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If you are interested in dating a cop, or you are cop interested in dating, check out these top picks:. The following are some of the pros and cons of dating a police officer:. Dating a police officer who interacts with dangerous criminals every day gives you a certain level of safety and security that not many people have.

Jul 24,   There is no advice, no pros or cons, and no personality that will help you cope with death. Death is an unfortunate and inevitable reality for those who put themselves in constant danger. If you are dating a cop, you may be dating a man who will be shot in the line of duty in the future. Jul 27,   Well as a Trooper, you usually have the chance of a snappy uniform and many people feel that State Troopers are like the Marines of law enforcement. So I guess that is a pro. You generally wont deal with all areas of police work so you wont get as much of the nitty gritty "cops" type stuff. Aug 06,   I am thinking of becoming a state trooper but I'm not sure because I wanted to know how much they make a year and in the future I want to have a family will that support them and will being a state trooper a danger to your family and also is it hard to become a state trooper. I want to become a state trooper in New York oh and please if anybody can tell me how many state troopers die every.

Police officers have training and experience in combat which can be useful when you find yourself in violent situations. Police officers also carry a gun which is more than enough to scare away intruders or defend you in dangerous situations.

If you like to have your space in a relationship, dating a cop might be the best arrangement for you.

May 10,   After being in a relationship with a police officer for almost a year and a half, let me tell you the top five reasons to avoid dating a cop. 1. They're nosey. Imagine having someone constantly wanting to know who it was that gave you a dirty look from Author: Brianna Jukes. Jul 30,   Education: At least a high school diploma or GED is needed to become a state multicoingames.com associate's or bachelor's degree can put a candidate ahead of the competition. Experience: States place a premium on military experience, and veterans often find that state police agencies are a great fit when they transition to civilian multicoingames.comg as a military police officer or in another law. Things to Know About Dating a Soldier. Given the current state of world relations, military men and women are frequently called up for deployment because of the hostility and volatility seen in many parts of the world. There might not be a war taking place but there is certainly a need for the military to police .

Cops are on duty most days, including holidays and when not at work, they are probably catching up on some sleep. If you are an ambitious and independent person with your own unique goals, you could really use the free time to run errands, take naps, enjoy your own hobbies, and do other things without feeling suffocated in your relationship.

Cops are constantly forced to make key decisions in the line of duty, some of which are life or death situations. They have to make quick spur-of-the-moment decisions to resolve civilian issues before they escalate. As such, you can expect the cop to take those leadership traits home and apply them in various situations.

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Stressed out about something? You can expect a police officer to help you tackle various issues head on and decisively. Cops are loved by most people in their neighborhoods as they keep them safe and protect their properties.

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You can expect the cop you are dating to have many friends in the community and to receive praise, respect, or even free gifts for the jobs they do. Most cops join the police force in order to be able to make some positive changes to help their communities.

You can expect a cop to be a person of high moral character with a tendency towards altruism. Police academies have various requirements for anyone to be a part of law enforcement, particularly with regard to health and fitness.

Pros and cons of dating a state trooper

You need to be fit and strong enough to pass the various tests. Cops live a life where they constantly have to put their lives in danger every day.

A cop will be able to respond to terrible situations calmly and gently and find a way out quicker. I know we said above that this can be an advantage since it gives you more time to focus on yourself.

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Once you start falling in love with a cop, you obviously want the best for them and to protect them from everything negative they face. This is not possible with a cop.

You will always know in the back of your mind that they could be in danger at any particular time but you will have no way to help them. Some of these criminals will spend a lot of time obsessing over ways to revenge which could put you in danger if the criminal tries to use you to get to the cop. Crime happens all the time and there have to be cops on duty at all times to maintain law and order and to respond to emergency calls at any time.

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State troopers serve as an important backup for local police in smaller towns and rural areas. They also effectively monitor moving violation activity for large vehicles, such as semi-trucks, that operate on state and interstate highways.

Pay can depend to some extent on a state's fiscal health.

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These figures are national averages. Additional skills, such as speaking multiple languages, can put a state trooper at the top of the pay grade.

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Source: U. Bureau of Labor Statistics Most states also provide troopers with excellent benefits packages, including earlier retirement than other professions.

Louisiana State Police use to be a great job, and a great accomplishment for any person. Worked with alot of awesome Troopers, some of the Best in the World. But the current govenor and the current administration has totally destroyed that organization. There have been no pay raises or hiring since But they have continued to promote/5(21).

Applicants must also be a U. The minimum age for state troopers can vary from state to state, but it's typically either 19 or 21 years old. Other tests include a physical examination that includes an EKG and blood pressure check and an eye exam to test vision, depth perception, and the ability to see colors.

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Not all necessary skills for becoming a state trooper are taught in training. Some are inherent or are traits you can develop before applying.

Pros of Dating a Cop. The following are some of the pros and cons of dating a police officer: 1. Security. Nov 09,   The pros and cons of dating a detective. dateranalysisblog / November 9, Also, I think as a police officer, being calm is probably always the right response. As a therapist, I know sometimes my patients need me to be nonchalant and matter of fact, when they tell me something they're embarrassed about or that they've really built. Jan 26,   Dating a cop can be one of the most thrilling experiences of your life, it will seem like a challenge at times, but can be extremely rewarding to one with the right personality. You have to be saint and extremely understanding, down to earth perso.

Public safety will always be an issue, and this job will always be vital as crime rates fluctuate due to various factors. Individual states' population growth or decline can affect the number of jobs available, however.

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This can be a physically challenging career, and it's often stressful and dangerous. Not every civilian is overjoyed when a trooper turns up at a scene.

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Expect to be yelled at, spit on, hit, and even worse. Potential health concerns and other inherent dangers are associated with the job as well. The illness and injury rates in this profession are among the highest of any career.

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Dealing daily with the misfortune of others and untimely deaths can be particularly stressful and affect troopers emotionally as well. This is almost always full-time work, and it can include long and irregular hours.

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Shift work is common because state police forces can't turn out the lights and call it a night at the end of a long day, leaving the public umulticoingames.comotected. Before you apply for state trooper jobs, get your cover letter and resume in order.

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