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I just realized many of you don't have multicoingames.com, so here you are! Okay, so in this fic, even though Marinette and Chat are secretly dating, Marinette still doesn't know that Chat is actually Adrien. Summary: In which Alya suspects something weird going on with a certain feline superhero. Alya was looking through her blog, re-watching all her videos of the superhero duo, when she felt as if there were something odd going on. With a frown, she went ten videos up from the latest one and began to compare each and every one. And then she noticed it after the third video.

Marinette's face was flushed and her eyes were hungry as she took in the sight of Adrien peppering kisses to her inner thighs. They had only done this twice after their crazy week of sexual acts, and once it was interrupted when Alya had come over unannounced and almost walked in on Marinette cumming on his chin.

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Adrien's eyes were sparkling when he looked up at her, his grin growing as Marinette began wriggling her hips upwards to get his lips on her. She knew it was pathetic- begging like that- but she was yearning for his touch for so long.

They had been fooling around like this for over a month, counting the week that started it all, and yet she could never get enough of Adrien's long fingers and quick tongue. Unfortunately they hadn't done it since then, out of nervousness and lack of time to. Yet that's all she could think about when she was with him. She had really gotten to know Adrien pretty well in the time since their identities were revealed.

She came to realize that the boy in the mask was just as beautiful and kind as his civilian persona, and the boy he had shown her behind the mask on was just as wonderful and clever as her feline partner.

It was a blessing that her two crushes were one in the same, and now that she knew both sides of him she fell even more in love with him every day. When Adrien's tongue swiped up her slit, Marinette's back went ramrod straight and she hummed in satisfaction.

Adrien always put his all into the things he did, and pleasuring her was no exception.

Adrien and marinette dating fanfiction

His mouth caressed her in loving kisses, his tongue massaging every inch of her womanhood, his hands gripping her and spreading her even further apart so he could worship every crevice and fold of her skin.

His tongue was dipping into her hole, wetting itself with her essence and spreading it as he made his way around her folds. He wrapped his lips around her clit, suckling lightly, before flicking his tongue over it and humming.

Marinette fell back onto the chaise and gripped his hair even harder. Her body was tightening, coiling as it prepared itself for release.

Marinette wasn't a stuttery mess around Adrien, and the blond wasn't even subtle in his attempt at spending time with them. Group lunches had become the norm now. "I'm thinking yes" she said, maybe they needed to just get on with it and tell them.

Adrien's finger made its way into her entrance and Marinette did her best not to moan out loud. Like she had mentioned, her parents were still awake. They didn't know Adrien was even in her room, so her random moaning could set off some alarms in their heads.

Instead, she bit her knuckles and panted loudly as Adrien pumped his finger in and out of her in tandem with his flicking tongue on her clit. His hot breath was fanning against the rest of her sensitive skin, causing her to creep closer to her climax with every breath. It was mind-blowing how well Adrien knew to please her body, even when they didn't have that much time to explore.

It just seemed like he was good at everything he did, including the art of pleasuring a person with one's mouth. To her surprise, Adrien withdrew his finger and began tongue-fucking her, using the wet pad of his fingertip to rub her clit in a motion akin to vibration. The sensation was blinding, causing her to lift up from the chaise and press her crotch against his face.

Adrien wasted no time in returning his finger to her vagina, where he thrust in and out of her in a deep and powerful action. She was gasping now, feeling the tightening of an orgasm increase tenfold as he latched his mouth around her clit and sucked, hard.

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Her scream was muffled by her hand, but her erratic jerking of her hips was barely contained by Adrien's strong arms. Her orgasm was powerful and intense, blinding to the point that she couldn't feel anything but Adrien's mouth and his insistent thrusts. As she calmed down, Adrien lapped up all of the fluids that had collected in between her legs. He sucked his fingers dry, dragged his tongue all over her folds, and even went low enough to clean up her puckering ass.

That had felt better than she ever imagined, and Marinette made a note to try that again when he was down there next. Once he was done cleaning her up, Adrien rose and wiped his chin with the back of his hand, smirking all the while, and leaned down to give her a soft kiss. Marinette languidly responded, wrapping her arms around his shoulders as she tasted herself on his tongue. Vaguely she realized Adrien had pulled her shorts and panties back up, which made her smile, and hold him even closer.

