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Back to the beginning. Kylie and Travis spark romance rumors after being spotted together at a Coachella party. Kylie and Travis are spotted together again, this time sitting courtside at an NBA playoff game in Houston. News reports that Kylie and Travis spent the weekend together in Boston, where he was scheduled to perform two shows. Hours after E! A blonde Kylie sort of makes things Instagram official in this group photo taken during the Met Gala. Travis is the one hiding behind his own hands.

When someone asked whether the rumors are true that Kylie and Travis are back together he was straight to the pointsaying, "No, Kylie and Travis are not back together. This news comes after much speculation and reports see below that the pair did reunite following their split last year. Of course, thanks to Mason, the rumors have been debunked and it seems like Kylie and Travis, though on good terms, are still separated.

After a few months apart, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are reportedly back togetherand they have been for a few weeks now. According to Entertainment TonightStormi's parents initially took a break because their schedules were so busy and they "couldn't fully focus on what it took to make the relationship work.

Their reunion comes after weeks of the pair dropping hints on social media. Kylie initially sparked rumors that she was back with Travis when she posted photos from with the rapper along with the caption "it's a mood. While the couple hasn't confirmed the reunion themselves, between the evidence, and the sources, we can almost certainly believe the pair is, in fact, back on.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have reportedly broken up This timeline matches Kylie's social media activity, considering she hasn't posted with Travis since September 10th and she attended Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's wedding solo. It's unclear if this is simply a break or a full on split. Either way, we probably should have seen it coming because there were a lot of signs. The two couldn't keep there hands off each other and the pics are so cute.

Travis was even caught on video taking a moment to squeeze Kylie's butt, but the beauty mogul didn't seem to mind one bit. Kylie Jenner's birthday isn't over yet. It seems like the two are more in-love now than ever because they were caught by paparazzi making out in the streets of Italy, which some say is literally the most romantic place on earth. The two fueled marriage rumors earlier this week when Kylie was spotted boarding a plane with a garment bag that seemed like it had a white dress inside of it.

But ET reported that a source confirmed that Stormi's parents weren't getting married on this trip.

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It might not happen on Kylie's bday trip, but it sounds like wedding bells aren't too far away. Kylie Jenner's 22nd birthday is bound to be an epic one. I'm talking not an inch 0f the floor could be seen under these things! And, to top it all off, there were vases of flowers dotting her foyer as well. In the video, you can see just how epic her home looks, but the best part has to be Stormi playing with the petals in the back left corner of the vid. Oh, you played in piles of leaves when you were a kid?

Yeah, well Stormi prefers rose petals. Seriously, if this is what Travis is doing five days out from Kylie's birthday, I can't wait to see what the next week brings.

Though Kylie seems to constantly be sporting some major bling on her ring finger these days, sparking marriage rumors every time she leaves the house, Us Weekly is now reporting that tying the knot with Travis Scott is not Kylie's top priority. But that doesn't mean that Travis isn't interested. Kim, on the other hand, as well as some of Kylie's friends, are apparently "advocating for them to get married because they like the structure of it," said Us' source.

Still, Us Weekly reports that the conversation isn't completely off the table. The couple has apparently been talking about making things official a lot, maybe even as much as they've been talking about giving Stormi a sibling. Now, time for party number two! There was tons of Travis Scott merch, slushie machines, Nike swag literally everywhere you mad, Kanye? You know Ky and Trav love a good ink momentso they both got tattoos on their arms. Kylie and Travis getting tattoos. They haven't revealed their ink yet, but I'd guess that like their other matching tattooit probably has something to do with their daughter.

Kylie Jenner went all out in honor of Travis Scott's 28th birthday, and since it just so happens to coincide with the release of Marvel's Avengers: Endgamethe private celebration was, of course, Avenger-themed! From what I can tell, the celebration looked pretty epic. Kylie got her bae an Avengers-themed cake, which featured their little family dressed up like the famous heroes. On the cake, Kylie wrote, "Happy Birthday Husband! The best part of the celebration, though, was definitely the photoshoot that Kylie and Travis had in front of a gorgeous red sports car.

With their PDA-filled weekend at Coachella, Kylie and Travis killed any doubt as to whether the two were officially back on. They were both spotted walking around and holding hands at the festival, where they were both first linked in Before taking over Coachella in their festival-ready outfits, Kylie uploaded a picture of the two posing in front of a private plane while sharing a sweet kiss.

