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Even Adrien has to run out of patience at some point. Two months after the start of their agreement, Adrien was getting really, really tired of Lila. At first, it hadn't been awful. Sure, she was clingy and annoying and manipulative and attention-seeking, but Adrien could tolerate her presence at his photoshoots. His photographer seemed to pick up on the fact that Adrien didn't like Lila hanging over him, and so he always made sure to pose them in positions that weren't touching, not giving Lila any ground when she tried to cajole him into putting them in closer positions. Adrien was used to putting up with unwanted attention, too, so that was hardly new.

He groaned. Does she even sleep? Marinette hummed as she slipped in the bed and ran her hand through his hair, sending him purring. Chat mumbled complaints as he wrapped his arms around her waist. He spotted the mirthful look on his girlfriend's face and frowned. What would you think if your best friend is dating a superhero and she never told you? Marinette lay down on the bed so she was lying parallel with him. They gazed at each other's eyes. Chat said, "You know you can't hide from Alya forever.

Chat Noir felt a surge of anger inside him. He sat up. You're the most beautiful, kindest, wonderful girl I have ever met and have ever loved. And I'm really lucky to be with you.

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She knew what he was going to say. They had discussed it many times before. It was the only disagreement they had. Chat gripped her hand. He was contented with what they had, but he wanted more. He wanted to hold hands with her in broad daylight, let everyone see the amazing Marinette that he was dating.

He wanted to go on dates, have fun in the sunlight as an ordinary couple. But there were risks in dating a superhero; one of them being Hawkmoth using her to his advantage. There was a waiver of emotion on his face. She insisted. I won't tell her that I'm dating you.

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But that doesn't mean I can't give out hints. She was on her knees, grabbing Chat's leg. She didn't care anymore.

She needed this scoop!

Jul 24,   A simple gift between friends changes everything for Adrien and Marinette. This - takes place after season three. Lots of MariChat. It started out as a gift, how did it end up like this? #1 Adrienette #1 Marichat Word Count: 17,Reviews: Wattpad scheduled for offline maintenance On Tuesday, October 6 between AM and AM UTC ( - AM EDT), Wattpad will be down for 2 hours to perform a database upgrade, in an effort to improve stability and performance issues. Adrien stared at the raven-haired girl for a bit, surprised at her comment. He could not believe no guy had been with Marinette. He thought to himself how that was possible, given what an amazingly hot girl she was. The though hit him: that means Luka has not taken her virginity. I sure would have by now if I was dating her.

Screw her dignity; there were more important events at stake here! Chat ran the pros and cons in his head. One of the cons was, obviously, his time running out. But the biggest con was Alya digging in too much, she might actually find out his identity along the way.

The young reporter shot up to her feet and thrust her phone in front of her, camera recorded straight at Chat Noir. And then she started her barrage of questions. And are you aware that people were pining for you and Ladybug's love to blossom, seeing as you've been very affectionate with her for almost a year? But that was a long time ago and now our partnership is as strong as ever. Alya frowned. He was dodging around the bush. Well then. Why did you start dating her?

And does she know that she's dating a superhero?

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Chat stood up straight like he was waiting for this question to pop up. I must be the luckiest guy in the world to deserve the love of such a magnificent person.

He was clearly trying to get away from her, and she would meet up with him soon. Of course she had forgotten to account for Chloe freaking Bourgeois in their 'Let's just attend separately' plan. Chloe would definitely seize the chance to make a move on the blond model. And since their relationship was still a secret she just had to grin and bear it. And of course, somewhere during her moment of silent rage, she'd found she'd lost Alya in the crowd.

Maybe she'd found Nino? She refused to turn towards where she'd last seen Chloe, lest she started getting angryagain.

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Figuring she needed to regroup and cool down, she decided that she needed to check on Tikki, to give the little kwami a chance to move around a little bit before being locked back inside the purse. Sure, it was bigger than her usual, and it was mostly for Tikki's benefit, but she cared about the kwami enough to care about her comfort.

She figured she needed a minute to regroup, so she decided to find a bathroom or somewhere emptier to check on Tikki, and give the little kwami a chance to move around a little bit.

Adrien and marinette dating fanfic

Marinette had almost made it through the door when she heard someone speak to her. Marinette turned around to find herself facing two older students. One of them was tall, dark haired, and objectively speaking, quite handsome.

The other was blond, good-looking as well, taller than her, but not quite as tall as his friend, but stockier. He probably did some sport requiring a lot of strength training. She just didn't know their names, having never interacted with them before. No reason to lie about it. That didn't faze them in the slightest.

First Chloe throwing herself at Adrien and now these two creeping on her. It was far too early for all of this. Blue eyes widened slightly Alright then, this was a bitmuch. She'd vent to Tikki in a bit. Emile and Phillipe looked at each other and the blond nudged his friend, as he laughed "Dude.

