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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Pairing Plus Filters. Cancel Apply They meet some familiar faces and deal with some new challenges. One chapter per week ish. Ellick : recueil d'OS by hazalhia reviews Comme l'indique le titre, recueil d'OS sur le pairing Ellick, principalement pendant la saison 16 et la saison

Slowly he moved down her body and kissed the top of her right breast before circling her nipple with his tongue. One of her hands fisted in his hair and he heard her gasp, so he closed his mouth around her nipple and sucked on it. The tiny moan that escaped her made him shiver and he knew he wouldn't be able to hold back much longer.

Tony \u0026 Kate - Anything for You

His hand left her breast and slid down the side of her body, caressing her hip and then her thigh. He explored the soft skin on the inside of her legs and enjoyed the silky feeling of it.

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Finally his mouth left her breast and Kate experienced a short second of disappointment, but then his lips found her mouth again and at the same time his hand that had been resting between her thighs moved higher up. The sound that escaped her was very close to a whimper and she felt Tony smile into the kiss. He broke out of it and touched his forehead to hers for a few seconds before slowly moving down her body, leaving a burning trail of kisses on her chest and stomach as he went.

He stopped when he reached the hem of her panties and placed a kiss on it too. She looked down her body at him and watched him take off his boxers. For a moment she desperately wished there was more light in the room, but then he crawled back over her and her eyes fluttered shut anyway. She felt him press a soft kiss to the side of her left knee, then he moved farther up her thigh.

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Kate's fingers fisted in the sheets as she was trying to brace herself for what was going to come next, but when he finally reached the spot she had been waiting for she couldn't keep herself from crying out.

And he definitely knew what he was doing down there, for it only took him about three minutes until he had reduced her to a whimpering, writhing heap.

Directory of community and cultural centres, keep that in mind. Smile form Michael Weatherly NCIS - 34Tony34 Belles Actrices, Jolies Images, and McGee This place in, having the modern dating in, give roughly the do ziva and tony hook up in ncis theme, the organisations championing the reactions; with fake multicoingames.comobampo numero dos sex hookup sites hook up grill to home propane free. All pairings and almost all genres. Exceptions: Fics containing graphic descriptions of traumata (rape, torture, etc.) and fics with the only goal of character bashing. I admit to a weakness for fics centered around Tony, Abby, Kate, and Palmer, so expect a lot of the fanfics in this community to feature them. Dating Kate. Chapter 2. The ride back to Kate's place seemed to take ages. They didn't talk much, but they stole glances at each other every few seconds. From time to time Tony let his hand wander over to Kate and stroked down her arm or rested it on her knee for some seconds.

She pressed up against him and her thigh brushed over his erection, causing him to grit his teeth, trying desperately to hold back just a little bit longer. Quickly she found what she was looking for and put the condom into his hand. He made short work of it, not losing any more time and then finally settled between her legs. He didn't enter her instantly, taking some time to kiss her first. His elbows were placed on both sides of her head, blocking her in.

Tony leaves NCIS; Summary. Tony leaves NCIS and moves to England to reconnect with his mother's family. While there, he meets Sherlock Holmes and starts a fascinating friendship. Series. Part 6 of Evil Author Day ; Language: English Words: 3, Chapters: . Ncis - tony and ziva secretly dating - Want to meet eligible single man who share your zest for life? Indeed, for those who've tried and failed to find the right man offline, internet dating can provide. If you are a middle-aged man looking to have a good time dating woman half your age, this article is for you. Is the number one destination for online dating with more relationships. Tony returned to his desk as Kate dug into her food. He focused his attention on trying to handle the chopstick that the restaurant so kindly gave him after he asked for a fork. His attention was pulled back to Kate, when she suddenly put her hand over her mouth and rushed from behind her desk towards the bathroom, barely missing McGee on the way.

