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If you wish to use the AirPlay feature on your iPhone but you do not know how, the following post will teach you how to AirPlay from your iPhone. It explains how you can enable the feature and make it work with your Apple TV. Read on to learn more. The AirPlay feature on the iPhone has gained good popularity recently thanks to the amazing things it does with minimal effort. The feature lets you quickly mirror the contents of your iPhone screen to your Apple TV or any other device that can receive AirPlay content. Although the feature is pretty easy to use, there is no harm in learning the proper way to use it on your devices. The following guide sheds light on this feature you get with your iOS device and tells you how to use it.

To send and receive streaming audio and video with AirPlay, the devices you're using must first be connected to the same local network.

How to Use Apple Airplay on Samsung TV

This connection could be wireless, using WiFi or Bluetoothor wired, using Ethernet. Though connecting with Bluetooth isn't the same as being on your home computer network, AirPlay detects Bluetooth devices automatically and lets you manage them alongside your other network-accessible AirPlay options. After you've added your AirPlay-enabled devices to the same network, each AirPlay source can automatically detect all its potential receivers.

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For example, if you add your iPad to the network, the iTunes app on your iPad will automatically detect that the Apple TV in your living room and the AirPlay-enabled speakers in your bedroom are possible remote output devices.

So how do you use it? Airplay-enabled apps will automatically scan your WiFi network for compatible devices. When an application detects that AirPlay is possible, the AirPlay icon will appear in the application display. Once you access the AirPlay menu, you can select individual devices you want to receive the streaming audio or video from that application.

Note that if you wish to share your media between two computers on your network, the AirPlay icon will not appear.

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That's because the iTunes application for desktop and laptop computers already has a built-in library sharing function for other iTunes users on your network. AirPlay is redundant for this computer-only scenario.

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Some tech experts tout AirPlay as a revolutionary technology that will change the face of home entertainment and network data sharing. AirPlay has the following advantages that give credence to that idea:.

Despite these great features, AirPlay also has its limitations. Most of the criticism around AirPlay cites the following disadvantages:. So far, we've looked at Apple AirPlay with a focus on its use by other Apple products.

Now, let's look who's partnering to offer AirPlay compatibility outside of Apple, and how AirPlay compares to other media-sharing technology. Are these components an affordable option for your home entertainment setup? So, while AirPlay is a free feature on Apple products, making full use of it can hit hard in the wallet.

The question is, will people buy it? As developers produce more devices and applications to use AirPlay, time will tell whether AirPlay itself becomes yet a true selling feature for Apple products.

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In the meantime, a lesser-known group known as the Digital Living Network Alliance DLNA is continuing the strides it has been making since it launched in More than companies are part of the DLNA, which originally formed to establish interoperability standards among digital devices. The group published its DLNA Interoperability Guidelines in June along with a certification program to recognize products that meet the standards.

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Wired and wireless DLNA-certified devices are everywhere, and they have far more interoperability features than AirPlay. So, instead of having to play your music or movies as a stream from a separate device, your TV or stereo can access them directly from the source.

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Part 1 of Verify your iOS device is compatible with AirPlay. Verify you own a device to which content can be streamed using AirPlay.

Swipe up on the screen of your iOS device. This opens Control Center. Tap on the device to which you want to stream content. After selecting a device, AirPlay streaming will be enabled. Part 2 of This helps ensure AirPlay runs efficiently across all compatible Apple devices. This refreshes the Wi-Fi connection on both devices so AirPlay can be enabled. Devices that are turned off or have a low battery charge may not be detected by AirPlay on your iOS device.

Check the volume on both devices if you can see videos but cannot hear audio.

How do you hook up airplay

Low or muted volume on one or both devices can interfere with sound when using AirPlay. Try using a wired Internet connection with an Ethernet cable if your content lags or becomes interrupted while streaming on the Apple TV. This can help strengthen your network connection and prevent lagging.

Try relocating any nearby objects or devices that might be interfering with AirPlay playback. Put your laptop someplace to charge, and just keep a small, light keyboard on your lap. There are a lot of wireless mouse options, but I like this one because it's comfortable, and more importantly, quiet.

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Instead of click-click-click, it sounds more like a light tapping on a table. Your TV and your laptop's screen are probably different resolutions.

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In theory this won't be an issue, but if you're finding text hard to read, or overall the image looks poor, make sure the laptop's output matches your TV's resolution. It's easy to do on both Windows and Mac. If you're also trying to send audio, that might need to be switched on as well, either by clicking the speaker button in the lower right on Windows, or in System Preferences on Mac.

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On the TV side, make sure you disable your TV's overscan. It might be disabled automatically, but if the edges of your desktop are cutoff, dig deep into your TV's menus for something like "size" or "zoom.

This should help reduce input lag, the delay between you pressing a button and that action showing up on screen. It's also a good idea to lower the sharpness control.

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I mean, in general this is a good idea, but here specifically it should help you make out fine details better, like text. A TV's sharpness control usually just increases artificial edge enhancement, masking fine details and adding noise.

Mar 17,   There you go. AirPlay has been successfully enabled on your iOS-based device. You will now see a list of devices you can connect to on your screen. When you have finished using AirPlay on your iPhone, you may want to turn it off. Well, turning off is as easy as turning it on. Simply open the Control Center and tap on the AirPlay option again. If you have a Windows PC: There's something called Miracast, though it's not as widespread as "all recent Apple products" like AirPlay. Your Windows 10 laptop should have the tech built-in. May 04,   To require a PIN every time you use AirPlay, go to Settings > AirPlay > Conference Room Display and turn on Require PIN Every Time. If your Apple TV has tvOS or earlier, go to Settings > AirPlay > AirPlay, select Require Code under Security, then choose when you want to require a code to use AirPlay.

Note the "halo" around the objects in the version on the right. Speaking of text, if you're trying to work from your couch it's likely that despite the extra screen size, text is still too small. If that's the case, you can adjust text size on Windows and Mac. You can also use the zoom controls in certain apps, like Chrome browsers. If you're not getting an image on screen at all, try unplugging the HDMI and plugging it back in with the TV onand if that doesn't work, leave it all plugged in but turn the TV off then on.

Jun 27,   And of course, they want you to use Apple AirPlay to do it. AirPlay is a service that Apple devices can use to stream audio and video between electronic devices. This is similar to the way you might connect to a streaming radio or video Web site, like Pandora or YouTube, except that everything is located on your network rather than out on the. Feb 22,   When I try to turn on the Apple TV in the AirPlay Display box, I immediately receive a box titled "AirPlay Device Password" with an instruction "Enter the AirPlay code for 'Apple TV'". I never received this notice before when using Apple TV and my computer with AirPlay. All you have to do is download the Windows version of iTunes on your PC and connect it to the same network. That is, you can stream audio to the AirPlay compatible devices without any setback. But to stream any media using AirPlay for Windows, you need to download a .

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