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Most problems in relationships boil down to one relationship skill: good communication. But when you ask good couples questions, you can open lines of dialogue and build mutual understanding that can make your rel ationship stronger and happier. You're interested in learning more about their thoughts on money, sex, kids, affection, career, long-distance, or any of the many topics that help you know each other better. But when you don't express your needs and discuss your differences, things will inevitably break down. We are turf-oriented creatures, even with our most intimate relationships. Good and close relationships require letting go of some of that turf, compromising, and accepting that the other person's needs and feelings are as valid as our own. Simply living in the same space with another person provides plenty of fodder for arguments.

I willingly gave it to him. Then, something happened. In less than five minutes, the whole office was at my table asking for a copy of the article.

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Want to know what I did? I simply sent an email with a link to this post to everybody.

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Quite an excellent and thought provoking post. This exercise has taught me that sometimes we actually unconsciously take a lot of things for granted when we are in a relationship. OK Charles, you have made my day totally! Thank you so much for sharing that. I would love to hear back from you and your office friends on how the questions impacted their relationships.

Thank you again Charles for your lovely comments. All the best to you! I only hope my friends will follow suit. What a great list! I wish I had seen this years ago.

New relationship? The one question you MUST ask. Susan Winter

Thank you so much. I know many people who would really benefit from this. I truly appreciate this post.

I have been searching the internet for ways to spark meaningful conversations between myself and my SO. We have only been together for 6 months but we both feel that this relationship deserves a chance. But I think, between the two of us, I am more methodical in my approach to achieving goals.

I look forward to the hours of conversation and foundation building this will spark. Thank you for sharing it, Barrie.

Relationship and dating questions

Want An Amazing, Intimate Relationship? Ask These Questions Bloom, seemed to be a fantastic post title to give this blog post. Where could I browse even more pertaining to this?

Hi My problem is strange. He said he is busy at work.

Aug 26, Most problems in relationships boil down to one relationship skill: good communication. But when you ask good couples questions, you can open lines of dialogue and build mutual understanding that can make your relationship stronger and happier. You're interested in learning more about their thoughts on money, sex, kids, affection, career, long-distance, or any of. It seems like such a small thing, asking a question. But when you're building a relationship or trying to become close with someone you're dating, asking the right relationship questions can make a huge difference in the way you relate to each other. 50 Questions to Ask Before Falling in Love - Bethany Baird - Read about Christian dating and get advice, help and resources on Christian single Bethany Baird.

But he used to send me messages all day. He always lies to me. Yesterday he came to my house to see me because I was ill.

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And since then I had to reply his messages. He is not apologizing.

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He is acting as if nothing has happened. We were together for 2 years, but now he has changed. Please help.

Between yiur wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog well, almostHaHa! Great job. I really loved what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it. Too cool! This is brilliant.

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I think the questions themselves are wonderful, but really the most important thing is just to ask questions. Too many relationships have disintegrated from lack of communication. Sometimes I still have to remind myself to ask instead of assuming the worst. And then, I ask. And I so often laugh at what I discover. Every question stems from a desire to consider the needs of our partner and meet them.

Unselfishness is key to happiness in a relationship. Thanks for the list! She was only wearing a bra with her hair wet and poting lips. I have never seen this pic before as it was never sent or shown to me.

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We have been dating for a little over three years and there have been times when I have given her reason not to trust me but I until now have never found anything of this sort of nature ever. We generally get along quite well and have the few misunderstandings but have in a way been suspicious mostly from my own insecurities i must admit.

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I confronted her about it and she said that she took them because she wanted to feel sexy as she had picked weight when they were taken. My question is this: Did she send them to someone as they were quite provocative or is my mind just playing games with me? These questions are wonderful and my fiancee and I have based them upon our foundation in our relationship. We are constantly open with one another and are so in love with each other.

So, it's a good idea to choose some of these first date questions as a fall back if the silence gets a little too awkward. Oh, and remember to ask lots of follow questions and give elaborate answers to their questions, so they have something to work with. Enjoy! First date questions list. Mar 06, Relationship and dating questions like these are so prominent because it's relationships that make the world go round. As you re?ect on the most meaningful moments of your life, you'd be hard-pressed to ?nd many that don't involve a Author: Greg Audino. Dating questions are a fun way to get to know someone in a new relationship. So here are 80 questions to ask your partner before getting serious. Dates can be either the most exciting or the most stomach-churning experience a person can have while trying to get to know someone.

We are getting married next July. As any young man, or any man in general I guess, I want the best marriage possible and desire to honor God through it all.

I guess before jumping to any relationship the two individuals should ask these questions to each other.

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To get a better understanding of each other. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Share Pin Buffer 3. What's In This Article. What causes relationship misunderstanding? Here are good relationship questions to ask each other.

How would you lead your family spiritually? What is your perspective on sharing the gospel?

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Do you have regular accountability in your life? What does it look like? What is your favorite book in the Bible and why?

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Who is your spiritual hero and why? Why do you want to be in a relationship with me? What do you see as my best character qualities? What do you see as my weakest character qualities? What does your vision of a happy family look like? What motivates and excites you? How would you describe a good work ethic?

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How important is integrity to you? How would you maintain purity in our relationship? What are your convictions on alcohol? What are your convictions on media choices movies, music, books, etc.

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What are your convictions on modesty? What are your convictions on speeding? What is your testimony? What is your ideal church to attend? What quality of mine do you respect most? If you could say anything to the president, what would it be?

Would you rather eat sushi or Mexican food for the rest of your life? What is your biggest pet peeve? What is your perfect Friday night? If you were designing an amusement park, what would it look like? What is the 1 thing on your bucket list? If you could be any animal for a day, which would you be? Close Share options. All rights reserved.

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