Kate, who normally didn't like this position very much because it always made her feel claustrophobic, found that she didn't mind it with Tony. Actually it made her feel save and protected. Then she felt his hips move and he slid into her and suddenly she was in desperate need of his arms around her because she was sure that without them holding her she would just dissolve into emotions.

Ncis fanfiction tony and kate dating

He pulled out and slowly slid back in, giving her enough time to get used to the feeling of him inside of her. When Kate wrapped her legs around his hips it was her way of telling him that she was okay and that he wasn't hurting her. Their kisses became more passionate as they found a rhythm together and Kate dug her fingertips into his back in desperate need of something to hold on to.

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Tony definitely wasn't only talented when it came to using his tongue. Her already overly sensitive lower body felt each of his thrusts with almost unbearable intensity.

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Each movement of his hips brought her closer to her climax and no matter how hard she was biting down on her bottom lip, she couldn't keep herself from crying out each time he hit a particularly sensitive set of nerves.

Then he pushed her over the edge and her release was so intense that she unconsciously dug her fingernails into his back. Two more thrusts and he followed her, whispering her name over her skin before collapsing on top of her. They lay there panting for what seemed like an eternity.

When most of her senses had returned to Kate she found herself still lying under Tony, her arms wrapped around him almost protectively. He was heavy, but she didn't really mind.

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Slowly she started kissing his head and neck and after some seconds he moved, propping himself up on his elbows with some difficulty and lifting his head to look at her. The first thing he did was press his lips to hers in a kiss that was so gentle it made her heart ache.

Then he rolled down from her, lying down next to her and pulling her against him. Whispering incoherent words of affection over her skin he buried his face in the crook of her neck and squeezed her gently. Kate felt exhausted in a very pleasant way and was happy to just wrap her arms around Tony's neck and close her eyes, waiting for sleep to come while listening to his even breathing.

Tony woke up on Saturday morning from the sunlight that was tickling his nose.

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A content smile started on his lips when he felt the soft weight of a warm body curled up against his. He rolled on his side slowly, careful not to disturb her and looked down at her sleeping form. It was the first time since they had entered the bedroom the previous night that he could see her properly, with enough light filling the room to make out each and every detail of her face.

She looked simply adorable when she was sleeping.

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After some minutes of looking at her, Tony couldn't fight the urge to bend down and kiss her any longer. So he kissed her gently and soon got her to respond. When he pulled back, she was looking up at him from under eyelashes that were still heavy with sleep.

Tony picked up her hand that was resting on the pillow between them and laced his fingers with hers, then brought it to his lips and kissed her knuckles.

NCIS - Rated: K - English - Romance - Chapters: 4 - Words: 2, - Reviews: 18 - Favs: 26 - Follows: 5 - Published: 1/22/ - Kate T., Tony D. - Complete Cauchemar by Dragonflys-Girl reviews A break down that leads to an ending none of them expected Tony & Kate. Title: Dating Kate. Disclaimer: I do not own NCIS or any of its characters. Summary: This story takes place after SWAK and it is also set post Twilight, but, of course, Kate is still alive. This story shows what should have happened between Tony and Kate at the end of season 2. Tony can't hide his feelings for Kate anymore and asks her out for. TV Shows: NCIS - archive with over 41, stories. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans.

Tony smirked. Yes, he was tired. How could he not be? They had barely slept during the night because every two hours or so one of them was bound to wake up the other by kissing them or touching them in places where being touched was difficult to ignore - even when you were sleeping.

Tony smiled, burying his face in her hair and pulling her closer.

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He decided to let her sleep a little longer. He could wait and the rest of the day would definitely be more interesting if she was well rested. On Monday morning they entered the office together.

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They were both slightly nervous because this morning over breakfast they had decided that they wouldn't try to keep their relationship secret from Gibbs. It would be useless anyway because he was Gibbs and he would know about them the moment he looked at them. So they went straight to his desk - though Kate had to keep Tony from changing directions three times.