There was no Stormi in sight, but it seems her parents are in a really good place. After about a month of speculation regarding the current state of Kylie and Travis' relationship, it seems like the two are finally back on track and are reportedly "stronger and better than ever," according to Entertainment Tonight.

It was a really great vacation. Now, Travis is kicking off a month-long residency in Las Vegas. Following that, he will have a bit of a break, which will allow the couple to really spend some alone time together, and with Stormi, of course.

Kylie and Travis have returned from their vacation in Mexico and they are apparently "looking happy and refreshed," according to E! The couple originally wanted to take the vacation to reconnect after an alleged cheating scandal rocked their relationship. It seems like the time off did just the trick as E! While in Mexico, Kylie and Travis reportedly spent "a lot of time They also got to spend some time with Stormi, but after putting the baby to bed they were able to have alone time, which was needed as well.

Hopefully things are back to normal for the couple, and maybe this means we can expect baby 2 soon Kylie and Travis have reportedly been dealing with some issues stemming from accusations that Travis was sending "overly friendly" DMs to girls on Instagram.

While the two wanted to work it out, their busy schedules and Travis' Astroworld tour made finding free time to spend together almost impossible. Now, though, it seems like the two have found time to head off on vacation and are hopefully working through their problems. In the meantime, Travis is showing his support for his girlfriend by posting a ton of pics of her on Instagram. A post shared by flame travisscott on Mar 29, at pm PDT. Of course, Travis isn't the only one sharing pics on Instagram.

Kylie showed off her vacation look, plugging her lip kit in the process. She also shared an adorable vid of Travis helping his daughter down the stairs, showing that the little fam is most definitely spending time together on their much needed vacay. According to People" Travis is really making an effort. He wants Kylie to be happy.

He wants her to know that he very much cares about their family. Kylie and Travis' relationship may not be in the best place right now, but that doesn't mean he can't enjoy her thirst traps.

And with just one heart eye emoji, he shut down the rumors. This interaction comes as reports say the couple is still trying to get past a little cheating scandal from earlier in the month when Travis was allegedly caught sending some "overly friendly" DMs to ladies not named Kylie Jenner.

While it's unclear if the two are doing better now, something tells me the only woman Travis is DMing these days is the one in a matching neon underwear set. Ever since the news broke that Travis Scott was allegedly sending "overly friendly" DMs to girls on Instahe has been trying to win back Kylie's trust. First, the rapper deleted his Instagram for a minute, probably proving he wasn't in contact with the other ladies.

But this newest attempt may take the cake. Travis was just spotted wearing a sweatshirt with Kylie's face on it at a basketball game and I'm shook. Did Kylie make him wear this to remind everyone that he is taken?

Or maybe, Travis is just proving that he always keeps Kylie close to his heart. Whatever the reasoning, it seems like a pretty weird move But hey, if you're into the look and I'm not judgingyou can buy your own version here:.

Kylie Jenner cannot catch a break. Just two weeks after the news went public that her bestie Jordyn Woods allegedly hooked up with Tristan Thomsponit is now being reported that Kylie is involved in another cheating scandal, and this one hits even closer to home. TMZ is reporting that when Travis flew to LA from his tour to surprise Kylie and Stormi, she confronted the rapper with "evidence" he cheated on her, which resulted in a "major argument" that continued into the next morning.

Travis stayed in LA and postponed his concert in Buffalo, and while many think it's because he is dealing with the fallout to the cheating, he is claiming it's due to illness. Travis made a statement to E! News that he "strongly" denies cheating on Kylie. Show rescheduled to March 10 all tix are valid.

See u soon. Kylie Jenner's profile in Paper Magazine covers many things, her daughter Stormi, her experience with plastic surgeryand of course, her relationship with Travis Scott. After months of speculation, multiple diamond ring snaps, and Instagrams calling out her "hubby," Kylie is finally setting the record straight on whether or not she is actually engaged to Travis.

She's not. But according to the author of the Paper story, Kylie "seems certain" she will get engaged soon. She did, however, promise that she will share the big news when it does happen. So, there you have it. When Travis and Kylie get engaged for real, we will know. V-Day may still be a day away, but Travis Scott has already won the holiday.

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Candles lit the red chrome pathway which ended with a neon heart, creating a literal tunnel of love. Kylie shared the gorgeous display on her Insta story, making fans everywhere extremely jealous and causing multiple returns of Russel Stover chocolates to local drug stores across the country. Obviously, whatever was bother Kylie and Travis at the Grammys has been worked out and the couple is back to their adorable selves. Seriously, they do it so much I think it's their favorite past time.