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Just as Adrien pulled away from their kiss, however, the sound of her door being opened broke them apart even faster. The rustle of leaves swept away by a body moving along. Soft breathing. Adrien let out a huff and popped his head out of the leaves. I wanted to pounce. Shifting her weight to her other foot, Marinette raised a gloved hand to her mouth to giggle. Holding out her hand, Marinette said, "C'mon kitty.

Alya and Nino will be along in a minute. You don't want them to catch you being a cat again. He pouted at her and took her hand.

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The pout morphed to a grin as he yanked her into the pile of leaves with him. Shrieking with a mixture of glee and outrage, Marinette hit the leaf pile, scattering leaves to the wind. He buried her, dumping bright red maple and yellow birch leaves on her head.

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She retaliated, tossing leaves at him and used her feet to kick up more of them. He rolled, wriggling and writhing, then spat leaves as they wormed their way into his mouth. Leaves in his hair, bracken and bits of soil made it damp and he didn't care. Marinette tried to escape the leaves and he wouldn't have that.

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Pouncing, he tackled her back into the leaves, then bounced away before she could smack him. Someone else to wrestle with! The kitty in Adrien pounced on Nino, forcing him back into the leaves with a laugh. With a waggle of his eyebrows, Nino got him in a headlock. Soon the pair of them were rolling around and playfully battling each other.

Marinette picked herself up, brushing leaves from her long pink woollen coat. They stuck to the wool and pompom buttons and she plucked the broken leaves from her while the boys wrestled. I want to go swimming. I plan to stay in there until I prune and then even longer. You never used to be like this. Nino sat back on his haunches and watched Adrien scramble for Marinette's beanie that had dislodged in his attack. Sighing, Nino dug through the leaves to find his earphones.

Bouncing over, Adrien plopped the hat on Marinette's head and made sure her ears were covered. He couldn't resist batting at the pompom on the top. Alya got behind Marinette and marched her toward the main doors of the swimming centre.

C'mon you two, stop flirting. They made their way into the indoor swimming pool and although Marinette tried not to react, Adrien saw her breathe a sigh of relief as the blast of heat from the building hit them.

Marinette felt her face flush in embarrassment and shame. "I-I. I'm sorry, maman." "Next time, let us know when Adrien is coming over," Sabine admonished. "We would have made snacks." Without another word, Sabine went back down the stairs, leaving Adrien and Marinette alone once more. Adrien and Marinette had been dating for about three months; a growing, learning and evolving partnership between Chat Noir and Ladybug, and between Marinette and Adrien. It was difficult to balance both lives and keep everything straight in their heads while remembering they couldn't discuss their superhero activities in front of their two. Marinette sighed pushing her nerves away, Adrien and her had discovered each others identity's a month ago, They had talked everything over and also discovered they liked eachother, so started dating, they managed to keep it a secret for a week until after a very hard akuma battle Chat had kissed Ladybug and a reporter caught it and told the.

Trying to show solidarity, he brushed his hand down her back and she, in turn smiled at him. Being a Miraculous impacted the wielder in ways no one suspected.

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She was Ladybug, the lucky charm, he was Chat Noir, with the power of bad luck. A cat and his lady. All the strength and power which Tikki and Plagg bestowed upon them also came with a cost to their personal lives. The cat and bug tendencies in their everyday lives was amplified while in the suit.

Chat Noir was playful and content until he hadn't been petted for a while, then the itching would start. Scratch and nip, his skin would crawl until he felt like he was burning. It had been an accident running into Marinette while in the throes of an itch attack. Her fingers sliding down his back and buried in his hair sated the kitty need inside him for a time. They hadn't known each other's identities then.

At twenty-two-years-old, Marinette and Adrien's lives are going well, especially now that the-as Adrien likes to put it-cat is out of the bag. Despite the occasional akuma attack and over-powered super villain, they wouldn't trade anything for what they have. Aug 10, Adrien said. "Well I'm not a therapist or anything but I think it means you are in love." Nathalie said." Well I'm off to school." Adrien said. Adrien had arrived at school where he saw Marinette, and realized that Marinette was in his dream so he decides to go talk to her. "Hey Marinette I need to talk about something?" Adrien asked. Okay, so in this fic, even though Marinette and Chat are secretly dating, Marinette still doesn't know that Chat is actually Adrien. MARICHAT WEEK 1 DAY 1: SECRET DATING. Summary: In which Alya suspects something weird going on with a certain feline superhero.

