnesia. Wyatt sets Liam straight while Quinn explains part of the story to Liam.

Liam remembers Steffy and recognizes Wyatt as his brother.

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Liam and Wyatt trap Quinn in a closet in the cabin. Wyatt takes Liam down to the path to the beach and shows him the way to Steffy sitting on the beach.

Liam runs up to Steffy and they hug and kiss. Liam explains to Steffy that Quinn kidnapped him and he has amnesia. Liam is thankful to Wyatt but still believes that he and Steffy are engaged. Steffy tells Wyatt she needs time to tell Liam that they're married. Deacon returns to the cabin and frees Quinn from the closet and they leave together.

Wyatt and Steffy get matching wedding band tattoos. Liam calls Steffy and tries to woo her over but realizes the tattoo on her finger. Liam is distressed to find out that steffy married another guy and even more upset to find out that it's Wyatt. Liam confronts Wyatt and tries to force him to step aside and let Steffy pick the man she wants while Wyatt tells Liam to respect his marriage and accept reality.

Wyatt asks Liam not to press charges against Quinn, which Liam decides to agree with. Bill calls a Spencer family meeting in his office. Bill tells Liam in front of Steffy, Wyatt, and Katie to respect his brother's marriage and move on, while Katie tries to get liam to understand.

Liam reluctantly agrees to respect Wyatt's marriage to Steffy. Liam tells Steffy in private that he will try his best to respect her marriage but he will always have feelings for her.

Liam hears noises in his house one night and takes a flashlight to search for an intruder. He sees a man in the dark and hits him over the head with a shovel. At the station, Liam picks out the man who entered his house. Wyatt realizes that the man's Reverend Rydell who married him and Steffy. The reverend greets Wyatt while Liam is confused.

Wyatt informs Liam that he is the reverend who married them. Wyatt admits that he found him online.

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Liam believes he could be a fraudulent reverend and rushes off to his house where Steffy is. Liam tells her that if her marriage isn't real, she's free to be with him. Steffy makes clear that her vows to Wyatt were real and the love they share is real.

Liam gives her a seashell to remember him. She concludes that Wyatt's marriage to Steffy is valid. Steffy returns home to hear the good news and is happy to hear the marriage is valid. Bill warns Liam to back off Steffy and respect Wyatt's marriage. Steffy and Wyatt arrives at her beach house where she finds Quinn holding a spatula.

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Quinn claims she just prepared them some lunch. Steffy snaps at her for what she did to Liam and all of their lives. Wyatt arrives to find them arguing.

Steffy declares she doesn't want Quinn to be a part of their lives. Wyatt approves of her wishes and bans Quinn from their house. Quinn leaves their beach house and watches Wyatt and Steffy hug through the window, which Steffy sees. Wyatt and Liam meet with Bill to discuss business porpositions in Bill's office. Liam pitches the idea of taking a portion of Spencer's profits to donate to charities to fix major world issues. Wyatt and Bill both object stating that Spencer Publications is a business and not a charity.

Steffy enters the office and she is filled in on the debate. Liam asks if Steffy agrees with him but she is more or less stuck in the middle.

Wyatt states they need money for his future kids with Steffy. Bill and Wyatt don't decide to support Liam's idea.

The Bold and the Beautiful ... and their real life partners

Bill hires a caterer, Marcy, to set up a table of caviar and expensive wine for Wyatt and Steffy which they greatly appreciate. Bill claims they're shining stars in his cloudy life. Wyatt wonders if Bill has any problems which Bill evades answering directly. Marcy states she is a photographer and takes a picture of Steffy eating caviar and is also a model and takes a picture of both of them.

Wyatt and Steffy inform Bill how much attention social media attracts. Wyatt persuades Bill and Steffy to market Steffy's face on social media for Spencer Publications, which Steffy agrees to. Liam enters and is filled in but still wants to fund a foundation.

Steffy agrees with Liam's idea but Wyatt and Bill still object to it. Wyatt convinces Eric, who is CEO again, to tag along.

Eric, Liam, Steffy, and Wyatt all aboard the Spencer jet. Wyatt takes selfies of Steffy and her glass of champagne. Liam gets jealous and accuses Wyatt of smothering her. Wyatt and Liam bicker over the selfies but Eric tries to make peace. Wyatt and Steffy decide to go to bed in their special room on the plane.