Sep 09,   Inside Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott's Journey From Dating to Coparents As far as the coparents getting back together romantically, they are keeping that ct of their relationship hush-hush. Dec 19,   Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott's relationship has been a roller coaster of surprise pregnancies, maybe engagements, cheating rumors, and, finally, reports that Kylie and Travis . Dec 31,   Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner have nothing but love for each other.

While the rest of the world is embroiled in a discussion of "are they engaged? Are they pregnant? And, they love to fuel the fire, which is exactly what they did when Kylie posted an Instagram of the couple embracing, captioning the photo, "baby 2?

When one fan inquired further, asking if Kylie was, in fact, pregnant with a sibling for Stormi, Kylie responded, "no lol," proving that they just love to mess with us!

The art of the misleading caption. But the rumors didn't end there. While there were previous rumors that Travis would propose to Kylie during his performance, it didn't happen, but some are speculating that maybe Travis got down on one knee when the cameras weren't rolling. Travis posted a pic on Sunday of Kylie backstage at the Super Bowl. She was wearing a super cute cropped fur coat and Neither Kylie or Travis have spoken about the elephant diamond in the room, so it's unclear if the couple is engaged, or if Kylie is just rocking a gorgeous diamond, which she has been known to do before.

Of course, I am are sure Travis didn't make any big moves without the support of Mama Kris.

Travis scott and kylie jenner dating

The Momager went on the Australian radio show The Kyle and Jackie Showand obviously her daughter's marital status was brought up. One of the co-hosts, Kyle asked if there have been "any wedding bells" for the young couple. Kylie and Travis have been calling each other "wife" and "hubby" for months now, but according to Travis, they're going to make it official very soon.

In an interview with Rolling StoneScott discussed his high profile relationship, and his desire to take the next step.

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He explained what it was like when the two first met, how, at first, it was pretty casual, though that quickly changed. Travis insists that the two will tie the knot. I just gotta sturdy up - I gotta propose in a fire way. The two initially bonded over their love for movies and shared appreciation for Tim Burton and Wes Anderson, "which is fire," according to Travis. The rapper explained that people don't really know Kylie and "how ill she is. While a proposal probably won't come until after Travis' Astroworld tour, he described the relationship as "rock-solid," only strengthened by the birth of their daughter Stormi.

Only time will tell if Travis will put a ring on it, and what's next for the famous couple. Travis is calling out a fan who accused him of cheating on Kylie. In a now-deleted Instagram post, someone tagged Travis in a post and asked followers, "is this real?

Trolls working hard today. I don't be on balcony wit no thots. Try again u trollsssss. Me and my wifey sturdy. Back to celebrating!!! He then replied with a second comment saying, "only got love for my wife.

Not time to be wasting. Try again. Case closed. It was later confirmed that the photo was a publicity stunt from a YouTuber who faked the entire thing in order to get views. Kylie, Khloe, and Kim all bashed the YouTube r for exploiting their family. Read the full story here. Kylie has been joining her "hubby" Travis Scott on his Astroworld Tour as it travels across the country, but she took the step from groupie to talent when she actually joined Travis on stage during his performance at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Kylie sat on the rollercoaster hanging over the stage, which moved slowly as Travis rapped to her. Kylie later shared the experience on her Instagram story, showing another angle of the serenade with the caption, "That's me.

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Stormi must have stayed backstage for this one, but I'm sure she'll be dancing on stage with her parents in no time. Travis was right there with his bae in the delivery room, but that doesn't mean it was an easy experience for him. While appearing on EllenTravis revealed he was freaked out the entire time she was giving birth. You know, we were just both young. But, you know, when you first have a baby in your arms, it's uncontrollable. It's like this whole warp that just takes over your whole body.

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Apr 30,   Kylie Jenner declared her endless love for on-again, off-again boyfriend and father of her child, Travis Scott, in a sweet birthday tribute posted on Instagram on multicoingames.com: Eileen Reslen. Mar 09,   Hot and cold! Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have had their fair share of ups and downs throughout their relationship, but they always seem to find their way back to . Sep 03,   Kylie Jenner went all out in honor of Travis Scott's 28th birthday, and since it just so happens to coincide with the release of Marvel's Avengers: Endgame, the private celebration was, of .

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Scott has opened up to XXL magazine and spoken about his split from Jenner. Together they have a 1-year-old daughter, Stormi.

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