Chat Noir; heartsore over Ladybug, and Marinette; crushing on Adrien, had turned to each other without knowing the object of their affection was the other person in disguise.

An accidental kiss during a patting session inspired a journey of discovery for both of them. Ladybug, as opposed to Chat Noir's kitten attributes, had bug-like tendencies. A penchant for growing things, a great love of flowers, pheromones to keep those around her calm and a strong need to hibernate during winter. While it was the obsession with pets which affected Adrien in his daily life, Marinette had inherited the aversion to cold. The temperature dipped and so did her energy.

Clothing multiplied, sweaters and gloves and scarfs which covered her mouth even on the milder of the autumn days. It was a daily struggle for her and Adrien worried about snow. Winter fast approached and the first snows were most likely only a few weeks away. Hence the warmer dates. Swimming pools. Indoor cafes. The library. It was hard turning down the offers to double date with Nino and Alya when they wanted to go hiking or boating or any other outdoor activity. Adrien and Marinette had been dating for about three months; a growing, learning and evolving partnership between Chat Noir and Ladybug, and between Marinette and Adrien.

It was difficult to balance both lives and keep everything straight in their heads while remembering they couldn't discuss their superhero activities in front of their two civilian friends.

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Outwardly, Ladybug and Chat Noir were the height of professionalism, but both of them knew it was only a matter of time before a certain reporter caught them kissing. Alya, runner of the Ladybug, the number one information website on Ladybug and best friend of Marinette.

She had a knack for being in the right place at the right time and lately, that right time meant she was beginning to notice things. Adrien knew Marinette worried about that. Marinette poked Adrien in the side. The indoor swimming pool was a popular haunt all year around.

A tiered diving board up one end, a long slide which emptied into a cordoned off area of the pool and a water play garden for toddlers, it had something for everyone.

Placing his bag on a bench in the change room, Adrien was surprised to discover Plagg and Tikki had made a small nest together out of the spare scarf he'd brought in case Marinette needed it. Glancing over at Nino, Adrien picked up his bag and headed for a stall. The blond squirmed, "I'm your cat though" he said, flashing his best charming look at her, which caused Marinette to roll her eyes. She rolled her eyes, "Dork" This earned Marinette a renewed tickle attack "nooo" she said, between fits of giggles and squirming to get away.

She pressed her arms to her sides, though it did little to stop him, so there was one other way to stop him, still laughing she grabbed his face and began planting kisses on him.

[Miraculous Ladybug Comics] Adrien and Marinette Dating, Post-Reveal Shenanigans

It usually distracted him. Sorry" she said, giggling between kisses. It was rather hard to kiss someone while one was laughing and the other grinning, but the intention was there, and she could try and be very through. He loved her laugh. It was just so free. Before all thishad turned into a reality, it was something he just saw from afar, and usually when she hadn't noticed he was in the near vicinity.

However, he was not going to disagree with her defense tactics, he approved wholeheartedly. And yes, he was going to stop tickling her but if she wanted to try and stop him with kisses, he was not complaining.

He had already learned the hard way that there was a thin line between 'fun, tickling time' and'getting hit in the face because she can't handle it'. Now laughing from his position, he held up his hands and gave her another kiss just for good measure. He considered himself the winner of this round.

Once the giggles had subsided, they settled on the couch; but not before some mutual shifting and shimmying, Adrien assumed what had become his favorite position, and was resting against Marinette, his head settled against a pillow on her stomach.

Tomorrow, yes. Since their budding relationship was yet to be unveiled at school, they had talked on how it was probably a better idea to keep it quiet for a little bit longer. Besides, they hadn't really told their best friends which was probably something they needed to work on. They had to notice at least something. Marinette wasn't a stuttery mess around Adrien, and the blond wasn't even subtle in his attempt at spending time with them. Group lunches had become the norm now.

And obviously Alya would have insisted that they went together, not wanting to stand in the way, and she didn't really want to leave her best friend on her own when they had already made plans together. That was just not cool.

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Yes, this was much better than sitting at his desk. He craned his neck, to look at her face "Alya has really not said anything to you? Granted, sometimes she got it completely wrong Chloe? Come on now ; but she had gotten his identity right ages ago. She just didn't have the confirmation and seemed to have dropped the topic. Then again she jumps to conclusions way too fast sometimes," She pursued her lips, pondering other alternatives. The corner of her lip quirked up as she pondered that particular possibility.