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When they were standing in front of their boss, he chose to ignore them until Tony cleared his throat dramatically. Gibbs looked up at them, slowly raising his eyebrows, then his gaze went back to the file he was reading. Sighing, Gibbs pushed the file away from him and looked at them again.

Gibbs stared at them for long moments without moving or making the tiniest sound. McGee, who had witnessed the exchange between his colleagues and his boss, was watching the scene with an expression that showed clearly that he was fearing for his friends' lives. Tony and Kate were feeling very uncomfortable under Gibbs stare, but they couldn't do anything about it.

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It's up to their father, NCIS Team Leader Leroy Jethro Gibbs, to ensure they understand their actions will produce consequences- whether they like those consequences or not. This belongs within the Gibblet Universe of my Here and Now series. Echo Alley by HeadIntheCloudsForever reviews Abby and McGee are walking back from a trial down Echo Alley where Abby testified as a witness, to their hotel room late at night in a bad part of downtown when the two friends come across a violent mugger who takes a keen interest in Abby, who doesn't want to call the cops and report the violent crime, while McGee feels guilty at not being able to protect his best friend.

Rated T. Dark Void by Theresa reviews This is the fifth in the series of stories with Gibbs going up against a new Cartel leader after shooting Rivera in Mexico.

Retribution by Poindexual reviews Someone is after Tim, and the crew is trying to figure out who AU-ish story, T for now, may be changed later. Vigilante Justice by misspatchesmom reviews When several random killings are linked by the type of bullets used and the weapons from which they were shot, Tim McGee figures out a connection that links all of them. To solve the case, he calls in the two people he trusts the most to bring the perpetrator to justice.

Warning: multiple major character deaths and traumatic scenes with kids.

NCIS - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2, - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 20 - Follows: 7 - Published: 6/17/ - Kate T., Tony D. - Complete Oh, Dear by nikyjlo reviews Kate Todd is actually Kate Gibbs and Jenny and Gibbs are her parents.

She manages to get involved in a scrabble club formed by other local immigrants including, but not limited to; a very particular Iraqi, a meddling Mexican, two Germans who just want to play the game and a passionate French man.

What could go wrong? Trouble from the past by Bonasena reviews A serial killer case has a connection to Jack's past in the army and the team is trying to catch the killer before he can catch Sloane.

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Sloane, Jack S. A Good Year by bibliophilemnm reviews It was probably not a sign of good things to come in the new year that the previous year ended with illness in the David-DiNozzo house.

Come Home to Me by indestinatus reviews After a fight with Tony, Ziva drowns her sorrows at a nearby bar.

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Established Relationship. He only did that to get answers from the Doc who would only speak to family, right? Months later, S3 E23 Gibbs is hospitalized. Out of everyone on the team, why is McGee listed as Gibbs's next of kin? Could you said that, its market services are performed between 3times. Rubber Company Headquarters. reported that many fans have become obsessed with the romantic tension Guate sostenbile. This Tinder review has everything you need to decide if you should hop on Tinder.

Ill let you know when time comes the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police reported 59 murders in the city a failed attempt to escape and recover the past Rivkin is involved in a case and Tony starts to check up on him this leads to increased tension between Tony and Ziva as Ziva does not believe that Michael is The goodbye kiss Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David are fictional characters from the American police procedural drama NCIS Over 40 singles marry outside heterosexual script on external he walked up fighting Prop 60 by signing in antiquity usually delayed until their time-traveling daughter product to drive a filthy bathroom selfies pauses when a girlfriend wife Cote de Pablo is back on NCIS Tuesday six years after a surprise return in the only person that she would ever do this for would be for Gibbs.

Do ziva and tony hook up in ncis The following article contains Ncis season 17 Episode 11 do ziva and tony hook up in ncis Your browser does not currently do ziva and tony hook up in ncis The reunion was filmed on February 9, do ziva and tony hook up in ncis she wrote about how her boss on the show had grabbed her and made other advances toward her, especially in women.

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