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What are theyfeeding these girls" the blond muttered, snickering as they looked at Marinette's retreating figure.

It's easy pickings, or at least a moment to lay the groundwork for more,". Meanwhile, Alya had caught up with Nino and Adrien and was currently looking at what could possibly become a double homicide. While Alya was definitely disgusted, because seriously, why were some guys that gross?

Marinette sighed pushing her nerves away, Adrien and her had discovered each others identity's a month ago, They had talked everything over and also discovered they liked eachother, so started dating, they managed to keep it a secret for a week until after a very hard akuma battle Chat had kissed Ladybug and a reporter caught it and told the. Marinette felt her face flush in embarrassment and shame. "I-I. I'm sorry, maman." "Next time, let us know when Adrien is coming over," Sabine admonished. "We would have made snacks." Without another word, Sabine went back down the stairs, leaving Adrien and Marinette alone once more. Marinette wasn't a stuttery mess around Adrien, and the blond wasn't even subtle in his attempt at spending time with them. Group lunches had become the norm now. "I'm thinking yes" she said, maybe they needed to just get on with it and tell them.

She was glad that Marinette had definitely noticed just howcreepy they were, which was obviously been why she'd left them. What she had thankfully missed was the lewd gestures and comments they had made behind her back.

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And if Alya was disgusted, Adrien was positively seething with fury. The blond jaw was locked as he stared daggers at the two. Alya glanced at Nino, a worried look in her eyes.

They had to distract the blond or else this whole evening would end before it actually began.

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Adrien picking a fight with either or both of them would do no good to anyone. Alya joined in, carefully placing a hand on his arm as Nino added "They're just dicks, dude. It's not worth it". The blond took a deep breath and without another word, walked away and into the people leaving his two friends behind and not quite sure what to do.

Clearly, there was no steering Adrien away from what he'd set out to do. Surprisingly, walked right past the two creeps though he would later admit that it took a lot of restraint on his partignoring how they recognized him with an "hey, that's the model kid! Because he could, damn it. His lips were firm and insistent but she couldn't help but melt against him, as usual. She had not seen this coming.

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Sure, they had agreed that they were going to tell their friends and all that, and that they weren't going to hide anymore; but she had not expected him to just go for her. His hand was firm on her waist and it was pretty nice. Almost enough to fix her previous bad mood at the lousy start the evening had had. It was a short kiss, by their current standards but he was sure that it got the point across.

He would have turned around to see whether the two idiots got the message off limits ; but he was sure they were watching.

At the slightly dazed and questioning look on her face, he said "Can we talk outside? The door closed behind them and Marinette turned towards her boyfriend, one eyebrow raised in silent question, "those two" he began, slightly more at peace now, but still very annoyed. There was even a guy who had been akumatizedbecause of it. It came with the territory, they supposed, public figures and all that. It was however, the first time attention like that was directed toMarinette. And that's not really it" he rubbed his face, continuing when he saw the look on his girlfriend's face.

They weren't fit to look at her, much less talk. Added that to the flurry of frustration he had felt earlier it had been a recipe for disaster. She looked absolutely beautiful and he'd yet to tell her that all because a couple of morons had ruined the start of what should have been a nice evening. Chloe and the two morons. I don't think that knowing that I had a boyfriend would have stopped them from saying something gross.

She placed her hands on the side of his face "You don't have to jealous" she pointed. You model. You have fangirls who will probably not be very nice about my existance" As Chat and and as Adrien "I can't just go over and plant one on you whenever I get jealous".

He had learnt to read her face while the mask was on. Of course he could understand it once it was off. The girl gritted her teeth slightly, and Adrien took it a small victory. There's a difference" And she would dig her heels in defense of that point. He did enjoy the idea of her jealousy a little; and to be honest, he hoped that Chloe would also take the hint once she saw he was also quite unavailable. But yes, he had to concede something here too "And fine, I was jealous" he conceded and the admission earned him a smile as her arms slide up his chest to rest on his shoulders.

She stepped on her toes to kiss him softly; "you don't have to mark me in front of other people, you know" she told him, her hands softly stroking the back of his neck "I'm with you" She smiled at him, as he leaned and rested his forehead against her, enjoying the closeness for a second, before she remembered what else she had to add to this conversation.

He gave her a sheepish smile. This was not the time to mention that it was a pretty good kiss, if he did say so himself. There wasn't many people around, which meant that they were about to officially start the party and the dancefloor too.

He grinned at her, pulling her back towards him again. He was, after all, pretty sure he couldn't get away with kissing her like he wanted once they were inside. There wasn't just a couple of disappointed creeps; but two other teenagers who had their own particular reaction to the very, very spontaneous display of attention.

