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So, now that we know the truth about Rana, does this mean Prabhas's marriage is on the cards? Rana Daggubati has betrayed the media. For years now, entertainment journalists have been in a frenzy, trying to decide who Rana would get married to 'very soon', according to 'sources'. Hundreds of lines have been written about Rana's impending marriage and then hundreds more when the impending marriage did not materialise. What was causing the delay? Why wasn't Rana 'settling down'?

Rana and anushka dating

Baahubali actor Prabhas recently accused Karan Johar of starting the rumour about him dating his co-star Anushka Shetty. The entire thing happened on Koffee with Karan 6.

Dec 27,   Rana had been dating the actress Trisha Krishnan and they had broken up recently. Rana and Trisha's relationship had been the talk of the town. He finally gave an answer to the rumours doing rounds about him dating Anushka Shetty. He replied a 'No' to the question of whether they had been dating. He was of the opinion that if any two. Dec 23,   Sorry Anushka Shetty, Rana Dagubatti wants Prabhas to date THIS actress - Prabhas confessed he's not dating Anushka Dishya Sharma. Dec 17,   Baahubali actor Prabhas is going to appear on this week's Koffee With Karan season 6 along with director Rana Daggubati and SS Rajamouli. And the actor is news because of his statement on his relationship with Anushka Shetty.

His answer left everyone in splits. Karan also played the drinking game with Prabhas and Rana on his show.

Anushka is my right choice - Rana Daggubati interview - Star talk

The two actors looked particularly troubled with a couple of questions asked by Kjo - 1 Have you ever made out on the set? Please select an option to vote.

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Miheeka isn't an ex-girlfriend with whom he got back. She isn't a co-star.

Dec 24,   She said, "If any two people work together for two years, of course, they will be linked. But, I wasn't dating Anushka. Ask Raj (director Rajamouli), if you want." Rana Daggubati, who shared the couch with Prabhas, confirmed that the two are not dating each other. Karan, then went on to say, "Because she was playing your wife, your mother in. May 13,   Rana Daggubati has betrayed the media. For years now, entertainment journalists have been in a frenzy, trying to decide who Rana would get married to . Jun 19,   When Prabhas blamed Karan Johar for starting rumour about him dating Anushka Shetty First Published 19, Jun , PM Telugu superstar Prabhas finally broke his silence on his equation with co-star and rumoured girlfriend Anushka Shetty.

Her family isn't from the film industry. Nobody had a clue that she was in his life.

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We certainly hope that the concerned entertainment bureaus will launch a detailed investigation on what went wrong and how they let this slip through the cracks. The fact that the two were dating on and off was well-known and had given much fodder for the gossip mills.

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On the show, Rana tried to avoid the question when it was put to him, but when Karan persisted, he said, "She has been my friend for a decade. We have been friends for a long time and even dated. But, I guess, things didn't work out. The answer was perfectly innocuous and revealed nothing at all about their relationship or why they broke up which is, honestly speaking, none of our business.

The headlines reporting this 'news', however, would have you believe that Rana had broken down on Karan's couch and had laid bare his troubled heart for hours together.

Jun 22,   As Prabhas along with Anushka Shetty, SS Rajamouli, and Rana Daggubati became a part of Koffee With Karan 6, the filmmaker asked Saaho actor if he is dating Anushka. Dec 24,   When Karan asked Prabhas and Rana if they are single, both said they are. When Karan further asked Prabhas about dating Anushka Shetty, he said no. He also said that if . Dec 24,   When asked whether or not he was dating Anushka, Prabhas simply said, "No." He added, "If any two people will work together for two years, of course, they will be linked. But I wasn't dating Anushka. Ask Raj (Rajamouli) if you want." Rana also confirmed the two were not dating.

It didn't stop there. A few months later, Rana and Trisha tweeted their congratulations separately to actor Arya when he announced his wedding, and there was wild speculation that this meant Rana and Trisha were getting together too.

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Here's an example of the kind of headlines we saw then: 'Is Baahubali star Rana Daggubati back with his ex-girlfriend Trisha Krishnan?

Most women stars don't marry when they are at the peak of their careers though this is changing because it could put an end to their ambitions.

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However, since marriage isn't considered to be an obstacle for male stars, many of them marry young. It was unacceptable that Rana, who stepped into his 30s five years ago, could continue to remain an outlier. And since he'd become a pan-Indian star after Baahubaliit was only natural that media houses across the country should worry about his marital status and not just the regional media which had already invested a good many years in the subject.

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But Rana must not be under the impression that the media is done with speculating about his life. We're sure entertainment bureaus are already writing copies with headlines like, 'Is this where Rana Dagguabati will marry Miheeka Bajaj?

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And after the wedding, there will be scores of reporters whose job it is to find out if Miheeka is pregnant they're currently busy finding that out about Samantha, but hey, the more the merrier. No, Rana, we aren't done with you yet! Now that Bhallaladeva has satisfactorily settled down, the focus on Baahubali has intensified.

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