She would like to see the look on their friends' faces though "That might not be a bad idea" she said. The next day, right after school, Marinette and Alya settled in the redhead's room; set on getting ready for their school's event. They were finishing up their hairstyles and soon would move on to getting their makeup done. Maybe they should have tried being a little less ambitious with their styles. Alya turned towards her friend, who was reviewing the next part of the video, rewinding it to watch it few times, until she could feel confident enough to try it on Alya "So.

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Marinette had offered to make both of their dresses, and Alya knew her enough to know that she would be in the Zone and there was no point in attempting any sort of conversation.

And at school, they had barely had enough time on their own to chat it seemed that their little friend group had grown from the two of them to a foursome. Well, this was had been expected "Uh Yeah, I guess" she said, flushing slightly as she devoted her attention to the screen, doing her best to seem as casual as possible. This was a chance to come clean.

Just tell her. But they had said that they'd be telling them later tonight. She would have had a dilemma about liking the same boy. Well, Alya would have liked meeting whoever it was that got her doubting her crush, but she had to admit it, seeing Marinette interact as a normal human being with Adrien, had her kind of rooting for the two of them.

Besides, she was sure that it was a mutual thing; and that something had to happen soon enough. The two friends fell into a comfortable silence, as the girl from the YouTube video continued her instructions and advice, the noirette haired girl was carefully examining her handiwork, tugging here and there to make sure everything was settled well enough. The idea was that it was able to withstand at least the first dance. If Marinette had to be honest, Alya's hair was turning out great.

Now she just had to make sure that. Marinette officially paused the video. What had she missed? Apparently not. I don't know.

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Maybe" Alya pursued her lips, the thing was, that while Alya thought that she did like him, their interactions had always had a certain ease to them, unlike what she'd witnessed firsthand with Marinette. And sometime she couldn't help but wonder whether she just didn't work that way.

Sure, she did hope that she'd find someone to fall head over heels for, but somehow it had yet to happen in the world stopping way it seemed to happen to her best friend. So I don't really know what that means" She glanced at Marinette, who shrugged a little. The ball had already started an Adrien was already with Nino in the ballroom, cheerfully catching up with his best friend as he glanced at the door every now and then.

Marinette had still not arrived. Now if he had looked at his friend, who was eyeing his phone every now and then, he would have had a much better 'estimated time of arrival on that.

After a while the two girls entered the ballroom, arm in arm, "Mari" Alya said, "I love this" and Marinette couldn't help but feel proud at her work. Sure, she might have stayed up longer than she should have, and yes, she was a little sleep deprived this past month. But the dress looked just as she had imagined it, and she couldn't be any prouder.

The dark storm blue complimented both her hair and complexion, and the silk chiffon flowed beautifully with every step the girl took. After some talking with Alya, and several reviews of the design, they had settled with a flattering V neckline, which tied in a faux bow on her right shoulder.

The flowing skirt reached the floor, and her waist was accentuated with a small belt in a bright satin, with some embroidered beads that shimmered in the light. Of course, what she was looking for was the general location of her boyfriend.

She spotted him easily; years of glancing around for him had kind of given her atalent when it came to that. And it seemed that he was a fan of her look as well, judging by the sudden widening of his eyes once he'd seen her.

Sure, she had worked really hard on this her index finger had been stuck so many times she was sure she'd lost all feeling on it.

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Her dress was simple, but most definitely not ordinary. She looked absolutely radiant, her hair for once was down, wavy and free, and styled more to the side, pinned back with a flowery pin behind her right ear. The dress' fabric was a dark rich deep shade of red; a tad darker than the shade he was used on seeing on her as Ladybug.

The dress was strapless, and the silhouette was formfitting enough that it accentuated her small waist and the tight fit continued right until a little past her hips, where it began flaring down until the reach the floor; the fabric swishing around gently as she moved. Her neck was bare, but just beside the bodice of the dress, began a delicate red embroidery that crossed or the way to her left shoulder, looking like tiny jewels adorning her left collarbone and shoulder.

He shouldn't find it so enticing; he saw her in a catsuit almost on a daily basis, for crying out loud.

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