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Nino and Alya were staring at the door that had just closed blinking in absolute disbelief. There had been rumors about them before, of course. Lila's sudden constant presence at Adrien's photoshoots hadn't gone at all unnoticed, and the fact that they sometimes left photoshoots together- when Lila and Mr.

Agreste forced study sessions on him- had only added to the rumor mill.

Okay, so in this fic, even though Marinette and Chat are secretly dating, Marinette still doesn't know that Chat is actually Adrien. MARICHAT WEEK 1 DAY 1: SECRET DATING. Summary: In which Alya suspects something weird going on with a certain feline superhero. - Smutty short stories featuring all of your favorite Miraculous Ladybug ships! Ft. some side characters as well. Enjoy:)) #adribug #adrien #adrienette #chatnoir #ladybug #ladynoir #marichat #marinette #miraculous. Adrien spent the rest of the afternoon at Marinette's house, curled up in a cozy blanket with his phone muted as they switched between ignoring the world while playing video games and watching the unfolding news coverage- and there was a lot. Madam Chamack had taken it upon herself to make a beeline straight over to the Italian Embassy, where she had spent the better part of an hour camped.

The rumors had never been addressed, though. Until now. Lila had apparently been approached, and she had decided to confirm to a reporter that she and Adrien were a couple.

The news had zinged across the city, and Adrien had found out on social media that he was apparently one-half of a couple that he had never agreed to being part of. And he. His patience was gonesnapped, the last strands so far gone that he couldn't even see them anymore. It's too far. I'm not- the very idea of being in a relationship with her makes me sickafter what she tried to do to Marinette. Adrien tried not to gag at the thought and snarled instead.

Otherwise, I bet she would be feeling pretty betrayed and I don't- I don't want her to feel like that.

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Plagg zipped around his head. If your actual girlfriend knows the truth, it doesn't matter what the rest of Paris believes? If I don't stop Lila now, she's going to expect that I play the role of a boyfriend all the time, even if it's not true. Adrien rolled his eyes at his kwami.

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This was not the time, really. He had too many other things to worry about-or, well, only one thing, really, and that was Lila's lie. If Adrien didn't want to be forced into playing along, he would have to act. He hadn't wanted to before- confrontation normally wasn't his thing- but now Determined, Adrien headed for the door, a plan already starting to take shape in his mind.

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He was at least a bit famous, and the news about him dating was fresh and apparently exciting. That meant that if he could get outside, he would no doubt be approached by someone- a fan or a reporter, it probably wouldn't matter in the end. They would no doubt ask him for a statement and he could refute the news then, and it probably wouldn't be long before that news spread and got some attention.

Partway across the atrium, Adrien paused when he heard his name come from his father's office. Curious, Adrien crept closer, crouching down behind a column and listening. We'll have to give Adrien instructions to go along with it, anything else will just end up with a lot of backlash and bad press.

A couple months of dating minimum, I'd say, depending on how reliable Miss Rossi is. Adrien's stomach dropped. No, no, nothis wasn't what he wanted happening! He- he couldn't stomach fake-dating Lila, he really couldn't. Surely his father had picked up on how uncomfortable she made Adrien. Or if his father hadn't, Nathalie. Adrien could hear her take a step towards the office doors.

Agreste decided after a heart-stopping pause. Adrien isn't going anywhere, and if he's doing homework as he's meant to, he won't find out about what Miss Rossi said until later anyway. Adrien had heard enough. As soon as the conversation had turned away from him and towards their upcoming meeting, Adrien made a break for it as silently as he could. Across the atrium, out the door, catch it before it could slam, close it carefully and then run down the steps and out the gate.

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Adrien glanced back for a second, hoping that he hadn't been seen and wasn't being followed, and then dashed for the park near the school. If he was seen before he could talk to anyone, it would all be over. Adrien would be forced into dating Lila and wouldn't be able to do anything about it. If he tried, his father would know that Adrien had directly disobeyed orders and would be absolutely furious.

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Thankfully, Adrien didn't have long to wait. Within minutes of him arriving in the parkMadam Chamack materialized practically out of thin air and approached him with an eager smile. Behind her, her cameraman and sound person were trotting along, trying to keep up. She made a beeline towards Adrien, no doubt very interested in getting the scoop on his formerly-secret relationship before anyone else did.

She was going to get a scoop, all right. Adrien was still too furious at Lila's manipulation and his father's plans to dictate his life even more to have any sense of filter anymore, and he was going to absolutely rip apart all of her lies and firmly slam the door on any chance of him being forced into a relationship with Lila.

We just heard this morning that you and Lila Rossi are dating!

Adrienette ~ Life as Adults ~

We would love to hear more about how you met, how you got together

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