The fans and reporters are all over Steffy and her selfies. Liam is also asked to answer a few questions. Steffy and Wyatt have fun on the beach by the umbrellas and chairs taking selfies. They are interrupted by Liam who walks over insisting that he saw Quinn. Wyatt doesn't believe Liam saw Quinn and is trying to ruin their fun. Steffy agrees that Liam could have been mistaken. In the hotel room, Steffy asks Wyatt to support Liam and believes he is trying to do good with his foundation.

Aug 11, The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Flo Fulton (Katrina Bowden) may be the next character to have a baby on B&B. As fans have seen, she and Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) are blissfully in love. So projecting that into family status makes daytime sense. Sally . Daytime Emmy Award-winning actor Darin Brooks plays Wyatt Spencer on The Bold and the Beautiful. Before joining The Bold and the Beautiful, Brooks portrayed Alex Moran on the critically acclaimed series Blue Mountain State and Max Brady on Days of Our the latter, he was awarded the Daytime Emmy award in the Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series category.

Wyatt agrees to support Liam. Steffy and Wyatt share glasses of champagne and a few kisses. Outside a limo, Quinn wearing a big, floppy hat kisses Eric. Steffy sees Eric kiss a woman but cannot see her face. Eric and Quinn wave to each other as Eric hops in the limo. The limo drives away and Steffy runs up to meet the mystery woman as Quinn darts away. Steffy chases after her while Wyatt says to a crowd of fans "Is that Steffy Forrester?

Steffy eventually catches up to Quinn when she pulls off her hat and Quinn takes a tumble. Steffy is furious and warns Quinn to stay away from her and her family. Steffy vents to Wyatt about Quinn and how frustrated she is. Wyatt is shocked and appauled that his mother would do this. Steffy says that she's done and can't do this anymore. She tells Wyatt that he has to tell his mother to leave them alone. Steffy freaks out at Eric who believes his personal life isn't any of her business.

Steffy forbids Eric from being with Quinn. She demands that he breaks up with Quinn or he loses his relationship with her. Wyatt tells Quinn to take a plane ticket back to LA and leave them alone. Eric tells Quinn he's glad she came and she made him very happy.

But he breaks up with her for Steffy's sake and Quinn flies back to LA. Returning to LA, Eric and Quinn couldn't help but resume their relationship with each other. This makes Steffy feel angered and upset. Wyatt support's Steffy and tries to support her feelings.

Quinn insists to Wyatt that her love with Eric is real and that it makes her happier than she's ever been. Wyatt starts to accept their relationship for his mother's sake. Steffy's angered by this and wants Wyatt to support her. Steffy decides to give Quinn an ultimatum, either she breaks up with Eric or Steffy promises to leave Wyatt. Quinn refuses to break up with Eric and tells Steffy she wishes that she and her son can work through this.

After many weeks of arguing, Steffy decides to move out of Wyatt's and live with Thomas temporarily. Wyatt vows to stay faithful to Steffy and to work through their separation. Eric and Quinn plan to get married at the Forrester Mansion in front of their friends and family. They invite all of the Forresters to attend however the only one who showed up was Ivy.

Eric feels devastated but nevertheless marries Quinn out of his love and devotion for her.

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The rest of the Forretser family, including Felicia and Thorne, gather in Eric's office and wait until Eric arrives. They want to use the company's morality clause against him. Eric and Quinn successfully get married with Perez Hilton as their officiate. Eric arrives in his office upset at his whole family. The Forresters try to explain that they were doing this for his own good and Quinn is a danger to the family.

Eric calls everybody out on the immoral things they've done but reminds them that he forgave them. Eric collapses on the floor. The family goes to see Eric in the hospital bed, who slips into a coma. Steffy decides to free herself from her marriage and breaks up with Wyatt. She gets on her motorcycles and drives over to Liam's house.

They decide to reconcile and Liam promises to get her a ring when her finger heals, he'll put a ring on her and marry her. Steffy and Wyatt have a laser removal doctor come to Forrester to remove Steffy's tattoo, which is only half complete.

