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About a year and a half ago, I ended a five-year relationship with a man who, despite calling himself a feminist, subtly and then overtly shamed me about my weight and body hair. After years of him asking me to wax my ladyparts, I finally did it as a special one-time thing in an attempt to save our failing relationship. Then he decided I had to wax, all the time. One day I posted an article about how more young women i. I quit shaving everything that day, and quit putting up with his bullshit for good a few weeks later. It has been empowering to reject the body hair status quo by rocking my luxurious pit hair in tank tops every chance I get. And in the context of my breakup, I felt like I was reclaiming my body and celebrating it in all its glory.

Well, thanks, dude-bro; I had no idea everyone's body hair was your concern. Responses like his bring up issues of feminism, bodily autonomy, and cultural beauty standards that privilege women who are thin, white, and hairless - standards that hurt all women, and make us feel like failures when we can't attain them.

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No matter your preferences when it comes to your own body hair, the important thing is to remember that they are yours alone. Here are a few of the things I've learned in a year of dating without shaving. Not shaving weeds out the dude-bros Particularly the ones whose ideas about women are too stuck in the Stone Age to enjoy a woman's body if it doesn't conform to their ideals.

I feel more confident about my body than I've ever been As a body-positive, queer feminist, I hate to admit that I've done quite a few things to my body for men.

Beth Sherouse is a writer, recovering academic, and social justice activist. The New Smoke.

Aug 13,   Photo: Mara Sprafkin. As dating guru Patti Stanger told our own Ruthie Friedlander, if you're not online dating, you're the weird multicoingames.comr it's . Aug 17,   Dating. All Dating Advice Dating Experiences Best Online Dating Sites Relationship Advice. Dry-shaving is right up there with never-ending shaving Author: Alex Bracetti. May 16,   Oftentimes, men feel insecure about hair loss or the idea of shaving their heads completely, with many worried that it will affect their perceived attractiveness when dating Author: Louis Baragona.

multicoingames.com Serves. Social Media Links. It's a railroad apartment in Chelsea: His bedroom had no windows.

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I remember thinking: "Oh my gosh. This is so depressing" and then "Whatever, it's fine. We start hooking up, and shirts come off.


I can't remember if pants were off, but shirts were definitely off. Because that was the point when he says, "Hey, I'm really into you and this is super hot, but I can't stand back hair. And I really want to hook up with you.

But before we do, will you let me shave your back?

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And I was like, "UM. Do I let him do this?

Sep 15,   Razor shaving was by far the most popular removal method, with fewer than 5 percent of women engaging in waxing, electrolysis, or laser. Among .

Fuck it. I'll let him do it. It might even be kind of cool. Is this is a new razor?

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Has he used this razor? Is he HIV positive?

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Am I going to get HIV? Am I the most reckless person ever? It's weird: I don't really remember what the shaving felt like because I was so inward facing at that point and so hard on myself.

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Enter the garconne dresses and boxy shifts that raised hemlines and nipped away sleeves. And with all that extra body being on display, Gillette found his opening. To convince women that buying a razor came part and parcel with buying the latest fashion, catalogs began to cleverly market the two products together.

Dating and shaving

For example, anti-underarm hair ads were appearing "in McCall's magazine byand women's razors and depilatories showed up in the Sears, Roebuck catalog inthe same year that company began offering dresses with sheer sleeves," Anita Renfroe, author of Don't Say I Didn't Warn Youexplained in her book. The first advert that ran for the women's razor was a one-inch square in Harpers Bazaarand with that small bit of ad real estate new rules for femininity were drafted.

Shaving wasn't going to be a passing trend but a new part of what it meant to be a proper woman in polite society. That was the only way to keep products moving off of shelves. And with more problems women had to worry over, the more magazine issues an editor was able to sell.

Dating is hard I get it, but there is a difference between desperate and clingy. There is a difference between desperate and being vulnerable. Don't be desperate and if you do feel that way, I would suggest not dating. Dec 14,   Shaving wasn't going to be a passing trend but a new part of what it meant to be a proper woman in polite society. After all, the goal of advertisers and magazine editors wasn't to meet women's. Oct 04,   Sex + Dating. I'm a Single Woman Who Stopped Shaving More Than a Year Ago. It's Been Amazing. He got angry and told me it was a deal breaker for our relationship. I quit shaving Author: Beth Sherouse.

The editor thinks it is for the benefit of American women. Magazines were just ads gift wrapped in advice to get women to buy them and their products.


And buy them they did. The key in making women buy the product was to make shaving a new but unmistakable part of womanhood.

Gillette knew that, and so he and his publishers used polarizing words in their ads, drawing a hard line between what it meant to be a man and a woman. In their early advertisements for women, Gillette did not to use the word 'shaving' but the word 'smoothing' instead.

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The cultural association between men and blades was so deep and so old that they had to worry about making their products seem 'feminine' enough," Herzig confirms. Companies also picked out language carefully, creating a story where body hair had negative connotations and would dock points from a woman's scorecard.

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For example, X Bazina shaving powder brand, shared that their product was used by "women of refinement" for generations to remove "objectionable" hair. Gillette labeled body hair "an embarrassing personal problem" and smooth underarms a "feature of good dressing and good grooming," while another ad claimed you'd be "unloved" and "embarrassed" if you had "ugly, noticeable, and unwanted hair.

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If you didn't, you risked being pegged as the opposite. The ads also made sure to make it sound like all the refined and fashionable women were already doing it - or even better, requesting it - making the woman at home feel like she had to keep up with the Plastics.

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For example, this Gillette ad reads that the razor was finally created after " numerous requests from the leading summer and winter resorts and all the metropolitan fashion centers. Buying a razor wasn't just buying a product, it was buying a social distinction.

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A hairless woman was a superior woman. Now that women were on board with keeping their underarms smooth, Gillette wanted to up the ante and move that same urgency to the legs. After all, the more hair you had to shave, the faster your razors would dull and the more you'd have to buy.

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