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Since , Jessica Jung was rumored to be in a relationship with Tyler Kwon. The couple finally went public in May These days, a lot of my friends are getting married and seeing them makes me want to get married. I have a friend who has a baby. While buying a gift for my friend, rumors of me being pregnant started. I thought it would be easy since we were both artists, but it was not.

Do you think that Taeyeon and Baekhyun still maintain their relationship as senior and junior, just as their agency said during their separation?

Sep 21,   SNSD's Taeyeon shared a story of a fight she had with Tiffany during the pilot program, KBS "Big Brothers. " SNSD appeared on the . Jan 04,   In January , Taeyeon spoke about her first love on the SBS radio program, Jung Sun-hee's Night Like Tonight. During her appearance with fellow SNSD members Tiffany, Sunny, and Seohyun, Taeyeon confessed that she was receiving more than she was giving to her beloved one, "I was really young and just received a lot from the relationship. Mar 16,   Tiffany and Taeyeon pretended to be in a relationship so SM would focus on them and would never find out Sooyoung and Jessica have been married for 2 years now, with a baby on the way via in vitro.

It is like a novel. Besides the similar Instagram posts, Taeyeon and G-Dragon were claimed to wearing the same ring, keychain, and bandanna. The unique way Taeyeon and G-Dragon wear their hoodies were also pointed out by the netizens.

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As of the time of this writing, it can be concluded that the one and only male celebrity that Taeyeon has admitted to going out with, in public, is Baekhyun, whom she broke up with in Other names such as Junsu and Leeteuk are strong candidates, but whose strong rumors have yet to be confirmed. Home Entertainment Contact Us.

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Jan 04,   They compared Tiffany's Instagram post where Taeyeon danced to the same song G-Dragon uploaded first, and the couple's selfies that used the same photo application in April, as well as a photo where Taeyeon has her hand in front of her face as if she is holding a gun, while G-Dragon is passed out as if he were shot, in his picture. Jul 08,   Tiffany has been known as one of the most popular members in SNSD, and, of course, she is also popular among male celebrities. Since , Tiffany has been suspected of dating AOMG's rapper Gray. An unknown person told the reporter, "I often saw the two of them sharing thoughts on music. Apr 13,   In some fancam footage of Jessica's performance before she left, she obviously didn't feel comfortable with some of the other members, such as Taeyeon and Yoona. One time, Tiffany got into scandal when she posted a photo on her Snapchat with a caption of a 'Tokyo Japan' sticker that had the Japanese rising sun flag as the background.

Their love blossomed after years of being friends, and they started dating. Reports that the two had been close for a long time are correct. Since the two have the similarity of living in the States, they started talking more and became friendly.

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They were also spotted enjoying a date in an Asian fusion restaurant on March 11, Please look towards them kindly. It seems like tight schedules is the biggest boundary for all K-pop idol couples, including Tiffany and Nickhun.

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After being in a relationship for a year and 5 months, it was revealed that the couple parted ways. A close friend of them revealed that they broke up due to their busy overseas schedules.

Oct 01,   SNSD Tiffany Chuseok. 13 years later, we can still say that right now is Girls' Generation! As of now, SNSD members are still in demand when it comes to different endorsements and as a proof of that, these members are currently promoting top cosmetic brands in Korea. This list will also help you decide if you are on the edge looking for new cosmetic . Snsd rumors the patients said that she could immediately tell it was her. I noticed I have a dating scandal today. It was so absurd. Well, what do you snsd about this? In the variety show Roommate, Sunny once revealed that she generation dating a celebrity. I thought it would snsd easy since we were both artists, but it was not. Jul 08,   The Hottest One Among SNSD's Ex-Boyfriends For years, SNSD members had been coupled up by fans with many boy groups, but who knew that it might come true. Tiffany was rumored to be with a member of 2PM, Nickhun, nicknamed the Thai Prince, as there were many photos reported by Sports Seoul.

It was hard for them to find time for each other as they were working hard for their comebacks with their group members. Home Entertainment Contact Us.

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