The doctor tells Steffy to make another appointment Steffy plans a special night with candles and wine for Liam as she tells him how much she appreciates him. Wyatt calls Steffy to come over to his beach house. Steffy comes over and Wyatt gives her a glass of wine to celebrate all the great times they had together. Steffy feels like Wyatt's trying a last ditch effort to win her over and brings it up to him. But Wyatt picks up an orange envelope with the divorce papers in them and gives them to her to sign.

Steffy feels grateful yet empathetic and signs them and gives them to Wyatt, who signs them for her. The laser removal doctor comes through the door, for Steffy's second half of the removal surgery.

Steffy thanks Wyatt for doing all of this for her. Liam then proposes to Steffy which she accepts. At Thanksgiving, Wyatt was surprised to hear Ivy apologizing for the poor treatment of him that led to their breakup; Wyatt told Ivy it was all in the past.

Wyatt realized that Quinn's idea to make Steffy CEO of Forrester was also a ploy to push them together, but Wyatt couldn't deny he wanted to save his marriage. Wyatt held out hope even after Steffy moved back in with Thomas, but finally Wyatt agreed to fast-track their divorce so Steffy could be with Liam. Wyatt threw himself into work, where he sassed Bill and developed a camaraderie with Liam. Wyatt became very upset when someone began shooting at Quinn and Bill couldn't resist making jokes about it; Wyatt couldn't believe it once it was revealed that his former stepfather, Deacon, was the gunman.

Wyatt was glad to hear that Katie had been given his old PR job at Forrester and eagerly let her bend his ear about social media, since it had come into prominence since Katie's last tenure as a publicist.

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Wyatt suggested that Forrester mount a fashion show during the Spencer Summit in Monte Carlo and declined to take credit for inspiring Katie to focus on swimwear at the seaside event. Giddy from the success of the showing, Wyatt and Katie kissed repeatedly, with Wyatt assuring a doubtful Katie there was no reason they couldn't explore things, despite their connections to Bill and Quinn. Wyatt ran straight to Katie after she tried to set him up with Charlotte, a besotted intern.

Wyatt was amused when Bill nearly caught him and Katie in bed together; Wyatt hid in the bathroom until Bill left. Wyatt and Katie decided to keep their newfound relationship a secret, but shared confusion when Bill suddenly stepped down as CEO as Spencer Publications, Liam took charge, and Brooke left Bill. Wyatt did some sleuthing with Justin and learned that Liam's first act had been to buy Spectra Fashions, which suffered extensive fire damage, and give it to Sally.

When Katie came back from Brooke's closed-mouthed and upset, Wyatt figured out that Bill had arranged for Spectra to burn; Wyatt raged at Bill but also fumed when learning Liam had threatened to call the cops if Bill didn't give Liam control of the company. Wyatt refused Liam's offer to run Spencer with him, warning Liam that Bill would surely get revenge on him.

After Bill turned the tables on Liam by destroying a recording of Bill confessing to the fire, Wyatt was surprised but pleased that Bill wanted him and Liam to run Spencer Publications at Bill's side.

But Wyatt soon found out he had been set up to side with Bill in a vote to demolish Spectra and put up the new Spencer tower. Though Wyatt felt for his brother when Liam and designer Sally Spectra almost died trapped in the rubble of Spectra, and later counseled Liam when Steffy left him over kissing Sally, Wyatt continued to defend Bill to Liam. Wyatt also had to defend Katie to his mother after Quinn caught them in bed and forcibly dragged Katie out of it.

Wyatt continued to enjoy his no-strings relationship with Katie, giving her earrings to wear at the Forrester family Christmas gathering so she could secretly carry a piece of him there. With advice from Liam, Wyatt decides to make his relationship with Katie more serious but ultimately decides to ends with her when he witnesses through her telescope Katie kissing Thorne while attending Ridge and Brooke's wedding.

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However, overtime, Wyatt begins to regret his decision and manages to win Katie back and proposes marriage. They both agree to tell Bill in person about their engagement rather than him finding out from someone else. Bill is incredibly furious when they tell him, believing that Katie is only using Wyatt as revenge towards him for leaving her twice with her sister Brooke and then threatens that if they don't call off their engagement, he will cut Wyatt off all family privileges as well as sue Katie for full custody of their son Will, believing no judge would side up with them since Wyatt is engaged to his half-brother's mom.

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New York: emmyonline. April 30, Archived from the original on June 28, Retrieved May 5, Toronto Star. August 31, Garrison Mick Cain.

Later seduced by Deacon Sharpe, they eloped in Vegas, but their marriage floundered as he had an affair with her mom. After a few more failed relationships, she got engaged to Oscar Marone Brian Gaskillbut that relationship ended before the wedding could occur. When Bridget got pregnant, they agreed to marry but he left her when the child was stillborn.

After splitting up and reuniting with Nick again, she had an affair and got pregnant by Owen Knight Brandon Beemerputting the final nail in the coffin of her relationship with Nick. He was adopted by Jerry Walton after birth and went to LA to find his mother.

By then, Donna was married to Eric. Although he fell for Steffy and even proposed to her, she was always more interested in other men. Although he and Amber had a child, he married Dayzee and they moved to South Africa. She lost her twin sister Steffy as a toddler and was raised mostly by Brooke after Taylor supposedly died.

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She had really been kidnapped by a Moroccan prince. When Steffy was returned, she and Phoebe were sent to boarding school in London.

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When Phoebe came back stateside, she witnessed her drunken mother running down Darla and tried to cover it up, even manipulating a witness with the promise of sex. Catching him in bed with her mom ended it and then catching him coming on to Steffy made it worse.

When she confronted him in a moving vehicle, she wound up dead in a car accident as a result. After being recovered and getting back the mother who was presumed dead, Steffy went to boarding school. Although they were briefly engaged, they broke it off for causing too much family friction.

The fight extended to publicly humiliating Hope and blackmailing Brooke for cheating on Ridge. Steffy continued to lust for Bill but his wife and her mom kept getting in the way. She worked with him to split up Liam and Hope and she even married Liam in a gondola.

She married Liam again but after she miscarried, he went back to Hope. After killing an unhinged Aly in self-defense, she proceeded to demoralize Ivy and electrocute her. That failed. Liam found out and split with her again. She went back between father and son for a while. However, she had a daughter, Kelly, with Liam and then adopted another, Phoebe, who turned out to be the daughter Hope had lost, presumed dead.

The blonde was in on this deception, and when Ridge learned of it, he dumped her and reunited with Taylor. They had twins soon after, and Thomas had a chaotic childhood. Although Brooke raised him for part of his childhood, their bond was tested when he grew up and they were stranded on an island together. After eating poison berries, they imagined having sex together.

Once they were rescued, Stephanie tried to use this hallucination to break her son and Brooke up, but Thomas eventually made the truth clear. Thomas then entered a rivalry with Rick, both for Caroline and for the presidency of Forrester. Although it came out that Thomas had impregnated her, Ridge insisted on passing the child off as his. He then pursued Hope, keeping his knowledge that her baby was still alive a secret, and killing Emma Barber Nia Sioux to keep the truth from her.

Although he attempted to manipulate Hope into marriage, this backfired. The product of a drunken hook-up, Darla planned to abort Aly but Thorne talked her out of it and they later married. Aly had a rough childhood, losing her mother when Taylor plowed her down in her car. This was only made worse when Thorne romance Taylor, who nearly ran Aly over when she ran away from home. When she grew up, she developed a crush on Liam and Quinn tried to use her to get him away from Hope.

It soon became evident that Aly was mentally unstable and was having hallucinations of her dead mother, who encouraged her to avenge her death. Her involvement with Oliver Jones Zack Conroy managed to briefly calm her down, but she was increasingly flustered by the sexual atmosphere of Forrester Creations and the family fighting. Revisiting the spot where her mom died, she tried to kill Steffy, only to be killed in self-defense. He moved to Miami with his parents and then to LA to work at Forrester.

He worked as a photographer and was quickly torn between two women, Sasha Felisha Cooper and Nicole Avant Reign Edwardsone of them carrying out a surrogate pregnancy for Maya and the other faking being pregnant with his child.

After many proposals, Nicole finally agreed to marry him. Becoming more ambitious, he also wanted to move into the world of design and got a break at Forrester after Thomas was fired. Although he was named after her lover Nick Marone, he is actually the child of Dante Damiano, an Italian sculptor. It is currently assumed that the child is living with his father in Italy.

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